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Adam S.

Felton, CA

I've worked as a recording engineer at world renowned music studio South Beach Studios.

The theory and practice of Home Recording is taught.
Digital Audio Workstations, microphones, MIDI and theory behind Digital Audio is taught.
Basic concepts behind audio mixing and mastering is covered.
I am Avid Pro Tools certified, and will teach in whatever Music Sequencing or Recording software the student desires.
We will work on recording a demo project in order to learn and enjoy the art of Music Recording.

About Adam

I have a bachelor of Music from Berklee College of Music in Boston.
I have 20 years experience performing, composing and recording.
Will teach you guitar, piano or bass in any given style.
I'm great with music theory and ear training, and will work to make you a better musician. I perform regularly around California.

*** Lesson Details ***
I'm a firm believer in learning music through songs, and it's the student's favorite music that will keep the student motivated. I do my best to communicate my passion about music to the student. My lessons consist of ear training, sight-readin
g, and music theory.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Teaching studio w/ guitar, piano, bass and amplifiers.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I have my own guitar, bass and amplifier if needed.

*** Specialties ***
*Teachers marked as a Student
Favorite have taught a minimum of 25 lessons and have received the highest
feedback rating from students.Fingerstyle Acoustic guitar
Classical Guitar
Electric Jazz and Funk Guitar
Rock.  Recording.


Anakin January 28, 2016
Guitar · In home
Verified Student
Adam was on time and seemed to have a good connection with my son!
Did a great job, my son has had the motivation to practice and is excited to learn more.
Bob December 17, 2015
Guitar · In home
Verified Student
After only a couple lessons it's already clear Adam is a highly effective guitar instructor. He's been very quick to recognize the strengths and weaknesses in my playing and has catered our lessons to accommodate me. As such, my playing has already improved far faster than with the online lessons / apps I was using before finding Adam. There's just no substitute for one-on-one human interaction, especially with someone who's as patient and thorough as Adam. If you're looking for a guitar teacher, look no further - you've found your guy.
Robin Medley September 21, 2015
Guitar · In home
Verified Student
Adam was great! Loved my first lesson!
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Adam S.

Adam S.

Felton, CA 95018
starting at
$39 / 30-min

Anna C.

Emeryville, CA

Looking for help with Pro Tools? Wondering how to use effects in an "effective" way? Anna can help!

About Anna

Anna is a San Francisco Bay Area native. A professional drummer for over ten years, Anna has performed, recorded and toured with countless groups of various music styles. Her education includes a B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley (where she was a member of the Cal Band for four years), and Certificates in Commercial Music and Recording Arts from Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, CA.

Anna is not only known throughout the United States as a drummer, but also as a concert producer, live sound engineer, record producer, booking agent, tour manager, web designer, graphic de
signer and instructor. Her teaching experience ranges from preschool education to private instruction to high school drum line. Anna is the director of Music Time Academy, a music lessons/recording studio and retail store in Livermore, CA. Anna is also the owner of Smiling Politely Presents (a production company that has produced hundreds of local shows in the Bay Area) and Hella Buttons (a button manufacturing company that has pressed tens of thousands of buttons for bands).

Anna can currently be seen performing with many groups including: Muncie (American Rock), West Grand Blvd (Motown/R&B/Soul), Seth Chapla Band (Rock/Blues), and Jump Back (50s covers).

*** Lesson Details ***
I tailor lessons to the needs and interests of each individual student, doing my best to ensure that all students gain enjoyment and appreciation not only for drums, but also for music as a whole. In general, I focuses on teaching technique and efficiency, reading music, and developing listening skills.

To improve music reading skills, I often use the classic books Syncopation and The Funky Primer (aka the bible of rock and funk drumming). For younger beginners, the Alfred's Kid's Drum Course is one of my favorite methods for learning to read music and for learning general music concepts that the kids can apply to any instrument they may choose to pursue in the future.

For building technique, speed, and endurance, I like to introduce students to standard rudiments (they are like the scales for drummers). I also like to encourage students to try to play a rudiments and other exercises along to their favorite songs, since this is a fun way to not only keep a steady tempo, but also to make the repetitive practice less monotonous.

