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Andrew I. Philadelphia, PA

About Andrew

Teaching and tutoring has been my calling from early in life. It started with tutoring my friends, up to when I was hired through my high school Calculus class to tutor 10th grade Geometry students. Since then, I've taught GRE, ACT and SAT prep and I've been a classroom mathematics teacher (from 7th grade to 12th grade) for almost a decade. I have two specialties that make me fairly unique in the domain of Mathematics and Test Prep teaching and tutoring: First, I help students to understand the topic on a much deeper and more interesting level, by connecting it to related topics and skills, providing historical background, and elaborating on how it's been used and how it's currently used. This makes the material much more interesting, and, hence, much more likely to be recalled it ...


Christine W. August 20, 2014
GRE · In studio
Since he is an experienced teacher, I invited Andy to speak to my graduate students in the teacher certification program at Temple University. He was very well received. Andy spoke to the pre-service teachers about classroom management, adolescent development, and test anxiety. His presentation was well organized and engaging, and the students learned much from his words of wisdom and concrete examples from urban teaching.
Lisa S. August 12, 2014
Algebra 1 · In home
Andy has been working with our middle-school-aged son this summer, to help him prepare for a challenging Algebra I class next school year. We didn't want to overwhelm our son with endless lessons, so we prioritized finding a tutor who would tailor both his teaching style and the material for optimal understanding. Andy did exactly that. He rapidly got to know our son's learning style, motivations, and concerns-- and structured his lessons to complement them. Andy's deep understanding of math pedagogy enabled him to devise a novel teaching plan that has previewed key algebra concepts with our son, laying a firm conceptual foundation and boosting our son's confidence as the school year approaches.

As parents we are also grateful for Andy's accessibility via telephone and email to discuss our son's progress. He has thoughtfully incorporated our input and input from our son's future schoolteacher.

We are also delighted that our son enjoys his tutoring sessions with Andy, and looks forward to his visits! We highly recommend Andy and are glad that we found him.
Shelly M. August 12, 2014
SAT · In studio
Mr. Andrew is an exceptional educator that truly cares about the success of his students. Our daughter was part of his SAT prep
class the summer before her senior year. Mr. Andrew
gave her the skills she needed to improve her test score by more than 200 points. But more importantly than her test score she was confident and comfortable before taking the test. Mr. Andrew provided her with really good insight into what the test preparers were looking for and help to fine tune skills that she has worked during her early high school years. We are proud to say our daughter was accepted at all four of the schools she applied to. She was accepted early decision to Drexel University and will be a freshman there in merely 34 days!!!

Thank you Mr. Andrew we couldn't have done it without you.
Paul G. Bryn Mawr, PA

I have been teaching Math for over 4 years and excelled at the subject in high school, having passed the AP Calculus exam as a high school senior. The curriculum with me would be whatever the student needed help with, such as his or her homework. My teaching goals are not necessarily to do the problems the quickest but to garner an overall understanding of the material. My teaching style has always been to have the student participate in the learning experience! I look forward to helping out!

About Paul

Hey Guys! My name is Paul and I graduated from the George Washington University in 2010 with a Bachelor's in Economics. After acquiring a job upon graduation, I decided to pursue further education, this time in the field of Computer Science. This post baccalaureate education has allowed me to pursue many more opportunities than I had available to me previously. As such, my knowledge-base in mathematical areas has grown prominently. To talk of my tutoring experience, since 2011, I have tutored for several prominent tutoring companies. Most recently, the 2 nationwide companies that I tutor for include Next Step Test Prep and Catalyst Prep. I have worked with hundreds of kids at improving their approach and strategy to standardized tests. I like to keep tutoring as progressive and ...


