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Beau J.

Denver, CO

I've been playing drums for over 15 years and I honestly enjoy playing it more than guitar.

About Beau

I'm a performing musician and guitar and drum instructor, as well as a certified Yoga teacher. I love learning my crafts anew by teaching it to others. I bring a lifetime of experience to lessons, performances, and audio engineering.

Here are a few milestones and specifics in my background:

* Attained a bachelor's degree in music and audio engineering from UC Denver.
* Performing artist with two decades of dedicated practice.
* Performances include the Fort Collins Art Museum, Loveland Art Museum, Fort Collins and Denver area galleries, cafes, restaurants, venues, community volunteerin
g, weddings and mountain ranches, and private homes and businesses.
* Recording engineer for a commercial Denver studio, recording and producing Denver area bands and musicians.
* I've operated my home and mobile recording studio for over a decade.
* Graduated from a 200 hour yoga teacher certification course.
* I'm a lifelong artist, specializing in drawing. I was accepted to a three month-long artist residency at Elsewhere Studios in Paonia Colorado.
* I write, record and perform several different music projects, including a classical/experimental acoustic fingerstyle, folk-rock singer-songwriter material, and a rock band.

I run a mobile recording studio and would also love to help you record demos and better! I can take my gear to your studio, with minimal set-up. High quality mics and a trained recording engineer to boot.

I'd love to hear from you! I'm eagerly seeking opportunities for lessons, performances and recording projects alike. Thank you for reading!


Christian B. May 15, 2013
Very easygoing and fun lessons!

I was lucky enough to meet Beau back a few years and then had several guitar lessons. I feel like he helps to make the lessons as fun and interactive as possible by not just helping out with theory but including some songs I wanted to learn, which helped with motivation for sure... Thanks again, man!
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Beau J.

Beau J.

Denver, CO 80203
starting at
$35 / 30-min

Chris S.

Aurora, CO

Drums! The backbone of the band! I play a wide variety of instruments, but I hop on the drums any time the opportunity presents itself-they're so much fun! You control the time, set the mood, and get to express yourself however you want! When you take drum lessons with me, we really work on your sense of time and how every piece of music revolves around you keeping time with your new instrument. As we develop an understanding of keeping time, we also discuss rudiments. Rudiments are the building blocks of drumming-with each new rudiment you learn, you discover a new way of expressing yourself on the drums. The more rudiments you know, the more you can express yourself freely in your music! As we learn rudiments, you will also be learning how to read drum music, so that you'll not only learn to play, but you'll be learning how to seek out new techniques for yourself to become an independent learner. And, as with all the music lesson I teach, we'll be focusing on songs that YOU

About Chris

A short history of my experience with music and education:

The first instrument I learned to play was the guitar in 2001.

I played the guitar on the worship team at FBC of Midway in Plant City, FL from 2001 to 2005.

I began teaching private music lessons in 2003.

I played bass guitar in a Christian rock band called of Anastasis from 2003 to 2005.

I played acoustic, electric, and bass guitar on the worship team at Family Worship Center in Lakeland, FL from 2006 to 2012.

I worked as a freelance audio engineer with my in-home recording studio throughout college (and now I just d
o it for fun).

I played bass and sang background vocals in a worship band called Skyline from 2007 to 2009.

I taught music and trained a student led worship team at Hope Christian Academy from 2009-2010.

I began performing independently from 2009 to present.

I played guitar and sang lead vocals in a Christian Rock Band called A Story Familiar from 2010 to 2012.

From 2010 to 2012, I taught in the Polk County public school system of Florida from 2010 to 2012, where I also worked heavily with students with special needs.

In July of 2012 I moved to Aurora, CO as a volunteer musician to help plant Livingstone Church.

In January of 2013 I married my beautiful wife.

Upon arriving home from our honeymoon, I was hired as Worship Director for church, and I have worked there since. Some of my responsibilities include developing weekly music set lists, creating charts and sheet music for new songs, and training the worship team in new music.

