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Singing Lessons in Brooklyn, NY

By Liz T. - Brooklyn Singing Teacher

Hello, I’m Liz, and I teach singing lessons in Brooklyn, New York! Brooklyn is home to one of the most vibrant arts and cultural communities in the world. In this great city, you can hear live music at BAM, take in some dance with the Mark Morris Troupe, view the beautiful nature at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, see artists creating their own open studios to display their artwork, and watch a local filmmaker shoot a movie on the streets. Brooklyn is truly a great city to foster your creative expression!

Brooklyn is comprised of several different neighborhoods, including Williamsburg, Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights/Dumbo, Bed-Stuy, Bushwick, Flatbush, and Greenpoint/Fort Greene, just to name a few. Each trendy neighborhood has its own unique cultural identity. In this article, I will give you an overview of some of the most prominent neighborhoods to give you an insight on all the wonderful opportunities a singer can take advantage of!

Williamsburg Williamsburg is a very hip part of town and is home to many local indie artists. The neighborhood is known for having many live music venues and coffeehouses that foster original music, including The Knitting Factory, Williamsburg Music Hall, and Muchmore’s. Many venues host their own open mics, which are great opportunities to get comfortable presenting your own original material to a very supportive indie music audience. The Knitting Factory: Williamsburg Music Hall: Muchmore’s:

Park Slope A quiet and cozy neighborhood known for its diversity and for being family-friendly, Park Slope is a great place to find inspiration. Many local businesses thrive here, and I find it to be a relaxed environment to get some songwriting done, whether that be spending time in a local coffee shop or sitting in the park. It’s also a short walk to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, Prospect Park, and world-class music institutions, such as the Brooklyn Academy of Music and the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music.

Brooklyn Heights/Dumbo In Brooklyn Heights/Dumbo, be sure to check out some outdoor festivals and fairs that take place here, including Make Music Festival, Folk Music Festival, Jam Music Festival, New York’s Festival of Light, and many others. Mark these on your calendar; you won’t want to miss them!

Bed-Stuy Bed-Stuy is a very diverse section and home to many young people in their twenties and thirties. With affordable rent prices, many residents here have opened up their own private recording studios, as well as set up their own rehearsal space or studio - something very appealing to singers!

Bushwick This area is known for its “hipster” community with many visual artists, actors, dancers, and filmmakers, all collaborating to create meaningful art that will make an impression on New York society. If you are really looking to network with other performers and to be a part of the community, this is the place to be. There are many workshops, open houses, jams, and art presentations here on the streets. In the neighborhood’s industrial lofts, you can showcase your work, which is great for a singer/songwriter who is just starting out, looking to meet people in the indie music scene!

Flatbush Flatbush is truly a blend of all different cultures, which contributes to a very inspiring neighborhood for musicians! Singers can take in the sights and sounds of all the different cultures here to help shape and find their own cultural identity and sound. Flatbush is also home to many students, as Brooklyn College is located here, which has a great classical voice and jazz department, as well!

Greenpoint/Fort Greene A cultural oasis of Brooklyn, Greenpoint/Fort Green is home to the BRIC Arts Media Center and many other nonprofit organizations that will help you with your singing and performing career. Many performers have decided to call this place home in recent years, including Branford Marsalis, Chris Rock, Erykah Badu, and Keri Russell, to name a few. This quiet area really lets you focus on your artwork while still surrounded by such a creative atmosphere. BRIC Arts Media Center:

So, if you are a singer and are looking to hone your craft while taking singing lessons in Brooklyn, I highly recommend spending some time in each of the different neighborhoods that this city has to offer. Explore performing and writing opportunities while networking and collaborating with other musicians in Brooklyn. It is truly the ideal place to foster your creativity and grow as a singer.


Dominic S.

New York, NY

Everything I know about singing is breathing

About Dominic

A professional voice teacher from The Boston Conservatory of Music, Dominic S. (lyric baritone) has years of experience teaching people of all ages, and in all styles of music. Professionally, he has performed in National Tours, Off Broadway, and in major films.

"Music has always been my absolute favorite thing in the world, and so to teach it to others through singing really is special."

