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David G.

Jersey City, NJ

I have been teaching/tutoring French since 1977. I lived in a French speaking country for almost 2 years as a member of the Peace Corps (Niger). I have spent extensive periods of time in France. I have a BA in French (cum laude) from The Ohio State University. I have testimonials upon request. Merci

About David

I taught English as a Second Language in Niamey, Niger as a member of the Peace Corps in 1977-78. While there I also tutored some fellow volunteers in French, which was the official language of the country. Since then I have developed lesson plans based on the individual student's needs in both English and French. I have spent extensive time in France. I have a BA (cum laude) from The Ohio State University (1977). I belong to these Honor Societies: Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Eta Sigma.


Laudiane S. July 26, 2015
French · In home
Verified Student
I've been having a great experience since beginning. David is a great teacher!
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David G.

David G.

Jersey City, NJ 07306
starting at
$22 / 30-min

Patrick R.

New York, NY

Born and educated in France, I've been teaching French for years.
Through a progressive approach and conversation, you wilI learn grammar, vocabulary, prounciation. I welcome students of all levels. with a program determined to suit any of your
particular goal, whether learning French for pleasure, travel or busines.
Textbooks, audio and Video are available.
Can't wait to meet you!

About Patrick

Levels Taught: Beginner, intermediate, advanced and corporate level executives, managers and directors.

About Patrick
Patrick teaches: Ages 18 and up to the executive level in corporations

Teaching since: September 2002


My name is Patrick, and I was born and educated in Paris, France. My native language is French. I am proficient in Italian and Spanish as well and I have been teaching French since 2002.

My primary goal is to provide the highest quality language to my learners in a fun, nurturing, and culturally-rich environment.

My students' ages vary. I have taugh
t beginners to advanced as well as adults who work with corporations sending managers, directors, and senior executives to France. I have successfully taught adults in the business field to comfortably speak conversational French.

I design my lesson to varying students' goals . I can help with accent correction, pronunciation and fluidity. I also teach grammar, assist with readings, writings, translations and interpretations. I find this approach works for varying situations. Everyone learns at different paces. My goal is to challenge you, and make you comfortable as I present the material in a way that you will find it interesting as you grasp the language. I hope you will understand French, feel comfortable in using it in the classroom, casual business interaction, or in general conversation if you are planning a pleasure or business trip to France.

I enjoy French literature and I incorporate it into my lessons. I find that students can relate to different things, such as artwork, history lessons, or even ordering in a restaurant. Incorporating literature makes the experience enjoyable, and the rate of success in learning the language has a higher retention rate among my students.

In a tutoring session, I will find out what you really need, and I will help you to achieve your goals. We will work together to discover what areas on which you wish to concentrate; (literature, essay and writing help, pronunciation,reading fluency, grammar, etc). I will create lesson plans to guide you through your learning process. I believe everyone has the potential to achieve success. I can give you my word that I will help you make that happen.

The international exposure to the corporate environment gave me an insight into the importance of cultural awareness and communication skill in various languages. This inside view of the corporate world also enables me to understand exactly what is needed by a corporate client.

I only teach what I know best: the French language and French culture. I have lived and worked in the United States for several years. I can help you compare both countries and establish linguistic and cultural bridges between them.

I emphasize providing professionals with the essential communication skills needed to handle a French corporate environment. The course specifically deals with areas such as telephone conversation in French, a letter, an e-mail, and presenting to a French audience. In addition, I teach communication for corporate meetings in French, French business etiquette, French diplomacy, legal French, travel logistics, and essentials of the French culture.

The course will provide you with the ability to interact more confidently when visiting a French-speaking country or dealing with French-speaking nationals.

Taking my course will help build rapport, and strengthen relationships with French-speaking colleagues and clients. Also, it will help you demonstrate goodwill and facilitate international communication at both the personal and organizational level.

I am a member of the French-American Chamber of Commerce in New York.


I also offer guidance and assistance in preparation for examinations, including the TCF, DELF and DALF.


