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Michael R.

Oregon City, OR

Rhythm and Time Feel
Harmony and Scale Theory
Sight Reading
Performance Preparation
Doubling (Flute, clarinet.)

About Michael

Michael is a freelance musician based in the Portland metropolitan area. His diverse skill set allows him to perform in a variety of musical groups. Michael is hired regularly to perform for: jazz and cover bands, weddings, corporate events, musicals, and studio sessions. He also leads and writes music for his own band that performs regularly in the Portland metropolitan area. He attended Mount Hood Community College and Portland State University. Michael graduated with a B.S. in biology and minored in jazz studies.
Many describe Michael as genuine and passionate. He has a youthful, energetic
teaching style that works well with most students. Michael’s creativity and patience have allowed him to be successful with teaching students with learning disabilities. He has no problem using “outside of the box” techniques to help explain a tough concept.
Michael’s practice philosophy is simple. Make practice enjoyable and efficient. He has experienced the common pitfall of practicing scales for many hours only to retain little or nothing. Michael shows his students techniques to focus, and get more done with less wasted time. He caters his lessons to maximize every student’s potential. Lessons are customized to meet the student’s goals and learning style. Michael ensures that every student will have the technique, theory, and musical knowledge to be a complete musician that is comfortable in any musical genre or setting.


Caroline B. November 2, 2015
Saxophone · In home
Verified Student
My 14 year old son very much enjoys working with Michael. He is very nice, patient and punctual, and I love the fact that he teaches his lessons at our house.
I would recommend hiring Michael.
Jack D. October 6, 2014
Saxophone · In home
Verified Student
"Now that I'm studying with Mike, the efficiency of my practice time is way, way up."

Mike is the first coach who emphasizes "practice the hard parts". So much so that any time a note comes out either not in rhythm, not in pitch, or not a great sound, I have the confidence to stop and repeat the hard part until it's no longer hard. Even when learning to improvise, if the notes I pick on the sax don't match the ones I first heard in my head, I have the confidence to stop and really find those notes that my mind imagined. Eventually I'll be able to hit the ones I intend the first time. He also advocates to always know the purpose of any practicing you're doing---there's no more aimless noodling. Even when I'm jamming, there's a specific goal in mind.

The second thing I really get from Mike is that he expects me to know what notes I'm playing and what role they fill in the key. Formerly my method of improvising was to hunt and peck, occasionally hitting notes outside the key and finding a way to "work them back in". But now, if I'm riffing on the note F in the key of B-flat, Mike wants me to know that that's the 5 of the key. And to also know where the 3 and 7 are---like a home base where you know it's safe to play.
Aaron S. May 28, 2014
Saxophone · In home
Verified Student
We are so lucky to have found Michael! Before we started with him in February, my son played Ode to Joy, now he's practicing jazz and having fun while practicing. Michael has awesome enthusiasm, and a great foundation in both performance and theory. He shows care for the student and is always supportive. I completely recommend him for any skill level!
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Michael R.

Michael R.

Oregon City, OR 97045
starting at
$25 / 30-min

Justin B.

Portland, OR

The approach to the saxophone is very similar to the approach to the clarinet, my main instrument. Many saxophonists also double on clarinet and vice versa. I have performed on the saxophone in styles from rock and pop to musical theatre.

You will learn: basic technique, embouchure, air production, posture, note reading, tonguing, rhythm, intonation and more.

About Justin

My name is Justin and I love playing and teaching music. I believe anyone who has an interest in music can learn how to read music, how to play an instrument, how to express themselves, how to understand music and how to just enjoy music more. I individualize every lesson to suit each particular student's needs, abilities and goals. You can do it, and I can help!

Areas of study:

Clarinet: basic technique, embouchure, tone quality, air production, tonguing, rhythm and more. Styles include classical, contemporary, avant garde, some jazz and Klezmer.

Music theory: how to read music, und
erstanding rhythm, keys, scales, chords, modes, harmonic progressions, transposition, and improvisation.

Ear training: recognizing intervals, scales, chords, and complex harmonies by listening and singing.

Piano: basic technique, note reading, classical, pop and rock styles, how to play from lead sheets, piano-based harmony.

Saxophone: basic technique, embouchure, air production, tone quality, tonguing, rhythm and more.


Vincent D. September 16, 2015
Drum · In home
Verified Student
Justin is great, engaging teacher. Our kids love his music lessons.
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Justin B.

Justin B.