As for me personally, I love Jesus, my wife, and music.  As I'm sure you can tell by my brief history, I do a lot of church service and ministry, if for this for any reason makes you wary, let me assure you: I play a lot more than just church music.  As a lover of music, there is not much that I don't enjoy in the world of music, and I've taught most of it.  I've taught the young and the not-so-young, and whether you're just beginning to read music, or you're just eager to learn your favorite song, I work closely with you to ensure you achieve the results you desire!

*** Lesson Details ***
Four things I focus on:
1. Creating individualized lesson plans
2. Learning new techniques and polishing old ones
3. Building confidence
4. Having a fun, rockin' time!

When taking lessons from me, students can expect an environment that is a balance between being strict and laid back.Music is something that must be learned, and as such, it must also be practiced week-to-week in between lessons.  I consider myself strict because I'll hold you accountable to doing your best to learn the best. Despite holding you accountable, I think the overall mood of the learning environment is laid back; we'll have a lot of fun learning music.  I make sure that we'll be learning at your pace, but keep in mind, this doesn't mean I won't push you to be your best! My teaching experience has taught me one thing: everyone is different. That being the case, I create lesson plans that are unique to you.  Where you will be in a month, six months, a year, largely depends on your commitment to learn, but I'll promise you this:  all of my efforts will be utilized to maximize your potentiality.

*** Attendance Policy ***
I am very flexible with attendance, but I do require a one hour notice that you will not be at the lesson. If a one hour notice is not given, the lesson will be marked as "missed" resulting in payment from your TakeLessons account for the missed lesson.

If you are simply running late, please be sure to let me know-I try to be as flexible as possible, but if the student is over 15 minutes late, I typically mark this lesson as "missed" as well.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I provide the following equipment for in-studio lessons:
Guitar amplifier
Bass amplifier
Drum Set
Recording equipment
Music stand
Seating area for parents/guardians to sit/listen in on the lesson

*** Travel Equipment ***
I provide the following when traveling for in-home lessons: iPad
For in-home lessons, I expect students to have whatever equipment is necessary for learning their instrument of interest (This typically includes at least the student's instrument and a music stand, but may also include a metronome, tuner, etc.).

*** Specialties ***
Rock, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Praise/Worship, Indie


Serges N. July 9, 2015
Guitar · In home
Verified Student
Chris is so awesome. I'm amazed by the way he deals with my son's distractive behavior and get him to learn a lot in few times.
Anthony N. June 1, 2015
Bass Guitar · In studio
Verified Student
Good teacher
Anja T. March 6, 2014
Verified Student
Excellent, patient teacher

Chris is a very patient and encouraging teacher. Also delivers fast success learning a new instrument. Our boys look forward to every lesson and don't mind practicing in between. Great fit for our family and very convenient lessons in our home instead of shuttling the kids to another activity.
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Chris S.

Chris S.

Aurora, CO 80017
starting at
$24.99 / 30-min

Joey I.

Denver, CO

Can teach up to intermediate level in drum technique.

About Joey

My name is Joey and I have been teaching guitar and drums for 4 years. I am 22 years old and have been playing music for 10 years. I have a strong passion for music and teaching, which is why it's my only job. If I am not teaching, I am playing or recording music. Music saved my life. I am completely dedicated to it. I strive to learn every second of my waking existence. And it rewards me. More than any other reward I have ever received, minus love itself. I love inspiring people in anyway I can. I have learned a lot of life's lessons through music, and I am here to share them with you. Here
is a quick listen of what I can do for you and what I require of you before lessons begin: Guitar Genres I can teach-Classical, pop, singer/songwriter, reggae, hard rock, metal, blues, country and jazz.  Techniques I can teach:
-alternate picking, sweep picking, down picking for metal, finger picking, strumming, and many more!
-Chords/ melody/scales/modes/intervals/left hand exercises
-Rhythm-I'm a drum teacher, so this is self explanatory.
-If you pick a song you want to learn, I can give you the music for it, and teach it to you.
-Creativity, songwriting, music theory, recording, and sound itself.

