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Popular Bass Guitar Teachers Near Magnolia

Carter N.

Katy, TX
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Stan A.

Houston, TX
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Robert C.

Houston, TX
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Carter N. Katy, TX

I've been teaching bass guitar for 8 years. The lessons focus on technique, and theory. I customize the curriculum to fit the goals and objectives of each student, while teaching how to play with other musicians and instruments.

My philosophy is to teach the student how and why things work the way they do so that the student can grow creatively.

About Carter

I've loved music since I was able to walk. When I was 5 or 6, I would listen to my mother's stereo system, with Jim Croce playing on the 8-Track tape deck.....(ok, so I'm aging myself a little bit). I would lay on the floor in between the speakers which were turned inward toward my ears. I could lay there for hours, tapping my toes to "Bad Bad Leroy Brown", "Roller Derby Queen", "You Don't Mess Around with Jim", and many others. I would also listen to the Beatles, Seargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", and "Revolution" and be completely taken away. I didn't realize it then, but what captivated me were the songs that were written to tell stories, and the music that brought the stories to life. As I grew into my early teens, I got into Kiss, Alice Cooper, Rush, Ted Nugent, and Jimi ...


Anandi S. October 29, 2014
Guitar · In studio
Verified Student
My son started lessons when he was 8 on acoustic guitar. I randomly chose a teacher and was hoping for a teacher who could be patient yet firm and be able to inspire my son. Mr Carter is the best teacher I could have asked for - he is all that and more. Quite often, I listen to the teacher and student conversation with admiration as they are discussing ideas and Mr. Carter's openness to receiving ideas on a tune or what Ashwin wants to learn. The frank and open discussion results in motivating the young student as they feel a sense of importance and builds confidence (sometimes too much!). At the same time, when the situation calls for it, Mr. Carter is firm and points out when Ashwin hasn't practiced or not done well and that pushes him to do better. I look forward to many years ahead.
Chinelo A. December 22, 2013
Verified Student
Great teacher!!

Carter is a great teacher! I love how he gives a worksheet to follow by that helps to understand everything. He's easygoing and awesome! I love his guitar collection! I can't wait for my next lesson!
Raul P. January 16, 2013
Verified Student
Great way to learn guitar.

He is exactly the teacher that I was looking for during years.
Stan A. Houston, TX

New student instruction in the fundamentals of learning the notes on the first five frets, developing flexibility and endurance in both hands, developing timing (playing "in the pocket" and "groove"), the major scale (and relating it to learning licks and patterns), reading rhythms, and learning to play favorite songs. Continuing student instruction includes favorite styles of playing, pentatonic and other scales, and continuation of learning a students favorite songs.

About Stan

My students range in age from 7 to 70something, including first-timers, elementary through college students, CEO's, engineers, pro football players, chefs, professors, busy moms, and retired folks, I love sharing my passion for music. I've had great success guiding students to not only learn an instrument, but to understand the "why" of what they're doing. Teaching guitar, electric bass and music theory (including the Nashville Number System), my philosophy of instruction can be summed up like this, "Give a man a fish and you've fed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you've fed him for a lifetime." Growing up in Louisiana, my earliest musical influences were singing and playing in my father's church choir. From those southern roots, I went on to perform, tour, and record with ...

Robert C. Houston, TX

Although guitar is my main instrument, I have also played bass allot professionally over the years. There were times when I actually played more bass than guitar gigs. My focus in the bass lessons in to develop technique, rhythm and knowledge of the bass fingerboard. I can also teach music and chart reading and how to create your own bass lines.

About Robert

Robert began playing guitar in Houston, Texas at the age of 12. It was not long before he began playing in bands and played his first professional gig at age 17. Robert performed in and around the Houston area for five years before deciding to study music on the college level. He attended the University of North Texas and later attended Musicians Institute. While a student at MI, Robert was given the Outstanding Student of the Year Award for 1991-'92. Robert began teaching at MI in the guitar school (GIT) in 1993. He has played with Bo Diddley, Tim Bogert, Chevy Chase, Floyd Radford, Deacon Jones, Joe Houston and countless others. He has performed for Buddy Ebson and Chevy Chase and has partied with the Monkees. In addition to playing guitar Robert also plays and teaches bass ...


