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Dennis J.

Dennis J.

I teach all kinds of acting, and have for over 40 years, but I specialize in stage acting, on-camera acting, acting for the face, voice acting, comedic acting, physical acting, improv, script analysis, monologues, audition prep, audition videos and voice over auditions. For Voice Acting, we'll cover the various elements including: pitch; loudness; speed; rhythm; tone; prosody; variables and variations; character elements; use of dramatic and comedic pauses; emotion; enunciation; emphasis; pace; intervals; nasal continuents; u-glide; musicality; timing, and more. We'll study mic technique, what to do and what to avoid. We'll study how to prepare your script, including identifying and using key words, and script shorthand. We'll explore what to expect in the studio, how to work with a producer, how to work with a sound engineer, and how to work with other voice actors. We'll apply the elements of Voice Acting to the study of voice artistry, video game voiceovers, commercial voiceovers, audiobook narration, character voices, dialects, documentary vo, reading short stories, auditions, and more. We'll cover: vo markets; how to develop leads; how to cultivate clients; what to expect from a client; how to audition; and how to deliver work that will make the client happy. We can also explore how you can create your own basic home studio, including microphone, software, interface, computer, headphones, and sound blankets.
/30 mins
Vandi E.

Vandi E.

I work as a professional actor, voice over artist, and audiobook narrator. We can work on speech for the actor, dialects, how to make a career in the industry, and more!
/30 mins


Acting with your voice is an art. From expressing emotions to accents to creating totally new voices I can coach you and help you book the job! Many of my students are now with agents and working in the VO industry.
/30 mins
Kelsey J.

Kelsey J.

These lessons are for students wanting to pursue a voice artist career or for students who are wanting to improve their speaking voice for professional and/or personal goals. I will teach students how to strengthen their speaking voice, improve voice clarity, speaking from the diaphragm, changing tone, building inflections and creativity, and so much more!
/45 mins
David T.

David T.

Emmy Award Winner David T. has over 33 years of acting experience in Film, TV and Stage. He is best known World-wide for his role on “The Young and the Restless” where he received 3 Emmy nominations and won his first Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series for his role as Billy Abbott. He has the experience and training to coach actors who are either beginning their journey with acting or are well experienced actors who are looking to bring more color and light to their work. so they will stand out in front of the casting director & make their tape unique from the rest. Acting is my passion, and I love to share that passion with others so they may reach their dreams of becoming a working actor.
/30 mins
Joseph M.

Joseph M.

35 + yrs playing/teaching experience Classical to Jazz Fun mixed with work
/30 mins
Shirley N.

Shirley N.

My goal is to share my knowledge as a classically trained actor and film director. I will create lesson plans catered to each individual that captures the complex and wonderful world of theatrical and on-camera performance. Students will be exposed to various acting methods created by Uta Hagen, Stanislavsky, Michael Chekhov, and others. Students will participate in multiple exercises and performances that will build and strengthen their bodies, voice, mind, and heart.
/30 mins
Tanya A.

Tanya A.

Reel available.
/30 mins
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Jason previously worked with my teenage daughter and they made vast improvements in her acting skills and college audition. She was accepted into AMDA. Now he is working with my older daughter to help

lara (Voice Acting lessons with Jason M.)

My first lesson was great! Tanya provided lots of information and techniques excited to learn more.

LASONYA (Voice Acting lessons with Tanya A.)

Candid has a quick eye and offers a positive critique of my skills and technique. Looking forward to working more with Candid!

Nancy (Voice Acting lessons with Candid L. B.)

Jason has been an amazing coach for my incredibly active animated son. He is great at redirecting my boy when he has trouble focusing and provides immediate feedback to help my son make progress. We l

Cari (Voice Acting lessons with Jason M.)

Jason previously worked with my teenage daughter and they made vast improvements in her acting skills and college audition. She was accepted into AMDA. Now he is working with my older daughter to help

lara (Voice Acting lessons with Jason M.)