I try to balance out the sometimes dry and mathematical reading and rudiment work with more artistic and musical ideas, making sure that no matter how much you study and learn from books, you still always remember that you are practicing the art of music making. This includes working on songs of the student's choosing (which I can pull up on online, in case the student does not own the recordings) and working on improvisation.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Music Time Academy: Large, sound-treated room with one drum set for the student, with practice drum pads for me to play along with.
Home Music Studio: One set of drums in a room of the house dedicated entirely to music

Parents are always welcome to sit in on lessons at either location.

*** Travel Equipment ***
For in-home lessons, I would expect the student to have their own drums and preferably a music stand. I can bring in books and other teaching materials, however it is best if students purchase their own copies of the books we use regularly.

*** Specialties ***
I teach all styles of drumming. My performing and teaching experience mainly falls in the categories of rock, funk, blues, pop, R&B, soul and jazz. I have 8+ years of experience with marching drum line (tenor drums/quads, snare, cymbals) and have training in classical percussion as well.
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Anna C.

Anna C.

Livermore, CA 94551
starting at
$30 / 30-min

Michael K.

Saratoga, CA

About Michael

Hi! My name is Mike and I am 26 years old. I have been playing guitar now for about 13 years. I am a national touring guitar player in the band Letters From The Fire. We recently returned from a national tour with Trapt, Pop Evil, Nonpoint etc. I have been on 10 major national tours and have played every state in the U.S. except Hawaii and Alaska.

I currently teach lesson in the South Bay Area, CA. My focus has been producing and song writing for film and television. I have taken it upon my self, as a product of the local music scene, to give back and help out younger bands get to t
he next level in the way they conduct themselves as musicians and in their songwriting.

I am also working with Ben Moody (ex. Evanescence) on score pieces for several movies. Music is my life and its everything I do.

I can't wait to get to know you, Lets rock out!

*** Lesson Details ***
As a self taught musician, I know it is important to take away all of the smoke and mirrors of the instrument. It is not impossible and you can, with practice and dedication, be a great musician. I also find it necessary to make lessons fun and entertaining. Though technique is important, it is important that you enjoy playing and practicing.

I am a very laid back teacher as long as you are doing your job :) My teaching style does cater to different skill levels as well as the material you would like to learn.

I hope to make this a fun and stress free environment for anyone. You can not learn an instrument if you are afraid of your teacher and your instrument.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Pro Tools 10 HD Native w/ Avid Omni interface.
Axe Fx 2 Guitar Processor and 2 Bogner Uberschall Half Stacks.
Line 6 Mini Combo
2 Esp Eclipse
1 Gibson Les Paul Studio
1 Warwick Bass
Roland V-Drum TD-20

*** Travel Equipment ***
I can provide a guitar if need be. I ,however, would prefer students to have a guitar, tuner, and some kind of amp. (amp not necessary)
If teaching music recording, I would like the student to have a computer, DAW, and interface.

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in hard rock/metal guitar but can also teach Pop. I am knowledgeable in pro tools/musical recording as well. I also can teach music writing and music performance. As a touring musician who has toured with multi-platinum bands Fuel, 12 Stones, and The Letter Black, I pride myself on my knowledge in the industry that I can share with you.


Rajat M. June 14, 2014
Guitar · In home
Verified Student
Michael has been a great teacher for our 7 year old son. This was the first time our son is learning guitar, and Michael got him started on the right foot. He makes the lessons fun and interesting and keeps the positive energy flowing.

Always on time - really easy to work with for schedule.
sunitha K. July 11, 2013
Excellent teacher

My 7 year old has been taking guitar lessons from Mike for the past 4 months. It has been an amazingly positive experience for my kid. He has learnt a great deal in such a short time all thanks to Mike's exceptional professionalism, patience and encouragement. He is very observant and is able to spot the problem areas right away, as a result, my kid is learning the right techniques from the get-go. He has the unique ability to tailor the lessons for the student and make the class very enjoyable. My kid looks forward to his lessons every week and doesn't want to stop at the end of the class :-) He is a very motivating teacher and sets high standards and my kid is eager to practice at home, so he can impress Mike at the next class!!
Our experience with Mike has been nothing short of terrific and I would recommend him highly.
John L. April 21, 2013
The best teacher I've ever had, an amazing guitarist and nice guy!

I've tried guitar lessons in the past from nearly a half dozen instructors. I'd pick up bits and pieces then go off on my own as it seemed many were more interested in pushing a style or agenda than actually helping me improve what I had (bad as it was), firm up fundamentals, and help me really progress with the styles and goals I had in mind.

