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Rachel M. Evanston, IL

About Rachel

I am a French student at Loyola University Chicago. I have an extensive background teaching and tutoring others, especially in ESL, English, French, and special education. I also have additional experience tutoring many other subjects, such as Spanish, elementary education, biology, pre-calculus, essay writing, and history. I have a true love of tutoring and helping others. I work well with children and adults of all ages. Thank you for sharing your interest in learning!


Tanna I. April 15, 2015
Spanish · Online
Ms. Rachel was a great Spanish instructor. Her schedule was always very flexible, and she taught me a lot of material in the time allotted. Also, Ms. Rachel always created lesson plans before our lessons so I knew exactly what I would be learning that day. She keeps in touch with her students even after they're done taking lessons. If you're considering taking lessons, you should definitely have Ms. Rachel as your instructor.
Geetha P. April 13, 2015
Spanish · Online
Verified Student
Rachel is just amazing! She exactly know what the student needs, she prepares the lesson plan and follows up with the student! Extremely good. We are so glad to have found her. She is very flexible and very patient. My daughter's scored improved a lot after we had classes with Rachel! Thank u Rachel ! Will get in touch with you again!
Ben A. February 2, 2015
Spanish · Online
Verified Student
Rachel was an excellent instructor and took the time to help me learn Spanish the way I wanted to learn. I was more interested in learning Spanish through reading a Spanish/English Bible, news articles and through song lyrics than just a text book. Text books can be so boring! If you want to learn Spanish in fun and creative ways Rachel would be a great tutor!
Robert G. Flossmoor, IL

This is also my other big point of interest and source of passion in college

About Robert

I'm current a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a double major in physics and astronomy and a minor in math, currently on dean's list with a 3.74 GPA. I attended Homewood-Flossmoor high school, and graduated 17 out of 713 in my class. I got 5's on both AP physics C exams and AP calculus B/C. I have actively tutored many other students and friends throughout high school and college. I'm a very patient, passionate teacher; I love studying physics, astronomy, and math as a whole, and I enjoy teaching it even more. These subjects are my life and my motivation, so sharing it with others is a really great experience for me and others.

Amadou C. Chicago, IL

I love teaching physics because I have always been a scientist at heart, from making trebuchets in the attic, to forcing a thermometer into boiling water to see if it passes 100 degrees centigrade before evaporating, in order to confirm the laws of the physical states of matter. I love spreading my love of physics to others, because it makes me happy when I can have elaborate conversations about simple machines with random individuals. In order to have those conversations, I must first break physics down to a level in which others can easily grasp its concepts. I do this by applying concept decomposition, which is explaining the theory behind all of the abstract formulas and laws that riddle classical physics. Let's stop letting physics surprise us, and let's surprise it when you ace your electrostatics test, and 'Flummox Physics'.

About Amadou

~ I am an Ivy Tech student who breaks down all of the complexities that are found throughout math and science. I have also taught many middle-school children math and science overseas and participated in several volunteer mentoring programs throughout my community. I personally love geometry, because it is one of the easiest, but yet most challenging to students. I am patient and understanding, because I have worked with a diversity of people over the span of 16 countries throughout the world, as well as contributing to an 'A' that my doctoral student earned in her statistics assignment. I am majoring in mechanical engineering, so naturally, I maintain an exemplary study ethic that inspires my students to achieve more. All in all, I bring results. I know how to relate to my students, ...


Kaye J. March 23, 2015
Chemistry · Online
Verified Student
Amadou is a wonderful Chemistry tutor. He demonstrates great communication skills, patience and an extensive knowledge of Chemistry. He also provides thorough notes that I sometimes refer to when I am in a jam as well. With his help my Chemistry grade has improved.

Jill M. March 16, 2015
French · Online
Verified Student
Words cannot say how much we appreciate and value Amadou's instruction. He is a terrific teacher and what is particularly unique is that he is good with little kids. He is teaching my 6 year old son French on line and has managed to engage him and keep him coming back, which is true testament to how good he is. He seems knowledgeable about a host of subjects, communicates well, is clear and easy to deal with. I highly, highly recommend Amadou for tutoring.
Katrina E. January 3, 2015
Chemistry · Online
Verified Student
For the brief time my daughter had Amadou, I can say Amadou is very helpful, kind and patience. I like the fact that Amadou is so encouraging to my daughter and motivates her in a positive way.
Igor L. Chicago, IL

No matter what the concept or problem is, I describe the pathway to understanding it so that it becomes as intuitive and clear as anything. This is a promise. I know the pitfalls and ambiguities which prevent people from understanding concepts in physics, and I know how to get around them. Physics may sometimes seem as if the physical situations, formulas, and concepts don't have a clear connection with each other. I will explain how to make sense of it all.
I have five years of experience tutoring physics. I got a perfect score on the SAT subject test in physics and 5's on three AP Physics tests.

About Igor

No matter what the concept or problem is, I describe the pathway to understanding it so that it becomes as intuitive and clear as anything. This is a promise. I know the pitfalls and ambiguities which prevent people from understanding concepts in math and the sciences, and I know how to get around them. I explain every concept in straightforward and totally plain language to describe the relationships between all of the moving parts in math and science subjects. I use familiar analogies as needed to paint a picture of the models students should imagine to successfully solve problems and wrap their heads around the concepts. After learning with me, you will be able to navigate any problem because you will know the subject backwards and forwards, from the ground up. I have five years of ...

Kevin O. Chicago, IL

I've been teaching physics for almost three years now at the high school level in Chicago! I love it. For my college degree, I focused a lot on computational physics. As much as my classroom is packed with juniors and seniors for AP Physics, I thrive in a more intimate environment.

About Kevin

Hey! My name is Kevin. I teach physics in Lincoln Park, Chicago. Science is pretty cool, but literature and philosophy were always my first interests. I did computer science and research for a couple of years and thought I'd take my hand in teaching and absolutely fell in love with it. I also do photography and design on the side. On the weekends, I'm usually doing photoshoots or rock climbing! I have some pretty big plans for the near future, so I figured I'd do what I love while tutoring some of y'all to make those big plans happen!

Anish R. Chicago, IL

As a physics major, I'm quite confident teaching basic physics. I work to make sure students understand the fundamentals of the science, not simply to how to use equations. Ideally, the student will become more confident in his/her problem solving abilities, not just the knowledge of a specific branch of the science.

About Anish

I am a recently graduated IIT student with a degree in physics and a minor in applied math, and will soon be attending DePaul for a masters in applied math. I've worked at the Musuem of Science and Industry, where I taught science programs to a variety of people, from elementary school kids to adults. Currently I'm tutoring with Sylvan Learning part time, where I'm teaching algebra to high school students. I'm currently studying acting and improvisation in my spare time, in addition to my other hobbies. I'm comfortable teaching basic math (algebra, calculus etc), physics, and could probably also help with ACT math. I can be flexible with rates depending on the situation, and can teach at your home if it's around 30 minutes away by CTA from where I live. I can also teach at my ...

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