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About Blythe Q.

Plainsboro, NJ

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Beginning students work from the Alfred Premier Piano Course, later transitioning to the Pathways to Artistry series by my former teacher, Catherine Rollin. We work on developing a curved hand position with relaxed wrists and strong finger joints. I use technical exercises to teach artistic expression rather than teaching these two elements separately. Beginning students count and sing note-names out-loud to integrate theory and note-reading with their playing. I accept piano students ages five and older. I do not accept piano students younger than five because their hands are often too small to play comfortably.

About Blythe
My name is very unusual, so some students have difficulty pronouncing it. You pronounce the "y" as in "sky" and the "the" as in "breathe". My name has only one syllable. Don't worry if you're still having trouble with it--I'll help you out at our first lesson.

I grew up in southeast Michigan and have been in love with music for as long as I can remember. I started violin lessons when I was three years old and at five I became the youngest student ever accepted into the studio of James Waring, now-retired violinist with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Under Mr. Waring, I developed a sol
id virtuoso technique and worked on chamber music as well as solo and concerto repertoire for the violin. While I was an undergraduate student at Westminster Choir College, I continued my violin study with Dr. Mia Wu.

After six years of violin study, I added piano lessons. I studied with Catherine Rollin, an internationally-known teacher and composer. Ms. Rollin's practical approach to technique and musicianship has been extremely influential in my own teaching, and I use her exercises and compositions with my students. I studied a wide range of repertoire with Ms. Rollin but my very favorite pieces were those by Bach, Chopin, and Debussy.

I sang in choirs throughout my childhood and began taking voice lessons in high school. I eventually decided to study voice performance at Westminster Choir College, where I completed my Bachelor of Music degree in 2004 and my Master of Music degree in vocal pedagogy and performance in 2008. While a student at Westminster, I performed the soprano roles of Ifigenia in Handel's Oreste, Amy in Mark Adamo's Little Women, and Janthe in Heinrich Marschner's Der Vampyr. I have coached with Daniel Beckwith, J. J. Penna, and Dalton Baldwin, and was privileged to sing in the Westminster Choir and the Westminster Symphonic Choir under Dr. Joseph Flummerfelt. With the Westminster Choir, I recorded the album Heaven to Earth and performed in Lakmé and I Capuleti e i Montecchi at the Spoleto Festival U.S.A. in Charleston, South Carolina. I also performed Handel's Messiah with Sir Neville Marriner and Nicholas McGegan, Mahler's Symphony No. 3 with Sir Michael Tilson Thomas and Lorin Maazel, Berlioz's Requiem with Charles Dutoit, and Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 with Lorin Maazel.

I have taught in the Princeton area since 2008, maintaining a studio of about twenty-five voice, piano, and violin students. In addition, I sing as cantor and soprano section leader at Queenship of Mary Catholic Church. I live with my husband, Jerome, in Plainsboro and I love to knit, crochet, and sew when I'm not teaching or performing.

*** Lesson Details ***
Violin students MUST bring their own instruments to the first lesson. Piano students must have their own pianos when lessons begin. I strongly recommend an acoustic piano even for beginning students, but a full-size (88 keys) touch-sensitive electronic keyboard is also acceptable. Voice students are encouraged to practice with a piano or electronic keyboard but may use an online keyboard to check pitches if they do not own a piano. TakeLessons can put you in contact with me if you have questions about purchasing or renting instruments.

My goal in teaching is to foster a love of music and a passion for the arts. I focus on developing my students as musicians in general and on a relaxed technique that will allow for the best possible artistic expression.

I have found that my students who practice regularly find their lessons rewarding and enjoyable and tend to make significant progress. That said, not every student decides to take lessons because he or she wants to become a professional musician.

Violin and piano students should practice every day. Voice students should practice six days a week, taking one day to rest their voices both from solo practice and choirs or any other activities that involve significant vocal use.

I encourage parents of younger children to attend lessons and help their children practice. It doesn't matter if you aren't a musician yourself. Just encouraging your child to focus and to remember what he or she worked on at the last lesson will help enormously.