Guitar Requirements: Students must have the following before we begin:
1.A good attitude. 2.USB flash drive (this saves paper, which saves trees and also saves money, which saves more trees and paper) If you don't have a computer, then do step 3 instead.
3.A binder to organize papers I will give you.
4.Acoustic or electric guitar.
5.Tuner and metronome. Drums: Genres I can teach-Rock, Pop, Country, Blues, Shuffle,Hip Hop, Rap, Metal, Jazz, and Electronic.

Techniques I can teach:
- Basic and advanced stick control (rebound stroke, bounce stroke, finger technique)
-Linear drumming
-Drum grooves of all sorts
-Rudiments (40 basic and also hybrid rudiments)
-Timing, time signatures, and tempo.
-Foot technique (double bass, hi hattechnique)
-Creativity, songwriting, music theory, recording, and sound itself.

Drum Requirements:   Students must have the following before we begin:
1.A good attitude. :)
2.USB flash drive (this saves paper, which saves trees and also saves money, which saves more trees and paper) If you don't have a computer, then do step 3 instead.
3.A binder to organize papers I will give you.
4.Practice pad and drum sticks
6.I do not require students to have a drum set to learn drums.

*** Lesson Details ***
I promise all of my students the best atmosphere when I'm teaching you. Music is 90% mental, and the best way to be able to control your mentality is to be in a relaxed and comfortable environment. I will provide that no matter what. I'm a funny guy and I tend to crack jokes a lot so be prepared to laugh! I'm here to help you and make you reach your highest potential. I'm a laid back teacher but I always do expect that my students take what I have given them and practice, practice, practice! Everything you want lies in choice, so it should be your choice on how well you want to be able to play music. I will be your tour guide through the vast and infinite pool of musical experience! So what are you waiting for?

*** Studio Equipment ***
Roland TD 9 electronic drumset, PRS SE custom, Yamaha acoustic guitar, Macbook pro with Logic, Ableton, Guitar rig 4, and Superior Drummer 2.0. Akai mpk49 midi keyboard, 40 inch Sceptre LCD display, and a Rodes NT2A condenser microphone.

*** Specialties ***
Guitar-Classical, Hard rock, Reggae, Jazz, Metal.
Drums-Rock, Drum corps, Electronica, Blues, Metal


Jeff E. January 13, 2015
Guitar · In studio
I have been taking guitar lessons from Joey for about 4 months now and let me tell you it is a joy! Joey not only know music, music theory, and musical techniques, he is very passionate about it. He is very patient and can lead you down the path to help you achieve your goals regardless of the experience you currently have with your instrument. He is up front with you that learning to play is not magic, it requires hard work. I am 59 years old and finally decided learn to how to play the guitar after messing around with it on and off over the years. Joey has already got me playing the guitar solo from Maybe I'm Amazed and the intro riff to Purple Haze. He is also teaching me scales and music theory. I am having a blast! I would recommend Joey to anyone in any age group who is serious about learning to play. Thanks, Joey! Jeff Emerson
JenniferE January 7, 2011
Joey feedback

My son loves working with Joey. He has been really great and a perfect fit for Joshua!
TimC June 10, 2010
Great Teacher

Joey is an excellent guitar instructor. He is giving my son and myself exactly what each of us needs to be good guitarists, even though we are both at different levels.
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Joey I.

Joey I.

Aurora, CO 80016
starting at
$15 / 30-min

Mike M.

Littleton, CO

30 years of experience playing all styles, and over 13 years of private drum and percussion instruction. If you have specific goals on your instrument and need some polishing and a fresh approach to your instrument I have just the curriculum for you! Newbies are also a specialty of mine as the majority of my longest running students, some of whom have been with me for over 8 years, started from scratch. Not only do you get a very qualified and respected teacher, but you get a friend and mentor in the local music scene as well. I have performed professionally in over 25 bands of all instrumentation, size and style you can think of! If there is a specific style that you are into, chances are I have performed many live concerts in that genre and will be able to directly help you achieve the same respective goals. I am more than happy to help you or your son or daughter hone their skills through real world application of Rudiments, Chart Reading, Speed and Endurance drills and Creative ...

