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David T.

David T.

Emmy Award Winner David T. has over 33 years of acting experience in Film, TV and Stage. He is best known World-wide for his role on “The Young and the Restless” where he received 3 Emmy nominations and won his first Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series for his role as Billy Abbott. He has the experience and training to coach actors who are either beginning their journey with acting or are well experienced actors who are looking to bring more color and light to their work. so they will stand out in front of the casting director & make their tape unique from the rest. Acting is my passion, and I love to share that passion with others so they may reach their dreams of becoming a working actor.
/30 mins
Darius J.

Darius J.

I am a highly engaging and truly devoted teacher. In every session, we will work on a scene or monologue and you'll be guided through the entire process of acting with a focus on camera technique. Learning script analysis, character development, imagination strengthening, audition technique, expressivity, mastery of the mechanisms of the body & voice, and confidence like you've never known!
/30 mins
Vandi E.

Vandi E.

As a working actor on stage and screen for the majority of my life, with family who worked as professionals in the performing arts arena, and the continuing education and ever-growing contact list to help guide you through the ever-changing landscape of the film industry, I am here to help you! Are you a young person, watching your favorite actors on tv thinking, I bet I could be really good at that! Or someone fresh out of college thinking, now what? (That was me) Maybe you've been working in live theatre and want to transition to film acting? How do you choose what city to live in? When should I get an agent or manager? How do I get an agent or manager? What do agents and managers do? How do agents and managers get paid? Where do I find auditions? How do I negotiate? What is a "package"? I have the answers to all of these questions and more! From putting together your package, to scene analysis, monologue preparation, working off of other characters, understanding the business side of film, to simply knowing how to behave and interact with others on set, I've got your back! And if I don't know the answer, I have mentors, coaches, colleagues, and friends that I can ask and find out! Ready to take your acting career to the next level? Let's go!
/30 mins


At beginning level the basics of headshots, resumes, reels and creation of reel. Auditions basics. At Intermediate and advanced see my course for Film and TV acting.
/30 mins
Tanya A.

Tanya A.

All levels. Audition technique.
/30 mins
James W.

James W.

Film requires a different method from Theatre Acting. Having worked on many films in Hollywood and "Learning By Doing" and study at the Actors Studio and from Experts at Disney I will teach you all you need to be prepared to land that first gig in Film.
/30 mins
Kelsey J.

Kelsey J.

These lessons are for students pursuing a career in commercial/film acting or perhaps interested in what it takes to become an actor. Students will learn the fundamental terminology, a variety of film/commercial acting techniques, and explore different genres of this industry including voice over work. We work on a variety of tv/film monologues, scene work, character development, and developing our craft.
/45 mins
Molly M.

Molly M.

Acting basics, suited for film and/or TV . These basics are more "nuanced" than theater. We always laugh as we learn. Let's find material that shows YOU off!
/30 mins
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The sweetest. She makes you feel so comfortable. This was my first time acting and she totally squashed all of my nerves the minute it started!

Morgan (Film Acting lessons with Kathryn K.)

James is a wonderful film acting teacher. He taught me the importance of self-confidence and postivity. I have a new-found positive outlook on acting, thanks to James. Now I can act in anything and I

Rabi (Film Acting lessons with James W.)

James is a wonderful film acting teacher. He taught me the importance of self-confidence and postivity. I have a new-found positive outlook on acting, thanks to James. Now I can act in anything and I

Rabi Warda (Film Acting lessons with James W.)

Kathryn is the absolute best! She truly wants what is best for her students; she tries very hard to teach you everything you need to know and moves at a pace that is convenient for the student. She ma

Josh Fejfar (Film Acting lessons with Kathryn K.)

The sweetest. She makes you feel so comfortable. This was my first time acting and she totally squashed all of my nerves the minute it started!

Morgan (Film Acting lessons with Kathryn K.)

James is a wonderful film acting teacher. He taught me the importance of self-confidence and postivity. I have a new-found positive outlook on acting, thanks to James. Now I can act in anything and I

Rabi (Film Acting lessons with James W.)

In the press

Film Acting Lessons

While actors have been performing on stage for centuries, the art of film acting began in the late 1890s with the invention of motion-picture film projectors. Of course, the film world has changed a lot since the early days, but film acting still plays a prominent role in our society.

