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Orlando’s Drumming Community and Musical Legacy

By Paul M. - Orlando Drum Teacher

Although it may not have the stature of Los Angeles, Nashville or New York in terms of musical pedigree, Orlando, Florida - with attractions like Disney World and Universal Studios - is one of the top tourist destinations on the planet, with a rich and varied entertainment industry. And with this comes an array of opportunities to see, hear, learn and play music if you are interested in taking drum lessons in Orlando. Since rhythm is the foundation of all music, and drumming integral to most genres of music, you have the opportunity to learn how to play drums from some amazingly talented musicians who each contribute to the vitality of the Orlando and Central Florida music scene and are TakeLessons Certified instructors.

Orlando has had a thriving local independent rock scene for several years now, with groups like the recently disbanded, Lakeland-based Copeland among those at its helm. With venues and clubs like Amway Center, Hard Rock Live, The Plaza “Live” Theatre, House of Blues, The Social, Club Firestone, BackBooth and Will’s Pub, to name a few, top acts from all over the country and world come through town often as a stop on their tours.

Some famous musicians who either came from, lived, or currently live in Central Florida are Gram Parsons, considered the founder of “country rock,” and the reverberations of whose brief but extremely influential career are still felt to this day: Liberty DeVitto, who provided the steady and sturdy back beat for Billy Joel for most of his legendary career; and Roger McGuinn, the founding member of the great seminal 60’s band The Byrds (of which Gram Parsons was briefly a member).

Music is and has always been a big part of Orlando’s cultural landscape, and TakeLessons Certified Drum Teachers are helping to further this rich musical heritage. So what are you waiting for?! Call TakeLessons today at 877-231-8505 and talk to a Student Counselor about taking drum lessons in Orlando, and start your journey towards becoming a part of the great lineage of Orlando-Central Florida musicians.


Jill H.

Winter Springs, FL

Learn to play snare drum or play on an acoustic or electric drum set. Through the use of method books, learn to play the rudiments and learn to play in various styles. In this class you will learn to play by ear and discover ways to play your own style.

About Jill

Jill holds a Bachelor's degree in Music Education and has master's work in choral music and Orff-Schulwerk. For many years Jill has taught private and group music lessons to all ages with many varying styles of singing and instrumental music. Her lessons are unlike the ones she remembers from childhood; Jill's lessons are full of creativity, fun and excitement. It is amazing how students improve with each lesson. Jill brings more than just technique to the studio, she strives to find the best in each student and then concentrates on improving each individual's strengths and then delves in
to ways to correct the weaknesses.

Since Jill is a vocal soloist, instrumentalist, accompanist and music director, she knows what it takes to prepare and rehearse and therefore she makes it clear which concept the student will be working on during the lesson. With an instrumental and choral background, Jill brings music to life and then shares with the students how to keep music in their lives forever. Many students who had vocal problems have achieved vocal success after taking several lessons with Jill and learning to keep their voices healthy for the rest of their lives.

Jill has worked with children, teens and adults in many schools, churches and after school programs that she designed. Her success with students who are very young or students who come with disabilities or autistic spectrum diagnosis are moved by the music Jill creates. With the help of the ORFF-SCHULWERK certification, Jill has many ways of reaching children through the use of instruments, rhythm activities, games and other fun ways of learning. Breaking barriers is Jill's best asset, she will not quit until the student has an understanding of the instrument or his/her voice.

The young and the older adults find that taking lessons with Jill has brought them to a place of realizing their potential. Successful stories include pre-school age through students who are retired. The length of time one studies depends on the student's practice and diligence. Many students have started with Jill in preschool or elementary school and have continued through high school and college. Several college age students wanted to improve their singing or instrumental skills so goals were set and met through Jill's successful teaching ability. Several students learn music theory and many students have learned song-writing and creating arrangements.

Many of Jill's students have become better musicians and a considerable number of students have chosen music professions for their careers. Multiple students have won contests, auditioned for parts in musicals, started local bands and have become songwriters and performers after taking lessons with Jill. One student has recently auditioned for American Idol and has made it through several auditions. Teaching a myriad of students from various places in the world who have come to the United States has been a great experience. The cultural differences makes the teaching of these students exciting since Jill learns about music in their own home countries. Some of the students are from China, Norway, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Colombia, Puerto Rico and many who moved to Florida from some other state in the U.S.A. What a joy it has been to learn to communicate with these students and to verify that music is a universal language.

"Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers, plans succeed. " (Proverbs 15:22) It is Jill's belief that with her teaching qualifications and past record of success with student achievement and great experience studying with wonderful advisers, teaching YOU or YOUR CHILD will be one of success!

*** Lesson Details ***
Jill's teaching technique is flexible. Some students require a stern and strict approach while others seem to work best with more creative license. Jill is open to each student's needs. When booking lessons with Jill, one will find that the first thing she will do is find out more about the student's needs and desires to succeed in their chosen instrument. Meeting goals are important in music and in life!

Because of her flexible approach, method books vary depending on the student's need to succeed. Sometimes young students will need to review several beginning methods until their reading skills are achieved. For the young students, Jill teaches theory and gives the young students time during the lesson to explore musical symbols and try their hands at improvisation, rhythms, manuscripts and creativity.

Some students may desire to learn to play "by ear" or through improvisational skills. Jill is very good with improv and her song writing skills are strong. When a student desires to write music, Jill is there to help with questions about time signatures, note values, key signatures and transpositions.

Taking lessons with Jill is a journey that those who have tried have not had regrets. Several parents and past students would be happy to tell you how their talents and gifts improved after working with Jill for a few months. After three months of working together, Jill will know how to pursue the student's musical career. After 6 months the student will be able to play complete songs and have a sense of basic music theory. The hope is for the student to be confident of their instrument's abilities and to have a list of repertoire for upcoming events in the student's life.

Several of Jill's students have taken their skills, gifts and talents to the professional level. Students who have studied with Jill are professional music directors in high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, churches, soloists and some who are in school studying music as their major. Taking lessons with Jill will be something that will add value to the student's life forever because MUSIC is her life! Without music, the world would be a very dull place and individuals would be unhappy and depressed in every walk of life. Music brings out the beauty of creation and man's ability to skillfully play an instrument for pleasure or for one's occupation.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Yamaha Conservatory Grand
Yamaha keyboard
5 string bass guitar/amp
4 string acoustic bass guitar
5 string banjo
small MACKIE mixer with mics
digital recording
audio recording
Gibson electric guitar with effects and amp
6 string Takamine e-coustic with amp
recorder (the instrument)
tambourines and many percussion instruments
music stands
soprano and baritone ukuleles
many amplifiers and sound system accessories
drum set (at the Lake Underhill Rd. Orlando location only)
various rhythm instruments

*** Travel Equipment ***
I can provide my own equipment, but I expect the student to provide his/her own instruments and music stand.

*** Specialties ***
My specialty in voice comes from years of lessons and experience. I use many methods handouts and books to bring out various ideas to learn to sing correctly. I take each individual at his/her level and try to improve breathing technique, posture, enunciation with style and phrasing, depending on the student's aspirations.

Jill plays most instruments including piano, guitar, bass guitar, band instruments, ukulele, banjo, dulcimer, drums, harmonica, trumpet, clarinet, recorder and violin. Jill enjoys many styles of music and she has played with many bands and groups throughout her musical career. She is a full time musician, music teacher and music director. Years of experience traveling the U.S. with bands, choirs and ensembles enables Jill to work well with many styles of music including contemporary, rock, Christian, Broadway, classical, country, bluegrass, jazz and blues.

Sign up for five lessons today and you will not be disappointed.

Here's to your success!!!


Marilyn K. January 19, 2016
Verified Student
Very friendly, kind and patient! She explained things well. Just a wonderful teacher. Recommend!
Hannah G. January 7, 2016
Singing · In studio
Verified Student
She gives very good lessons. She is really descriptive and provides helpful exercises to improve my singing.
Angelina L. January 4, 2016
Guitar · In studio
Verified Student
Jill really gets the kid motivated to practice. My daughter is enjoying her guitar lessons!
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Jill H.

Jill H.

Orlando, FL 32825
starting at
$27 / 30-min

Paul M.