Currently Dominic's studio consists of -
An Academy Award winner
A Tony Award nominee
One student is working with Lady Gaga's producer
One student is signed with Akon
Four students are currently p
erforming on Broadway

BFA The Boston Conservatory of Music

Performed in two national tours and off Broadway
Has a speaking role in the films "Milk" and "The Dropout"

List of notable students:

Constantine Maroulis
Jessica Stam
Jennifer Babiak
Jason Jurman
Mitchell Jarvis
Spencer Plachy
Jenn Marie Hertel
Brendan Washington
Kasey Marino
Jordana Marcus
Krisztina Soltesz


Victor Jannett
Sheri Greenawald
James Javore

Lead singer of the bands Air For Ants and Dead Body
Music Director and House Pianist of The Vaudeville Villianettes Burlesque

Notable Quotes about S.:

Ken Nelson (Coldplay) - "Fantastic voice"
Kenneth 'Babyface' Edmonds - "Really cool songs"
Dan Grigsby (Keith Richards' Engineer) - "Genius"

*** Lesson Details ***
Music is fun.

My personality is laid back, but I would never say that I teach that way.
There is a delicate balance between learning, fun, and concentration.

I have watched my students (especially the beginners) grow as people as well as musicians over the course of a few months. It's really amazing to watch someone do things they never thought they would do, sing or play something they thought was beyond them.
That alone makes what I do really special to me.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Yamaha U1 Upright Piano, MIDI Keyboard, Akai Miniak, Gibson Les Paul Electric Guitar, Fender Squire Electric Guitar, Takamine Acoustic 3F30CE, Pearl Drum Kit

*** Travel Equipment ***
Both the teacher and student should have sheet music

*** Specialties ***
Vocal Lessons - Diaphragmatic breathing, relaxation techniques
Scales, solfeggio, vocal tricks, tongue stretches


Cathy M. February 2, 2016
Piano · Online
Verified Student
Dominic is really easy to work with. He is very patient, talented and can work will all levels of learning. Absolutely recommend!
Corey Birtles January 29, 2016
Singing · In studio
Verified Student
Dominic has been an excellent voice coach. Each week he uses appropriate techniques tailored for the unique challenges that I've been having and genuinely shows an interest in my progress. He's always pleasant to be with and continues to be punctual. On the weeks where my work schedule affects our slot, he's been more than obliging in finding another appropriate slot. Before each session, Dominic makes a point of reaching out to me to confirm all is ok. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for coaching at any level.
Cathy M. January 28, 2016
Piano · Online
Verified Student
Always fun and challenging. Thanks, Dominic!
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Dominic S.

Dominic S.

New York, NY 10019
starting at
$60 / 30-min

Emily W.

New York, NY

Within singing we aim to increase your understanding of your Voice and Body as an instrument. From beginners to advanced we can learn on breathing and vocal technique, learning songs, phrasing and delivery, Jazz, Classical, Pop, World or a variety of all of these. Your voice is for you to discover and enjoy.

About Emily


I am a Conservatory trained Vocalist offering Jazz and Pop Vocal coaching. I also teach Piano, improvising and songwriting for beginners through to advanced (all ages).

My studio in ChelseaWest Village is very close to A, C, E, L, 1, 2, 3 F and M trains.

Please contact TakeLessons.



Harriet R. June 22, 2015
Piano · In studio
Verified Student
Terrific with children (6 and 4 y-o). She was able to engage with even the shy one and she differentiated for the older one.
H.e. Fabris W. August 20, 2014
Piano · In studio
Verified Student
Very very patient, fun, creative and very knowledgeable! I like her a lot! I am eager to see what I will learn next!
Areefa M. July 19, 2014
Vocal Training · In studio
I used to sing in my high school days. Working with children made me realized I need to brush up on my "skills"'. I was sounding rusty. Besides-my knowledge of the terminology,etc was fading away. Working with Emily has been wonderful. She has given me the confidence I needed. In addition, she knows her stuff. Very professional and knowledgeable. Her approach to teaching made me so comfortable. I would highly recommend Emily! She's your gal for the voice training. She also does piano lessons! Thanks Emily!!
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Emily W.

Emily W.

New York, NY 10014
starting at
$45 / 30-min

Rachel C.

New York, NY

We'll start off by talking through your goals for your voice and what you want to achieve from taking lessons. We will work on different techniques that make up a great voice and then apply what you learned to the music you love. Lessons are fun and we will work hard to bring out your best voice and create a sound you love!

