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About Steven B.

Alameda, CA

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I began classical piano instruction in 1960 and took private lessons for ten years before branching out into all the other styles of music. I have taught, recorded and performed professionally since 1978, and will show you proper hand and finger technique, music theory, how to read notation and chord charts/symbols, and equally as important teach you how to play by ear. I teach all ages, all styles and all levels of piano, and will teach you how to have fun with it all along the way!

About Steven
Have you always wanted to learn how to play the piano, guitar or electric bass? Or maybe you've just felt like brushing up your musical knowledge and playing skills? Now’s your chance to fulfill those dreams!

About Me: San Francisco Bay area pianist/guitarist/bassist; I've been playing music for over 50 years. I'm classically trained with a solid foundation and knowledge of music theory, and have over 40 years experience teaching, recording and performing. I have done session work and/or performed with members of Journey, Santana, Jackson Browne, Eddie Money, The Doobie Brothers and Greg
Allman to name a few, and am currently teaching piano, theory and bass to Mike Dirnt, the bassist for Green Day. Let me take my education and experience and pass them on to you!

My main goal as a music instructor is to pass along my love and knowledge of playing music to my students, always vigilant for sharing shortcuts that will help the student to achieve their lesson goals faster. Some teachers teach only out of books. I am not such a teacher. Books solve the problem of learning music in generalizations and by their very nature, cannot take into consideration personal issues a student will encounter.

Most students are able to learn enough of the necessary mechanics at the first lesson to actually play something before they leave that lesson. This is important because they realize that playing music IS possible. I always enjoy the look on their face when they realize they have actually “played” their instrument at their first lesson.

I am not the sort of teacher who yells and screams if the student comes in unprepared. I realize that people come to me for a variety of reasons and I work with them with whatever they bring in. I am patient and if a student is not understanding a certain aspect, I bring into play alternate approaches. Not everyone assimilates information in the same way. Learning music should be an enjoyable adventure for the student and I venture to say that my students enjoy coming to their lessons. We have fun, and we learn.

>>> FYI: I'm happy to come to your home if traveling to my studio in Alameda isn't convenient for you, and I cover most of the East Bay, including Oakland, Berkeley, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Orinda, Lafayette, Walnut Creek and (of course) my own lovely town of Alameda. As much as I love our "City by the Bay", traveling to San Francisco, Marin, or the Peninsula just isn't cost or time effective for me; I apologize to you fine folks and potential students of the West Bay!
Billy May 17, 2016
· Piano · In studio
wow amazing!
Tim M. February 22, 2016
Verified Student · Piano · In studio
Great teacher and great time taking the lessons! I wish we could take more lessons with him but we've recently moved out of the area. Thanks for everything Steven!
Noor A. October 18, 2015
Verified Student · Classical Piano · In home
I was, initially, unsure whether I had made the right decision in using TakeLessons to revive my piano-playing skills, but after meeting Steven, I have no doubts that it was one of the best decisions I have yet to make.

Steven is wonderful! He is inspired and inspiring, encouraging, and his passion inspires passion - I could not have asked for better! Steven is an absolute pleasure, and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone!
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Steven B.

Steven B.

Alameda, CA 94501
starting at
$40 / 30-min

About Kathryn G.

San Francisco, CA

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About Kathryn
From the moment Kat was tall enough to reach the keys she made so much noise on her family's piano that they eventually bought a kid-sized version to keep in her room. When Kat turned 7 her family got her the best present ever; lessons with an amazing piano teacher.

Kat also began to study flute several years later and soon realized that music was the life for her. She majored in music in both high school and college graduating with a BA in Music from St. Norbert College in DePere, Wisconsin.

Kat has a very diverse career in music. From a full time private music teacher to the Musi
cal Director of a Burning Man Opera, to the Section Leader for a Youth Orchestra, to the keyboard player in a Theatrical Heavy Metal Band, Kat is always thrilled to stretch her wings and try new things.

*** Lesson Details ***

I teach Tuesdays and Wednesdays in San Francisco, and the rest of the week in the Santa Cruz area!

PLEASE NOTE - because I commute into SF to teach I do not offer in-home lessons. I teach at a lovely studio in the inner sunset!

I have a ridiculous sense of humor. I believe in stickers, high fives, and celebratory fist-bumps. And yes, that goes for the adults as well.

I always looked forward to my lessons because they were so fun, even if I knew I hadn't practiced enough. That is exactly what I try to create for every student I work with.

