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Popular Speaking Voice Teachers Near South Hackensack

Valerie C.

New York, NY
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Marni G.

Ridgefield, NJ
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Amy C.

Weehawken, NJ
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Valerie C. New York, NY

Development of the speaking voice with special attention to social and professional needs of the student, using techniques of good speech, such as distinct pronunciation, resonant tone quality and modulation of the voice. We focus on elimination of such difficulties as vocal fatigue, hoarseness, nasality, extremes of pitch and monotony. Public speakers, non-native English speakers and those who wish to speak with more ease and confidence are all welcome. We work with breath, body alignment and articulation to minimize vocal strain and achieve clarity and resonant projection, using patterned exercises and scripted texts during lessons.

About Valerie

As a student, you will benefit from my 20+ years of teaching experience, and if you are also performer, I can help you from that perspective as well. I have taught private and class voice for children, teens and adults at the Brooklyn College Preparatory Center for the Performing Arts, the Music Conservatory of Westchester, the Bronx House and Greenwich House and currently maintain a private home studio. I am a member of the New York Singing Teachers Association. I sing professionally in NYC as soloist and chorister throughout the tristate area and in New York City. *** Lesson Details *** I accept private students ages 11 through adult for regular weekly lessons only. Each week, students are guided through a vocal exercise routine, some basic music reading instruction (as ...


Alex O. October 7, 2013
Wonderful to work with!

I've been taking lessons from Valerie for a little over a year now, and she really knows what she is talking about. She is very professional, and I always leave the lesson feeling that I'm making progress.
Denise K. August 19, 2013
Valerie Coates has a comprehensive knowledge of vocal technique.

As a professional singer I value the attention to detail, acute focus on healthy production of sound and positive reinforcement during my lessons with Valerie Coates. The written exercises for daily practice are drawn from Ms. Coates vast experiences with what works for specific areas - placement of vowels, breath control, pitch placement and interpretation of each aria. I feel such a difference in the short time we have been working together.
Catherine A. July 25, 2013
Opera Voice
Valerie is the best voice lesson coach!

I started to take voice lessons when I was 53 years old. I hadn't sang since my childhood except humming songs in the bath tub, and was a total beginnerLéValerie taught me not only how to sing but how to read music and basic music theory, and gave me practical exercises to develop muscles which are required for singing also. 1 year later, I joined a choir. Choir music is in Latin, Italian, French, German, Spanish, old English and so forth and I have trouble pronouncing those words. Valerie checks each of my pronunciations carefully and gives me accurate sounds and meanings of words as well. She is a skilled teacher with a great deal of knowledge and patience. When I faced a very fast, up-tempo, tongue twisting difficult Bach piece in German last winter, I was desperate and almost gave up the music, but she broke it down into small sections and made it easier for my practice. It was a big challenge but with her help I mastered the music and sang in front of people which gave me confidence and a great deal of pleasure. I am a soprano and my mid-voice range is weak. She picked out some exercises to develop this weakness and I have definitely improved. She knows all sorts of techniques for particular problems. Now I am focusing on the resonate sound of my voice. Of course she gave me special exercises to develop the quality of my voice and I have started to hear the improvement. She is a great teacher and I respect and appreciate her very much.
Marni G. Ridgefield, NJ

About Marni

Hi! My name is Marni and I am an accomplished vocalist and Voice teacher who has traveled the world to perfect my craft. I have a Bachelors Degree in Vocal Performance along with a Master's Degree in Education and have performed on stages around the world including Carnegie Hall in NYC, Canterbury Cathedral an Queen Elizabeth Hall in London. For more than ten years, I have taught both in private voice studios and have instructed students in public schools as well and am a certified Educator in the state of New Jersey. I teach students of ALL AGES to sing with correct vocal technique including breath support, tone, pitch, posture and more! The "Bel Canto" style of singing is taught in all cases no matter what style of music. This means that the voice should be free from tension, stress


Colleen M. February 9, 2014
Verified Student
A great experience!

I highly recommend Marni for voice lessons. She is an extremely talented teacher in both the mechanics and creative aspects of singing. Often, she explains concepts to me in a visual manner because it is familiar to me (I have experience in visual art). I'm amazed at how much I've improved my vocal range/quality in a short time, and how much more comfortable I feel when I sing (both physical comfort and improved confidence). Marni is a gifted artist who will help you find your unique singing voice.
Sally G. February 6, 2014
Verified Student
Great teacher!!!

Marni is a great teacher and helps you feel more comfortable with singing in front of people. She helps with cite reading and makes you feel at ease with new music. She always gives you various options of music to choose from and gives good advice and tips. Overall, Marni is a great teacher and makes you a better musician.
Marni G. January 30, 2014
Great teacher

Loved working with Marni. She has been my voice teacher for years and i've learned so much, gained confidence and gotten roles in school plays and competitions.
Amy C. Weehawken, NJ

About Amy

I have been a voice teacher for over twenty- five years. My background includes ten years of classical training with Maestro Julio Berrocal as well as vocal training through the Feldekrais approach with Marcy Lindhiemer. In acting I have studied with renowned Stanislavsky scholar Sonia Moore and Master acting teacher of the Strasberg Method, Marcia Haufrecht. I believe we all have something distinctive that can be developed and expressed through the voice. I work to help the student discover their individual and unique sound. I give them tools to gain the ability and confidence to achieve their goals. I empathize deeply with the challenges that students face both in studying voice and performance since I have been a professional singer for many years. Through my personal experience in ...


