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Chuck M.

Portland, OR

About Chuck

Chuck moved to Portland, Oregon from Gainesville, Florida, where he was a prominent member of the music teaching and performing community for more than 25 years. Originally from Chicago, Chuck completed his BA in Music History and Masters of Music (MM) at the University of Florida. Chuck became obsessed with The Beatles when he began piano lessons at age 12. His first attempt at composing was actually improvising melodies over the ending chords to "Hey Jude". Along with playing Beatles tunes Chuck learned classic standards from a set of Reader's Digest Songbooks inherited from his grandmo

Chuck has performed with classic rock, top 40, funk, R&B, and jazz groups, and has served as an opening act for Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, and legendary Texas bluesman Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown. As a soloist he's played classical music, blues, jazz, and original compositions. Before devoting himself to music full time, he worked for 8 years as a radio announcer on WUFT-FM Gainesville hosting shows such as "Nothing but the Blues", "Montage" (acoustic jazz), and "Musica Antiqua" (Renaissance and Medieval).

Chuck has taught students of all ages and skill levels in piano, guitar, organ, flute, digital keyboards, recorder, and ukulele. He's also a multi-faceted composer whose instrumental pieces are infused with elements of classical, blues, and jazz styles.

Chuck's teaching philosophy: "In my 25 years of teaching I’ve found that everyone learns in different ways and at different rates of progress, so each of my students is treated as a unique individual. I try to get to know my students in the first few lessons so I can be more sensitive to their personalities. This helps me choose the best teaching approach for them. From the very first lesson I create a relaxed setting so students feel no apprehension, especially when trying something new. This allows them to feel free to take chances and experience playing music as something enjoyable, not a life or death situation! The biggest measure of my effectiveness as a teacher is when my students embrace new challenges and the opportunity to improve".

*** Lesson Details ***
My primary goal as a teacher is to present musical material in a way that keeps students excited about what they are learning. Even with absolute beginners, I will have a student playing actual songs that they are interested in as quickly as possible. Along the way I include fundamentals such as scales, strength-building exercises, rudiments of theory, and ear training. Some of the method books I use include the Alfred and Faber and Faber series, and Hanon's The Virtuoso Pianist, among many others. These materials are always supplemented with arrangements and transcriptions of popular songs and classical pieces, along with original exercises designed to teach specific styles and techniques. I also use interactive music websites to introduce students to concepts of music theory. The styles that I cover include classical, rock, jazz, and blues. As students progress in their creativity, I also introduce them to composition and improvisation.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Kawai K50 upright piano, music playback devices, Hammond C3 organ, multiple keyboards/synthesizers, acoustic and electric guitars, amplifiers, computer recording equipment; parents are encouraged to sit in on lessons.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I don't provide any specific equipment. Piano students should have either a well-tuned piano or full-sized weighted-key digital keyboard (Casio Privia, for example). Guitar students should have a well set up electric or acoustic guitar and an amplifier (for an electric guitar).

*** Specialties ***
I teach students of all ages and skill levels. The styles that I cover include classical, rock, jazz, and blues. I also teacher recording techniques using computer software including Ableton Live, Reason, and Pro Tools.


JIA Z. February 12, 2014
Verified Student
Mr. Michaelson is the best teacher I've met at Portland.

I do appreciate Chuck for his professional piano lessons and kind. My son enjoyed his lessons sooooooo much and, loves piano more from then on. He is really a great musician and responsible teacher I've ever met at Portland. His patience and style of teaching are sunshine to my son's piano life.
lulu M. November 5, 2013
Verified Student
Great music teacher!

I've been taking ukulele lessons with Chuck for over a year now. I am always impressed with his musical knowledge and appreciate the way he goes beyond the songs and also teachers me musical notation, chord progressions, and more. My lessons are always fun, with just the right amount of challenge to keep my skill development moving forward. Thanks, Chuck!
Heather B. April 29, 2013
Verified Student
skilled teacher

My teen has been taking lessons from Chuck for many months and has learned a lot from him. He is knowledgeable and skilled in guitar, always on time and willing to be understanding with our schedule conflicts. His studio is very attractive and professional, very comfortable and nice location. He is patient and obviously enjoys what he does! thanks Chuck!
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Chuck M.