Besides the humor, I customize lesson plans to fit you. Not just the types of music you want to learn, but HOW you learn. My number one goal is that you completely understand what you are learning. I don't mind in the least if I need to explain a new lesson 10 different ways-€“ we will work together until you really get it! Understanding what you're doing makes it so much more fun.

Have a favorite song stuck in your head, but the sheet music is still too hard? No problem. I'm happy to write the song out for you at your own level. I want you to enjoy yourself, and if that means Lady GaGa then I'm happy to oblige. I will probably stick Mozart in when you're not looking just to make sure you're learning a lot of different things, but that's what teachers are for.

Of course we cover fundamentals and start with the basics. I typically incorporate music theory and ear training with your lessons as well . In 6 months on piano, with regular practice, you will be comfortably reading music and playing songs you enjoy with both hands AT THE SAME TIME! (Gasp!) On flute in 6 months you will also be able to read music comfortably, will no longer feel like you are about to drop the flute at any given moment, will have a solid range of notes and have a solid feeling of control while you play.

I look forward to sharing music with you!

*** Studio Equipment ***
piano, seating for parents

*** Specialties ***
My number one goal is comprehension -to make sure that all of my students really understand what they are doing. I work very hard to ensure an atmosphere where all of my students - no matter their age - can feel comfortable to say "I don't understand".
Andrea February 9, 2017
Verified Student · Piano · In studio
My first lesson with Kathryn was fantastic. As an adult student, I was a bit embarrassed by knowing absolutely nothing about piano, and Kathryn would have none of it! She was wonderfully disarming, positive, and really knew how to structure the lesson so that I'd walk out motivated. I'm thrilled to continue lessons with her on the piano.
Mia January 23, 2017
Verified Student · Piano · In studio
Doing great so far!
Padraig (. December 7, 2016
Verified Student · Flute · In studio
She was a very patient, knowledgeable & encouraging teacher. I would highly recommend her.
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Kathryn G.

Kathryn G.

San Francisco, CA 94122
starting at
$31 / 30-min

About Mack R.

Oakland, CA

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I have been teaching piano for 35 years. I have had several student who started with me as beginners and advanced to playing in the jazz band in school. Over the years I have developed a unique technique for getting students started as beginners.

About Mack
I have a BS in music education received at Lehman College, Bronx, NY. I am a professional musician/ composer/ arranger.I received my teaching credentials at SFSU and have been a General music teacher as well as a, band teacher. I have studied trumpet with Classical ( Wilmer Wise)and Jazz musician (Bill Hardman) and big band arranging with Frank Foster( saxophonist and arranger with Count Basie Band). At present I am retired and teaching privately.

I have been teaching music for over 50 years as well as being a professional musician/ composer and arranger. I not only know my fundamentals ins
ide and out, but also I know many tricks of the trade. Over the years I have developed special teaching techniques that enable students to make sense out of music and progress rapidly on their instruments.I love playing music and aim at stirring that same kind of excitement abut music in my students.

To each lesson I bring a unique mix, encouraging the student to pursue excellence and also have fun. I am well qualified to teach: woodwinds( oboe, flute, clarinet, all saxophones) brass(french horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba), and piano.

*** Lesson Details ***
I make music interesting to learn. I encourage students to practice daily so they can improve. The more they improve the more fun they can have with music not only alone, but with others.

I am very patient with my students especially with beginners. I know that for them it is like learning a new language. Once they begin to increase their musical vocabulary, they will enjoy what they can do with music.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Seating for parents, basement studio, piano, drum set

*** Travel Equipment ***
Students should provide their own instruments.
Malakai W. February 20, 2017
Verified Student · Piano · In studio
Excellent. Patient. Great teacher.
Clyde Serda January 11, 2017
Verified Student · Clarinet · In home
Adequate studio, explains music and demo well,
Erik F. October 2, 2016
Verified Student · French Horn · In studio
Mack is a great and patient teacher. Our son was assigned the only French Horn for his middle school beginning band class. We are clueless on how to help him. We found Mack on Takelessons. He got great reviews and lives not too far from us. After the first lesson, our son could play the entire C major scale! He can't wait for his next lesson. Thank you, Mack. We are so lucky to have you.
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Mack R.

Mack R.

Oakland, CA 94607
starting at
$25 / 30-min

About Juan Carlos Z.