Orlando, FL

I can teach everything from how to hold the sticks and hit the drum using proper technique to reading drum charts and understanding notation, (and even some music theory if you like). I have experience playing multiple genres, including rock, jazz, and funk, and I have a wealth of drum books to draw from, from having taking lessons on and off from various teachers since age 10.

About Paul

I began taking drum lessons at a very early age and continued on and off with various teachers for the better part of twenty years. I will always be grateful to them for the knowledge and wisdom they imparted on me and for the positive influence they have had on my life, especially the ones with whom I really bonded and who were essentially mentors to me while I studied with them.

As a teacher, there is no better feeling than seeing a student make progress and knowing that you helped him or her along the way, while at the same time not taking the credit, as it is always the student who has
the harder job, who must do the real work. I always feel tremendous satisfaction when a student masters a difficult rudimentary exercise for the first time, or is able to execute a challenging rhythm pattern on the drum set. The expression on their faces often conveys pride over their achievement, and I can often sense a boost in their self-esteem. This is why I teach.

I began playing drums when I was around twelve years old, and played throughout grade school, high school and college, in school jazz bands and musical pit bands, as well as playing in many rock bands over the years. I began teaching drums shortly after graduating from college, eventually relocating to New York City, where I lived for 12 years and where I continued playing and teaching, as well as taking lessons on and off. I was very fortunate to study with Joe Morello - famous for his tenure with Dave Brubeck and especially on the classic recording "Take Five." I have also played on several recordings, toured throughout the Northeast and Midwest, and have performed at the South By Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas, the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, the Miami Music Festival, and have been overseas a few times for some European dates. Since moving to Orlando in late 2009, I have joined a cover band and played in the orchestras for musical productions at community theaters.

To me, teaching drums is more than simply writing notes on a page of manuscript paper and having students practice and perform exercises. It is about connecting and showing them how expressing themselves musically can be one of the most fulfilling activities one can pursue. It is also about helping them really get in touch with their own sense of rhythm, the foundation of all music. When I take on new students, it is always my goal that I can help foster in them the same passion for and love of learning to play drums as the great teachers who taught me.

*** Lesson Details ***
My lesson plan will be based on the student's level and goals. If the student is a beginner, we will start off with basic hand technique, rudiments, reading, etc., before moving on to the drum set. Playing along with a metronome will also be a regular part of lessons and should be with practice as well.

At the drum set, I will give students exercises for developing coordination and independence. They will also learn to play basic beats for different music styles, e.g. rock, jazz, funk, latin, with a focus on execution, time and feel. I have a wide assortment of drum books spanning all levels from which we can work out of or use examples. I also ask my students what songs they want to learn to play on the drums so that together we can figure out the beats to them. I ultimately want them to be able to transcribe the beats to these songs themselves, as well as create their own beats.

I may also talk a little about the history of drumming and the pioneers of the instrument, and we may also listen to records and watch videos of some of the masters in action.

I also occasionally like to "jam" with my students. as I have a piano and a few guitars in my practice room and a modicum of ability on both instruments.

As far as expectations, I assume my students are taking lessons because they want to learn to play the drums. And, as with any learning endeavor, practicing is very important. That said, I won't demand they practice a certain number of hours per week, as they need to decide how much time they have or are willing to put into it, and I expect this will vary from student to student. I realize that everyone has his or her own aptitudes and situations, so we can work together to determine the appropriate pace and amount of material to cover per week. However, if it appears to me that the student has not practiced the lesson, or is not putting in the time necessary to make progress, I will politely point it out and ask how I can help.

I am laid back and very patient. I never want my students to feel pressured or anxious about coming to lessons; I always strive to create a comfortable and relaxed environment in which they can learn and have fun at the same time.

*** Studio Equipment ***
A designated music room with an electronic drum set (Roland V Drums), digital piano, and a couple of guitars and amplifiers

*** Travel Equipment ***
I can bring a practice pad or snare drum and sticks to the first lesson, if he or she is a beginner, although I prefer them to have these already if possible. After that, I expect the student to buy sticks, a pad and if necessary a stand to mount it, a metronome, music manuscript paper, and have a comfortable seat to sit on, if not a drum stool. If they are at the intermediate level and/or have already started on the drum set, then they need to have their own set in their home.