Practice time will vary depending on the student. All students should begin their practice with some stretching to loosen up their muscles, followed by the scales and exercises we worked on during their lessons. Students should try to practice fifteen minutes to one hour each day, depending on age. This time may be broken into two or three shorter sessions depending on the student's stamina. If you have just begun taking lessons, an uninterrupted hour of practice may be quite exhausting. You can still practice for an hour each day, but you may prefer to divide your time into three twenty-minute segments. Voice students especially are encouraged to divide their practice into shorter sessions, even if they have been singing for several years. The more you practice, the faster you will progress, and the sooner you will be able to begin working on more challenging and interesting music.

Even if you already know how to read music, we will probably spend some time talking about music theory. Beginning students especially will have a theory and/or notespeller book with assignments each week. If there is something in your theory assignment that you do not understand, you may skip that part and ask me about it at your next lesson. If you finish your assignment quickly, I encourage you to work ahead. Again, the more theory you learn, the easier it will be to learn new music, and the sooner you will be able to work on more advanced music.

Some students choose to take a break from their lessons during the summer months or the holiday season. While it is good to take a day off once in a while and I encourage students to take a week off after a big recital, you will lose a lot of ground if you spend two or three months without any practicing or lessons. If you are really interested in making a lot of progress during a vacation from school, I am happy to work with you twice a week so you can improve even more quickly. I had two violin lessons a week for a summer when I was younger and two voice lessons a week for a few months during college, and it made a huge difference. Please note that I cannot hold your spot in my schedule if you miss more than two lessons in a row.

I teach my students about the anatomy of breathing and tone production, focusing on breath energy and a released sound. I use fixed-Do solfege to teach note-reading and develop the ear. I am careful to assign repertoire that is at my students' level, challenging them musically but not going beyond what is appropriate for their vocal development. This avoids tension and injury and inspires confidence as students study music that they are able to sing well.

I teach classical/opera and Broadway singing styles. I do not teach pop singing. I accept voice students ages fourteen and older. I encourage younger students interested in voice lessons to consider joining a choir and/or taking lessons on another instrument instead. In my professional opinion, the voice is not sufficiently developed before age fourteen and there is a greater risk of injury in private voice lessons. In a choir, children are directed to sing in a healthy way for their age and learn valuable musicianship and aural skills.

I do not accept male voice students. I do not feel that my understanding of the male voice is adequate to provide the level of instruction that I expect from myself. There are many female voice teachers who are comfortable teaching male students, and vice versa. TakeLessons can help you find the teacher who is perfect for you!

Beginning students work from the Alfred Premier Piano Course, later transitioning to the Pathways to Artistry series by my former teacher, Catherine Rollin. We work on developing a curved hand position with relaxed wrists and strong finger joints. I use technical exercises to teach artistic expression rather than teaching these two elements separately. Beginning students count and sing note names out loud to integrate theory and note-reading with their playing. I accept piano students ages five and older. I do not accept piano students younger than five because their hands are often too small to play comfortably.

My beginning students use the Suzuki Violin Method books and later transition to a series of etude books and repertoire selected depending on the student's level. I teach beginning students a modified version of the Suzuki method but incorporate note-reading and theory skills from the very beginning. I focus on a relaxed and natural hold of the violin and bow to avoid tension and technical problems that can lead to injury. Students who learn to hold their instruments correctly progress more quickly and are better able to express themselves artistically. I work with my students on development of their aural skills, concentrating on pitch accuracy and a sensitive ear. I accept violin students ages three and older pending an evaluation by myself and the student's parent of the student's maturity.
Irene K. January 16, 2017
Verified Student · Piano · In studio
She is very nice and kind.
She teaches clearly.
Maya B. September 4, 2015
Verified Student · Violin · In studio
Blythe was friendly and easy going around my young daughter and had her playing noted on her first day!
Nihi & Neth August 27, 2015
· Piano · In studio
Blythe is the best teacher I've had. She has been teaching my brother and I for 2 years now, and still is. She is funny and at the same time serious. She calls our lesson "torture" but it's really not. She teaches us really well and makes having piano class SUPER fun! She helped me LOVE piano!!!!
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Blythe Q.

