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Susanna S.

Learning the Basics - Intro to Violin

Online violin group class with Susanna S.
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  • In this class, students will learn how to prepare for their first few violin lessons. Topics include caring for your instrument, brainstorming goals, music theory basics, warm up exercises, and more. You'll also have the opportunity to speak with a live expert instructor to get basic questions about lessons (what to expect, how quickly you will improve, etc) answered. Join this class to boost your confidence as you get started with violin lessons or learn about violin lessons before you start! Great for beginners.

    What You'll Cover:

    Sunday June 11th: Basic violin setup and bow hold. Producing the first sounds from the violin with the bow : Start with learning all of the parts of the violin and the bow and what each part does or is responsible for. Learn the proper position and posture for holding the violin in playing position. Learn the proper bow hold. Learn how to play the instrument by pizzicato or plucking the strings. Learn how to play open strings with the bow. Learn the 4 open strings names and sounds. Answer general questions students have about rosin, shoulder rests, tuning, method books, lessons, etc.

    Monday June 12th: Learn how to play fingered notes on the D string: Learn the left hand fingering and spacing on the fingerboard. Learn and play D, E, F# and G on the D string. Learn and play the A, B, C# and D on the A string. Learn how to play a D Major scale. Focus on using proper left hand technique and position while playing. I will demonstrate everything, allow students to play individually and provide feedback to the students. I will answer questions related to left hand technique.

    Monday June 19th: Learn how to play fingered notes on the A string: This class will focus on bowing. I will explain and demonstrate in detail the proper bow hold and why we use this bow hold. I will help students improve their sound and tone on the violin with the bow. I will provide exercises to help with using the bow correctly. Explain the demonstrate the role your wrist plays with bowing. Explain and demonstrate the role your elbow plays with bowing. Explain and demonstrate the role your shoulder and upper arm plays with bowing. Answer any and all questions related to bowing.

    About the teacher

    I've been teaching violin for over 20 years and my students have gone on to play in youth orchestra, attend PMEA and ASTA events or go to college as a music major. Within the first few lessons, you'll be able to improve your playing skills and as time goes on you'll be able to play at a more advanced level. I specialize in [Traditional Classical violin, typically use Essential Elements 2000, Samuel Applebaum methods, Suzuki methods and traditional scales and etude books, and have the following tools available for your lessons: Metronome, Tuner, rosin. I love working with students of all ages and experience levels and I can't wait to meet you!
  • 8 Reviews

    Thomas Feb. 10, 2017
    I've had 5 lessons with Susanna and I couldn't be happier. Patient and has good humor. Highly recommend.
    Earl S Jan. 5, 2017
    I think she can make learning fun.
    Nevaeh Dec. 12, 2016
    Susanna was wonderful. She took her time to explain how the lesson would transpire, and engaged Nevaeh to insure she understood everything. She has a lovely way; patient and engaging. Nevaeh felt comfortable right away. She seems perfect for Nevaeh.
    Georgia Nov. 28, 2016
    Susanna is an excellent teacher. I am just a beginner and learned a lot for my first lesson. Her teaching skills are excellent, since I my self am an retired teacher. Cant wait for my next lesson. Highly recommended to all.
    Justin Oct. 11, 2016
    The last few weeks Susanna has help me improve in my skills.
    Grant Sep. 8, 2016
    Susanna does a very good job of making learning a new instrument not overwhelming. She takes it step by step and makes learning the violin much easier.
    Alex Jul. 29, 2016
    This is my first class, and it went much better than I thought. Susanna is a very nice teacher, she made my kid and i feel comfortable during the class.
    Jennifer Aug. 23, 2016
    Susanna is a great teacher . She is so patience. .explains everything so that even I as a beginner understand..Can't wait for my next class..
Class Length
45 Minutes
Max. Class Size
8 Students

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