*** Specialties ***
Basic hand technique for beginners, eventually incorporating an extra limb, usually the bass drum first.

Rock and basic funk, jazz, and latin. Also basic musical notation. Ultimately, I would like the student to be able to transcribe the beats from some of their favorite songs, as well as write their own!


Christopher L. April 21, 2016
Drum · In home
Verified Student
I came home to find my 11 year old happy and saying that Paul did a great job!
LorelleA January 21, 2012
I love working with Paul

Paul isn't just a teacher, he's a collaborator. He allows me to direct where I want to go, but he points me in that direction and works with me to figure out the best way to get there. When I played other instruments, lessons were nerve-wracking and I was always relieved when they were over. Now I look forward to my lessons every week, and I don't want to leave when we're done! Working with Paul is a very positive experience, and I'd recommend him to anyone interested in learning to drum.
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Paul M.

Paul M.

Orlando, FL 32839
starting at
$30 / 30-min

Jose C.

Orlando, FL

Focus on good technique to achieve a professional sound. We will explore different styles of grooves to have a broad approach to creativity around the drum set.

About Jose


I'm Jose, Drumming is my passion. I've been drumming all my life with experience in jazz band, drumline and a few bands with consistent gigs. I'm from Venezuela so I'm fluent in spanish. Let me know if you have any questions



David S. March 6, 2016
Drum · In home
Verified Student
Great first lesson
Diego November 3, 2015
Drum · In studio
Jose's the best instructor ever! His passion for drums and music is contagious. Every time I go to class he has something new and interesting to show me. He breaks it down and after we figure it out together, he gives me real world advice on how to apply what I've learned to future gigs.
Ishaan July 30, 2015
Drum · In home
Jose was an enthusiastic and patient teacher. He's got an interesting and diverse experience ranging from both pedantic with theory to real world advice on how to play live and all things in between. A fun drummer, a good teacher.
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Jose C.

Jose C.

Orlando, FL 32806
starting at
$30 / 60-min

Fernando B.

Windermere, FL

Teaching the drums for over 15 years,

I'm a Professional Musician with over 20 years of experience. Can't wait to see you soon!

''All the subjects are based on Students' needs and Level of knowledge, these are just an order example of a lesson's plan. ''

I'm a Drum player and a teacher with many qualities. I have been playing Drums since 7 years old and teaching for over 15 years. You will learn from an experienced professional all there is to get you playing your favorite songs, applying cool technics, reading the music sheet, understand the styles, rhythms, different music volumes and approaches, play popular songs and as well as classic ones, use the youtube to help you and learn about great drummers, get your speed, your foot work, tuning the drums, recording with the drums, performing for your loved ones, playing with other musicians, rudiments, chops, gospel chops, Pop, rock, jazz, indie, Samba, Ballad, Electronic, progressive, fusion, afro, and so many others. ...

About Fernando

I have been studying Film and Photography for the past 10years, and I have been a musician since 7years old,now I'm finally able to teach my students the Arts I once also fell in love with.

I'm a pretty much a very mobile shooter, I can adapt to all scenarios and situations very quickly based on restrictions,locations,lighting.You will experience something very professional and academical and your Work / Art will turn into something spectacular for yourself and all those around you. I plan to follow your ideas and projects for shoots,being sharp and ready to teach when scheduled.My Photogr
aphy and Film shooting style are modern plus contemporary and uses at all times elements and composition rules.Being a Musician for so long helped me to become more sensitive with my other Arts.

I will focus my time towards the projects that you have,will provide exciting new ways to learn with a very active style, I'm sure I can help and be ready for your needs based on my Experiences and education.

As a very active Artist I always worked a lot in different positions inside the media Arts: Productions, Short Films, lessons, classes, workshops, web commercial, Tv Commercial, Youtube Vlogs, Bloggers, Corporation Seminars, Institutional videos and photoshoots, Interviews, Fashion, Wedding industry Film and Photo, Artistic Photography, fine Art, Theme photography, portraits, advanced editing, free lancer photographer for the city of Malden MA, Studio, Out doors, being them my own and contracted ones as well. My specialties, and diversities on this field are vast and my studies and equipments are sharp on, i like to say that I evolve with the market and industry always.

