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Walker P.

Japanese Conversation Practice for Beginners

Online Japanese group class with Walker P.
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  • What You Get With This Class

    • Learn basic Japanese phrases
    • Practice Speaking and Listening
    • Learn with other students at your level

    Start learning a new language today with this easy intro to Japanese conversation. Even if you've never had a Japanese conversation before, you'll learn useful phrases that will have you speaking Japanese today.

    What You'll Cover:

    Wednesday July 5th: Introductions and Greetings

    Wednesday July 12th: Asking for Directions

    Wednesday July 19th: Shopping

    Wednesday July 26th: Asking Permission

    About the teacher

    I love language: I speak English, French, Japanese, and some Spanish and German. France is where I first started tutoring, when a new friend and I - Akira - taught each other our native languages using French to explain things. That led me to move to Kyoto where I studied and worked on organic farms for a year, and was lucky enough to befriend 3 awesome Frenchies and become even more fluent. In America, at DePaul University, I received a BA in English and French; I worked for the Writing Center and helped my peers edit (and sometimes start over) 1000s of formal essays, held round table discussions with foreign exchange students, and led one-on-one conversations with people looking to improve their English. When I was in France I worked at a day-care/farm combo and took care of young children while we nurtured the animals. So whether you're 5 and need help with your shapes, 17 with lit-analysis essays, or 55 and want to begin learning a language for the first time, I've got your back! Currently I work as a private tutor of Japanese, English, and French. I also lead a number of workshops and social events focusing on shamanism in and around Chicago.
  • 2 Reviews

    Sebastien Oct. 17, 2015
    Walker is very organized and has been an excellent teacher for my son.
    Redar Aug. 10, 2015
    Thank you very much for helping me, You are one of the best tutor which I had during my study at ELA(DePaul Language Academy). Walker has a great personality and patient for teaching his students the best language skills. Walker`s subjects is not only enhances the language s
    kills, but also the way how a student has to interact with environment which he lives in. He uses different teaching approaches such as games, sports conversation , and deep cultural conversation to make a student gain enough self-confidence to use the language properly. Besides that, his correct use of language skills enhances the students capability for taking more space, and feel more comfortable using the language. Thank you for teaching me English, thank you for making me feel comfortable while I am talking mine 6th language. The most important part of his tutoring sections is the way who he provides the information about the cultural environment, so to help the students to be solid against any culture shock waves. Thank you again for being such a great tutor. Thank you for encouragements, They helped me to feel more confidence while I am using the language for my academic purpose and among my friends. "سوباس تۆ ماموستایکی باش بوی" "كنت أفضل معلم" "Je bent best mentor" "En iyi öğretmen vardır" "Siz yaxşı tərbiyəçi var"
Class Length
45 Minutes
Max. Class Size
8 Students

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