About Mike


I'm a professional drummer, percussionist, and composer here in Denver offering a fresh new approach to drum instruction. I teach at two separate locations complete with dual drum sets and a complete sound system that allows for both my students and I to play simultaneously and at full live volume!

As a Graduate of the California Institute of the Arts, I've been lucky enough to have studied with some of the most diverse masters of drumset and percussion from several continents around the globe. I've been a player of the drums for over 26 years now, and I'm still practicing and perf
ecting the art, gaining new friends, students, and live stage experiences on the way.

Let me start by saying that I highly value the freedom that I've been able to enjoy by passionately perusing music as a career. Any field where you get to socialize, interact with other musicians, and have fun performing with your friends, is a dream gig by any measure, but it does take hard work, sacrifice and tenacity to achieve that level of recognition. Fortunately I have the background and skills to not only make our lessons interesting and exciting!, but to also get you up to speed so that you can enjoy the life of a musician as well!!

My Complete Education:

Born in Santa Monica, California, I lived in and around Los Angeles in several areas before moving to Denver in 1990. I began on the Piano at age 4 and slowly gravitated towards playing the drums by my 9th birthday.

My first teacher, AND first mentor in music: Mark Foster (Metro College of Denver & Colorado Symphony Orchestra), At a very early stage he introduced me to Jazz and Latin and gave me a solid understanding of Classical Percussion as well.

My second instructor and Mentor: Jimi Bauchet, whom I took Rock, Progressive Rock, and Fusion lessons from, was a session and commercial artist in Los Angeles during the eighties and nineties.

Upon High School Graduation I left Denver to study percussion with Dr. Pennington at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. It was here that I would get my first taste of performing music on a high art level, as Dr. Pennington was one of Michael Udow's young prodigies when he attended the University of Michigan, a nationally regarded school for the percussive arts.

Two years at Fort Lewis College provided me with the perfect spring board to transfer and I then returned to my home state to earn a degree at the prestigious California Institute of the Arts (CIA). It was here that I had the honor to study with the likes of John Bergamo (Master Percussionist), Randy Gloss (John's closest disciple), Joe Labarbera (Jazz Drumset Master), David Johnson (My Mallet & Orchestral Mentor), Alfred Ledzekpo (African Percussion Tribal Leader), Wenton Welojo (Balinesian Gamelan Master and Celebrity), and Swapan Chardui (THE Tabla Guru, Truly an Honor). The Multi-Focus Curriculum allowed me to study a wide array of disciplines while still receiving a degree based heavily in Classical Percussion. My BFA is essentially a custom built degree with a strong background in Theory, Composition, Jazz Drumset, Tympani, Mallets, and a variety of pitched percussion instruments from around the world.

*** Lesson Details ***
My Personal Philosophy:

In many parts of the world there is no separation between music and culture, and to that end I strive to bring my students closer to the outside world through the strength of their own musical bond. Having music be a part of my life has brought me great opportunities to meet other players and fans of the trade, through which I have experienced some of my most rewarding moments with, as well as making some life-long friends along the way. So to me, MUSIC IS SOMETHING THAT YOU ARE!!!, not just something that you do, and that concept is the fundamental reason why my lessons will often go far beyond just the common practices of instruction, to not only show you WHY you would want to use a certain rhythm or technique, but also HOW to apply it in a real situation in the most musical way. Through the deeper understanding of music, there is an equally deeper understanding of ones self..........

My Approach:

Drumming is a very root level based instrument. It is primal in its nature and very emotionally driven. This is great in many ways, for playing the drums can be meditative, or used to relieve stress and pent-up energy, but the bottom line is that drumming is expressive and FUN!!!

So keep in mind that while there is a student-teacher relationship that I must keep, in order to get my points across, you really should enjoy each and every lesson while you're learning. It's proven that you'll retain more of the information that I'm teaching if I can get you to leave with a SMILE on your face!!

