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Dennis J.

Dennis J.

I teach all kinds of acting, and have for over 40 years, but I specialize in stage acting, on-camera acting, acting for the face, voice acting, comedic acting, physical acting, improv, script analysis, monologues, audition prep, audition videos and voice over auditions. For Voice Acting, we'll cover the various elements including: pitch; loudness; speed; rhythm; tone; prosody; variables and variations; character elements; use of dramatic and comedic pauses; emotion; enunciation; emphasis; pace; intervals; nasal continuents; u-glide; musicality; timing, and more. We'll study mic technique, what to do and what to avoid. We'll study how to prepare your script, including identifying and using key words, and script shorthand. We'll explore what to expect in the studio, how to work with a producer, how to work with a sound engineer, and how to work with other voice actors. We'll apply the elements of Voice Acting to the study of voice artistry, video game voiceovers, commercial voiceovers, audiobook narration, character voices, dialects, documentary vo, reading short stories, auditions, and more. We'll cover: vo markets; how to develop leads; how to cultivate clients; what to expect from a client; how to audition; and how to deliver work that will make the client happy. We can also explore how you can create your own basic home studio, including microphone, software, interface, computer, headphones, and sound blankets.
/30 mins
Ashley C.

Ashley C.

Hi and Welcome! In addition to holding a Masters Degree in Acting from New York University, I have been a professional working actor for over 30 years and have been fortunate to work on Broadway, Off-Broadway, in television and film. I teach Acting to all ages and skill levels, as well as Singing Performance (focuses on the 'story" of the song, not technique). Whether you are pursuing acting as a profession or not, the benefits of theater training can be profound on many levels. We humans love to play. We love stories. I encourage fellow actors to be confident, joyful, and fearless with their creativity. I teach emotional literacy, empathy, and the value of failing well and often. I inspire actors to build their own "arsenal" of tools that will serve you throughout your creative life. For professionals, I am happy to work on audition material, monologues, and scenes. For young artists, I am thrilled to work on auditions for BFA programs, scholarships, summer intensives, and more. For beginners who are simply interested in trying something new, your creativity is your GOLD, and I am excited to work with you as you treat yourself to exploring the world of storytelling and as you honor what YOU have to say. Time to leap!
/30 mins
Vandi E.

Vandi E.

I work as a professional actor, voice over artist, and audiobook narrator. We can work on speech for the actor, dialects, how to make a career in the industry, and more!
/30 mins
David T.

David T.

Emmy Award Winner David T. has over 33 years of acting experience in Film, TV and Stage. He is best known World-wide for his role on “The Young and the Restless” where he received 3 Emmy nominations and won his first Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series for his role as Billy Abbott. He has the experience and training to coach actors who are either beginning their journey with acting or are well experienced actors who are looking to bring more color and light to their work. so they will stand out in front of the casting director & make their tape unique from the rest. Acting is my passion, and I love to share that passion with others so they may reach their dreams of becoming a working actor.
/30 mins
J W.

J W.

Have you always wanted to be an actor? Want to learn some of the essential acting techniques? Ready to shake off the rust and get back on stage? I will help you to build confidence also help you build a solid foundation of acting methods and techniques all while tailoring them to your personal goals. It is my goal to give you a WOW experience like no other and inspire you to make the next steps within your goals. My acting classes are filled with fun, laughter, excitement and will help motivate you to pursue your dreams in life. Let me help you reach you goals so that you may share your gift with the world. #SupportTheArts
/60 mins
Kelsey J.

Kelsey J.

These lessons are for students wanting to pursue a voice artist career or for students who are wanting to improve their speaking voice for professional and/or personal goals. I will teach students how to strengthen their speaking voice, improve voice clarity, speaking from the diaphragm, changing tone, building inflections and creativity, and so much more!
/45 mins


Acting with your voice is an art. From expressing emotions to accents to creating totally new voices I can coach you and help you book the job! Many of my students are now with agents and working in the VO industry.
/30 mins
Darius J.

Darius J.

I am a highly engaging and truly devoted teacher. In every session, we will work on a scene or monologue and you'll be guided through the entire process of acting. Learning script analysis, character development, imagination strengthening, audition technique, expressivity, mastery of the mechanisms of the body & voice, and confidence like you've never known!
/30 mins
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All the classes are very fun. Mr. Larry is very patient and super helpful. I'm enjoying every minute of each class.

Slawomir (Acting lessons with Larry P.)

Overall, very impressed. She is direct and doesn't tell you something you want to hear. Her evaluation process is well rounded and planned. She puts together a great curriculum to know what to expect

Steve (Acting lessons with Rachel M.)

Amanda is an inspiring teacher who infuses confidence into her students helping them to believe that they can do it. She approaches all performances with creativity and originality. All the production

Gail Torr (Acting lessons with Amanda K.)