Blythe Q.

Plainsboro, NJ 08536
starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Ruth F.

Princeton, NJ

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I bring more than thirty years of experience in teaching piano to students of every age and level. All lessons are tailored to each student's level and comprehension. I use a comprehensive approach to teaching piano incorporating technique development, learning of theory, piano performance and sight reading. In my lessons, I select and combine music from different music periods and styles.

About Ruth
I have played piano since I was six years old, when my parents enrolled me in my first music classes. I continued my music education while going to elementary, middle, and high school. Ultimately, I graduated with a Master's Degree in Music from Butler University, located in Indianapolis, Indiana

*** Lesson Details ***
Music has been one of my greatest passions since I was a little girl, and teaching it is my favorite way to share my love of music. I teach students of all ages and skill levels from early beginners to experienced piano players who want to bring their performance to a higher le

I emphasize piano technique, musicianship, performance skills and music history. But I also use piano lessons to help my students develop life skills, such as concentration, focus, poise and discipline. I love to see my students to build confidence and self-esteem from playing beautiful music.

*** Specialties ***
Classical Piano
Amanda E. September 7, 2016
Verified Student · Piano · In home
Ruth quickly tailored the lesson based on my experience level, and helped me so much in just 30 minutes! I look forward to our subsequent lessons.
Jacinta S. July 1, 2016
Verified Student · Piano · In home
I took 5 lessons with Ruth for 5 weeks., and it has been a great experience! Ruth is an engaging, encouraging, and friendly teacher. My goal was to learn the basics to play piano and she was really helpful for me to teach effectively in 5 classes.

Thanks you very much Ruth.All the best.
Jasper Y. April 29, 2016
Verified Student · Piano · In home
Ruth was conscientious about starting my son at his proper age and learning ability.
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Ruth F.

Ruth F.

Princeton, NJ 08540
starting at
$40 / 30-min

About Adam R.

Watchung, NJ

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I am available to teach beginning piano students.

About Adam
Adam runs successful singing, piano & acting studios in New York City & Watchung, New Jersey with clients on Broadway, MTV, & in the film/TV industry. He has also appeared on TV as a singing/confidence coach on TLC’s Date Patrol. He has directed 50 of the over 75 productions he has produced Off Broadway and Off-Off Broadway. Adam's theatrical investment properties include the 2011 Olivier Award winning musical, Legally Blonde: The Musical (Broadway, West End), Godspell (Broadway), Ghost the Musical (Broadway), Blithe Spirit (West End), The Wedding Singer: The Musical (Broadway), Macbeth (Br
oadway) with Alan Cumming, How the Grinch Stole Christmas: The Musical (Broadway), Chita Rivera: The Dancer's Life (Broadway), NEWSICAL - The Musical (Off-Broadway & National Tour), and 27 Heaven (Off Broadway & National Tour).

*** Lesson Details ***
30 minute singing lessons - Typically do 10 to 12 minutes of warmup and the rest of the time is devoted to practical application of technique to your songs, as well as, performance aspects. I also offer hour lessons.

30 minute acting lessons - Typically work on monologues or scenes that I or they provide. We can also work on sides provides for auditions for TV, film, & stage.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I use my Macbook Pro to record lessons and distribute them to students via a free Dropbox account.

*** Specialties ***
Types of Tecniques Offered
Belt (Hard Mix)
Legit (Classical)

Types of Style
Musical Theater
Heavy Metal

Types of Instruction Available
Individual Private Study
Group Study
Julia C. June 17, 2016
Verified Student · Speaking Voice · Online
Adam is really super (I am only on my third lesson). He will make you feel comfortable and interact with you in a personable and dynamic way.