Portland, OR 97214
starting at
$30 / 30-min

Artem K.

Lake Oswego, OR

About Artem

Individual way of teaching for each student!
My students perform concerts and always doing the best at school
Currently accepting students of all ages.

*** Lesson Details ***
As a teacher I offer a great deal of knowledge of basics clarinet, piano and saxophone techniques. I will teach how to play right, how to improve your finger technique, staccato and make your sound beautiful. I will help you with your hand position when you play the piano and how to get fun from the music.
I will teach you how to make organization of you practice at home and how to spend practice time t
hat be get great results from this.
I can help you from your first steps in the music, and correct your mistakes if you are advanced player. And you can choose - you want to play music just for fun and your neighbors and friends or you want to be a professional. I'll help you anyway.
What i expect from you - desire to learn.

I expect my students to have own Saxophone and Clarinet.
If you have never played these instruments I can help you to find the best instrument for you with the best price !
The student should have a notebook to record our lessons in.

*** Specialties ***
The French School of Clarinet and Saxophone technique.
Classical School of Piano performance.

About me:
I am a professional clarinetist (piano and saxophone double), originally I am from Eastern Europe (Ukraine), fluent in both the Russian and Ukrainian languages in addition to English. Since 2001 I have been studying music at several special music schools in Ukraine before I moved to the U.S. in 2013 and started my new music life as resident of this country. I am a 12 time laureate of international competitions, I have performed many concerts in different cities in Ukraine and big halls as National Philharmonic of Ukraine, and twice I participated in concert trips in Germany. Repeatedly I was invited to different festivals and concerts. I got a music scholarship and was enlisted as a student at Portland State University and I’m working on my Bachelor’s in Music Performance. In Ukraine I taught music lessons to kids, and gave music performances and I am continuing to do so in the U.S. In the U.S. I started my teaching career as a music-teacher volunteer at a local elementary school and have received great feedback from students and teachers, and in addition to this I currently teach private lessons and enjoy sharing my experience with students of all ages. I was invited to play the 1st clarinet part with Portland Ballet Company (La Boutique fantasque, Rossini, RAVEL Ma mere l’oye) and Oregon Pro Arte Youth Chamber Orchestra. Right now I play in Portland State University Woodwind Symphony, Portland State University Symphony and Viking’s Sounds Band.

At this moment I have my private students and teach for Musicality Network company that located in Portland Oregon and TakeLessons. I’m a successful teacher with 2.5 years of experience, my students always doing the best at school, play recitals and win the competitions. I teach different ages, my youngest student is 5 years old and oldest one is 35. For each student I provide individual training and use different methodic, because each of them is a different and needs different training, specific for his character and abilities. I prefer to teach in professional way and want that my students will be successful in future. I prepare my students for recitals and competitions, however I have and had students who wanted play the instrument for fun. Additional to teacher I always accompanying on the piano while my students are playing. I'm not just a teacher who teach, I'm an advenced performer who share own experience.


Portland State University
Kiev Special Music School name After N.V. Lysenko,
Odessa Special Music School name after P.S. Stolyarsky


●Laureate of the I prize (International Competition Music of Ukraine ) 2012, Kyiv, Ukraine
●Laureate of the I prize (International Art Competition “ Young Europe”) 2012, Kyiv, Ukraine
●Laureate of the I prize (XII International Festival-Contest of Children and
Youth Performing Arts' Chords Khortytsya ") 2012, Zaporizhya, Ukraine
●Laureate of the II prize (International Competition Music of Ukraine ) 2011, Kyiv, Ukraine
●Laureate of the II prize (The Fifth Dmytro Bida Wood Wind Young Performers
International Competition) 2009, L’viv, Ukraine
●Laureate of the II prize (VII International Art Competition For Children And
Youth “Sribny Dzvin” 2006, Uzghorod, Ukraine
●Laureate of the III prize (International Art Competition “ Young Europe”) 2011, Kyiv, Ukraine
●Laureate of the III prize (The “21 Century Art” International
Competition for Young Performers) 2011, Vorzel’, Ukraine
●Diploma of The Second International Competition of Young
Performers in wind and percussion instruments "Surma Bukovina" 2006 , Ukraine
●Contest participant (Selmer Paris in Ukraine) 2008, L’viv, Ukraine
●Member International Clarinet band “Clarnetissimo” Kyiv 2011-2013, Ukraine
●Principal clarinet in the symphony orchestra of Kyiv Specialized Secondary Music
boarding school named after M.V. Lysenko 2011-2013, Ukraine
●Principal clarinet in the symphony orchestra of University name after Grinchenko, Kiev
●Performed many concerts in Ukraine
●Participated in concert tours in Germany in 2007 and 2008
●Volunteer (Music teacher) in the Stephenson Elementary School 2013
●Private music lessons for kids and adults 2013 – 2015
● 2014 -2015 1st/2nd clarinet Portland State University Symphony and Wind symphony
● 2014 1st clarinet for Portland Ballet Company
● 2014 Invited clarinetist for Oregon Pro Arte Youth Chamber Orchestra