Well, all that changed when I met Mike. In the first lesson with him I got more out of it than from all my past lessons combined. I thought there was no way this could continue, but every time I leave a lesson with Mike I'm blown away by the progress and by how quickly he gets to the root of what I need to change.

His patience, professionalism and great attitude also make him a fun person to hang out with and the lessons feel more like kicking it with a brilliant friend. He's also amazing with children and has my 9 year old begging to take lessons with him.

My only hesitation in writing this review is that if everyone knew how good he is, he might not have the schedule flexibility when my work gets in the way. Still, I can't let my selfishness stand in the way of his success and anyone that is fortunate enough to have time with Mike is in for a rare find in the world of music!
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Michael K.

Michael K.

Saratoga, CA 95070
starting at
$50 / 30-min

Richard F.

San Jose, CA

About Richard

I hold a Bachelors of Music degree from the University of the Pacific in Stockton California, where I studied piano and music theory. Since then I have been performing and playing piano in clubs and restaurants as a soloist, as a member of small groups, and as a one man orchestra using computer assisted accompaniment. I play a huge variety of musical styles from Bach to Beatles, jazz, pops, standards, and originals.

Also a computer engineer, I have worked in the field of digital audio and video recording technology for some well known Silicon Valley companies such as Adaptec, Roxio, and Str
yker. I have my own digital recording studio in my home and I have made many recordings of myself, as well as having composed many piano pieces, concertos and symphonies.

I teach Sequencing Engineering to musicians and pianists who are interested in composing or
recording their piano performances. . Most professional pianist today use sequencing recording to record their CD release.

. Sequencing recordings are better sounding than any analog or digital recording, the editing tools are
far more powerful, the technology is much easier to learn and the cost is pennies on the dollars over
purchasing expensive analog or digital recording equipment or hiring a studio.

I can set up your equipment for you, show you what equipment you need, and teach you
how to compose symphonies, piano concertos, small or large compositions, and, he can teach you
how to record sequence your own compositions or musical performances.

*** Lesson Details ***
Sequence Lessons.
Private Sequencing Lessons with an experienced Pianist, Composer and Recording Artist.

I am an accomplished pianist and composer and recording artist. I have composed and recorded several
piano pieces and piano concertos using sequencing software.

I specialize in recording pianists.

The advantages to sequence recording are many:

. Sequence recording provides the recording artist the ability to edit their recordings
in standard notation, note by note.

. It's easy to add backing onto a sequence recording using synthesized sound.

. Since sequencing is 100% digital there is no hiss, or noise, and the result is richer and fatter than
any analog or digital recording.

. Sequencing recording provides more powerful editing tools than digital or analog recording.

. Sequencing is easy to learn, the result is better sounding than any analog or digital recording.

. Sequencing cost pennies on the dollar over recording studio prices, especially since you learn how to do it yourself.

. You have far more control over the final product than hiring a recording studio.

. You can take your time and record anytime on your timeline.

. You can record anywhere, you don't need a sound proof room, you can record in your home, and nobody
can hear you.

. Most professional pianist recording artists today are using sequencing recording because the editing
is easier, editing is more powerful and the end result is better than any analog or digital recordings.

. There is no advantage to analog or digital recording. Analog or digital recordings require very
expensive equipment and extreme skill is required to filter out the hiss, noise and produce a fat, rich,
in the face sound.

. Editing wrong notes, and sloppy runs is near impossible using analog or digital recordings. It's easy
using sequencing software. Adding dropped notes is also very easy. Cutting out stumbles is very easy.
Speeding up or slowing down passages is very easy.

. There is no clipping, noise, hiss, distortion, pops, or unwanted sound using sequence recordings.

. Compression is not necessary the innate recorded sound is already compressed and normalized.
It's extremely easy to master sequence recordings.

I can set up your computer for you and teach you what equipment you need and show you
how to sequence record and edit your own piano recordings.

I can also teach you how to compose piano concertos and symphonies using sequencing software and synthesized sound.
The results sound just like a 90 piece philharmonic orchestra.

Learn how to do it yourself while recording your CD album.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I have studio in my home and I have a portable all digital recording studio.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Students will learn what equipment they need, They can buy thier own equipment or use my equipment to record.. .