OK, so the real trick to what I do as a teacher that sets me apart is my approach. I don't have a "cookie cutter" format for stamping out drummers that all sound the same and have the same library of beats to pull from. If you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, I will custom tailor a lesson, or a set of lessons in order to maximize our time together, all while allowing you to develop your own individual voice on the instrument.

For beginners, I will set up a more structured program to get you up to the level where we can begin to experiment a little more and be able to play along with some popular songs. Using a few time tested books, some rudimentary exercises, and few hand written examples, you will begin to see results immediately. Together we will keep a binder of notes that contain all of your previous and current exercises, and from lesson to lesson you will be able to see the progress that you are making through your collection of notes and music. With this method I have taught everyone from 5 to 65 how to navigate their way around the drums, so you will be in good company if it's your first time on this instrument.

As far as the intermediate to the advanced player is concerned, well, we are going to have a great time jamming together and sharing amazing contemporary concepts. I will still offer the structured program to anyone that is interested, but for the drummer that already has years of playing under their belt, I really have something special to offer you. Odd time, Mixed Meter, Four Limb Independence, Ostinatos, Displacement, and even Polyrhythm

*** Studio Equipment ***
Pearl Drumsets, Ludwig Drumsets, Sabian cymbals, Istanbul cymbals, DW drum pedals, Various reading materials, a stereo, mixer and isolation headphones for playing along with music tracks at full live volume. Comfortable thrones to sit on while playing. Various instructional DVDs that can be borrowed from time to time.

*** Specialties ***
Music, Drum set, Orchestral Snare Drum Technique, Hand Drums, World Percussion
Moeller Technique, Multi-Fulcrum Technique, Four-Limb Coordination and independence, Odd time, Polyrhythms, Mixed Meter! Capable of teaching drum set Reading and Notation! Also capable of teaching ALL STYLES of music. If you can think of it, I have played it. Too many to list here.


Aaron S. June 10, 2015
Drum · In studio
Verified Student
Thanks Mike, so much great info!
Ande W. December 31, 2013
Verified Student
First Time Student

My son has been taking drum lessons with Mike for several months. He had never played drums prior to his first lesson and Mike has been nothing but patient and very professional with him. My son really enjoys the lessons and is learning so much more than I expected. Super happy with Mike and his knowledge of the drums along with his patience and communication. Would highly recommend him!
Stefan B. November 19, 2013
Verified Student
Excellent Teacher

Mike is a great Drum instructor. I am a beginner and felt he did a great job with my skill level. He has a lesson plan but is very flexible in learning the style of music you want to hear. He helps you achieve the goal you have with drums whether it is to be in a band or just for a hobby.

Lessons are fun and detailed without being boring.
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Mike M.

Mike M.

Littleton, CO 80122
starting at
$25 / 30-min

Nathan B.

Aurora, CO

Beginning players- All of my lessons follow my own, proven teaching method. All lessons take place with the student at the drum kit playing 90% of the time. I approach all drum lessons beat-by-beat always with a metronome. My goal for the first lesson is to teach at least one basic pattern. We progress through a series of hundreds of different drum patterns that become increasingly more difficult. Every week is a new opportunity to practice clean technique and improve internal timing.

Intermediate players- After a brief assessment of your abilities we will begin discussing concepts of pattern construction. You will start coming up with of your own patterns and ideas. I will provide guidance for more complex fills and I will give tips to help you figure out the right groove for the right song. Every week is a new opportunity to add another tool to your kit.

Advanced players- come and teach ME something! I'm still working on super triplets and sextuplets in 5/4 time :-)

About Nathan

My name is Nathan I am a 28 year old husband and father of 2 boys. My wife and I have been teaching music since 2007.

I am an experienced teacher of guitar, drums, and trumpet. My students range from age 6-60.

All lessons will be held at our home studio in Aurora, CO. Our home was built as a recording studio and it's perfect for lessons. Our dedicated, sound-proofed, teaching room includes a large viewing window so the student can be seen by parents while they wait without causing unnecessary distractions for the student. No drop-offs, please.