My first lesson was great! Tanya provided lots of information and techniques excited to learn more.

LASONYA (Voice Acting lessons with Tanya A.)

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Voice Acting Lessons

Voice acting has become a much more common art form in the modern world. As audiobooks and YouTube videos grow in popularity, voice actors are increasingly in demand to help produce content.

Voice acting is commonly defined as the art of doing voice-overs to present a character or provide information to the audience. The modern art of voice acting can be traced back to the popularity of radio broadcasts in the 20th Century, which often presented stories using several voice actors. Today, voice actors work on video games, animated films, audiobooks, and much more.

Becoming a great voice actor starts with the best online voice acting lessons and in-person coaching. Start today on your personal learning journey!

Certified Voice Acting Teachers

Voice acting is a demanding art form, requiring that you express emotion and tell a story through only the medium of your voice. A great voice teacher can help you achieve this.

TakeLessons has put together a list of the best voice acting teachers available today. Our voice acting coaches bring years of professional experience to every session, helping you explore new dimensions of your voice and deliver great performances. Plus, signing up for voice acting lessons on TakeLessons is easy. All you do is browse through teacher profiles and pick one with the background and experience ideal for your needs.

Rates vary between teachers, but the average price for the best online voice acting lessons and in-person coaching is $84.

Online Voice Acting Lessons for All Ages

You or your child can learn voice acting at any age. Because of the wide range of parts available, voice actors of many ages and styles are consistently in demand.

We have a selection of teachers that specialize in voice acting lessons for kids, coaching your children in how to use their voice effectively. Our lessons are not only a great introduction to voice acting but offer plenty of opportunities for creative expression and fun. Adult lessons are often designed for each learner’s specific goals, from hobbyists to those looking to land voice acting parts.

We’ve got the best online voice acting lessons and in-person dance for any age!

Voice Acting Lessons for All Levels

Every level of learner can find the perfect lesson at TakeLessons. Our diverse teachers offer voice acting lessons for everyone, from beginners to professional voice actors.

Like with any acting endeavor, getting started in voice acting can feel a little scary. Our voice acting lessons for beginners take away this fear by helping you or your child with the basics of emoting and expressing character through voice. We also offer coaching for advanced voice actors looking to expand their careers and land big parts. Let our voice acting teachers help ace your next audition!

The best online voice acting lessons and in-person sessions are at your fingertips. All you have to do is sign up today!

Voice Acting Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Voice Acting Lessons

  • Pronunciation and enunciation
  • Diction and voice acting
  • Speaking into a microphone
  • Voice acting basics

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Voice Acting Lessons

  • Studying a script
  • Introduction to accents
  • Voice acting styles
  • Increasing your range

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Voice Acting Lessons

  • Auditioning for parts
  • Crafting your own style
  • Mastering accents
  • Setting up your own studio

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TakeLessons has put together a platform to support your voice acting education. We have a variety of voice acting lessons that serve many ages and levels of learners. Getting started with the best online voice acting lessons and in-person coaching is easy and stress-free, especially when all our lessons come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Sign up today to start learning!

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How can I learn voice acting?


You can learn voice acting in many ways. The simplest option is to listen to your favorite voice acting performances and start trying to mimic styles that you like or suit you best. From there, you can use online tutorials and videos to help guide you in improving your voice acting. Another great option is to take lessons from a certified voice lessons tutor. TakeLessons has the best online voice acting lessons and in-person coaching you can find, helping you take your voice work to the next level.

Is voice acting harder than acting?


Voice acting can often be harder than acting because it requires you to express your performance through only one medium. Unlike acting as a whole, you can’t rely on your facial and body movement to convey emotion and mood. Using your voice in this manner takes a lot of practice and commitment, which is why enlisting expert voice acting teachers is essential to mastering your craft and scoring voice acting parts. You can find the best voice acting tutors and coaches on TakeLessons, a respected online learning platform.

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