My vast experience on Film, Photography, Music and Directing, leaded me into important jobs along the industry.

Photographer with a passion for the studies for the past 10 years and now I'm finally able to teach my students the Art once I also fell in love with.

ON DRUMS: Teaching the drums for over 15 years,

I'm a Professional Musician with over 20 years of experience. Can't wait to see you soon!

''All the subjects are based on Students' needs and Level of knowledge, these are just an order example of a lesson's plan. ''

I'm a Drum player and a teacher with many qualities. I have been playing Drums since 7 years old and teaching for over 15 years. You will learn from a experienced professional all there is to get you playing your favorite songs, applying cool technics, reading the music sheet, understand the styles, rhythms, different music volumes and approaches, play popular songs and as well as classic ones, use the youtube to help you and learn about great drummers, get your speed, your foot work, tuning the drums, recording with the drums, performing for your loved ones, playing with other musicians, rudiments, chops, gospel chops, Pop, rock, jazz, indie, Samba, Ballad, Electronic, progressive, fusion, afro, and so many others. Can't wait to get you started :)


Arti Dusane December 4, 2015
Adobe Photoshop · Online
Verified Student
Great first lesson. Looking forward to the rest.
xiuwei ji October 13, 2015
Drum · In studio
Great lesson, friendly instructor....My son learned a lot about in a very short space of time. Look forward to our next session
Cassandra taylor September 20, 2015
Piano · In home
Fernando is an innovative teacher! I find him fun, thoughtful and concerned with where one is with their feelings about music , ability to play, and what goals they have in mind. He allows the student to participate in their development but with a guiding hand. I recommend him to those that are ready to learn and listen from a new perspective .
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Fernando B.

Fernando B.

Windermere, FL 34786
starting at
$35 / 30-min

Rodrigo G.

Ocoee, FL

This class includes the following and more:
-Drum Tuning
-Drum Types
-Practice schedule
-Practice space
-Holding drumsticks
-Drum playing techniques

About Rodrigo

Rodrigo is a multi-instrumentalist who writes and produces his own music as well as records records with artists big and small. Rodrigo has more than 13 years experience in drum, guitar, piano, music production and audio engineering. He received his training in audio engineering at several schools including Orlando Tech and Full Sail. He completed his apprenticeship and internship at KDS Music Studios in Orlando. There he worked with several mainstream artists including Rick Ross, Paramore, and MTV's Teen Mom Season 2. He received his BA degree in Audio Engineering and Music Production in late
2013. As an expert in his field, Rodrigo looks forward to helping new students achieve their goals. Rodrigo loves playing music and taking the dream into a reality with his own music and clients' music. Rodrigo's teaching style is fun, patient, and consistent.

Rodrigo has worked at recording studios for years and has built his own project studio in his home. Some of the equipment of the project studio:

-Pro Tools 12.4
-Logic Pro X
-Final Cut X
-iMac late 2015 27"
-4 16GB Ram Cards
-Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitors
-Tascam US-1800 Interface
-Behringer P16-I Headphone Amp with Mixer
-MCU Pro Control Surface
-DBX Compressor
-Oxygen 49 MIDI Controller
-Yamaha P-81 Electric Piano
-Crate Bv120H Tube Amp Half Stack
-Marshall JCM900 Head
-Peavy Vypyr 100
-Ibanez Gio 5 String Bass
-Ibanez R 4 String Bass
-ESP LTD M-17 7 String Guitar
-Jackson JS32 Dinky
-Washburn Acoustic Guitar
-Ibanez Acoustic Guitar
-Yamaha Wall Grand Piano


Paul February 27, 2016
Audio Engineering
Rodrigo taught me audio engineering about a month ago and i cannot believe how much my mixes have improved. I have tried to search online for different tutorials for my music but after taking one class he opened me up a world of material i never thought was possible. Don't look elsewhere, Rodrigo is a fine instructor and a great engineer. You cannot go wrong with him.
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Rodrigo G.

Rodrigo G.

Ocoee, FL 34761
starting at
$40 / 30-min

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