Chuck M.

Portland, OR 97212
starting at
$25 / 30-min

Julia V.

Portland, OR

Learn good breath control and resonance to strengthen your speaking voice using vocal warm-ups, posture and speaking exercises.
We will look at your speaking voice in terms of pitch, timbre, volume, pacing, register and prosody. Using a talk that you are practicing, readings or improvising real life situations, you will have lots of practice.

About Julia

I have a Master’s in Opera Performance from the Boston and New England Conservatories as well as graduating from Vocal Performance programs at Boston University and Western Washington University. I have sung professionally with Boston Lyric Opera, Children’s Theater Companies, churches and synagogue and have toured on the east coast as well as Athens, Greece. Premiering new music is a specialty - I can help you prepare your pieces for auditions.  My students have successful auditions for college opera and music theater programs, and as choir soloists.
Students gain a larger vocal range and an
easy, natural way of singing whether it is in a rock band, choir or as a soloist. Together we find the joy of singing while building a solid technique.

I also work with small children as a Musikgarten teacher and have toured artist residency programs which introduce children to music and theater in schools.   I was adjunct faculty at the College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University, local music studios as well as maintaining my private teaching practice.

*** Lesson Details ***
I am persistent and positive! Having worked and performed with singers and master teachers has helped me to be a resourceful teacher who understands the process of becoming a singer. I believe that a sense of fun and play helps you to accomplish your goals quickly.  For beginners you will learn how the voice works and how to care for and develop your instrument. We will choose music that interests you and helps to build your voice moving from simple to more complex and challenging. Understanding music theory and sight-reading will help you get the most out of your singing. After 3 - 6 months you should have a good command of breathing and an understanding of how to sing with an expressive tone.For the advanced student, I can help you work on trouble spots and give you tools to help with the changes that voices naturally go through.  I look forward to giving you my full focus and celebrating your growth and accomplishments!

*** Studio Equipment ***
Condo w/ open area with f/w keyboard with a visitor's parking lot w/ seating for parents. Parents with younger siblings can use play areas outside.
Basic library of vocal music, giving the student a way to sample different kinds of songs before purchasing books or downloading songs on their own. Music stand, iPhone plug-in/Amp for accompaniments and examples you want me to hear.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I provide a basic library of vocal music at my home studio and will bring targeted books with me. Students should print out their favorite popular songs from such services as Music Notes website.
I expect my students to provide a keyboard, music stand and notebook as well as a low distraction environment.

*** Specialties ***
As an opera and musical theater, Oratorio and church singer, I help singers of all levels improve within their genre from popular music to opera. A good singing technique will help performers in any style stay healthy and enjoy an expressive singing instrument.


Alexis B. July 23, 2015
Singing · In studio
Verified Student
Julia is an excellent vocal coach ! She's helped me come out of my shell and discover my vocal talents. Every lesson with her has been meaningful and inspirational. At first I was very shy and hesitant about pursuing lessons, but I'm glad I did ! I look forward to everything else she has to teach me.
Ivanna P. July 9, 2015
Singing · In studio
Verified Student
Very professional, knowledgeable. Great teacher.
Neil June 30, 2015
Singing · In studio
I am 60 years old, have some musical background, have never, ever sung, and have wanted to rectify that for several years. For me, Julia is perfect, and if I say that I am finding my lessons life-changing, it is not an exaggeration. Julia is experienced, skilled, warm, attentive, and observant. I look forward very much to my next lesson.
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Julia V.

Julia V.

Portland, OR 97218
starting at
$30 / 30-min

Jane Y.

