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Mariana L.

Maple Grove, MN

About Mariana

Born in Panama City, Panama, Mariana completed a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from Shenandoah Conservatory and completed a Master of Music in Vocal Pedagogy at the Catholic University of America with an emphasis in Latin American Music in 2009. She has sung on the stages of Italy and Spain participating in performances of Die Zauberfl te, L'Elisir d'Amore and La Traviata. Mariana has sung in the DC area with Zarzuela Di Si and the In Series as well as The City Choir of Washington and The Washington Chorus.
As a voice teacher, Mariana has experience teaching students of all ages but
mostly children and teenagers. Her approach is simple yet effective, speaking in terms that are easy for each individual student to understand and remember.

*** Lesson Details ***
Students will develop a strong vocal technique and build healthy vocal habits. They will learn all aspects needed to become a well rounded singer: diction, interpretation, musicianship, breath support and focus, all of this while having fun! Also, they will acquire the tools to keep up the work they've done during their lessons in the time between meetings with the teacher.
Pianists will learn to read music and play by ear while acquiring a healthy technique to avoid any injuries.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I own a Yamaha digital piano.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I own a traveling keyboard but prefer to use a larger instrument if available at the student's home. I also provide musical scores and the use of metronome.

*** Specialties ***
Classical, pop, musical theatre, rock


Bryan B. July 31, 2015
Singing · In home
Verified Student
Super nice! Super fun! Sign up before she fills up! Noticing a large improvement! Very knowledgable. Definitely recommend her!
Leyla R. June 3, 2015
Piano · In home
Verified Student
She is very good in motivating and keeping an active 6 year old engaged and exited. She is very delightful. We love having her as our teacher.
Damon M. April 30, 2013
Verified Student
Excellent vocal instructor & coach

Mariana has been a consistently impressive instructor over the past year. She has shown that she can identify improvements for her students in a surprisingly accurate and quick manner. A year later, I still rely on her tips in performance scenarios and when just sitting at home practicing.

When I first started taking lessons with Mariana, I was bad...real bad. Now I am considerably better and that feedback is from very honest (and very forward) friends of mine!! I am thankful for the fact that Mariana does not let my mistakes go unnoticed and works with me to correct them. It should be noted that she has an incredibly polite delivery when identifying mistakes and offering improvement tips. This is something I don't personally need but is so out of the ordinary for instructors that I feel it deserves recognition.

I would highly recommend Mariana to any type of student singing in any genre. She is very big on the fundamentals but understands a person's musical style and goals so she tailors her lessons to fit the student. Whether it be critique of a recording or an in person lesson - Mariana’s teaching style, polite delivery and accuracy of improvement areas lead to a shorter time frame for a student to reach their goals.

I have been able to teach myself every instrument I've put my hands on (5 so far). From the perspective of someone who has very high expectations of myself and my music...I would not have been able to get where I am vocally without her.
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Mariana L.

Mariana L.

Maple Grove, MN 55311
starting at
$30 / 30-min

Jose C.

Saint Paul, MN

My teaching/tutoring is driven by assessment, so I want to know your base line as well as your goals and aspirations and from there chart a course for growth.

I am a Spanish and Political Science major as well as a native Spanish speaker. I am soon to complete training in language teaching and have helped many students with their language needs. I am confident that I can help you achieve your language goals.

About Jose

Greetings students and families,

I am a teacher of languages, dedicated to helping all learners meet their language learning goals. I am soon to receive my credentials for teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Saint Thomas. With this I plan to serve the needs of students in our region, to meet their academic, career and life goals. As a native Spanish speaker as well as a major in Spanish from Hamline Univeristy, I am ready to assist students seeking to learn or improve their speaking, reading or writing abilities.

I have a long tenure working in the schools with o
ur students and know the beat of their educational needs. Whether it's for an IB test, for an upcoming travel abroad opportunity, to grasp the subjects taught in class with more depth or to prepare for TOEFL, ACTFL or the myriad of other language tests out there, I can help you. Feel free to contact me to set up an appointment.
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Jose C.

Jose C.

Saint Paul, MN 55104
starting at
$40 / 60-min

Tyler S.

Minneapolis, MN

Spanish is one of my favorite languages to teach because there are millions of amazing, interesting people who speak it. I have given Spanish lessons, and taught Spanish speakers English.

También ofrezco lecciones en español para aprender/mejorar su íngles!!!

Please contact me with any questions you have! Thank you so much! :)
Por favor, contácteme con sus preguntas, si las tuviera. Muchas gracias! :)

About Tyler

Hello!/Bonjour!/Buenos días!/Guten Tag!!/Hei!! здравствуйте!