My teaching methods are based 100% on
the student's abilities.
Here is a brief look at what lessons with Nathan B. will look like.

*** Lesson Details ***

Beginning players- I prefer to teach from the Hal Leonard book series. This is a great start for most students. I teach the string-by-string approach using simple songs to start. Your first lesson will be a combination of reading notes on a page and reading chords on a chord chart. You will come out of the lesson learning at least 3 notes and one chord. Weekly goals are set and a practice routine is discussed.

Intermediate players- After a quick assessment of your abilities we will discuss your future goals as a player. We could pursue classical guitar with additional lessons in note reading and fingering methods, or we could focus more on chords and strum patterns if you prefer to sing and play your favorite artists.

Advanced players- this is where it gets fun. We go where you want to go. I will provide guidance based on your strengths and weaknesses. We will choose music that can display your strengths, and challenge your weaknesses. Remember, there's always someone better than you!


Beginning players- All of my lessons follow my own, proven teaching method. All lessons take place with the student at the drum kit playing 90% of the time. I approach all drum lessons beat-by-beat always with a metronome. My goal for the first lesson is to teach at least one basic pattern. We progress through a series of hundreds of different drum patterns that become increasingly more difficult. Every week is a new opportunity to practice clean technique and improve internal timing.

Intermediate players- After a brief assessment of your abilities we will begin discussing concepts of pattern construction. You will start coming up with of your own patterns and ideas. I will provide guidance for more complex fills and I will give tips to help you figure out the right groove for the right song. Every week is a new opportunity to add another tool to your kit.

Advanced players- come and teach ME something! I'm still working on super triplets and sextuplets in 5/4 time :-)

I also teach trumpet at beginner and intermediate levels. I have prepared many students for tryout pieces (solo, regionals, chair placement, etc). I also am experienced in tone improvement, endurance studies, range extension, and accuracy improvement. I use many different method books, but I prefer Arbans and Clarks.

*** Studio Equipment ***
5 piece Pearl kit- full cymbals. Beginner half sized kit upon request.
Guitar- bring your own acoustic.
Trumpet- bring your own.
Chairs, stands, and some music provided.
Hal Leonard method book required for beginning guitar students.

*** Specialties ***
Acoustic guitar- Christian Praise&Worship, classical picking and positions, strum patterns.
Drums- 4/4, 3/4, 6/8, quarters, eights, sixteenths. Rock, funk, ballad, pop.
Trumpet- range, endurance, flexibility.


Anthony P. June 23, 2015
Trumpet · In studio
Verified Student
My is 12 and I can tell Nathan has worked children in the past, he is very patient. On the other hand, Nathan does not give false praise, which I appreciate. He is straight and honest, and my son seems to connect with him.
Bob F. October 20, 2014
Drum · In studio
Verified Student
Nathan is a great instructor. My son is 5 years old and had a little trouble at first getting used to taking lessons. Nathan was able to adapt the lessons to my son's needs and he's really enjoying it.

Nathan has a great house for learning. The lessons are held downstairs in a room that has been converted to a recording studio. You access the studio directly from the front door, so you don't feel like you are walking into someone's home, you feel like you are going into a professional recording studio (because you are).

Because he teaches multiple instruments, there are a lot of them hanging around - guitars, electric pianos, etc. This really makes the space feel "musical" and conducive to learning.

It's great that Nathan has two drum sets in his house and my son can play along with him.

I'm really glad we found and Nathan in particular.
Elizabeth M. August 24, 2014
Drum · In studio
Verified Student
I am so impressed with Nathan and his ability to work with young children and instruments. First off, he is amazingly skilled in so many different instruments and second, he is very good with teaching those skills in a easy-to-learn way to children. My son is 7 years old and learning the drums. With only three lessons, he can perform a basic 8 count rhythm using both hands and the base with his foot with no prior experience. Nathan is very patient, firm when necessary, and inspiring when he plays. My son is always excited to learn more from him!
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Nathan B.

Nathan B.

Aurora, CO 80012
starting at
$20 / 30-min

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