Ridgefield, WA

***IN PERSON LESSON for true hands on experience!!!***
****EXCELLENT for SPECIAL NEEDS of ALL AGES and Learning challenges.***
Wanna take a drama course but don't know how to correctly speak or project for stage? Wanna be a Radio Show Host or make your own Podcasts? Wanna be a better debator because you are able to speak clearly and concisely and communicate to the best of your abilities?
Have speaking or dictation problems that need help?
IN a full recording studio, you can speak and record and hear back and immediately begin to make the changes and the techniques that you need to learn for all the methods of public speaking.
Enunciation, breath control and dictation are learned as well as proper posture, diaphram support and projection!
Speak and BE HEARD with Miss Jane!
***ALL LESSONS have the ability to record their material in the IN HOUSE STUDIO*** Take home your music to share! ***YOU CAN'T DO THAT in ONLINE LESSONS!***

About Jane

EMMY AWARD WINNING TEACHER - Making Music Fun for Kids and Easy on the parents!

I teach all kinds of instruments:
-guitar, bass, piano, voice, drums, woodwinds, ukulele, mandolin
and all kinds of music:
-classical, pop, rock, country, reggae, blues, jazz
to all kinds of kids:
-big kids, little kids, kids who climb on rocks!

My first objective is to make kids love music and to make lessons easy for parents to oversee and easy for kids to make progress!

Playing acoustic and electric six string guitars, electric bass guitar, piano and keyboards, drums, percussion and hand drums
, I majored in Flute and Voice at University of Florida School of Music and have spent my life immersed in and obsessed by the world of music. Performing, recording, teaching, producing, and still... LEARNING!

I teach lessons and classes full time, and also perform LIVE and in person frequently in local venues for profit and community service. My students often accompany me!

Having toured the East Coast Venues (NYC to Key West) for 30 years, and self produced 10 CDs, Jane Y. has 2 EMMY AWARDS for soundtrack music for the EXPEDITION FLORIDA SERIES, (PBS Nature Documentaries.) They were funded by the University of Florida, Museum of Natural History, and the Tourist Development Council of Alachua County, Florida.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Guild, Yamaha, Alvarez brands Classical, Acoustic and Electric Guitars.
Crate Acoustic Amp and Roland Cube Electric Guitar Amp. Line 6 guitar amp.
2 Ibanez Electric Bass Guitars, Gallien Kruger 100w bass amp, Line 6 bass amp
Ensoniq Digital Synthesizers (SQ-2), and Peavey Keyboard Amplifier.
Roland D-50 Synthesizer Keyboard
Yamaha PSS 480 keyboard
Peavey KB 60 Keyboard amp
Peavey KB 2 Keyboard amp
Casio SK-1 sampling Keyboard
Djembe hand drum, tambourine, shakers,
Alesis Drum Machine.
Yamaha Stage Custom 5 piece drum set.
Yamaha DP series 6 piece drum set.
Full Yamaha and Crate Sound Reinforcement PA Systems,
2 iBooks, Macbook and MacBook Pro, and Motu Recording Studio w/Mark of the Unicorn: Audio Desk software.
Presonus Recording Studio interface, software and hardware.
Garage Band and Audio box USB interface
Zoom H2 Portable Digital Recording device.
Behringer Headphone amp with five sets of headphones.
Shure, Audio Technica and Audix Performance Microphones,
ADK vocal and studio condenser microphones.
Flute, Clarinet,
All sizes of Recorders
Onkyo 100w Professional Stereo Amplifier with Magnovox and Technics Surround Sound speaker.
iPod 4, iPod 5, iPhone 5 (teaching app devices)
Djembe (hand drum)

*** Lesson Details ***
Lessons start with learning the names of notes, how to read music, a bit of music theory (time signature, sharps and flats) and how this translates to the instrument the child chooses. All instruments are taught by fingering first and then musical notes second. It is easier for the child this way, and he/she can be playing a song with both hands by the end of first lesson.

As the child learns the beginning steps of reading and implementing music, I encourage them to tell me what songs they like, and then try to find an easy one to start with.

So that while we are learning "real music" we are also having fun with a piece that your child enjoys and has "CHOSEN".

This way they have some discipline AND some fun!