Donna G. March 15, 2015
GMAT · In studio
So my situation was that I wanted to go to Duke's MBA program and needed at least a 710 on my GMAT. So I saw Paul was a student favorite on take lessons for the GMAT and he was in my area so I used him. He had gret quant and verbal strategies, like creating a table for the data sufficiency problems. Overall, Paul was able to raise my score by 70 points! I was so relieved.
Tyneisha B. December 15, 2014
Java · In home
Paul was a great tutor! I was taking Intro to Computer Science and needed help with Java, and he was able to come in and explain the concepts nice and clearly for me. I was able to boost the scores on my homework, which was nice.

I would 100% recommend Paul!
Tekeisha D. December 9, 2014
Java · Online
He's the BEST tutor I've ran across. He's very detailed and cares. I'm an older aged student who's just went back to school and memory isn't the same and he's been doing well with going over the material we've covered and has a lot of patience. I'd recommend him to anyone that's willing to learn and want's someone with the knowledge of Java and great dedication.....
Matt C. Philadelphia, PA

I work with math students in curricula ranging from basic math through algebra who are either struggling with the subject, or looking to fine-tune their ability. With a background in engineering, math has become another language with which to communicate. I tend towards an analogical approach to the subject, so students can view it in a different, more practical light.

About Matt

I am a tutor and guitar teacher in Philadelphia's Center City region who focuses on creative approaches to education. Having graduated from Penn State University with a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering, I am able to teach a variety of math-intensive and writing subjects. Along with my engineering education, my past experiences include charity work, theater, choirs, and solo/collaborative musical performance. I believe that a student's own creativity can be utilized for any type of learning, including subjects which are often considered to be more rigid in their structure.


George C. December 5, 2014
Acoustic Guitar · In studio
Excellent teacher. Just wanted to recover lost progress after a long absence from the guitar, but Matt's instruction actually took my play to the next level, with clear and focused lessons from a patient and accomplished teacher. Highly recommended.
Caroline V. November 9, 2014
Acoustic Guitar · In studio
Super friendly, talented, and professional!
Jesse O. Levittown, PA

I have experience in tutoring all levels of math. I currently tutor 6th and 7th graders. I have been tutoring in Math for the last 5 years.

About Jesse

Hello, I currently own and operate an allied health school. I am a RN with a Bachelors degree, and have been in the nursing/medical field for about 6 years now. I have worked in the medical office setting, the hospital setting, and currently in the education aspect of the medical field. My experience is in pediatrics and emergency medicine. I have a passion for the medical field and I am willing to do whatever it takes for my students to achieve their goals! Although I have a passion for the medical field, I also love helping others achieve what they want. I have experience in the sciences and in math. They are my favorite subjects to teach and learn more about. I was previously a 4th and 5th grade religion teacher for 8 years. If you are looking for someone who has a goal of ...


Amanda R. February 9, 2015
In studio
Jesse has a strong passion for teaching! Not only is Jesse well educated he has developed many techniques and methods so all of his students can succeed. Jesse has years experience in the medical field, and also has had years of teaching young children and teens for community programs. If you are looking for a great environment with flexible learning then I highly recommend Jesse!
Julie T. Wayne, PA

Worked as a tutor and learning specialist at both private and public schools in PA, NY and CT.

About Julie

I am a warm and personable teacher with a passion for teaching people of all ages. I have worked in camps, schools, non-profit organizations and churches, and love bringing out the best in others. I look forward to working with you!

Nicole S. Philadelphia, PA

Experienced mathematics educator with over 10 years of experience. I am available for eager students of all experience levels and ages! I structure my lessons so students learn what they want to learn, while also building a strong foundation of core mathematical skills. I specialize in college preparatory mathematics education.

About Nicole

I offer educational support services for youth and adult learners. I offer private and group tutoring sessions for Math, Science, & Reading. My sessions are conducted by accomplished academic & corporate professionals with extensive mentoring and tutoring experience. My private sessions are geared towards helping students garner core concepts, complete assignments, and prepare for standardized tests (PSSA, PSAT, SAT, GRE, MAT).

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