He is the perfect teacher if you want to improve your stage voice and pitch. Adam is the man if you have fame on your mind. Julia

If you are a little slow on the uptake, (like I am when I don't know the subject matter) you need to be brave and follow his directions in practicing techniques. Adam personalizes his lessons, but they could be more planned. They feel a little too unprepared.
David S. May 28, 2016
Verified Student · Piano · In home
This was my first time taking piano lesson and I felt Adam was patient in his delivery of instruction pursuant to explaining the basic or foundations of piano.
Giulio B. May 27, 2016
Verified Student · Singing · In studio
First singing lesson experience and everything is great so far. Have really felt more and more
Comfortable singing.
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Adam R.

Adam R.

Watchung, NJ 07069
starting at
$31.50 / 30-min

About Marie T.

New Brunswick, NJ
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I love to keep my students well rounded in piano while motivating them on music that speaks to the individual. We cover scales and other basics while playing familiar tunes, classical pieces, and even pop music! Each student learns differently so it is key to get each person to a place of inspiration to practice, play, and be creative with proper technique and exemplary knowledge!

About Marie
Marie has traveled the country performing with different orchestras and ensembles including the Pennsylvania Philharmonic where she is Principal Oboe, South Florida Symphony, the Lancaster Symphony (acting Principal 2015-2016), Garden State Philharmonic (Preferred Principal, baroque music ensembles (on period instruments), and others throughout the Midwest, Los Angeles and the greater New Jersey area. She has taught at schools in Michigan and held the mentor position at the Detroit civic ensembles for two years before moving to Cleveland. She holds a doctorate in music performance from Rutger
s University where she held an assistantship, a masters from the Cleveland Institute of Music, and a bachelors from Michigan State University. She hand makes and sells professional and student oboe reeds.
Prathika February 2, 2017
Verified Student · Piano · In home
Marie is very impressive and a very good instructor. She just matches the level of Prathika's ability and understanding. She is the best!!
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Marie T.

Marie T.

New Brunswick, NJ 08901
starting at
$40 / 30-min

About Katie G.

Princeton, NJ

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Students can expect to learn the basic and fundamental principles of the piano. Lessons will emphasize note reading, technique, posture, performance, repertoire building, musicianship, music theory, rhythm, and aural skills. As a teacher, it is my goal to provide you a safe and inviting place to learn and discover this amazing instrument. Lessons are customized to meet your individual needs.

About Katie
Katie Gornick has been a sought after vocal instructor in the central New Jersey, Philadelphia, and NYC regions for the past decade. She graduated from Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ with both B.M. and M.M. degrees in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy. She enjoys a varied career as both an educator and as a performer.
As a vocal teacher, Katie specializes in Musical Theatre, Classical, and Contemporary Commercial styles of singing. Her students have taken top honors at Regional and All-State Festivals as part of NJMEA and PMEA as well as at various vocal competitions; most recentl
y the Mid-Atlantic Music Teacher's Guild where she also serves as an adjudicator. Her students frequently take workshops in New York City with notable Broadway artists and composers and audition regularly for Broadway and Regional Theatre productions. Many of Katie's students have been accepted and are continuing their educations at top college music theatre, music education, and acting programs.
Johanna J. October 20, 2016
Verified Student · Piano · In home
Katie was super friendly and encouraging!
Carolyn Beard October 4, 2016
Verified Student · Singing · In home
Katie is the voice teacher I always wish I had! She is extremely qualified, articulate and so positive. After only one lesson with her, I'm feeling more confident in my voice than ever before. I'm so excited to continue lessons with her!
Vanessa September 29, 2016
· ·
Katie is an outstanding voice instructor. I began taking lessons with her about two years ago and I can already see a big improvement in my vocal strength and overall skill. She is positive, patient, and thorough with her teaching. She is passionate and always gives 100% in her lessons. Katie provides a warm and comfortable atmosphere for her students and makes lessons fun and constructive. Katie has also helped me prepare for several singing and acting auditions. I highly recommend Katie to anyone with a desire to improve their skills in singing (acting, and/or auditioning).
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Katie G.

Katie G.

Princeton, NJ 08540
starting at
$45 / 30-min

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