As pieces are mastered, the same pieces can be redone on different, more difficult levels, so that pieces are always growing and improving.

Eventually the student can read music competently on the instrument, as well as hear and play by ear.

At higher levels I teach the ability to improvise and read music and chord charts in order to play professionally with other musicians. I also encourage students to get with other students and friends to have music "sessions." They can bring their musical friends to lesson to help learn songs for TALENT SHOWS or CHURCH or what ever their immediate needs or desires are. I can also record "Karaoke" tracks for songs they write or want to sing for talent shows/ auditions.

All lessons are custom designed for the student's abilities, tastes and goals. ALL LESSONS ARE DESIGNED TO BE FUN, and ENJOYED BY THE STUDENT as well as the instructor. I want both of us to have a great time in lesson and learn while we do.

Once a student becomes proficient at reading and playing the instrument, they are invited to be a part of the HUMMINGBIRD BAND which does regular performances at local retirement homes and other local events and festivals. Bi Annual student recitals are also held at a local retirement home with a grand piano and Recital room.

*** Travel Equipment ***
The Student is expected to bring a three ring binder to lessons, to hold all lesson materials, as well as any other required Instruction Books. Sheets will be provided with sheet protectors for your binder. String instrument and woodwind students are required to bring own instruments. All Amps provided
Drum and Piano students are not required to bring any instruments or sticks to lesson, only binders.

JR HANON for the Piano: Complete book 1 and excerpts from Book 2&3 $9
Hal Leonard Guitar Method COMPLETE EDITION (Books 1, 2 and 3) in one volume $15
Hal Leonard Bass Method $10

Please have new strings on guitars before the first lesson. Or bring $5 for replacement steel strings. Classical and electric to be done by music store in advance.

Please make sure your child has eaten before lessons, as we burn lots of calories, and a hungry student cannot focus.

FYI for allergic people: Cats in household. Studio Cleaned (vacuumed, dusted, aired out) daily. Hepa Air purifiers/Ionizer in studio and home.

This is a SHOES OFF studio, please and thanks!

*** Specialties ***
Jazz standards, Folk, Rock, Reggae, Bluegrass and Country!
Ska, Blues, New Age/Ambient, and Best of All ~ Compose Your Own!


Jimmy November 11, 2015
Drum · In studio
With three years training with her on piano, guitar and drums, I can say that I have a pretty good merit to judge Jane. She's honest and brazen, loud and proud, but most of all, if you stick with her long enough, more than just a guitar teacher or whatever. With three years spent with Jane, I made a friend. So, if you want your kid to go to lessons, come home and not have an experience, Jane is not for you. If you want your kid to have another person caring for them each and everyday, and learn some bass on the side, I would highly recommend Jane Yii to you.
Sydney P. September 25, 2015
Piano · In studio
Verified Student
With one kid on drums and the other on the piano and Mom and Dad joining in, our family looks forward to playing music together. Jane was great for the first time lesson jitters and had her on drums to find the beat too!
Ayden P. September 25, 2015
Drum · In studio
Verified Student
Jane was awesome! She had the entire family playing music together and now my son AND husband are playing drums together. Looking forward to playing as a family and finding joy and bonding in music.
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Jane Y.

Jane Y.

Ridgefield, WA 98642
starting at
$30 / 30-min

Rodney M.

Vancouver, WA

About Rodney

Rodney M.