Richard G. October 7, 2014
Singing · In studio
I just want to say that you are one of the most distinguished teachers with TAKELESSONS! - I read your bio and I was very impressed. I would recommend you to any musically inclined student! Keep up the good work!
PaulG1 May 13, 2012
i could not have BUILT a better teacher/coach. Intuitive, intelligent, knows her subject & knows how to share what she knows.
DeniseM5 May 6, 2012
Terrific teacher, learning a lot quickly and in an open, creative environment...and Amy makes it all fun!

Laura K.

New York, NY
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Aretha S.

New York, NY
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Dvora K.

Clifton, NJ
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Laura K. New York, NY

Vocal problems can manifest in the most experienced of singers or even speakers. I can help with public speaking, speaking for long periods of time, or vocal health problems (nodes, nodules, etc.).

About Laura

Music is definitely the universal language, and there isn't a genre I don't love; it's important to me that that aspect be brought to lessons, as well! From humble New Jersey beginnings to an opera career, I've seen the power of what music can do! Whether it's opera, musical theater, folk, rock, or just public speaking, anything YOU love to do, I would love to teach you! Having taught all ages and levels, from first graders to adults, from someone who's never sung a note in his or her life to semi-professionals, I cater my lessons to what YOU as a student need and are interested in. Lessons shouldn't be a chore - I like to foster an environment you look forward to being a part of! I also think that music, like any sport, is hard work, and takes seriously practice; even hobbies take ...


BarbaraR July 4, 2011
Awesome teacher! patient, knowledgeable, & creative

I'm a complete beginner, could barely sing in tune. I decided to take lessons for fun. but whoa was i surprised at the progress I've made with Laura in just a few short months. She has catered to my individual needs, and has made my learning experience fun. She works at my pace so i never feel rushed or bored. She teaches singing lessons in a way anyone can understand. Her background in opera means she can sing and teach her students amazing vocal range. She taught me anything is possible with hard work and dedication! I've learned so much with her, it's hard to put it all in a short review. Pick her and you won't be disappointed! Thank you Laura!
HelenL1 September 30, 2010
Great teacher

Laura is a really good and nice teacher. She is patient to answer all of my questions.I improved a lot in a short period of time with her tips on singing. She's not only just teach you how to sing, she also talks some histories of music and different examples or even her experiences to me. She can make an exercise into a fun way to do. I learned a lot from her and I gain more confident on singing. I'm always looking forward to take lessons with her. She's such a great singer and vocal coach!! Laura is a great choice for those of you who want to learn singing in a comfortable, no pressure and fun environment. ^_^
RajeshN September 22, 2010
Good teacher. Nice person. Very busy lady.
Aretha S. New York, NY

About Aretha

Aretha S. Aretha S. has been using her gift of song all over the United States, and now abroad since the age of 4. Having her start in a singing group called the S. Sisters, which contained her 3 sisters and her parents on accompanying musical instruments, they over time, have sung at various churches, sporting and community events all over the United States. Opening for such artists as The Clark Sisters, Commissioned, Yolanda Adams and Vickie Winans to name a few, they even got the chance to sing for such historical events as Rosa Park’s 80th Birthday party and the Tuskeegee Airmen’s Congressional Honorial banquet. After graduating from UCLA in 2003, God opened the door for her and her twin sister Alayna to sing background for Natalie Cole and later other notables such as Whitney ...


CathyP February 7, 2012
Aretha is an excellent singing teacher, patient, sweet and well prepared for every lesson. Her voice is beautiful, and her ability to teach my daughter is excellent! We love her very much! ;D
Dvora K. Clifton, NJ

About Dvora

Providing professional instruction for children and adults seeking to learn to play piano/keyboard/guitar and read music, or to train their voice to speak or sing with tonal clarity and ease. PIANO/KEYBOARD/GUITAR - The goal is to become, as quickly as possible, independently capable of playing any type of music and to use the instrument as a means of self-expression. Depending entirely on the person's interest, the skills I foster include sight-reading, improvisation, composition, music theory and an increased awareness of the full spectrum of sound. VOICE COACH -- The body is a living instrument. It personifies everything needed to emit sound -- a soundboard, an equalizer, bellows, pipes and power source. But there are critical skills one must learn to realize the full range and ...


Sarita C. June 20, 2014
Taking lessons with Dvora has been a wonderful, esteem-building experience for my children that I highly recommend. Dvora is more than a music teacher. With her gentle and spirited guidance, Dvora teaches how to unlock the music of the soul and allow it to flow through. My son is becoming his own musical genius as Dvora expertly guides him to resonate with the sounds within his heart. At the same time, he is learning to play piano, read notes, and enjoy himself. Every time I walk in to pick him up, he is "performing" in front of an imaginary audience and having a ball. He is free, happy, and totally himself. Amazingly, Dvora is able to tap into every child's unique song and enable them to dance to it. She is a brilliant Light, intuitive, healing, and joyful. Now my other kids are begging to take guitar with her. They think it is just because they want to play guitar. But it is their inner wisdom that is drawing them to her to benefit from her
Presence. And yes, they will also learn to play guitar and feel great about their abilities.
Paula G. June 20, 2014
Dvora is a very patient and insightful woman. She worked with my daughter for 1 year and was able to bring out in her some ability to play piano that has stayed with her for many years. Thank you Dvora!
Jorge L. June 20, 2014
Dvora is very patient and knowledgeable. I recommend her Music Instruction with confidence.

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