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Joshua A.

Joshua A.

Note: I very strongly suggest sending a message before booking to make sure I can meet your needs in your lessons! Python is one of the most popular and valuable programming languages in the modern world. It can be used for everything from data analysis to game design. I've been coding since I was in grade school, and have developed everything from games to niche software tools. I offer lessons for beginner and intermediate Python programming. My approach to teaching Python focuses on keeping lessons engaging and fun, while ensuring lots of practice with the concepts taught. I am constantly developing my curriculum to find ways to improve understanding while keeping things interesting. There are two main paths I offer students: 1) Game Development -- A very fun way to learn to code! We start by writing 10 different text-based programs & games along with numerous smaller exercises to teach the fundamental concepts of Python, then graduate to drawing graphics on screen using PyGame. 2) Data & Productivity -- For those looking to add Python to their repertoire for professional reasons, we cover the fundamentals with an eye toward data analysis using libraries like Matplotlib and Pandas, as well as GUI development using Tkinter. I'm also happy to tutor alongside your existing coursework if you're currently enrolled in a Python class. I look forward to being your new Python teacher!
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This instructor is patient, strict, and kind. I like how he takes the time to explain things to a person when they don't understand it.

Chloé (Python lessons with Louis S.)

Joshua has worked great with my son. He explains coding in a way my 10 year old enjoys and understands. He seems to be organized and professional.

Natalia (Python lessons with Joshua A.)

My son and I were sorry to lose Joshua as a tutor. He was able to keep Roswell engaged in the material and fueled his curiosity.

Tom (Python lessons with Joshua A.)

Tawanna was clear in her instruction; lesson plans were extremely helpful and well thought out. I'm looking forward to more lessons. Book her you won't regret it

Tricia (Python lessons with Tawanna S.)

This instructor is patient, strict, and kind. I like how he takes the time to explain things to a person when they don't understand it.

Chloé (Python lessons with Louis S.)

Joshua has worked great with my son. He explains coding in a way my 10 year old enjoys and understands. He seems to be organized and professional.

Natalia (Python lessons with Joshua A.)

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Python Lessons

It’s no secret that programming is a hot career in today’s world. As tech companies grow and innovate around the world, programmers and coders are in need to write programs, fix apps, and help these companies solve real-world problems.

Python is a programming language that is commonly used in apps and programs. Its relatively easy-to-read code and built-in debugging features make it very attractive for companies looking to develop an application as quickly as possible. Since its introduction in 1991, it has become one of the most popular languages in the world and an indispensable part of the current tech boom.

Coding in Python is an essential skill for many programming jobs, from full-stack engineers to IT specialists. If you’re interested in learning, you’ll be glad to know TakeLessons offers the best online Python lessons and in-person tutoring you can find. Sign up today!

Certified Python Teachers

When it comes to learning a programming language, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of lessons, courses, and boot camps you can find on the internet.

TakeLessons is a great place to start for Python lessons. Our Python lessons teachers offer you personalized, in-depth instruction that many of the online courses and video lessons on the web just can’t give you.

The benefits of a private tutor just can’t be overstated. Plus, we’ve made it easy for you to choose a teacher that works right for your unique needs. Our platform allows you to browse a comprehensive list of teachers, view their starting rates, and see their location and reviews and from former students. Though rates do vary by teacher, the average price of a 60-minute lesson is $64.

Sign up today for the best online Python lessons and in-person tutoring!

Online Python Lessons for All Ages

Age is often an important factor when it comes to learning, which is a fact that the Python teachers at TakeLessons understand.

Many of our teachers specialize in Python lessons for kids, and have specific lesson plans suited for children. They can help children understand programming basics and get them writing their first code, all while keeping it fun and accessible.

Adult learners will benefit from Python lessons more suited to their learning style. These lessons will also factor in your reasons for learning, from professional development to a programming hobby. Whatever age you are, we’ve got the best online Python lessons at TakeLessons!

Python Lessons for All Levels

Programming is a field that is always evolving, which means there are always new things to learn. That’s why the Python lessons at TakeLessons cover the whole range of lesson levels, from basic introductory courses to advanced lessons for professional programmers.

Take our Python lessons for beginners, which help new learners build all the skills they need to learn Python, from basic programming logic to writing their first lines of code.

Advanced lessons from our Python teachers cover expert programming skills, and can even coach you in how to program your own functioning app. Regardless of your level, you can start learning Python today at TakeLessons!

Python Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Python Lessons

  • Programming basics
  • Writing code
  • Python logic
  • History of Python

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Python Lessons

  • Uses for Python
  • Web development and Python
  • Machine learning
  • Data visualization
  • Data analysis

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Python Lessons

  • Creating your own application
  • Advanced code writing
  • Debugging with Python
  • Getting a programming job

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Whether you’re looking for the best online Python lessons or in-person tutoring, our platform has a lesson plan for you. Signing up for private sessions with our Python lessons teachers gets you the kind of personalized learning process that large courses just can’t offer you. Plus, we’ve got a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to back up all our lessons. Get started today!

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How can I learn Python ?


You can learn Python in many ways. Though you could learn on your own, it’s easier to take a course in Python or sign up for private lessons. Programming can be a challenge to learn, especially when it comes to understanding its logic and how to apply it to real-world problems. The Python lessons teachers at TakeLessons provide you with the essential Python skills, from writing code to understanding machine learning.

Is Python hard to learn?


Python isn’t hard to learn. Actually, it’s considered an easier programming language because of its readability and easier debugging process. Because of this, it is considered an excellent beginner programming language. Plus, when you learn Python, you’ll have a large programming community at your disposal, one that is very active on discussion boards and social media. With the help of a teacher, though, you can make learning Python even easier. The Python lessons available at TakeLessons will get you started with the fundamentals, taking the confusion out of programming and opening up a world of possibilities.

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