Tina February 4, 2016
French · In studio
Best French teacher I've ever had.
Jennifer January 27, 2016
French · In studio
My boyfriend is French. We live together and have discussed moving to France in the future. I need to know the language to get a job so I started taking lessons with Patrick. He is a wonderful teacher and while I have been taking lessons for only a few months now, I have made noticeable progress. I tried to learn French before (in group classes or with a teacher who is a non-native speaker) without any results and a big hole in my pocket from money not well spent! Having one-on-one lessons with Patrick, a native French speaker, has been extremely helpful to me, especially for pronunciation and cultural knowledge. I really like the text books that we are using as well. Learning a new language is not easy, but if you do the work and put in the time, Patrick will help you achieve your goals. I'm shy, I get embarrassed when I make mistakes, but Patrick makes you feel comfortable and slowly I have become more confident and willing to try and speak French. Speaking, having conversations is the only way to learn and remember. I am still new, so I am focused on vocabulary, verbs and sentence structure now-- the basic foundations. I plan on continuing my lessons with Patrick and look forward to learning grammar, complex writing/speaking and business culture in the future once I have a more solid foundation / comprehension / confidence speaking. My boyfriend is very happy with my progress so far and Patrick's easy-going, friendly personality keeps you positive and wanting to learn more!
Jackie January 8, 2016
French · In home
Patrick is a great teacher who has helped me progress in my French. He will help improve your pronunciation dramatically! My French friends are impressed with how much I've improved with Patrick's help.

Patrick is a real pro. He's punctual, makes the journey to my apartment rain or shine, and he’s generous with his time. Beyond that, Patrick makes lessons interesting with conversations about French culture, slang, politics, music or whatever you fancy. This is important because native French speakers will of course discuss these things and it's good to know the related vocabulary. I enjoy his company as a person and look forward to my lessons each week.
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Patrick R.

Patrick R.

New York, NY 10065
starting at
$50 / 30-min

Anna C.

New York, NY

I am a native of France and have been teaching kids and adults for years.
Ranging from basic conversation to poetry and literature, I will use your favorite matters to familiarize you with French whether it is cooking, art, music, French culture... I can also assist you with all your applications, resumes and cover letters. I am willing to help my students with their French issues whether they are beginners or advanced.
As an opera singer, and a voice teacher, I also teach very specifically the French pronunciation. I coached singers' French pronunciation with operatic productions, and I love to combine the music within the language with the music itself. I also aim to help all singers and actors in freeing their natural voice thanks to the bel canto techniques.
Please note that the 30-minutes lessons are available online (skype) only.

About Anna

Dear student,
Here are a few facts about me.
I am a native of France. For a part of my life I had to follow a “practical” course, and earned a degree in aerospace engineering, a profession I practiced successfully for several years at the French spatial agency. But I was eventually able to abandon the engineering profession in order to devote myself entirely to my true calling.
As an opera singer, I have been performing in places such as Cortot concert hall in Paris or Carnegie Hall in New York. I have been teaching voice for years now, to kids and adults. I have also been teaching French
since my arrival in the US.
I therefore teach French diction too, to professional singers and actors.
I also enjoy teaching music initiation to the little ones (3 to 6 years old).
I would be happy to answer all the questions regarding my work.


Angelique February 2, 2016
Classical Voice · In studio
Anna was a great teacher. She has always perfectly adapted to my needs and level, finding the appropriate ways to coach me. I have made considerable progress with her and would strongly recommend her sensitive and rigorous teaching.

Among many skills, she herself has an extraordinary voice and vocal technique which will make you even more willing to develop your vocal skills.
Zoya February 2, 2016
Anna possesses an incredible voice, her vocal technique is flawless. She is very professional and knowledgeable and can demonstrate the right sound which only a professional singer can do, and which is essential. She is fluent with languages which is an extremely important working on vocal technique, diction, interpretation. Wonderful instructor to work with!
Simon January 26, 2016
French · In home
Anna is a great example of a teacher who can balance academic rigor with kindness and sensitiveness to an individual student's needs. As a former language teacher myself (German and English), it's something I much valued in her.
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Anna C.

