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Andrea Z.

Denver, CO

About Andrea

To the potential interested student/parent:

Teaching has become a pleasant endeavor that I do with high ethical standards. I am committed to the cause of music, and to the timeless fellowship of th
e human spirit!

I play piano or guitar when accompanying my students. Please bring your songs!

*** Specialties ***

• The Voice (correcting the natural faults of the Voice, dissolving rigidity and confinement of the Voice)


• Classical PIANO training

• Music Reading but WITH CONTENT! Not just the mere "code" of notes and rhythm, but the patterns and qualities of music regarded as movement and as character

• Integrative training for the singer including notions of Dramaturgy, Mimics, Declamation, and FOREIGN LANGUAGES

• Developing a well-trained attentive HEARING that enables the rise of knowledge and control in music-making of all kinds

• Poetry & Song.

*** Studio Equipment ***
My studio is located in the first floor of an old Victorian mansion in the Denver Uptown neighborhood, and it features:
Electric Piano
Classical Guitar
Electric Guitar and Amp
Hand Drums, Kalimba, Shakers
Waiting Area
In Broomfield, I receive students in my home, at my acoustic piano.

About me:
I have been dedicated for the last 6 years to the study of the Operatic Voice, developing my soprano voice. Before that I earned two master-equivalent diplomas in music composition, and music theory. For a long time, composing songs and pieces of music, as well as studying guitar as a child, piano and percussion later, it all has been a means to further my vital singing fate, on which I persevere every day.


Ronda November 3, 2016
Singing · In home
Verified Student
Loving my lessons.
Aria M. November 2, 2016
Classical Voice · In home
Verified Student
Truly a gifted singer and teacher- I have had many music instructors in my life - as a child and as an adult - she is the best of all of them - easy, thoughtful, kind - and oh so talented in her approach and skill ---
Katrina July 29, 2016
Opera Voice · In studio
Verified Student
Love the experience she has to offer and her patience since these are my first ever voice lessons. It is also a very enjoyable time for me.
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Andrea Z.

Andrea Z.

Broomfield, CO 80020
starting at
$32 / 30-min

Teresa V.

Evergreen, CO

About Teresa

Teresa Anne V., originally from Boulder, Colorado, has taken her career from coast to coast, and abroad. She began her stage career as a classical ballerina, training and performing with such notable
companies as The Joffrey Ballet and Pennsylvania Ballet. A graduate of Interlochen Arts Academy (Dance) and University of Utah (BFA- Theatre), Teresa has gone on to craft a dense and eclectic resume on both coasts and internationally as an Actress and as a Dancer/Choreographer (classical & contemporary works, Argentine Tango, musical theatre).
Teresa’s film credits include screen time with academy award winning actor, Sean Penn in “The Assassination of Richard Nixon,” leading roles in independent film gems such as “Life at Bay”, “The Hideout”, and “Seven Fallen Objects.”, and stars in nationally running commercials for Dyson Vacuums and Animal Planet. Her vast theatre credit highlights include “Tango Fever”(TeatroLaTea, NYC), “Buried Child” (Aaron Davis Hall, NYC); ”Objectivity”(FischHouseThtr, SF), ”Scheme of Things”(El Portal Thtr, LosAngeles), ”Light in the Shadow”(The Complex, Los Angeles).
Prior to returning to New York in the Spring of 2012, Teresa dedicated her dance career to a tango dance partnership in Warsaw where she performed, toured, taught, and also stepped in as a dance consultant to the 2011 winners of the Polish edition of "Dancing With The Stars."
After her time abroad,Teresa taught/choreographed/performed full time in NYC until 2015. She is now based in her homestate of Colorado. Frequently she is a guest judge for Dance Competitions across the country.
In addition, Teresa has launched a series of specialized dance programs (“Slippers to Heels: Ballet Technique & Tango Stylization”), Choreographic and Acting intensives, and specialized workshops for professional/pre-professional dancers. She is a proud member of the Actors Equity Association.


Gail April 2, 2016
Ballet · Online
As an older person who never had ballet lesson, this could have been a very intimidating experience but Teresa was very patient and thoughtful about her instruction. She really wanted to be certain I understood the terms, technique and overall format of ballet. A great experience! I look forward to my next lesson!
Lisa April 1, 2016
Sewing · In studio
She made me feel right at home, talked through every step in the sewing process, gave me pointers without taking over built my confidence while guiding me along the way
MacKenzie March 31, 2016
Dance · Online
Verified Student
Teresa did an amazing job! She quickly figured out how best to work together even over Skype! Amazing!!!
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Teresa V.

Teresa V.

Evergreen, CO 80439
starting at
$90 / 60-min

Jeanie G.

Arvada, CO

About Jeanie

Bacelors Degree in Education
Speech, English and Theater Teacher
Teacher of the Year Region 4 Corpus Christi, Texas
Author of National Speech Textbook
Prominent Musical Director FCHS 2001-2016

Coached 23 State Champions at CHSAA
Speech State Meet
Del Mar College, Corpus Christi -Speech Instructor
View youtube to see more


Tammy September 24, 2016
Stage Performance · In studio
Mrs. Gordon took the time to help our daughter walk through building confidence on stage and helping her realize that she could act and sing. Our daughter was very shy on stage and had no confidence in herself as a singer and actor. Jeanie saw the ability in her and helped her develop it.
Can a teacher make a difference in a child's life? I say "Yes!" with confidence because I have witnessed a transformation in our daughter's life and I know that Mrs. Gordon was a part of that.
Annette August 28, 2016
Stage Performance · In studio
Jeanie knows her stuff! Jeanie has taught both of my children for over 10 years. The experiences my children have had are unforgettable. My daughter has made it a dream to pursue acting as a career because of the experiences she had with Jeanie. My son says that Jeanie has saved his life many times because of the avenues she opened up for him. She is an incredible teacher, mentor, and friend. To give her 5 stars is an understatement. She's incredible!!!
Deb August 28, 2016
Acting · In studio
Jeanie has been an extraordinary high school theater director, consistently bringing professional level productions to stage. Kindness, attention to detail and creativity have been the hallmarks of her career. Jeanie is now sharing her talent to coach young actors and actresses. She truly has an amazing capacity to connect with kids from elementary age through high school so that they deliver compelling, authentic performances.
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Jeanie G.

Jeanie G.

Arvada, CO 80005
starting at
$25 / 30-min

Abbie R.

Boulder, CO

About Abbie

Abbie has a lifetime of experience in gymnastics and dance. She grew up in Kansas City and began her professional performing and teaching career two years ago as a contortionist, acrobat, and aerialis
t for well known ensembles: Quixotic Fusion and MoonDrop Circus. In the air, she will fly by on several apparatus: trapeze, lyra, tissue (silks). On the ground she is a hand balancer/contortionist, fire performer, and hoop dancer. Abbie has gotten acrobatic on stages all over the country: at casinos, music festivals, opera houses, corporate and private events. Currently she is located in Boulder, CO. After attending Frequent Flyers Productions to complete the Professional Aerial Dance Track, she stayed in CO and is now a Professional Company Member of Iluminar Aerial. Abbie teaches partner and vinyasa yoga as well as is coach to girls competitive gymnastics at Airborne Gymnastics and Dance and instructor of all things circus to students at Iluminar Aerial.
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View Profile
Abbie R.

Abbie R.

Boulder, CO 80305
starting at
$45 / 30-min

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