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Karla A. Long Beach, CA

About Karla

Hello students! Would you like to learn a language that will allow you to read the great works of Emile Zola and Victor Hugo? Are you passionate about Francophone cultures? or, Did you perhaps take Spanish in High School and would like to brush up on your grammar/writing/reading skills? Are you curious about Latin American countries and cultures? I invite you to share your learning interests with me. We can focus on grammar, literature, spelling, writing, you name it. I can tailor each lesson to fit your learning interests and style. Otherwise, I will be happy to provide a learning structure to help you achieve your goals. Come learn from a passionate French major-college graduate/teacher ! Au revoir and Adios!

Enrico C. Los Angeles, CA

I have a B.A. in Foreign Languages and Literature issued by the University of Verona, Italy.

I have studied French for several years and I tutored it in the past. I will be very good to teach beginner to intermediate level.


I am a native Italian speaker with a several years of experience in teaching Italian and English. I am a very easy-going, open-minded, professional person. I like to teach because it gives me the opportunity to meet new students, share my knowledge as well as my culture and experience. I started tutoring back when I was attending the university in Verona, Italy. I was tutoring English, Math and some other subjects. Later on, I continued teaching English while I was working in other fields. In 2009 I moved to Los Angeles. For a couple of years, I taught ESL in a college, and in the meantime I tutored Italian to private students. Since 2009 I have been tutoring students both on the English and Italian subjects. I really believe that in teaching, a language a primary focus should be ...


Todd W. March 10, 2014
Very good!

Enrico and I worked 1 on 1 as I prepared to do a residency in Italy. He is wonderful to work with and very professional! I highly reccomend him.
Slavka S. March 9, 2014
Great teacher!

Enrico was my teacher in LA and he was the best I have ever had!! I love his teaching style, he made classes very fun and enjoyable! He taught me a lot, he was always ready to explain and answer all my questions. I love at him, that he takes his work passionately, he was always well prepared and cares that the students learn from the class! I am glad that I had the opportunity to learn from him!
Juliette M. March 8, 2014
Great Italian teacher

Enrico C. is a great teacher. He's really patient and takes his time to teach his lessons. He's willing to work with your schedule and is always available should you have any questions.
Mary D. San Pedro, CA

Teach what YOU want to learn. Focus on your weakness and improve it. Outline your strengths and highlight them. To teach at my home studio be alert I have a cat and a dog - so allergies are considered. Also must be able to walk up stairs to my apt. Very nice area and free curbside parking.

About Mary

I have been teaching since I was 15 years old! Started with peer to peer tutoring to summer lifeguard and swim lessons for all ages in pool and the ocean! Today, after years of singing back up and performing as a keyboardist or drummer for STOMP, Celtic Celebration, Olivia Newton John, Lou Reed, Rod Stewart and musical theater tour productions of GREASE, No No Nannette, XANADU; I continue teaching to keep me sharing my joy of music and learning!


Lauran O. April 19, 2014
Great teacher of all things!

I'm taking piano/voice privately from Mary. I wanted to learn opera and then she showed me how important music theory is to work on your voice. I'm in my mid 40s and thought I never could learn all this complicated stuff- but Mary makes it so fun and easy and motivates me. I and my friend took ballroom dancing from her too. She has great prices and spends alot of overtime . Very generous and experienced!
Kevin G. April 19, 2014
AP Exam Prep
Patience and Fun

My 15 yr old son has taken Algebra and now AP exam prep tutoring from Mary. Trey has some learning disabilities and Mary does so great with teaching him the math formulas and how they can be used in every day life so then he memorizes them alot better.
Gabrielle B. Carson, CA

About Gabrielle

Helllo, I have been tutoring for 8 years. I have tutored middle school, high school, and college students in different subjects including 6th grade Math, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, and test prep. I have also volunteered unofficially at an elementary school and at my mother' s old elementary school. I counsel and help students improve their grade; assess and instruct in elementary math, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics; motivate students to set goals, manage time, and appreciate math; and I counsel and advise students on how to study effectively and not feel overwhelmed.

Neil M. Lomita, CA

My instruction has been for a year based on my reading and conversing of four years of study stemming from my high school and college days.

In any language - any - pronunciation is the key to gain connection to the language. Then it is followed by seeing how many French words are embedded in the English language. Reading is easier as one realizes English equivalencies. This give a solid foundation to moving on to simple syntax, pronouns, verb conjugation and suffix/article usage.