• Ambassador for the United States of America as part of President Obama’s cultural exchange program-Dance Motion, which toured Egypt, Jordan Palestine, Israel and surrounding countries.
• Substantial experience and outstanding skills in customer service with eighteen years at Rennie Harris Pure Movement including five in management.
• Accustomed to working in fast-paced environments with the ability to think quickly and successfully handle difficult clients.
• Use the Internet daily always on a Mac and know the workings of it from creativity to business to mar
• Crossed-trained in customers service and special events while working with manager on promotions, public relations, and new programs
• Excellent interpersonal skills, ability to work well with others, in both supervisory and support staff roles.
• Extensive experience as celebrity spokesperson and public speaker.
Dance Teacher/Weight Room Attendant, Firstenburg Community Center, 2010 – present
• Assist members on all areas of weight room from Equipment to class schedules
• Provided instructions to participants of all ages of dance classes including male and female. Fitness classes integrated instruction in modern, jazz and hip hop dance types into high-energy, enjoyable, full body workouts for toning and weight loss
Celebrity Spokesperson/Public Relations, More Zap, Commercial Talent, 2005 – 2009
• Star of Campaign for Tanqueray MJZ /Grey Worldwide, including National & International
Commercials, Print, Personal Appearances, Press Tour, Radio
• Communicate information and influence viewpoints by speaking at conferences, working with the press, and hosting red carpet events
Artist/Dancer, Rennie Harris Pure Movement, 1996 – 2005 - present
• Rennie Harris Pure Movement, a hip-hop dance company dedicated to preserving and disseminating hip-hop couture through workshops, classes, hip-hop history lecture demonstrations, long-term residencies, mentoring programs and public performances
• Bessie award for lead role of Rome in the company’s concert dance musical “Rome and Jewels”
Education, Certifications and Awards
• CPR/AED Certified. USMC Aerographers Mate Certificate of completion
• The Bessie --Outstanding Creative Achievement Season
• Chicago Black Theatre Award--Best Performance in a Touring Play
• Lawrence Olivier Award nominee (UK)—Best Performance in “Rome & Jewels”
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Rodney M.

Rodney M.

Vancouver, WA 98660
starting at
$30 / 30-min

Amanda S.

Portland, OR

Did I you know that most Americans speak outside of their ideal pitch range, that speech and singing are actually the same thing, and that speaking on the breath can allow your voice to remain strong and resonant for hours, even if you are a teacher or broadcaster who has to speak all day? the techniques I use are body-based and will put you more in tune with how your body works to produce sound, helping you eliminate vocal fatigue and give your speaking voice more power and resonance with less effort!

About Amanda

I am a body-based voice teacher and vocal coach with a passion for singing, performing, and helping all vocalists discover and explore their best voice. Since graduating from Linda Brice's Transformational Voice Apprentice Training Program, I have been working with a variety of students of all levels and genres, using techniques that are based on how our bodies are designed to produce sound and breath. I specialize in working with vocal performers and recording artists who want to develop artistic expression, feel comfortable onstage, and learn to sing in a way that guarantees vocal longevity
and freedom.


Dana August 31, 2015
Holistic Voice Technique · In studio
Amanda is awesome! A year ago I decided I needed to study vocal technique, (after teaching myself to sing later in life), to improve my sound and keep from hurting my voice. My friend recommended Amanda and we began weekly lessons.

She taught me the following:

How to effectively use the breath How to sing “forward” and/or project my voice How to properly form vowels How to extend my range How to better evoke emotion, especially to match the moods of lyrics

Amanda is very down to earth and made me feel very comfortable. She is very sweet and has a very relaxed and efficient teaching style. She helped me to improve and further cultivate the voice I have chosen. I am forever grateful!

I highly recommend lessons with her!!!


Dana Elizabeth (aka Coco Columbia) Singer/Songwriter, Drummer, Music Teacher
Chris August 17, 2015
Holistic Voice Technique · In studio
My experiences with Amanda were wonderful. She draws equally from her training in the method of transformational voice and her extensive background in music composition and performance. I visited her for several lessons in the summer of 2014, when I was experiencing some trouble getting back into the swing of using my voice after taking a long break. She has an impressive arsenal of tips, tricks, tools, and techniques designed to get you into a comfortable and authentic voice - regardless of your personal learning style. She is knowledgable and encouraging, so I don't hesitate to recommend her with the highest rating.
Martha August 13, 2015
Holistic Voice Technique · In studio
Amanda is a very supportive, positive and informative teacher. I have learned so much and feel my voice has improved greatly in the short time I've been taking lessons from Amanda.
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Amanda S.

Amanda S.

Portland, OR 97232
starting at
$25 / 30-min

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