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Sharon M.

Sharon M.

Whether or not you are new to painting or want to get back into it after many years away and just need some feedback and a new perspective I am here to help. I have been teaching painting for 20 years and I’ve worked with students of all ages, from young adults to retirees. I teach painting using the classical method of observation (meaning, based on what they see). You will also learn how to use color as it reflects the temperature of the light and shadows like the impressionists. I will show you a lot of different artists for inspiration and to teach you how to glean the best from history. I recommend working from direct observation at first (a still life rather than a photo of a still-life). With oil paint, there are some underpainting techniques to explore to get a really solid layout and to establish the values. This is an advantage to oil because it is easier to work out the values before adding color. Next, over the top, you can do a very painterly technique and have the confidence that your drawing is accurate. You can expect to learn a lot about color as it relates to the light source much the way the impressionists used color. As a beginner, you would start with a very basic still life, and if advanced you would be offered more complex challenges from still-lifes, to a portrait or landscape. I'll guide beginners towards techniques that teach them to better understand the visual structure. As you gain experience I'll encourage you to explore directions of self-expression. I adjust my approach to teaching as I get to know each student and what learning style connects best with them.
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/60 mins
Deron C.

Deron C.

Learn how to unlock your creative potential and release the artist inside you while also learning how to paint. Deron C. has been exploring oil painting for over 20 years and has been teaching others how to express themselves creatively with it for over 10. He will lead you through a creative process that encourages creativity and allows painting students the freedom to paint in an intuitive way. Paint what you see whether the reference material is a photograph or a three-dimensional still life. If you've never painted before, Deron will guide you through the basics of painting, color theory, and the elements and principles of design while helping you exercise and strengthen your creativity. If you are a painter that needs a little advice or direction instructor Deron C. will help you evaluate your work, answer your questions and provide guidance to get you on the right track.
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/30 mins
Anthony G.

Anthony G.

Whatever your skill level, however fast or slow you want to go, I want to help you to become a better artist and enjoy it while you’re learning! What we cover in your lesson will be determined by your level of expertise. If you are just starting out with oils, we will discuss some important things to understand about the colors, mediums, how to set up your palette and some different ways of applying paint, etc. If you already have some experience with oil painting, we will pick up with whatever areas you would like to improve on. If you are interested in painting the human figure or portraits in particular, we can discuss some important ways to go about painting flesh tones. There are also some little known tips I want to tell you about that will be useful to artists of any skill level! I will share with you any suggestions that I have for technique or different ways of approaching your painting that may help you with whatever areas you’re struggling with. If you would like to work on a painting together during our lessons, it will typically be best to select at least an hour long session. We can focus on how to paint whatever subject you prefer. It’s all about you! I want you to get as much out of your lessons as possible, and we will work on whatever you need to start painting better than ever before!
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/30 mins
Megan R.

Megan R.

Oil painting is a timeless medium. Learn about materials, color mixing , stages of a painting , contemporary and classical techniques and more. I have been trained by international artists in the top of their field in classical atelier methods as well as contemporary painting styles. My classes bring a sense of adventure and curiosity to portraits, landscape, abstraction and other styles. Each class is customized to meet you where you are. I have been exhibiting and selling paintings for 10 years so I can also help you in the realm of keeping an active creative practice alive. I also offer a professional perspective on pursuing an art career if you want to take your love of painting to the next level. If you want a critique of your work sign up for the 30 minute class and receive a recording of the class.
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/30 mins
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Anthony is a fantastic teacher. He’s knowledgeable, patient and extremely effective and clear in his explanation of the painting process. Additionally, he is a gifted and excellent Artist. I absolutel

Armando (Oil Painting lessons with Anthony G.)

Highly skilled painter that encourages students to draw, look closely and make at least three thumbnails sketches in vale’s before painting. She always takes gently with students, ask questions to be

J.M.W. (Oil Painting lessons with Sharon M.)

Having Mr. Ohasi as an Instructor has been one of the most valuable and enjoyable things I've done in life. It sounds a bit cliche, but in all honesty, I've learned more about myself in the time I've

Tahani J. (Oil Painting lessons with Ohashi R.)

He took time to find out what I was interested in learning and answered all my questions. He gave a great demonstration too.

Crystal (Oil Painting lessons with Timothy K.)

Anthony is a fantastic teacher. He’s knowledgeable, patient and extremely effective and clear in his explanation of the painting process. Additionally, he is a gifted and excellent Artist. I absolutel

Armando (Oil Painting lessons with Anthony G.)

Highly skilled painter that encourages students to draw, look closely and make at least three thumbnails sketches in vale’s before painting. She always takes gently with students, ask questions to be

J.M.W. (Oil Painting lessons with Sharon M.)

