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Elisabeth S. Brooklyn, NY

About Elisabeth

Elisabeth is an established voice and piano teacher in the New York City Area. She is a thoughtful and dedicated instructor with nearly a decade of teaching experience, and her students range from beginners to professionals. As a voice teacher, she has helped students audition for competitive music schools and The Voice, and has also helped others to be able to sing with more confidence in their community theaters, churches and karaoke parties. As a piano teacher, she has been excited to be able to help many beginning and intermediate students develop the musical and technical fundamentals that they need to excel in many different genres of music. Although Elisabeth primarily performs classical music, she loves applying her extensive technical knowledge to many different styles. ...


AzenaA July 12, 2012
Amazing and Knowledgeable Teacher

I could not be happier with Elisabeth. She is wonderful and has a overall wealth of knowledgem,talent, and experience. She has also been very patient with helping me with my shyness and finding my true voice.
NatashaD April 28, 2012
Natacha dorante

Miss Elisabeth S.I Can says your're a very nice and compation ,patients ,you like to push to help better my kids tara ,thanks you so much for your time
MischaI March 22, 2012

Elisabeth has just the right balance in what I hoped for in a teacher. She challenges me just enough for me to feel frustrated but like I'm growing, and she affirms my work just enough for me to feel good about myself and confident. She also has a great balance between a friendly energy and getting down to work.
Brunette J. Brooklyn, NY

About Brunette

BA in Music Studies from University of South Florida. knowledge of music theory and various instruments such as the clarinet, saxophone, piano, guitar, and bass guitar. Experience with French. Experience tutoring and working in classroom environment. Dedicate myself to finding best methods and resources for each individual to gain the best learning experience


Donnette E. November 26, 2014
Piano · In home
Verified Student
Brunette is such a wonderful teacher. She is very patient and is always punctual.
Ellen Y. Cranbury, NJ

Individual tutoring based on the specific needs of each student.

About Ellen

Hi, In addition to tutoring, I have been teaching French and other subjects in public schools for many years. I am certified to teach French in both New York and New Jersey schools. I have studied in France and visited many times. I enjoy working with individual students in the tutoring environment. We always discuss what exactly what the areas are in which you need help. French to me is much more than vocabulary and grammar. It is the essence of the cultures of the countries where it is spoken. I try to convey something of that fascinating culture as well.

Ruth W. Brooklyn, NY

With a Master's degree in French, I've taught students of all levels for over ten years. In the first few lessons, you'll start to speak in short sentences, and as time goes on, you'll be able to speak in more detail about your life and the world. I use a combination of textbooks, handouts, and personal conversations to help my students progress.

About Ruth

Dr. Ruth W. has been teaching French and Spanish since 1981 and is currently available to teach lessons at her home and online. For over thirty years, she has helped students of all levels improve their language skills in French and Spanish. Ruth received a Masters degree in French Language from the University of Nevada, Reno in 1990, as well as a PhD. in Spanish Literature from the University of California, Davis in 2000. As an expert in second language acquisition, she looks forward to helping new students achieve their goals. Her teaching style is engaging, communicative, and fun.


Claudio T. April 22, 2015
“My experience with Ruth as a French teacher as been very rewarding: she is a very knowledgeable and patient teacher, and she is able to adapt her questions to each student's level. Try her, you won't be disappointed."
Stephen S. April 18, 2015
French · In studio
Ruth is a terrific French teacher and I recommend her without hesitation. I am particularly impressed with her broad knowledge of the language and her clear pronunciation, which, without sacrificing authenticity, is music to the ears of intermediate and advanced students. She has an experienced teacher's ability to see any serious deficits her students may have without confusing them with plebian missteps that are, in the end, of little consequence. I can only lament that I didn't have a teacher as good as Ruth when I was learning the language as a teenager.
Helen S. April 16, 2015
French · In studio
Ruth has been tutoring me in French for 4 months now. I met her at a French meet up where she impressed me with her expertise, organizational and teaching skills, and reliability.. Our weekly meeting includes French conversation, grammar, reading and writing, and I try to do homework each week, which she assigns. She has geared the lessons accurately to my level of understanding and offered very helpful educational materials. Our meetings are fun and enjoyable, and it's clear to me that my French is improving steadily. I highly recommend her!
Adam R. Brooklyn, NY

I took French in middle school, high school, and undergrad. However, my skills have taken off more than ever since I took charge of learning it on my own, through individual teachers and use of my spare time. Are you ready to do the same?

I can provide materials, or we can use yours.

About Adam

--Began tutoring at Furman University's Academic Assistance dept. --Have worked in academic community support as a behavioral specialist, tutor agent, specializing in private, individual clients. --Have clients of all ages, elementary to adult, but most need help with middle/high school math, language, or test prep. -- Great communicator with both parents and students. People find my personality charismatic and amicable. I emphasize positive reinforcement and build "horizontal" rapport with students while yet providing honest diagnoses about needs for improvement and obstacles to success. --Have worked with advanced students to raise a 'B' to an 'A', students struggling to pass, and those facing obstacles such as ADHD, Autism Spectrum, etc. --Enjoy meeting new ...

ndouba Z. Newark, NJ

students will learn the maximun of the French language in less days . I am using videos, new technology to make my students learning experience fun and easy. Students always remember what they learned after one class .

About ndouba

A highly motivated and accomplished professional with considerable experience in communication, reading and tutoring French. Very positive and humble person. Patience is a vertue. I love working with children, young children, and adult as well

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Learning French in a class or with a private teacher is important, but as with all languages, practice hours are critical to building fluency. But how do you get motivated to study French every day? According to these sites and apps, the secret is making your lessons into a game! Digital Dialects - Vocabulary and Verb Conjugation Games Aimed mostly at beginning learners, these French games use simple, clear graphics to present practice opportunities for a variety of vocabulary building. Many o
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