Berkeley, CA

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I offer piano lessons to students of all ages, levels, and musical backgrounds. Lessons are focused on learning music by playing the instrument right from the beginning. Some of the teaching objectives are: teaching efficient playing technique based on the Taubman Approach, interval sight-reading, and quick introduction to both treble and bass clef.
I also offer lessons to intermediate and advanced pianists with a piano-related injury. The Taubman Approach is designed to retrain pianists after an injury.

About Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos Zepeda has been a music teacher for over 12 years and has experience teaching students of all ages, levels, and backgrounds. Equally at home teaching piano and voice, Juan Carlos currently teaches in the Bay Area and San Diego, CA.

Juan Carlos combines his teaching and academic experience with intuition and common sense to help his students achieve their goals, whether it’s learning music for the first time or developing advanced skills and artistry. He understands each student learns differently, therefore, he tailors his teaching method to the needs of each of his students.

Having experienced and resolved various vocal and pianistic difficulties during his own studies, he is very adept at finding solutions to solve his students’ vocal and pianistic issues. Juan Carlos is trained in the Taubman Approach, a piano methodology developed to prevent and re-train pianists after a piano-related injury, and is an active member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS).

In addition to his music career, Juan Carlos also holds a degree in soccer coaching and has led teams in Mexico and the United States. His experience in sports has enriched his teaching philosophy and method. He integrates educational psychology and coaching techniques to keep his students engaged and motivated, and applies his knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics to teach a healthy and coordinated technique.

A graduate with honors from UC Berkeley’s Music Department, Juan Carlos was an active member of both University and Chamber Choruses, an American Cultures Engaged Scholar, and a music tutor at the department. Furthermore, he was a student fellow at The Rubin Institute for Music Criticism and co-founded Cal Opera Company. As a baritone, he has sung under the direction of conductors such as Gustavo Dudamel, Nicholas McGegan, Joana Carneiro, Marika Kuzma, and David Milnes.

For more information, please visit www.jczepedamusic.com
Rafael M. March 8, 2017
Verified Student · Singing · In home
Juan is a really good teacher. Pretty informed and technical. Very helpful . He has helped me with my sight singing which has gotten better, I've learned some pretty interesting techniques because of his approach,
Charlie C. December 13, 2015
Verified Student · Piano · In home
Juan Carlos is a fine piano teacher. He focuses on teaching the correct methodology and then engages in various musical genres to fully engage my son.
Frank A. July 19, 2015
· Piano · In home
I've been taking lessons with multiple teachers to address a repetitive motion injury; any of my previous teachers were able to help me until I started taking lessons with Juan, he is carefully teaching me how to play correctly and I am feeling much better, and my playing has more ease. Extremely helpful!
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Juan Carlos Z.

Juan Carlos Z.

Berkeley, CA 94720
starting at
$45 / 45-min

About Matt C.

Oakland, CA
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I teach jazz piano of all levels and classical piano to beginners and intermediate students. I divide lessons into several areas:
- Reading music notation
- Theory
- Ear training
- Improvisation

About Matt
I play and teach all saxophones, clarinet, and piano (jazz and classical). I also teach composition, arranging, song writing, theory musicianship, ear training, improvisation, audition preparation, and performance.

I have many years of playing and teaching experience and degrees in music. I love teaching and do my best to use the music that the students love to keep them interested an engaged.

References and letters of recommendation available upon request.
Misha March 14, 2017
· Saxophone · In studio
Super knowledgeable and really fun to practice with. I feel like I really learned the music I wanted to learn and not what "the teacher wanted to teach me"-- yet at the same time I learned way more about music and reading notes, something I always dreaded before, than I ever thought possible. He really has an incredible way of teaching you deeply about music through the songs and styles YOU love!! Thank you for such a memorable experience Matt!!!
Janet-Lee March 13, 2017
· Piano · In home
Matt is an incredible musician and teacher. Not only have I had the privilege of watching him play live and witness how captivated the audience is by how he commands the saxophone, I've also taken piano lessons from Matt. He is a grounding force. His patience and ability to understand my learning desires makes me feel both safe and excited to continue to learn and play under his guidance. I highly recommend anyone desiring to try out the saxophone, clarinet, or piano for the first time, come back after not taking lessons for 10 years, or been playing for a lifetime but yearning to glean new wisdom, whether it be theory or style, that you take a lesson from Matt. His experience, wisdom, patience, kind spirit, and ability to make learning fun is a unique combination that I am grateful to have found all in one teacher.
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Matt C.

Matt C.

Oakland, CA 94610
starting at
$35 / 30-min

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