In the press

Oil Painting Lessons

If you’re looking for oil painting lessons teachers, including both online and in-person lessons, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at TakeLessons we’ve got a selection of the best instructors available today, all of whom can help take your oil painting skills to the next level.

Oil painting is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful types of art in existence today. Its roots trace back deep into European history, where it flowered as an art form and became the celebrated achievement it is today. Before that, though, the first known oil paintings were completed in 700 AD in Afghanistan by Buddhist artists.

Oil painting consists of painting with pigments, with a medium of drying oil used as a binder. It is commonly used to paint on wood panels or canvases. Because oil painting requires that each layer dry before adding a new coat, the art form necessitates a good deal of patience and skill. That means a good teacher, one that can teach you the little details that come into play with oil painting, is very important.

TakeLessons offers some of the best online oil painting lessons available today. Our lessons are taught by experienced artists with years of experience in both painting and teaching fledgling artists. Sign up today for oil painting lessons that will assist you in achieving your goals!

Certified Oil Painting Teachers

Oil painting is famous for its rich colors and range of light and dark shades. At the same time, though, it is regarded as being more difficult to learn than other types of painting, such as watercolor.

Because of the complexity of oil painting, and its barrier to entry, it’s important to have a good tutor by your side. The oil painting teachers at TakeLessons are able to take the process of oil painting and make it easy to follow. We have tutors with backgrounds as working artists, and who can teach as much about the business as the art form.

TakeLessons makes it easy to pick your teacher, read through past reviews, and figure out your lesson schedule for your own private oil painting lessons. We have a teacher that will work for any budget. Although there are varying prices for our oil painting teachers, the average price for a 60-minute lesson comes out to about $68.

Sign up today to get started with the best online oil painting lessons or in-person tutoring!

Oil Painting Lessons for All Ages

TakeLessons offers different types of lessons for different types of learners. Age can be a big factor when learning a new art form, changing the types of lessons that can be most engaging and influencing the goals that you might have as a student.

Our platform has some of the best online oil painting lessons to fit any age or learning level, including adults, teenagers, and even young children. The teachers at TakeLessons can easily adjust to any lesson needs you or your kids have, crafting a road map for your learning journey and taking your skills to the next level in the process.

Sign up today for oil painting lessons for kids, adults, and everything in between. Our private lessons are easy to book, affordable, and effective. No matter your goals, we promise we have a lesson for you.

Oil Painting Lessons for All Levels

TakeLessons offers oil painting Lessons for all skill levels. Our oil painting lessons for beginners will help you build the fundamentals necessary to start outlining your art works, mixing colors, and finishing your first painting. For advanced learners, our teachers can help coach you in becoming a professional artist, and taking your skills to new heights.

In the process of booking your oil painting tutor, you’ll let them know where your skill level is at and what your learning goals are. Then your oil painting tutor can figure out the best approach for your learning journey.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced oil painter, signing up for a lesson with our oil painting teachers means you’re committing to taking your skills to the next level. Whatever your goals are, TakeLessons can help you achieve them. Upgrade your oil painting skills by signing up today!

Oil Painting Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Oil Painting Lessons

  • Planning your work
  • Outlining a painting
  • Mixing colors
  • Oil painting basics
  • Underpainting
  • Oil painting history

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Oil Painting Lessons

  • Crafting a personal style
  • Advanced oil colors
  • Glazing
  • Impasto
  • Oil painting history

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Oil Painting Lessons

  • Mastering chiaroscuro and other techniques
  • Upgrading your color technique
  • Light and dark contrast
  • Showing your work
  • Painting for clients

Sign up Today

TakeLessons is one of the best websites to access oil painting lessons for both online and in-person students. Feel free to browse through our list of oil painting teachers, find a plan that works for you, and start working on making art you can be proud of. We know signing up is a big commitment, which is why we back up all our lessons with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We can’t wait to meet you!

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How do I learn to oil paint?


You can learn to oil paint by buying all the equipment, learning some basic information, then start incorporating some of the basic techniques into your painting approach. Without guidance, though, this process can be easier said than done. As with many other art forms, oil painting takes a while to master, and you must patiently learn the techniques that turn a blank canvas into a beautiful painting. With the help of oil painting lessons teachers such as the ones at TakeLessons, you can make the learning process much easier on yourself.

Is oil painting difficult to learn?


Oil painting can be fairly difficult to learn. This is especially true when compared to watercolor or acrylic painting, which both have a different feel and process than oi painting. One of the hardest things to learn is how to use the solvents and mediums effectively, while also being patient enough to let your paint dry between layers. With a great teacher, though, oil painting can be much easier. That’s why taking consistent oil painting lessons is critical to learning how to be a great, and effective painter.

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