About Rachel

(Please note location will be moving to Tribeca, NYC in March 2016)

There are lots of reasons people take singing lessons...a dream of performing for crowds, wanting to melt faces at karaoke, not being embarrassed when singing in the shower... But the common goal is finding your voice and creating a sound you love. My studio is designed to create a space where that process is comfortable and fun! Lessons will start wherever you’re at and go at your own pace towards your specific goals.

I was trained at the School of Creative Arts in Sydney, Australia and specialize in pop, rock and indi
e rock vocal technique. I work with a lot of beginners as well as people in bands and songwriters.

I'm from an extremely musical family and have always loved singing. (I almost pushed my parents over the edge as a kid because I would hum CONSTANTLY...) I lived in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and the US of A growing up and then moved to Sydney, Australia after high school to study music. I ran a vocal studio in San Diego for a few years and have now relocated to NYC.

If you don't see a time available in my schedule that works for you please feel free to contact me. Things are always moving and changing!


Tom S. January 8, 2016
Singing · In studio
Verified Student
Rachel seems to know exactly the right exercises to try based on our discussions, watching and listening to my singing, to zero in on my difficulties and achieve my vocal goals. Really happy that I've made nice progress in a few lessons already.
Theodora K. November 14, 2015
Singing · In studio
Verified Student
Amazing! Made me feel very comfortable, all my fears vanished when we started talking. Great at coaching beginners and finding out what I needed to learn, and great at teaching fun exercises!
Marybeth Belsito September 18, 2015
Singing · In home
Verified Student
Rachel is a gifted and intuitive teacher, one who inspires confidence and courage. Because of her, I am finding my voice. As for Rachel's voice, it is that of an angel's...with a provocative and soulful edge.
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Rachel C.

Rachel C.

New York, NY 10010
starting at
$64 / 30-min

Marjorie K.

New York, NY

I teach Beginner, intermediate and advanced students - all levels of singing

About Marjorie

Marjorie has taught beginners to advanced students of all ages in every vocal style including Opera, Classical, Musical Theatre, Pop, Jazz, Folk, Rock, R&B and Gospel at Hunter College, New York University, La Guardia Community College, The Learning Annex as well as her private vocal studio in NYC for the past 25 years.

Marjorie received her Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Georgia and a Special Studies Award in Voice and Opera from the Eastman School of Music. Marjorie has sung at Venice's Grand Teatro La Fenice, Carnegie Hall in NY, Rome's Teatro dell'Opera, Cagliari's
Teatro Lirico and the New York Grand Opera.

She was the winner of the Luciano Pavarotti International Voice Competition and a finalist in both the Enrico Caruso Voice Competition and McAllister Opera Awards Competitions. Recently she was featured on Channel 5 Good Day New York morning news program.

~~Teaching Philosophy~~

IF YOU CAN TALK YOU CAN SING and I guarantee it!!!!!

I teach beginners and advanced of all ages as well as all styles of music:

Opera - Classical - Musical Theatre - Pop - Jazz - Folk - Rock - R&B - Gospel

*I teach the freedom of the jaw, neck and shoulders to allow the breath to connect without tension allowing the production of a free vocal tone.

*Singing on the vowels with clean articulated consonants before and after the vowel is sung.

*Correct understanding and pronunciation of French, Italian, German and English languages

*Musicianship, theory, piano, all musical styles and song writing

*Performance and acting skills

*Audition techniques

*Career guidance

*Annual Student Recitals in professional New York City Venues

*** Lesson Details ***
Lessons take place at my home studio. Lessons may be recorded on my professional recording equipment or you may bring your own recording devices. This is an excellent learning tool. I teach my students how to extend their range, increase breath control and the freedom of their body in order to enable a free and easy produced vocal tone. I teach song repertoire to the student's particular musical style choices. I also work with students that wish to write their own songs so that their musical ideas can be heard clearly and precisely. A guitar is available for students if they wish to use it to accompany themselves. I teach my students how to deal with performance anxiety . Students are presented in recitals twice a year and performance classes are held once a month in addition to the private lessons.

IF you can talk you can sing and I guarantee it!!!! I teach beginners to advanced of all ages.

*** Specialties ***
Voice, Piano
I teach the freedom of the jaw, neck and shoulders to allow the breath to come without tension allowing the production of a free vocal tone.

