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Good teacher. Can understand all he says. Monty

Monty (Bridge lessons with Ken M.)

Very methodical and a great listener

Debbe (Bridge lessons with Ken M.)

Ken is great. The first lesson was clear, organized and interesting. Seven of us took part in the zoom lesson and everyone loved it

Douglas (Bridge lessons with Ken M.)

Ken has a wealth of knowledge. He offers handouts to review and presents lessons with slides to instruct using actual bridge hands. He provides not only the rules for the game but also the mental step

Marla (Bridge lessons with Ken M.)

Good teacher. Can understand all he says. Monty

Monty (Bridge lessons with Ken M.)

Very methodical and a great listener

Debbe (Bridge lessons with Ken M.)

In the press

Bridge Lessons

If you’ve ever seen a show or movie from the ‘50s, ‘60s, or ‘70s where the parents were sitting around a table playing cards, chances are they were playing the game known as bridge. Bridge is a social game that pairs teams of two people against another team, making it a great game for couples nights to have fun.

It’s widely viewed as the most popular card game in the world, and long before streaming and social media, it was believed that over 50% of all households would play bridge in the evenings for entertainment!

If you’re interested in having fun and want to learn, our bridge lessons are designed for players of all ages and abilities.

Certified Bridge Lessons Teachers

At TakeLessons, we know that students learn at their own pace and in their own ways, so a good teacher can make all the difference. We make sure that all of our instructors are background screened experts at their craft to provide our students with the best instructors we can find.

Our process is simple: browse through our catalog of certified bridge lessons teachers, find one that matches your needs at a price you can afford, meet with them and sign up to begin taking classes right away!

What’s more, we customize our classes to fit your busy schedule and are affordable to fit your budget, with the average price of a 30-minute lesson costing about $43. So, whether you’re looking for a new pastime as a couple or are looking to get into the exciting tournament play, TakeLessons offers the perfect bridge teacher and program to match your interests.

Bridge Online Lessons for All Ages

We know that our students come to us busy and of all ages, so we offer in-person classes and online programs to meet each student’s needs. Our online lessons are ideal for working couples, parents with young children, kids, and retirees to learn the fun that is bridge.

Whether you’re looking for bridge lessons for kids, adults, or seniors, bridge is a game of strategy, strengthening focus, memory, and deductive reasoning skills. Our customized classes are designed to match all of our students' interests and ages. Sign up today and see why our students are raving we have the best online bridge lessons around!

Bridge Lessons for All Levels

Bridge is as much a social game as a mental exercise making it perfect for players of all ages and abilities. Like most parlor games, bridge becomes more enjoyable as you master the game.

But everyone has to start somewhere. So whether you’re an advanced bridge player or looking for bridge lessons for beginners, we match your specific experience and interests at TakeLessons.

A class for intermediate players will look much different than a class designed to introduce the game to someone. And the best way to learn bridge is to learn strategies, tips, and tricks from professionals, like our certified bridge teachers, who’ll customize a program for any level and ability.

Bridge Lessons Curriculum

Bridge as a parlor game is easy to learn but takes time to master. Our individualized classes will provide students with a range of lessons from the fundamentals of the game to tournament and competition preparation.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Bridge Lessons

If you’ve only seen couples play bridge on “I Love Lucy” and are curious about how to play or looking for a social game to play with others, the introductory level is best for you.

A sample curriculum of our beginner bridge lessons may teach you the following:

  • Structure of the game, such as players (North, South, East, and West)
  • Basic mechanics of the game
  • Introduction to the deck, dealing, and sorting your hand
  • How the game is scored

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Bridge Lessons

If you have some experience playing and want to improve your skills and strategies, then our intermediate bridge lessons are where you’d want to be.

A sample curriculum for our intermediate level bridge lessons may look something like this:

  • Bidding strategies and winning techniques
  • Bridge etiquette
  • Some popular conventions
  • Defensive problems -Declarer play

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Bridge Lessons

For experienced bridge players looking to master the game and prepare to dominate in professional tournament play, our advanced classes are designed to match your specific goals.

A sample of the curriculum in an advanced bridge lesson may include:

  • Navigating complex hands and strategies
  • Reading other players and recognizing their strategies and tendencies
  • Tournament preparation and training

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At TakeLessons, our online bridge lessons are individually designed by certified instructors for students of all ages and abilities to learn and master the game.

If you’re ready to learn the incredible game of bridge, we make signing up for classes easy and hassle-free. Pick a teacher and budget to fit your interests, schedule your classes, and get started! It’s that simple.

And, we are so confident that you’ll enjoy the lessons that we put our money where our mouth is. If you’re not completely satisfied, we will refund the remaining balance from your account. That’s our 100% guarantee.

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Is bridge hard to learn?


No, bridge is easy to pick up but does take time to learn the finer points. The difficulty at the higher levels of play is why the game is called “game for a lifetime.” Of course, you can learn the game online, but to truly grasp the game and embrace its fun, getting instruction from masters of the game will only enhance your understanding and enjoyment.

Is bridge good for the brain?


Yes, bridge is a game that includes luck (the cards dealt to you) and strategy, making it a parlor game that stimulates and challenges the brain. Research has shown that playing bridge regularly improves reasoning skills, focus, and short-to-long term memory.

It’s the perfect social game for players of all ages and levels, so whether you’re looking to teach your kids a new interactive game or helping your advanced-aged loved ones maintain their mental acuity, bridge is the game for you.

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