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Drawing Lessons - Online, Group, and Private Options Available

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Private lessons with top Drawing instructors

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Anthony G.

Anthony G.

5 (34)
I want to help you to become a better artist and have fun while you’re doing it! My style of teaching is to tell you about powerful ways to approach your drawings that will boost your technical ability as fast as possible. In other words, I’m going to help you to make your art look like the thing you’re drawing. But I won’t rush you through it! We’ll take as long as you need to get a good understanding of the most important aspects of the lesson. We can focus on what you are most interested in learning about. Want to learn how to draw faces better? Or maybe improve your proportions for drawing a full body person? Pets, landscapes, still life, it’s your choice because I work for you. Each of these are unique subjects, but there are certain fundamentals that apply to all of them which I will help you with to give your drawings more of a “pop out” look! Some of those things are learning to see values (light and dark), negative space, and how angles and relationships of different elements in your drawing can show you what’s working and what isn’t. For more advanced students, we will hone what you’re already good at and talk about different ways to make your drawings stronger and more accurate. There are some great tricks that can make the drawing process easier and faster, and we may go over some useful materials for you to try as well. I would love to show you how to make some major progress and start drawing like you never even realized you could!
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Great teacher! Excellent, patience, very helpful!

Paul (Drawing lessons with Deron C.)

I really am enjoying my art lessons with Deron. Drawing is something I've wanted to learn for years. Deron is personable, patient, and quite knowledgable in this realm. He's a talented artist! I fee

Heidi (Drawing lessons with Deron C.)

Deron has been flexible with our schedule. Our daughter (13yr) enjoys taking class with him.

Destiny (Drawing lessons with Deron C.)

My son enjoyed today’s lesson!

Ren (Drawing lessons with David Z.)

Drawing Lessons

Drawing is a great skill to learn. Not only does it help you express yourself, but allows you to translate the ideas in your head onto paper, opening up a world of possibilities.

The practice of drawing goes back millennia, and is thought to have preceded written communication. In fact, the first known drawings were done over 30,000 years ago. Nowadays, there are many methods of drawing with various mediums, including pen and ink, graphite pencil, and charcoal. You can also draw digitally on a computer, using a touchscreen device or a mouse to draw your piece. Because of the wide amount of mediums available, drawing is a very accessible art form to explore.

Learning drawing gets a lot easier with access to great in-person tutoring and the best online drawing lessons. Sign up today!

Certified Drawing Teachers

Though anyone can draw, learning to draw well takes time and dedication. A teacher can help you build the essential drawing skills, taking you from a doodler to an expert illustrator.

Since the world of drawing is so diverse, finding the right drawing teacher is more essential than ever. There are almost infinite drawing styles to choose from, which is why we’ve employed a wide range of teachers for you to choose from for your drawing lessons. We’ve got teachers with backgrounds in comic books, fine-art, animation, and much more. All you have to do is pick the right one for you, set your schedule, and start learning!

The average price of the best online drawing lessons and in-person coaching is $67. Sign up today!

Online Drawing Lessons for All Ages

Every age of learner can benefit from drawing lessons, trying out new illustration styles and experimenting with different mediums.

Signing up your child for drawing lessons for kids at TakeLessons can help them forge a lifelong skill. Our coaches help kids understand the basics of illustrations, getting them started on self-portraits, landscape sketches, and much more. Adults will also benefit from lessons that explore illustration styles and help them express their inner creativity.

The best online drawing lessons and in-person coaching is available at TakeLessons. Sign up today to get started!

Drawing Lessons for All Levels

Any level of student can find drawing lessons on TakeLessons. The diversity of style and background our teachers cover means every student can find a lesson perfect for them.

For illustrators just starting out, we have drawing lessons for beginners that cover the basics of drawing, from sketching models and real-life scenes to drawing from memory. Advanced students will find teachers that can coach them in specific styles, whether that’s comic book illustration or abstract drawing techniques.

Whatever your level is, you can reach your goals with the best online drawing lessons and in-person session. Join TakeLessons now!

Drawing Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Drawing Lessons

  • Drawing tools
  • Illustration styles
  • You first self-portrait
  • Landscapes
  • Understanding proportion

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Drawing Lessons

  • Charcoal drawing
  • Cross-hatching
  • Incorporating texture
  • Drawing in 3 dimensions -Digital drawing techniques

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Drawing Lessons

  • Advanced styles
  • Professional illustration
  • The animation process
  • Developing your personal style
  • Selling your illustrations

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TakeLessons is your online resource for drawing lessons. Through our platform, you and your child will have access to expert coaching and the best online drawing lessons for helping learners express their creativity and draw better. In addition, every single one of our lessons comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Nothing is stopping you, so sign up today!


How do I learn drawing?

You can learn to draw in many different ways. You can do so by trial and error at home, by practicing sketching things you see in the real world, or following tutorials online. However, there’s nothing quite like learning from a real-life instructor to learn essential drawing techniques. TakeLessons offers the best online drawing lessons and in-person coaching for those looking to take their illustration skills to the next level. Expert drawing teachers can help you expand your skills and learn new ways to interpret the world through art.

Is learning to draw hard?

Learning to draw basic things is not hard, but mastering drawing skills can be. Like all art forms, there are many levels of complexity to drawing, and learning a new approach or style can be a challenge. That’s where a great teacher comes in, helping you learn new techniques and draw in new ways. TakeLessons has a great selection of expert drawing teachers that can help you achieve your illustration goals.

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