Beginners and advanced of all ages. "If you can Talk you can Sing and I guarantee it!!!! Opera - Classical - Musical Theater - Jazz - Folk - R&B - Gospel - Country - Rock -


Tania P. October 17, 2015
Singing · In studio
Verified Student
I love working with Marjorie. I am learning so much with her. I am very shy, but I feel comfortable with her and am slowly gaining confidence in my voice. She is very supportive and I could not ask for a better instructor. I cannot wait to continue my lessons with her!
Angela W. August 14, 2015
Opera Voice · In studio
Verified Student
no stress, no fear, relax
good way to learn something new for me
very much enjoyable the whole time
you will feel good about yourself too after the lesson
Laurie S. May 12, 2015
Singing · In studio
Verified Student
Marjorie is an amazing teacher!! She's very supportive and inspiring to the point that now I've started to get into songwriting. She even teaches me relaxation exercises to help nudge the creative spirit! I always leave her studio feeling enthusiastic, full of energy and looking forward to the next lesson!
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Marjorie K.

Marjorie K.

New York, NY 10024
starting at
$60 / 30-min

Indigo S.

Brooklyn, NY

Establish healthy technique, undo bad habits, and free your natural voice, enabling you to sing in the style of your choice.

About Indigo

Indigo has been working in the performing arts since she was biting ankles, first as a dancer and vocalist, and later as a guitarist. She's composed music for and/or sung dozens of international television commercials, spots on Law and Order and songs in Films premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, and as a lead guitarist and vocalist, toured the US, Canada, Europe and Iceland, extensively, performing in hundreds of theaters and rock clubs around the world, including-- Madison Square Garden, BAM, The Beacon Theater, Music Hall Of Williamsburg, The Bowery Ballroom, Club Nokia (LA), The Chicag
o Theater, Baby's All Right, The Mercury Lounge, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass (SF), Pickathon (Portland)

As a teacher, Indigo's method has, at it's core, a commitment to the idea of teaching a man to fish rather than giving him a fish, and every student, regardless of age or experience will be taught to understand, first and foremost, how music works, so that he or she comes away, not only with the skills to play the material covered in the lessons, but, eventually, the ability to teach themselves any other material they're interested in.

With an emphasis on ear training, her natural approach to learning theory, makes even the most wary or challenged student understand with ease, and find pleasure in the process of learning. Rote memorization is eliminated and replaced by a deep understanding, which grows naturally, while technique improves alongside it. Students quickly find themselves able to play, sing and understand things they'd only previously dreamed of.

These building blocks of music are the same regardless of the style of music you're interested in, but technique will be tailored to your specific interests and from the start, a portion of each lesson will be devoted to learning the material of your choice.

Indigo also specializes in coaching songwriters, and can, in a gentle and non-invasive way, help to guide you through the process of both mastering craft, and establishing your own individual voice as a writer.

Special for new students in 2016 - $5 discount for new Skype students!


Beth H. January 21, 2016
Singing · In studio
Verified Student
Indigo's the best! She's very perceptive to any problems going on in your voice and breaks it down so they're no longer issues. She's also very understanding to any scheduling changes and is so so easy to work with :)
Louie December 26, 2015
Guitar · In studio
I wrote on the wall years ago that I want to be, "a working, living, joy," and know it is important to be around someone who is working, practicing, and living the subject matter of which you desire. For one can read, watch, visualize and theorize for a long time...and so much more. But being around someone is different.
Indigo has helped me across the board, directly and indirectly. Directly, in that she has shown me some fundamentals "I need" to work on in order to achieve and generate the ideas within the self. Indirectly, in so much that a student can see her familiarity with her instrument (instrument being guitar and self) and a more proper persona to take on in order to facilitate being musical.
Furthermore, I have been to some of her shows since taking lessons, and seen her play with different bands (as a leader) in a very short amount of time. Indigo is working, writing, practicing, breathing, and ultimately living that joy right in front of my face. And she shares it with a strong diligence and patience. I can go on and on...But I'm Ticking Like a Time Bomb! Louie
Robin L. December 8, 2015
Singing · In studio
Verified Student
Indigo is amazing! Extremely supportive, talented, and warm. As a super beginner, I noticed a dramatic change in just 5 lessons. She intuitively knows just what to do to open your voice and guide you. I felt immediately comfortable with her and she's very professional. She's a magic one! Couldn't recommend more highly.
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Indigo S.

Indigo S.

Brooklyn, NY 11222
starting at
$50 / 30-min

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