*** Specialties ***
I also teach sequencing and digital recording technology.


SuparnaV September 4, 2011
Piano with Richard

My daughter enjoys her lessons with Richard. She says he seems to love the piano and seems to love teaching. He has a lot of energy and enthusiasm. He also keeps the lessons challenging.
JackieD August 30, 2011
Feedback for Richard F.

We love Richard. Richard has a way of teaching that motivates our daughter to perform better, practice more, and enjoy playing the piano. Thank you so much Richard.
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Richard F.

Richard F.

San Jose, CA 95123
starting at
$40 / 30-min

Craig M.

San Martin, CA

About Craig

I love to play drums, I love to teach drums, I love to talk about drums and drumming.
I have been a student and a teacher of drumming for over 35 years now, and i learn something new every day.
I have played in many bands, and play in many bands now mostly ranging in styles from Hard rock to Gospel and everything in between. I am the on staff drummer for Evergreen Valley Church, Church On The Hill and St Catherines Church. I also sub for Holy Spirit, Central Church, and a number of others.
Currently play drums for OTR (KFOX 2009 Last band Standing Winner and 2010 runner up),
Gundacker (o
riginal music)
Zoe Tree with Polo Jones and Dave Adams (orignal music)
Worked with Ronnie Montrose 2010-2011
Played for Israel Houghton at EVC 2012
I have 3 albums to my credit as well
My teachers..Steve Mitchell, Bob Cooper, Prairie Prince, Richard Peterson (Tympani) as well as all the clinics I attended with Billy Cobham, Narada Michael Walden, Jeff Porcaro, Tommy Aldridge, Steve Smith and hundreds of others.

*** Lesson Details ***
In my newly built studio I cater your lessons to what you want to accomplish. If it's being a better reader we do that...if it's working grooves, we do that,...if its technique, we do that. Everyone has a unique set of goals and I aim to assist you in accomplishing those goals
If you are just starting out, we will cover all the fundamentals to get you started on the right path.
After you get the fundamentals working, then we can explore your interests!!!
Books I currently use
Stick Control
Funky Primer
Bass Drum Control

*** Studio Equipment ***
6 pc Sonor Rosewood Teardrop set
6 pc Sonor Signature Bubinga kit
8 pc Sonorlite set
4 pc Viper set
10 snare drums, cymbals, music stands

*** Travel Equipment ***
For travel i can supply my own drums/sticks but i would expect them to have their own equipment if I am going to their home

*** Specialties ***
Rock, Gospel, funk, Worship, Ballad, Classical


sherry B. November 16, 2013
Amazing teacher!

Our son enrolled in lessons with Mr. Martin when he was just eight years old, and we could not have asked for a finer drum instructor.

When we first met Mr. Martin, I was very impressed by his friendly personality and his enthusiasm for teaching. His positive attitude and laughter set the stage for an enjoyable lesson. He provided clear instructions, was able to guide our son to complete the lesson, and the whole time they laughed. Needless to say, our son left his first lesson highly motivated, and happy. It has been over three years now, and our son still loves taking drum lessons with Mr. Martin.

Mr. Martin’s ability to teach and motivate his students with laughter and musical expertise is a rare gift very few teachers possess. We give him our highest accolades as a music instructor, and our deepest appreciation for instilling enthusiasm for music in our son.

Thanks to Mr. Martin, our son currently performs in both church and advanced music conservatory programs successfully. And if you are wondering, yes they still laugh during lessons.
Mark S. November 12, 2013
An awesome drum teacher for kids

Craig has been teaching my 11 year old son drums for 3 years. Craig is exceptional at working with kids and keeping it fun and the kids engaged. He is an extremely talented drummer who has a great combination of musical theory and practical knowledge from years of playing in bands. His passion for drums really comes through. He knows how to teach and relate to the kids in a way that creates a great learning environment. I would highly recommend Craig.
Brian H. May 17, 2013
Verified Student
Great instructor for drummers of all levels

I've been playing drums off and on for many years, but only had formal lessons while in school. In a few lessons, Craig has been able to help me correct years of ingrained bad habits. He's also a genuinely nice guy, and easy to talk to, and he really DOES love to talk about drums.
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Craig M.

Craig M.

San Martin, CA 95046
starting at
$40 / 30-min

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