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Emily S.

*My scheduling availability isn't always accurate, as many students have their lessons with me every other week. My schedule is different from week to week, so it's best to at least pick a time with me and if it doesn't work, we'll make sure we schedule a lesson time that's convenient for both of us. If you need to schedule a lesson for a time sooner than what the TakeLessons calendar allows, you can always let me know and we'll most likely work something out for you. I can teach drawing at any level. My goal is for the student to improve and work towards their desired achievements -- whether it's just to get better at drawing, work towards making a masterpiece, or putting together a portfolio to get into their desired art school. I specialize in digital drawing or illustration. Students would get the most out of classes with me if they work in digital media. Students often use Krita, Photoshop, Firealpaca, Paint Tool Sai or Clip Studio Paint on laptop/desktop with a tablet such as a Wacom. They otherwise often use Procreate on the iPad. If working with pencil on paper, students may take phone pics and message/email them to me during class for feedback, or hold up their drawings to the webcam for me to take screenshots if the webcam quality is high enough. I've been drawing since I was 4, and have graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts.
/60 minutes

Anthony G.

I want to help you to become a better artist and have fun while you’re doing it! My style of teaching is to tell you about powerful ways to approach your drawings that will boost your technical ability as fast as possible. In other words, I’m going to help you to make your art look like the thing you’re drawing. But I won’t rush you through it! We’ll take as long as you need to get a good understanding of the most important aspects of the lesson. We can focus on what you are most interested in learning about. Want to learn how to draw faces better? Or maybe improve your proportions for drawing a full body person? Pets, landscapes, still life, it’s your choice because I work for you. Each of these are unique subjects, but there are certain fundamentals that apply to all of them which I will help you with to give your drawings more of a “pop out” look! Some of those things are learning to see values (light and dark), negative space, and how angles and relationships of different elements in your drawing can show you what’s working and what isn’t. For more advanced students, we will hone what you’re already good at and talk about different ways to make your drawings stronger and more accurate. There are some great tricks that can make the drawing process easier and faster, and we may go over some useful materials for you to try as well. I would love to show you how to make some major progress and start drawing like you never even realized you could!
/30 minutes

Sandy K.

To draw is to be fearless. If you are interested in drawing from life, then I can assist by teaching you the basics or show you how to improve your skill set. I work as a professional artist and have a great deal of knowledge about materials and processes. I enjoy working in ink, pencil (graphite and colored), charcoal, and pastel (oil and soft). I am also into combining media. I have taught for over a decade and my students range in age from children to senior citizens.
/30 minutes

Jason M.

iPad Pencil (Procreate), Pencil, Lines, Shading, Tracing, 1, 2 and 3 point perspective. Self portraits and still life. Gestures are also a fun way to get the fingers moving. Landscapes and cartoons or comic features are an option based on the students requests as well. Also love mash ups and daily requests or challenges!
/30 minutes

Sharon M.

There are so many reasons to learn to draw. Perhaps you are applying for college and want to strengthen your portfolio? Maybe you changing careers and need to strengthen your visual thinking? Or you may just want to learn to draw for fun. Whatever your reason is, I can help. I have been teaching drawing for 20 years and I’ve worked with students of all ages, from young adults to retirees. There seems to be a notion out there that “one must have a talent for art before they can learn to draw. ” One thing I can say for sure is that this absolutely NOT true. With the right knowledge, a strong desire to learn, and a willingness to try, anyone can learn to draw. I teach students how to draw from a classical studies background, but I believe in nurturing the uniqueness of each student and honoring their learning style. Unlike a classroom setting, a private lesson frees us up to build the lessons specifically around the student's goals and needs.
/30 minutes

Melissa M.

Lessons would be individualized to focus on areas that need the most guidance.
/30 minutes

David Z.

Based upon a strict but fun adherence to keeping a sketchbook and a journal drawing gets improved. We start out with what makes a drawing for beginners and move through tones and values for intermediates by sticking to my formula for success. this includes using a sketchbook with assigned black and white photos every two weeks with grey scales entered.
/60 minutes

Megan R.

Do you want to learn how to draw a human figure, create portraits, draw your dog or sketch the outdoors? I have the experience to guide you! Drawing teacher of 10 years, I have taught students of all experience levels. You will receive notes and step by step instructions during your art class. I structure my lessons so students learn what they want to learn, while also building a strong foundation of drawing skills. I have been trained in classical methods that get fast results with steady practice. If you want a critique of your artwork sign up for the 30 minute class, you will receive a recording of the class . I also offer group classes, inquire about rates as they are dependent on the number of people .
/60 minutes
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My son enjoyed today’s lesson!

Ren (Drawing lessons with David Z.)

Great teacher! Excellent, patience, very helpful!

Paul (Drawing lessons with Deron C.)

I really am enjoying my art lessons with Deron. Drawing is something I've wanted to learn for years. Deron is personable, patient, and quite knowledgable in this realm. He's a talented artist! I fee

Heidi (Drawing lessons with Deron C.)

Deron has been flexible with our schedule. Our daughter (13yr) enjoys taking class with him.

Destiny (Drawing lessons with Deron C.)

My son enjoyed today’s lesson!

Ren (Drawing lessons with David Z.)

Great teacher! Excellent, patience, very helpful!

Paul (Drawing lessons with Deron C.)

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