My name is Tyler, and I love to teach language. I love everything about it.

My teaching philosophy is simple:
1. Everyone is capable of learning a new language.
2. We are capable of anything we set our mind to achieve.
3. Learning a language should be an entertaining, fun experience!

Here is quick synopsis of me as a tutor: I received two undergraduate degrees from the University of Minnesota with a 3.8 GPA. I maintain excellent writing skills in German, English, Spanish, Russian, Norwegian, and French. I greatly enjoy wo
rking in a teaching setting with people of all ages, races, and cultures. I have been a teaching assistant in over four classroom settings, and I have been a freelance tutor for over three years now.

Please contact me with any questions you have about me or my services!


Mitch C. July 29, 2015
German · Online
Verified Student
Great personality. Positive reinforcement. Encourages you to be your best. Highly recommend Tyler.
Harry S. June 22, 2015
Spanish · In studio
Verified Student
Tyler is an easy tutor to work with. He has met me at the level I currently speak, and helping to bridge the gaps. Very relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy my time.
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Tyler S.

Tyler S.

Minneapolis, MN 55413
starting at
$17.50 / 30-min

Shannon E.

Saint Paul, MN

Hi! I thought spanish in a private school in Russia for about 9 months and I also lived in Mexico for a few years!, I'm sure I can help you with those communication skills in spanish :)

About Shannon

Hello! I'm Shannon!
I've been teaching ESL to kids teenagers and adults and I find it very rewarding. I'm 24 years old and I love spending time with my pets!
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Shannon E.

Shannon E.

Saint Paul, MN 55118
starting at
$15 / 30-min

Kelly M.

Minneapolis, MN

I've been teaching Spanish for 10 years, speaking it since I was a little kid, traveled to many Spanish-speaking countries, and completed my doctoral fieldwork over the course of four years in Chile. You'll be speaking simple sentences within the first couple of lessons, and we'll continuously work on vocabulary and verb conjugation. Espero contar con tu presencia!

About Kelly

I'm Dr. Kelly and I can't wait to meet you! I recently finished my doctorate at the University of Minnesota. I've been teaching for ten years now, and I especially love teaching Spanish and Acting, although I also love Algebra! I'm an upbeat, positive teacher-- the drill sergeant style isn't my cup of tea!


Logan R. July 5, 2015
Theater Acting · In studio
I have had the pleasure of being one of Kelly’s students during my time as an undergraduate in Theatre Arts at the University of Minnesota. In the time that I was her student, and beyond that, I have nothing but positive things to say about her as an instructor in both her ability to teach and to relate to her students on a humble and personal level.

My first day with Kelly I could tell instantaneously that she was going to be something unique. And that is because she is perfectly honest about who she is and why she is instructing the material she does. So often, in the collegiate field, I come across professors who are willing to be personable with their students but with their own ends at the forefront of their minds; that is teaching the material as it appears in the book. Kelly operates on a different level - everything she does is to make her students not just learn the material at hand, but to understand, dig into, and critique it. She welcomes the ability to bring any opinion or process to accomplishing a goal in class (which takes an edge off of the need to fit a certain methodology of thought that many other classes lock themselves into). Working with Kelly is like talking to that one friend who you go to in order to share a really exciting idea because you know she will boundlessly support it, push you to realize what your exact goal is and how it works, then make you do it. Having her insight as a student, an artist, or in any form or group-problem solving is invaluable.

To speak further on her personality is beyond words. She is the kind of team member you can only dream of having. She is hard working, committed, light hearted, and understanding. Kelly has a great eye for standing back and seeing a whole picture and pin pointing what goes into it, and what could go into it to make a more realized work (be that artistically or academically). When I was in one of her classes, she worked privately and team-wide with me as we collaborated on the final project for the class, which involved composing and directing a scene that commented upon one of the works that we analyzed during the semester. During this collaborative process Kelly, as the instructor, was focused on understanding what our work was striving toward first before she ever commented on the quality and merits of what we were doing and how we were working. It was after she had met with all of us that she offered her own personal insight into what we could do to make a stronger piece, in a style as far away from a report card or teacher conference where they tell you everything wrong you did and how to make it better, she was telling us everything right we did and offering ways that she saw the piece being stronger.

The inviting energy that Kelly gives off no matter what task she is charged with is something truly electrifying, and her positive attitude is infectious. Any place of education, person looking for tutelage, artist, or co-worker would be remiss to not invite her on board.

It is with the utmost sincerity and pleasure that I recommend Kelly for any position in consideration for her.
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Kelly M.

Kelly M.

Minneapolis, MN 55408
starting at
$22 / 30-min

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