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Joya B.

South Pasadena, CA

Experienced French teacher

About Joya

I am a fluent French speaker with a over a decade of experience in teaching French and English. I am a very easy-going, professional person. I have been tutoring since the age of 16. I started professionally tutoring French and English after graduating in 2005 with LLB French Law and English Law. I have solid work experience tutoring English, French and English law and additional experience teaching business studies and Croatian language. I have a strong background when it comes to translation and interpreting legal business and technical documents. As well as teaching I have work experience working in both Business Development and Legal Industry. In 2010 I moved to Los Angeles and I work for an examination center. Additionally I give private French and English lessons. I


Wilma R. May 4, 2015
French · Online
Verified Student
Joya is a pleasure to work with. My first lesson is an easy one, she made it fun and enjoyable. Looking forward to my future classes with her.
Brian A. April 10, 2015
French · In studio
Verified Student
Joya is helping our 6 year old learn French. She has lots of patience and is very creative in her teaching style. She makes learning the language fun. Our kid really looks forward to her lessons.
Joe M. March 23, 2015
French · Online
Joya undertook the translation of technical guidance (a construction standard) from English into French. She consulted well on the exact translation of technical terms, delivered on time and to budget. The translation has been well received by french colleagues for whom it was prepared.

Stefanie K.

Redondo Beach, CA

I have been teaching French since 2012.

About Stefanie

I have been actively teaching English as a second language (ESL), German and French since 2011 and started in the German School of Westwood in NJ. Since then, I have a lot of private students whom I teach English, German and French. My student's ages range from 5-75. Truly, I believe my method of teaching is so successful, because I vary my teaching method, materials and approach depending on each individual student. What that means is that I work with computers, newspaper articles, grammar books, online materials, books, etc. I hope to connect with you soon and be able to bring you the language and culture you want to learn and learn about.


Kevin K.

Los Angeles, CA

Allons-y! I've spent 40 years with the French language, including 3 years in Dijon teaching at the University and working in the theatre, and 3 more years teaching French Conversation at U.C. San Diego. I'm as comfortable enhancing clients' spoken ability and writing as I am explaining all those grammatical nuances that make people crazy (comme, par exemple, le passé composé vs. l'imparfait).

About Kevin

Kevin has dedicated over 30 years as a teacher, counselor, and health practitioner. He's a huge believer in a process that not only generates strong measurable results, but also cultivates the whole human being and helps foster smart, clear, creative people. Whether it's for school, testing, jobs, or nutrition, he supports clients in active problem-solving through thinking for themselves. He's taught at institutions ranging from the Université de Dijon to Phillips Andover Academy to U.C. San Diego. In 2012 he was invited to lead seminars on written self-expression in China and Taiwan. Kevin also served for 10 years as a Chinese Herbalist and Nutritional Consultant with the renowned Tea Garden Herbal Emporium in Los Angeles.


W C. January 10, 2015
College Admissions · In studio
Kevin has been a true friend to me since day one. While doing my brother's college application process and essays, he also guided my transfer application. Then, since my graduation, he's counseled me first on internships and now on a formal job search in Finance and Investment. His integrity towards work and life has been so important. He's carefully led me to discover the best parts of myself, but won't hesitate to give me a proper kick in the butt when I need one. The only way to describe his program is professional, intimate, and inspiring. One truly great plus of working with Kevin over the years is his range and experience. Whatever field you are in, he's always able to make connections to your passion and lead you toward clarity in resumes, cover letters, and interview prep. To say that Kevin's been a mentor to me over the years I've known him is an understatement. He's as much family as anything else.
Stacy C. January 8, 2015
Essay Writing · In studio
My relationship with Kevin has been a long and unceasing one. Kevin started to work with me when I was just 14 years old, and for the past six years he has served as my teacher, my mentor and my friend. From boarding school and college applications to internships, he has always managed to challenge my limitations and help translate my thoughts and goals into articulate and meaningful essays. Most importantly he never tried to impose his own ideas. Instead he managed to coax out what was truly important in me, and encouraged self-honesty. Now I'm a rising junior in college. Kevin helped identify and organize the key components of my past experiences and personal characteristics, and integrated that into a search for internships, a cover letter and resume, and interview prep. The result of his efforts showed when I was accepted as an early admit into a highly competitive program in Washington DC next year. When my post-college job seeking begins a year from now, I'll be back. I highly recommend Kevin as an integral partner in the career building process. His vast experiences and insightfulness will help simplify the search and give you a competitive edge in the market.
Michele C. December 29, 2014
Life Coaching · Online
Retaining Kevin as a Career Counselor and Life Coach is proving to be one of the best decisions I ever made. He is a passionate professional, offering a combination of warmth and expertise that generates meaningful results.

I came to Thumbtack frustrated with my stagnant job search and with the intent to hire a professional to freshen my résumé. Kevin offers so much more; on reading his Thumbtack and Counsel-Ink profiles, I immediately knew that I wanted to work with him. The kind way in which he articulates his balanced, holistic approach won my confidence that he would be sensitive to my struggles around career-related matters.

Kevin is generous in his communications as we discuss engagement options, and our work has been fruitful from the get-go. He is thoughtful in how he paces us, direct both in probing and providing feedback to keep momentum, and careful as he guides me in mining my personal history to inform my current goals. He works intuitively, constantly auditing my responses, and is at all times respectful of my limits while encouraging me to explore and meet places of internal challenge. He is fully invested in the importance of this work.

Kevin is a true advocate for my personal growth, and I consider myself incredibly fortunate to work with him.

— Michele C., Jersey City, NJ

Natacha M.

Los Angeles, CA

My name is Natacha M. I grew up in Alsace region of France, on the border of Germany, trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, and worked in the hospitality and tourism industries in France, the U.K., Australia, Dubai, and for the past 8 years, the US.
My experience learning to speak German and English led me to develop the method.

I offer online private classes at levels desired by our students. I start by evaluating their needs and goals and make a plan for how to best meet them.

About Natacha

Learn French: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels Available on Skype “Go-With-the-Flow” French Classes & Conversation. Many people have tried learning French by using the traditional academic approach, and quit because they found it too difficult, intimidating or boring. That style of education is not for everyone. Learning is always easier when it’s fun and entertaining. That’s how we teach French. I call it the “Go-With-the-Flow” method. This approach involves classes that are focused on your interests and needs, and conversations unique to France. We talk about French food, wine, cheese, lifestyle and really anything our students want to discuss. We speak in French and English so no one gets lost. Mademoiselle French thinks it’s the most effective way to learn ...


Joseph E.

Culver City, CA

I have been tutoring French for about two years now. With beginners I start with basic phrases, vocabulary, and pronunciation. With intermediate students I introduce more vocabulary and explore certain phrases and expressions and how they make sense. With advanced students I use outside materials such as song lyrics and articles because they reflect how native speakers speak. Depending on the level, I introduce a certain amount of grammar. I also try to speak as much French as possible.

About Joseph

Hello! I am a recent college graduate specializing in languages. I have studied French for over a decade and it was my major at CSU Northridge. I also studied abroad for a year in Aix-en-Provence, France. I have studied German for many years as well and have traveled to Germany several times. I have recently been certified to teach English as a second language by the renowned company Oxford Seminars. I have plenty of experience helping students of all ages with all three of these languages.

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