Lana October 30, 2015
Clarinet · In home
We were very lucky to have found Artem to teach our 14 year old son play clarinet and saxophone. His teaching style was is perfect match for our son and he is able to keep him motivated to play and improve his skills. Artem finds unique way to encourage our son to play and love music!
Ella October 27, 2015
Clarinet · In home
Verified Student
Tonight was our first lesson with Artem. He was amazing while working with my 11 y.o. Daughter who is a beginner. He was encouraging, very knowledgeable and patient!
Marie September 15, 2015
Saxophone · In home
Artemis is reliable, focused and disciplined, as well as being a very talented musician. He knows his subject and understands the importance of underpinning practical playing skills with an awareness of musical theory. Our son really enjoyed the lessons.
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Artem K.

Artem K.

Lake Oswego, OR 97035
starting at
$25 / 30-min

Aage N.

Portland, OR

I have been teaching saxophone for nearly thirty years, and offer a different approach to the instrument. While building strong technique and tone in your band and solo music, we will explore how the saxophone is used in music from around the world, including traditions that pre-date the saxophone itself by many centuries! While learning the basics of music theory, I also encourage playing by ear, and unleashing curiosity and creativity.

About Aage

Oregon native Aage (pronounced like Owen without N) has been teaching woodwinds to students of all ages for thirty years. He has performed throughout the US and Denmark, as well as Iceland (International Viola Congress) and Holland (World Bass Clarinet Conference). He taught for many years at The College of Idaho and Northwest Nazarene University, and performed for over twenty years with the Boise Philharmonic and Darkwood Consort. He has released three CDs on Portland-based Rampur Records, received a 2007 Performing Arts Fellowship from the Idaho Commission on the Arts, and is the leading sch
olar and performer of the douçaine (early oboe). He teaches both modern and historical winds, with the unique twist of encouraging students of both modern instruments such as clarinet or saxophone, and early instruments such as recorder and double-reeds, to engage in everything from medieval and traditional music to jazz and classical.

Aage enjoys teaching students of all ages, from beginning to college level, including homeschoolers and adult beginners.


eric D. March 18, 2015
Clarinet · In home
Verified Student
4th Lessons, I love it and made tremendous progress.
Taggart L. January 17, 2015
Clarinet · In studio
I loved lessons with Aage, his spunky attitude and constant encouragement is second to none. Learning with Aage, I didn't realize how much he really offered until I became a teacher myself. He was able to foster my love of music while still giving me the skills I needed to win the Idaho State Solo Championship in 2007. I was also exposed to music written long before the clarinet was created and with his encouragement, participated in numerous honor groups and music related community service.
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Aage N.

Aage N.

Portland, OR 97213
starting at
$30 / 30-min

Ian C.

Portland, OR

I am a Professional Jazz Saxophonist, and I am comfortable teaching all the members of the saxophone family, and all skill levels. Areas of focus include:

-Sound Production
-Reading Music
-Jazz Harmony/Theory
-Learning Songs
-Keeping Things Fun!!!

About Ian

My name is Ian Christensen, and I am a 26-year-old professional saxophonist in the Portland area. I have been playing saxophone for 15 years, and teaching (privately and ensembles) for 8. I have a strong background in Jazz music, as well as experience playing Rock and Classical music.

I teach saxophone (tenor and alto) as well as Jazz improvisation, music theory, rhythm, and professional music skills.

I graduated from the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York City in 2012, where I learned from some of the great masters of jazz. There I also gained experience teaching
privately and coaching ensembles.

Since moving back to Portland in 2013, I have played at many of the top venues in town, including Jimmy Mak's, Alberta Street Pub, the Doug Fir Lounge, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, and many others.

Feel free to visit my website for more information: http://www.ianchristensenmusic.com/
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Ian C.

Ian C.

Portland, OR 97210
starting at
$20 / 30-min

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