Matthew B. April 28, 2014
Verified Student
Patient Instructor

At 49 I am an old dog trying to learn a new trick. Robert has been very patient with me and he has been more then accommodating as far as rescheduling lessons for me when I am out of town.
I highly recommend Robert for guitar lessons!!
VanessaI July 10, 2012
Patient, understanding, great teacher I couldn't complain! Even when I am running late he stays a bit after to finish answering my questions! I feel like I have learned a lot! I have learned more in only 3 sessions then in other lessons I've had that have lasted more then 2 months! He truly is a great teacher and I look forward to every lesson I have!!!
DanF May 22, 2012
A sound pick!

Robert C. is a calm and patient instructor, an affable man, clearly very knowledgable about his craft and flexible enough to tailor the tuituion to suit your individual needs.

Andrew D.

Houston, TX
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Anthony P.

Conroe, TX
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Matias E.

Houston, TX
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Andrew D. Houston, TX

My bass experience began later than my guitar experience, but I pursued it just as fervently! Over the last ten years or so of playing I have played bass in many projects. From alternative, to metal, to folk, to indie-rock. I've been a guest studio bass player on a good number of tracks and still continue to play and teach today.

Most bass teachers that also play guitar are really just guitar players that can play their way around a bass on a basic level. However, there is much more to a bass than just playing what a guitar player or other musician might be playing!

The bass is a unique and colorful instrument in its own right. It shares some things in common with a guitar, but has a wide range of its own qualities and abilities! The bass plays a PIVOTAL role in almost all music. I would argue that it is even MORE crucial than many other instruments like guitar or piano.

There are not enough skilled bass players out there. Let's get to learning and add one more to their ...

About Andrew

Music is my life. As cheesy as that phrase goes, for me, it holds true. I'm Andrew. Everything I do and have been doing has been geared towards music. I've been in one working/gigging band or other without break for the past 8 years. I began intensely learning to play guitar at the age of 9 and have not stopped. The second I started learning I knew that that was what I wanted to do. Fast forward to now, and here I am loving every minute of it. I took lessons of my own as a kid, which helped shape me greatly. I then picked up bass at the age of 13. I've taught personalized lessons for over 5 years now without a single complaint. At this point in my musical career, the majority of my experience and attitude has come from being "in the field". I've played South By South West, ...


Janet I. February 27, 2015
Guitar · In studio
Verified Student
I’m a total guitar beginner and have been taking lessons with Andrew for about 6 months. He’s easy going, fun, encouraging and definitely talented. I have learned so much from him and with his guidance, I’m certain I will continue to progress. I’m glad I stumbled across him, great teacher.
Jill K. November 4, 2014
Guitar · In home
Verified Student
In the month that I have been taking lessons with Andrew I have progressed further than I have in a year of lessons with a different instructor.
Marianne V. September 7, 2014
Guitar · In studio
Verified Student
He is very knowledgeable and nice!
Anthony P. Conroe, TX

About Anthony

I have been making a living solely through performing, recording, or teaching music since 2005. I began playing guitar in 7th grade (1994) and have been in bands and performing ever since. In that time I have learned all about the music industry from playing to recording to the business to teaching to running live sound to touring and everything in between and beyond. I have been fortunate enough to play with many amazing musicians throughout my career. Most notably I was in two bands that had much success. In those bands I was able to open up many shows and festivals with national/platinum selling acts. I also made a living touring the US for 7 years as a headliner and/or opening act playing in front of 10’s to 1,000’s of people every night. My approach to teaching is to find

Matias E. Houston, TX

Bass is the glue that holds everything together a band. As a bass player, you'll be the captain of the musical ship. Your role in the band is to provide the structure and support for the other musicians. With this great power comes great responsibility. I will teach you everything you need to know to step up to this amazing job. I make all my lessons fun, relatable and engaging. We'll work on time-feel, famous bass lines, different styles of music and of course: THE GROOVE!

About Matias

I am Houston-based performer and music educator. The bass guitar -which I have been playing for over seven years- is my main instrument. I have an undying love for teaching and I pride myself in my ability to inspire and educate musicians.

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