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Secrets to Singing with Confidence

Photo of Reina M.
with Reina M.
Don’t let fear hold you back from becoming an amazing singer! If you’re struggling with stage fright or you’re afraid to sing in front of other people, this supportive class will give you tools to overcome your nerves. Learn how to sing with stage presence and confidence so you can truly shine when you perform.

Introduction to Music Theory

Photo of Carl S.
with Carl S.
In this class, you'll learn the basic techniques for reading sheet music to help you improve your overall musicianship. You will learn the most effective practice methods to sightread better so you'll get more out of every rehearsal and practice session. You'll learn how to speed up your eyes, read ahead and comprehend more notes in less time, and how to sing or play the notes with more confidence.

Expert Tips to Improve Your Voice Instantly

Photo of Denise B.
with Denise B.
When you’re just beginning to learn how to sing, small changes can make a big difference! In this welcoming online singing class, you’ll learn small, simple things, such as breathing techniques and body movements, you can do to instantly improve your singing voice.

Introduction to Guitar Lessons

Photo of Edwin I.
with Edwin I.
In this live online group class, you'll have the chance to work with a professional guitar instructor to learn some basic guitar techniques that will help you feel more confident about your skills. Plus, there will be time for brainstorming about your goals with guitar and time to practice your skills to get instant feedback from a live instructor. This class is great for beginners who are just starting out with guitar lessons and want to warm up before their first private lesson--this is the best way to get the jitters out and jumpstart your learning!

Piano Techniques for Intermediate Students

Photo of Edwin I.
with Edwin I.
Ready to take your piano skills to the next level? In this intermediate level piano class, learn new techniques to consistently improve your piano skills. Your expert instructor will help you boost your skills in this live, interactive group class where you can get instant feedback on your performance and get immediate answers to any questions you have along the way. If you are an intermediate level pianist, you won't want to miss this class!

Live Performance Class: Play and Get Feedback

Photo of Brianna S.
with Brianna S.
Ready to improve your piano playing performance? In this interactive piano performance class, students will have the opportunity to play their piano piece for the class and get supportive, constructive feedback from an expert instructor. Please come prepared to play a song for the class and get constructive feedback to improve your performance. If you do not have a song prepared, you are still welcome to come listen to other students and benefit from hearing their individual feedback for improvement.

Proper Guitar Techniques from Step 1

Photo of Carl S.
with Carl S.
In this class, learn how to play the guitar properly by creating a solid foundation of good habits right from the beginning. Your expert instructor will show you how to master basic guitar techniques the right way so that you can continually build your skills without tricky setbacks. Ready to set yourself up for long-term success with learning the guitar? This is the class for you!

Easy Tricks to Start Playing Ukulele Today

Photo of Edwin I.
with Edwin I.
Learn the basics to get started with the ukulele. This class is designed for beginners and will cover getting to know your ukulele, showing you how to hold your hands, how to tune your instrument, and more. By the end of this class, you'll also be able to play a few chords on your ukulele, courtesy of expert instruction by your teacher, Edwin.

Simple Chords for the Most Popular Ukulele Songs

Photo of Edwin I.
with Edwin I.
Want to 10X your ukulele repertoire? Get the secret to playing hundreds of popular songs in this live, interactive ukulele class. In this group class, you’ll learn a sequence of four easy ukulele chords that make it easy to play countless songs.

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1,000 lessons taught
Spanish, Piano, and Singing. Over 10 years experience teaching
Jared J.
3,000 lessons taught
Guitar. Beginner to advanced. Jazz, Blues, Rock, and more.
Reina M.
700 lessons taught
Singing. Beginner to advanced. Classical to Jazz.

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