Are you looking to improve your acting skills for the silver screen? Let our certified film acting teachers help you. At TakeLessons, we’re known for offering the best online film acting lessons around, but we also offer incredible in-person sessions, too. With the help of our instructors, you can take your acting skills to the next level!

Certified Film Acting Teachers

When you’re learning a new skill, it’s important to work with a professional teacher who is committed to your success—and that’s exactly what we offer! All of our film acting teachers are certified and background checked, so you receive the quality education you deserve.

When signing up for your lessons, begin by choosing a film acting tutor near you. To narrow down your choices, simply browse through our inventory of certified teachers. You can learn more about their background, experience, area of expertise, schedule, and even their rates.

We strive to make learning affordable, so we offer lessons that range in price from $16 to $165 an hour. The average cost of a 60-minute session is $80, but rates will vary from one teacher to the next.

Once you’ve selected your ideal match, all you need to do is choose your schedule and decide on your preferred package, and then you’re set!

Film Acting Online Lessons for All Ages

Do you know what’s so great about learning the art of film acting? Your age doesn’t affect your ability to act in any way! Anyone can learn this skill, no matter if they are five years old or eighty-five years old.

At TakeLessons, we welcome students of all ages. Our teachers are qualified to teach film acting lessons to kids, adults, and even seniors. You never have to worry if you’re too young or too old to sign up. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up yourself, your kids, or even your grandparents to start learning this art form today!

Film Acting Lessons for All Levels

We understand each student has a different background and set of skills. Maybe you’ve been performing in front of the camera since you were in diapers. Or perhaps this is the first time you’ve even tried reading a script. Wherever you are in your acting journey, our film acting teachers will be there with you every step of the way.

We offer film acting lessons for beginners and advanced students alike. When you sign up for lessons, your tutor will inquire about your current skills and goals and then design a customized lesson plan just for you.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Film Acting Lessons

Your teacher might cover the following topics:

  • Learn to relax and ignore the camera
  • Learn how to hit your marks
  • Introduction to on-set lingo

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Film Acting Lessons

Your teacher might address some of the following:

  • Work on subtle expressions and emotions
  • Learn how to act naturally while acting
  • Letting the camera come to you

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Film Acting Lessons

Subjects covered in advanced lessons depend greatly on the student's individual interests and goals, but your teacher might choose to cover the following topics:

  • Access your emotions for entering hot scenes cold
  • Audition coaching
  • Performance preparation

Sign up Today

Are you ready to put your film-acting dreams into motion? TakeLessons is here to help. Sign up for our in-person or online film acting lessons today—simply choose your teacher, pick your schedule, and select your package. What’s more, we’re so confident you’ll enjoy your classes that we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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How do I teach myself acting?


There are many resources for teaching yourself the basics of acting, but we recommend turning or private lessons. When you take our film acting lessons, we’ll pair you up with a certified tutor who will help you achieve your goals.

The great part of learning this way is that you can go at your own comfortable pace and ask questions to ensure you’re nailing every concept. Your tutor will also provide you with valuable feedback and help prevent you from picking up bad or lazy habits along the way. Under the instructor of your private tutor, you can ensure you’re moving in the right direction.

How do beginners practice acting?


When you sign up for our film acting lessons for beginners, you’ll receive the best tips and tricks for practicing what you’ve learned.

Your private tutor will give you a variety of exercises to help you get comfortable with this art form and improve your acting techniques. Depending on your individual goals, your tutor might provide you with games for working on your facial expressions or tools for keeping you cool during auditions. Whatever kind of practice you need, your tutor will make sure you get it.

How do I get into film acting with no experience?


One great way to break into the world of acting is to begin by signing up for film acting lessons. Here at TakeLessons, our tutors are skilled at teaching students of all skill levels and backgrounds—even if they’ve never acted a day in their lives!

Our tutors will provide you with the tools you need to better understand this art form. If you’re just starting out, they’ll teach you about the basics, from getting comfortable in front of the camera to understanding the industry lingo. Your tutor will also inquire about your goals and help you prepare yourself for auditions in the future. You can show up looking like a seasoned professional every time.

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