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Amy N.

Amy N.

4.9 (20)
I have a LOT of patience! All you need is the desire to learn to knit. If you never have knitted before, I will get you knitting. If you want to learn, but believe you can’t learn because someone told you can’t learn to knit, I will prove that you can knit. If you have knitted a long time ago, but forgot all of it or most of it, I will bring it back to you. If you already know the basics of knitting, but don’t know how to get beyond the simple knitted squares and rectangles, I can get you to the next level. If you know knitting basics, but gave up because you make a lot of mistakes, I will show you how to fix mistakes, so that mistakes don’t become traumatic. If you know the basics, but want to learn a different technique such as color work, cables, lace, or more, I can teach you. Do you have trouble reading patterns or charts, I can take the mystery out of them. Because of COVID-19, I mostly teach online for now. If you are vaccinated, I will consider teaching in person within 6 miles of where I live, (Massachusetts). I use Zoom for my teaching platform only. Please get familiar with Zoom on the device you will be using before coming to your lessons. Every devilce works and looks differently and I’d rather be teaching knitting than how to use your computer and the Zoom app. “Online” 30 minute sessions are permissible for only students that are comfortable with the basics: cast on, bind off, knit stitch, purl stitch. If you are an absolute beginner, I recommend the first 1 or 2 lessons to be 2 hours long. After, that any time slot, (30, 60 or 90 minutes) will be fine. I look forward to meeting you!
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I started out very slow, but caught on to knitting/casting on and Bonnie was helpful and patient with me.

Elizabeth (Knitting lessons with Bonnie N.)

Bonnie really knows her stuff. Reading patterns is hard for a first timer and she goes through the patterns well. She does well teaching online and makes it easy to follow.

Sophia (Knitting lessons with Bonnie N.)

Bonnie is very nice and made me feel comfortable on my first lesson with her. So glad I came across these private lessons online!

Christine (Knitting lessons with Bonnie N.)

Elizabeth was a treasure to work with. Patiently answered all my questions. Very sweet young lady. I will be booking more lessons and learning to crochet next! Thank you so much Elizabeth

Cynde (Knitting lessons with Elizabeth S.)

Knitting Lessons

Knitting as a craft provides hours of fun and relaxation while also allowing you to express yourself. As a lifelong skill, knitting provides hidden health benefits as well. Studies show that knitting improves hand-eye coordination and focus in addition to strengthening memory and cognition—especially problem-solving skills. Just as important, knitting is also fun!

If you’re interested in learning the fundamentals of knitting and growing through the craft, whether in-person or through online knitting lessons, our experienced, certified instructors are ready to create a lesson plan to help you!

Enrolling is easy. Regardless of age and ability, at TakeLessons, you can sign up through our no-hassle procedure, all within minutes.

Certified Knitting Teachers

TakeLessons understands the importance of finding an instructor with whom you can vibe and work with you on your terms. That’s why we carefully select only the best knitting teachers, ones that have spent years honing their craft and have the reviews of past students to back it up.

We also background screen all our instructors for their safety and our students. Upon enrolling, you’ll choose from our stable of knitting teachers through the vetting process that can match your desire, ability, schedules, and budget.

What’s more, our affordable programs allow you to schedule classes (in-person or remote) for 30, 45, and 60-minute sessions, with the average cost of a 1-hour class being less than $50. Once you decide on a teacher, you will meet with them to set your program and course, and voila! You are on your journey toward perfecting the art of knitting.

At TakeLessons, it’s that simple.

Knitting Online Lessons for All Ages

Our classes are designed to teach and challenge students of all ages and abilities. Whether you’re looking for knitting lessons for kids or adults, our customizable lesson plans are designed for each student to achieve their goals.

That means that a lesson plan designed for kids is going to be a lot different from an adult looking for knitting lessons for beginners, intermediate, or even advanced.

What’s more, with the individualized style of learning, you can start a lesson at any time! With our convenient programming, you can choose in-person lessons (by choosing knitting lessons near you) or online classes, making it easier to fit your schedule so that you can learn knitting at your own time and pace.

Knitting Lessons for All Levels

TakeLessons offers classes customized for students of all levels and interests, making each lesson a unique experience for the student. Whether you’re a novice learning the basics or an expert knitter looking to grow and expand on your skills, after selecting an instructor, you’ll be able to plan your lesson plans to match your interest and desire.

The customizable, individualized class structure is perfect for someone looking to take knitting lessons near you or through the convenience of online learning.

Knitting Lessons Curriculum

The advantage of learning through a 100% customized lesson is that you can work one-on-one with your knitting teacher, making TakeLessons the best online knitting lessons available. Choose between knitting classes for kids, beginners, or whatever skill level you choose and master the art of knitting.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Knitting Lessons

For the beginner, classes are designed to teach the fun and beauty of knitting.

Sample course curriculum may look like:

  • The correct way to hold your needles
  • The basics of a slip knot
  • Easiest methods for casting on
  • Understanding needle selection and gauge for yarn weight and project size, among many others!

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Knitting Lessons

If you’re experienced with the basics of knitting and are looking to expand on your technique and skills, then the intermediate-level coursework is ideal for you.

A sample curriculum for intermediate-level lessons would be:

  • Learning to read and understand knitch stitch patterns and charts
  • Joining and knitting in the round
  • Complex stitches, knitting buttonholes, and much more!

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Knitting Lessons

For the experienced knitter, advanced lessons are created to meet each student’s ability and desire to improve.

In an advanced knitting lesson, students may learn:

  • How to craft their own patterns and designs, including large, complex projects
  • Knitting pleats
  • Double-circular knitting, and more

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TakeLessons has an easy, no-hassle sign-up procedure that allows you to match your skill and desire with one of our experienced teachers. We offer a 100% guarantee that if you’re not completely satisfied with your lesson, we’ll refund the remaining balance in your account. Get started with knitting lessons today!


Which is easier, crocheting or knitting?

Crocheting is considered easier to master and is less intricate than knitting. With only one hook that doesn’t require stitches between needles, it’s recommended to find a teacher to learn how to master knitting, and you can quickly search for a knitting tutor near me at TakeLessons.

Is knitting good for your brain?

Studies have shown that activities such as knitting can reduce the risk of cognitive decline by as much as 30-50% in adults and seniors. Knitting requires the use of many different parts of the brain as well as maintaining hand-eye coordination.

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