Gabriel is an amazing coach. He takes the time to explain in detail how to discover a character in an easy to understand way. As a beginner he has really helped me learn to break down a script and und

Brandyn (Acting lessons with Gabriel)

All the classes are very fun. Mr. Larry is very patient and super helpful. I'm enjoying every minute of each class.

Slawomir (Acting lessons with Larry P.)

Overall, very impressed. She is direct and doesn't tell you something you want to hear. Her evaluation process is well rounded and planned. She puts together a great curriculum to know what to expect

Steve (Acting lessons with Rachel M.)

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Acting Lessons

You might be surprised that the art of acting dates back to the 5th century in Greece. In fact, the very first known actor was named Thespis. Acting has a long and varied history, and when you sign up for acting lessons, you have an opportunity to continue this beautiful tradition.

Here at TakeLessons, we provide in-person sessions and the best online acting lessons for students of all ages and levels. In other words, anyone can sign up to improve upon their acting skills. You can kickstart your acting adventures with us today!

Certified Acting Teachers

Tired of not landing the lead role or not getting a callback? Don’t get discouraged—our acting teachers can help. At TakeLessons, we feature certified and background-checked teachers who have the experience and knowledge to help you overcome challenges and improve your skills.

Ready to find the teacher for you? Browse our selection of acting teachers and check out each one’s profile. You can see more information about everything from their experience and qualifications to their schedules and starting rates.

At TakeLessons, it’s important for us to keep our classes affordable, so the average cost of an hour-long session is $75. However, you may find rates as long as $16 an hour, depending on your location, type of lesson, and specific teacher. You’re sure to find a teacher who suits your budget!

Once you’ve picked your perfect match, decide when you’d like to meet with your teacher. Finally, select your lesson package, and you’re all set!

Acting Online Lessons for All Ages

Acting is a great skill for anyone to learn, no matter their age. Both children and adults can boost their confidence, improve their communication skills, relieve stress, and make more connections when they engage in acting.

Here at TakeLessons, our teachers offer acting lessons for kids and adults, allowing everyone to reap the benefits of this performing art. Our teachers cater their lessons to suit their student’s respective ages and maturity levels to ensure they get the most out of their sessions. We encourage students of all ages to sign up for our acting lessons!

Acting Lessons for All Levels

When it comes to acting, you always have room to learn and grow—and so do professional actors! Because you can always improve on your acting skills, we offer lessons for students of all levels.

If you’ve never stood on stage before, then you’ll want to join our acting lessons for beginners to learn the basics of stage presence and performance. Think you already know everything about acting? Not a chance! Join our advanced courses to bring your skills up a notch. No matter if you’re in your initial exploration phase or looking to build on the skills you have, our acting teachers can help.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Acting Lessons

To introduce you to the basics of acting, your teacher might cover the following topics:

  • Practice monologues and short scenes
  • Learn to use your nerves
  • Introduction to method acting
  • Try out cold readings

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Acting Lessons

Your teacher might cover the following topics:

  • Improve line memorization and delivery
  • Study classical acting
  • Learn various acting methods and systems: Stanislavski's System, Lee Strasberg - Method, Meisner Technique, etc.
  • Develop your improv techniques
  • Learn to tap into your emotions

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Acting Lessons

The topics covered in advanced lessons really depend on each student's individual goals, interests, and the acting they're pursuing. Your advanced acting tutor might cover the following topics:

  • Extend your range and challenge yourself playing unlikely parts
  • Learn your way around the business
  • Land more gigs with professional audition coaching
  • Nail your part with structured performance preparation

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How do beginners learn acting?


While there are many ways to learn the art of acting, we think the best way to put it into practice is through private acting lessons. These lessons provide you with the opportunity to ask all your questions, focus on the areas that most interest you, and receive constructive feedback and advice from a certified professional. Learn the basics, from how to deliver a monologue to how to cold read, ensuring you are put on the right path toward achieving all your acting dreams.

What do acting lessons do?


Our acting lessons provide you with the individualized instruction you need to work toward your goals. No matter where you are in your acting journey, you will receive personalized lessons catered to all your preferences. Maybe you get nervous during your auditions or can’t seem to tap into your emotions. Whatever it is, your private tutor can give you tips and tricks to overcome any roadblocks to help you reach your potential.

How do I get into acting?


There are countless ways to get into the world of acting, but if you’d like to learn from the pros, we recommend taking private acting lessons. If you’re starting out, these lessons offer a great way to hone your skills and create building blocks for improving your skills. You can work with a private tutor who is 100% committed to helping you achieve all your acting goals, whether you want to perform on Broadway or audition for the school play.

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