Anna C.

New York, NY 10021
starting at
$40 / 30-min

Jordan P.

New York, NY

A native French speaker, Jordan has won accolades from the Alliance Française of Buffalo NY, and is also a current French language tutor contracted in New York City.

About Jordan

An Opera Singer (Lyric Tenor) working in regional opera companies all over New York City, Jordan holds a Masters in Music Performance from Boston University and a Bachelors of Music Performance from SUNY Fredonia, in Fredonia, NY. He is known for his "lean and passionate" tenor and has been reviewed by such publications as The Boston Musical Intelligencer, The Boston Globe, and most recently The New York Times. He is fluent in French, and German and has worked and studied across Europe and the northeastern United States. He is passionate and results oriented, and is constantly looking for ways
to improve students' confidence and expertise.
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Jordan P.

Jordan P.

New York, NY 10001
starting at
$45 / 30-min

Xiaoying Juliette Y.

Lincroft, NJ

It's been over 20 years that I speak the French language. I studied the language and literature at the most ancient university in France, La Sorbonne, lived in the country for more than 8 years and worked with worldwide known professionals in academia, antique and fine arts fields.

Work in art and culture in France requires outstanding ability understanding, speaking, writing and researching in the French language. I offer on TakeLessons one-on-one tutoring and French language teaching, covering pronunciation, grammar (conjugations, tenses, genders...), vocabulary, reading (from fairytales to big classics in French literature to specific art genres), writing (basic principals, grammar exercises, vocabulary enrichment).

For those who have a particular interest in the arts, I offer my self-designed "Language through Art and Technology" course. We will learn every single word of your second language through your observation and analysis of different artworks. Paintings, ...

About Xiaoying Juliette

I am a trilingual art curator with a lifelong passion for languages and teaching.

On TakeLessons, I'm teaching two language courses through art: Chinese Mandarin and French.

From college time to the present, I have taught many people Chinese Mandarin, French language and art history in different countries. My students ranged from kids to adults, from European or American-born Chinese to Western expats living abroad. I love to share my knowledge with people who need it, help them to discover their real passion, improve their skills, and find their way to achieving their goals.

My stu
dents learn a second language by observing and interpreting modern and contemporary artworks. They discover paintings, sculptures, photography, animation, video, film and the artworks made with the cutting-edge technologies, learn to describe an artwork from the simplest words such as colors, forms, numbers to the most complex art critic writings. With art, language learning becomes easy, fun, highly visualized and interactive. Art gives the language learners the chance to explore the most their sensitivity with words, to think out of the box so they can develop the most wonderful imagination and creativity in the most natural way. Everyone could be a language geek AND an art talent. I wish I am the person who helps you to discover your hidden talents, have the freedom to express yourself in all languages you want to people you love and care about.

For more details about the two courses, please check my pages Chinese and French on TakeLessons. I'm currently teaching the two courses at The Language School (French, Red Bank) and Huaxia South Chinese School (Mandarin, Middletown) in New Jersey at my spare time.



David November 28, 2016
French · In studio
She is the best French Tutor ever!
Stefani November 27, 2016
In studio
Xiaoying was invited to be a critic for my student’s final projects for the graduate course Temporary Expert: Design, Science + The Anthropocene in the ITP Program at NYU. She was tasked with giving constructive criticism on both the conceptual and technical merits of the projects. The students were extremely grateful for her input because of her keen insight and valuable contributions on how to grow their work to new levels, think about the audience’s perception and participation and better articulate their ideas.
Jess November 18, 2016
Art History · In studio
Xiaoying gave a great lecture about sound art in China to my class at SVA last year. She presented some amazing, interesting, and enlightening sound art projects from Chinese artists, and had a lively discussion with my students. The students really appreciated the presentation and definitely got a lot out of it, expanding their horizons on contemporary sound art. It was a valuable addition to the course material and the students took a lot away from it -
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Xiaoying Juliette Y.

Xiaoying Juliette Y.

Lincroft, NJ 07738
starting at
$35 / 30-min

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