About Neil

Hello my name is Mr. Neil M. I obtained my BA History at USC and my MSEd. at Mt. St. Mary's College. I have been teaching for almost 10 years now - all grade levels Pre-K through 12th grade+ both inner city of Los Angeles as well as the suburbs. I have taught full-time (8 years) for the LA Archdiocese and subbed for LAUSD. (Summers) Mastering instruction is upon the teacher to understand the skill set of the student and building upon that as all have different abilities. Saying this nothing takes the place of basic rote memorized skills - multiplication/division tables, order of operations (PEMDAS) for equation solving, exponents, factoring, percents. I am very well read in history and literature. I know history can be enjoyed only through a thorough use of maps tied to the ...

Kevin K. Los Angeles, CA

Allons-y! I've spent 40 years with the French language, including 3 years in Dijon teaching at the University and working in the theatre, and 3 more years teaching French Conversation at U.C. San Diego. I'm as comfortable enhancing clients' spoken ability and writing as I am explaining all those grammatical nuances that make people crazy (comme, par exemple, le passé composé vs. l'imparfait).

About Kevin

Kevin has dedicated over 30 years as a teacher, counselor, and health practitioner. He's a huge believer in a process that not only generates strong measurable results, but also cultivates the whole human being and helps foster smart, clear, creative people. Whether it's for school, testing, jobs, or nutrition, he supports clients in active problem-solving through thinking for themselves. He's taught at institutions ranging from the Université de Dijon to Phillips Andover Academy to U.C. San Diego. In 2012 he was invited to lead seminars on written self-expression in China and Taiwan. Kevin also served for 10 years as a Chinese Herbalist and Nutritional Consultant with the renowned Tea Garden Herbal Emporium in Los Angeles.


W C. January 10, 2015
College Admissions · In studio
Kevin has been a true friend to me since day one. While doing my brother's college application process and essays, he also guided my transfer application. Then, since my graduation, he's counseled me first on internships and now on a formal job search in Finance and Investment. His integrity towards work and life has been so important. He's carefully led me to discover the best parts of myself, but won't hesitate to give me a proper kick in the butt when I need one. The only way to describe his program is professional, intimate, and inspiring. One truly great plus of working with Kevin over the years is his range and experience. Whatever field you are in, he's always able to make connections to your passion and lead you toward clarity in resumes, cover letters, and interview prep. To say that Kevin's been a mentor to me over the years I've known him is an understatement. He's as much family as anything else.
Stacy C. January 8, 2015
Essay Writing · In studio
My relationship with Kevin has been a long and unceasing one. Kevin started to work with me when I was just 14 years old, and for the past six years he has served as my teacher, my mentor and my friend. From boarding school and college applications to internships, he has always managed to challenge my limitations and help translate my thoughts and goals into articulate and meaningful essays. Most importantly he never tried to impose his own ideas. Instead he managed to coax out what was truly important in me, and encouraged self-honesty. Now I'm a rising junior in college. Kevin helped identify and organize the key components of my past experiences and personal characteristics, and integrated that into a search for internships, a cover letter and resume, and interview prep. The result of his efforts showed when I was accepted as an early admit into a highly competitive program in Washington DC next year. When my post-college job seeking begins a year from now, I'll be back. I highly recommend Kevin as an integral partner in the career building process. His vast experiences and insightfulness will help simplify the search and give you a competitive edge in the market.
Michele C. December 29, 2014
Life Coaching · Online
Retaining Kevin as a Career Counselor and Life Coach is proving to be one of the best decisions I ever made. He is a passionate professional, offering a combination of warmth and expertise that generates meaningful results.

I came to Thumbtack frustrated with my stagnant job search and with the intent to hire a professional to freshen my résumé. Kevin offers so much more; on reading his Thumbtack and Counsel-Ink profiles, I immediately knew that I wanted to work with him. The kind way in which he articulates his balanced, holistic approach won my confidence that he would be sensitive to my struggles around career-related matters.

Kevin is generous in his communications as we discuss engagement options, and our work has been fruitful from the get-go. He is thoughtful in how he paces us, direct both in probing and providing feedback to keep momentum, and careful as he guides me in mining my personal history to inform my current goals. He works intuitively, constantly auditing my responses, and is at all times respectful of my limits while encouraging me to explore and meet places of internal challenge. He is fully invested in the importance of this work.

Kevin is a true advocate for my personal growth, and I consider myself incredibly fortunate to work with him.

— Michele C., Jersey City, NJ

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Learning French by reading and writing is a good place for some students to start, however there comes a point where you must speak French in order to truly improve. French tutor Carol Beth L. shares her advice for students who are ready to take the plunge into spoken French... Conversing in a foreign language is not easy. In some ways, it's almost akin to public speaking. It puts you on the spot and tests your ability to think using a set of linguistic tools that are not as automatic as thos
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