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Serfirys V.

Serfirys V.

Do you want to learn how to communicate with the Deaf? Are you intrigued by the use of sign language? Come learn with me. I am Deaf and I use American Sign Language. My brother is also Deaf, so we grew up using ASL together and at school. I have been teaching online for the past 5 years, and I love teaching others how to improve their communication skills in ASL. Sign language is one of the most expressive languages, have you seen an interpreter recently on the new? Have you noticed how fast they move their fingers, and make a variety of facial expressions. I can help you, no matter what level of ASL you know, I want to help you make progress and become fluent. I have a toddler and he is learning ASL, if he can, you can! See you in the classroom!
/30 mins
Jamila A.

Jamila A.

I’m happy to help you learn ASL at whatever level you are at, from the basics to a deeper dive into Deaf culture and how we sign and everything in between. Whatever your needs are and whatever you would like to learn. Your ability to sign skillfully will help you to gain the respect and appreciation from the Deaf community. So please let’s get to work and expand your signing skills to provide more effective access compared to write notes or using your phone which can get annoying right? It’s much better if I help you learn to sign ASL. My background includes a BA degree in Liberal Studies, I have had experience teaching ever since I was young instructing a class. And more recently I have been teaching another ASL class. If you prefer 1-on-1 tutoring I’m happy to provide that for you. I will tailor our lessons to match what you need and how you learn. I will share various resources that will address your needs and listen to your preferences. I don’t want to overwhelm you with a list of rules and requirements instead we will take steps together. Thank you I look forward to meeting you all.
/30 mins