Learn Singing with Morgana

Songwriting Workshop (Family Friendly - All Ages Welcome)

Morgana D.
TakeLessons Live Instructor
Live-clock-goldClass length: 45 Min
Level: Intermediate

About this class

*Even though this class is listed in the singing category, this is not a class that will teach you singing skills.*
*This class will be first come first served as far as who's song will be featured in the class*

Now that the disclosures have been made:

Ever listened to a song and just felt like the singer was talking to you directly? This is the power of storytelling in songwriting. Stories create bonds and connections between complete strangers—making it seem like you have known this artist your whole life. This workshop will focus on the writing of song lyrics, poems and monologues. I invite students to come with an idea that we can work on in class to take and make it into a tangible piece of art.

All genres are welcome. As far as feedback, please keep it as constructive as possible. Look forward to seeing what everyone is working on and helping you along in your songwriting journey.

About Morgana D.

Hi everyone! I'm Morgana. I am a violin, creative writing and finance instructor here on Take Lessons. I offer both group and private lessons. Group classes are scheduled throughout the week and I am on a schedule as you go basis with private lessons. So, if you are a fellow philomath (lover of learning), I would love to see you in one of my classes.

In your lessons we can work on lyric writing, performance, music theory, finding your musical style, violin scales and bowing techniques, auditioning, reading sheet music, keeping your financials in order as a musician and so much more.

Below is a list of FAQs - if you have further questions beyond what is listed feel free to contact me through the Ask a Question feature on my profile.

Where can I take lessons from you?
Currently, I only teach online through the Take Lessons Platform. I do not offer classes on Zoom, Google Meets, in person or over the phone.

What will I learn in my lessons?

Private lessons are tailored to the individual. Depending on the subject we can work on a variety of exercises to help you achieve your goals.

What if I'm a beginner?
Not a problem. I teach beginning through intermediate levels.

Can I try the first class for free?
No, however you are welcome to join a group class which are more economical before booking private lessons.

A little more about me:
I am a lyricist, violinist, and former musical theater actress. Currently I am working on getting my original music produced and out on major streaming platforms. I learned violin when I was very young and set it aside because at the time the only options available to me were in a classical setting. During my break from music I pursued a career in business and finance. Now, 20 years later I am applying the skills I learned to help myself and others further their careers in the music industry. I have in addition re-sparked my love for violin and respect its versatility as a multigenre instrument, made to be interpreted individually, and expressed as uniquely as each player.