Class Details

  • Beginner
  • 5 Students
  • 10+
  • 45 mins.

What You’ll Learn

  • The Japanese alphabet
  • How to perfect your pronunciation
  • Grammar rules and verb conjugation
  • Basic Japanese vocabulary and phrases
  • How to practice your conversation skills

Weekly Curriculum

Tuesday October 24th: So, what's the plan?- We are going to talk about how to talk about your plans for the future, whether we are talking about chores we need to do to traveling. If you are traveling to Japan, need some basic Japanese for a business situation or whom you are going to cosplay as, don't miss this lesson!

Tuesday November 7th: Where are you from? Using "kara"

Tuesday November 14th: How are you?

Tuesday November 21st: Is it yours? Is it ours? Ok, then it's Mine- Possession-using "no"

Tuesday November 28th: Moshi Moshi- You got a call!


  • A reliable internet connection
  • A laptop or desktop computer if you’re joining from home - The Google Chrome web browser is recommended for computer users

  • A tablet or smartphone if you’re on-the-go - The TakeLessons app (for Android or iPhone) is required for smartphone users

  • A built-in or external webcam


Are you ready to start speaking Japanese like a local? This online Japanese class is perfect for beginners who are taking the first steps toward becoming fluent. An expert instructor will teach you the basics of the Japanese language, including the alphabet, proper pronunciation, grammar rules, and verb conjugation.

You’ll also pick up a variety of essential vocabulary words and phrases that will take you one step closer to being able to have full conversations in Japanese. Here are some of the topics we’ll cover in this fun and interactive, group class. Join today to quickly expand your knowledge of basic Japanese for beginners, and start communicating in no time!

The Japanese Alphabet

One of the first topics you’ll cover when learning Japanese for beginners is the alphabet system. Did you know that in Japanese there are three unique alphabets? These three different components are also known as Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji.

Hiragana is the basic writing system of Japan with 46 letters. It’s typically the first alphabet that beginners learn. Katakana is a phonetic writing system with 107 extra characters, although the sounds are exactly the same as those in Hiragana. Katakana is mainly used to represent foreign words that have been added into the Japanese language.

Kanji features thousands of symbols derived from Chinese, but with a Japanese flair. Each symbol can be used to represent an entire word. If these alphabets sound confusing to you, don’t fret! Each one will be broken down into smaller pieces. While in class, you’ll also have the chance to virtually raise your hand if you need further guidance or clarification.

Your instructor will provide ways to reinforce your knowledge outside of class time as well. Each of these unique, alphabetical systems are the building blocks of speaking, reading, and writing in Japanese, so continuing to practice and memorize them on your own will be crucial to your success.

Proper Pronunciation

Correct pronunciation in Japanese is key because if you mispronounce a word, it can take on a whole new meaning! Your expert instructor will spend some time spelling out each of the characters phonetically and breaking down difficult words, while sounding them out with the class.

Students will have a chance to repeat each sound back to the instructor to ensure proper pronunciation. Throughout this class, your instructor will converse in the accent of native Japanese speakers, so you’ll be trained and encouraged to do so as well.

You’ll learn a few common mistakes that beginners make when pronouncing words in Japanese, such as improperly elongating the “O” sound, or continuing to pronounce the silent “U” sound at the end of a word. By addressing these mistakes right off the bat, your instructor will make sure you’re building the right habits when speaking Japanese.

Japanese Grammar Rules

Japanese grammar is very different than English grammar, so be prepared to learn something new in this class! However, just because it’s very unique doesn’t mean it’s difficult to understand - many students find that Japanese grammar is actually much simpler than English grammar because there are less exceptions.

In this class, your instructor will cover important topics such as nouns, verbs, and sentence structure, to take you one step closer to forming complete sentences and having full conversations in Japanese!

You’ll receive helpful formulas for building sentences that you can simply insert different vocabulary words into. For example, sentences in Japanese are arranged subject-object-verb, unlike the English syntax, subject-verb-object. In other words, a sentence like “I eat a banana” in English, would sound more like “I banana eat” in Japanese.

Your instructor will explain an easy method for conjugating the different classes of verbs in Japanese as well. To continue practicing your skills during the week, you’ll receive additional helpful materials like worksheets and lesson notes.

Vocabulary and Conversation Skills

Once you have proper pronunciation down and a solid understanding of grammar, you’ll be ready to start learning some basic vocabulary and conversation skills! To start off, your instructor will lead you through some fun and exciting verbal activities. Get ready to put all your newfound skills into practice.

You’ll get to “spend a day in Tokyo” with your classmates as you learn how to find your way around in Japan. You’ll discover how to ask for directions and how to introduce yourself to strangers in Japanese. Don’t be afraid to ask your peers questions about themselves to keep the conversation going!

If you’re planning to travel to Japan some day, whether for business or pleasure, this class will provide you with the necessary vacation and work-related vocabulary you need to get by. Listening is a big part of conversing, so you’ll also get the chance to practice your auditory skills in this class as well.

One great way continue practicing all you’ve learned in between classes is to challenge yourself to find a language partner near you, meet up with him or her often, and only speak in Japanese when you do. Step outside of your comfort zone in this fun way and challenge yourself to improve your conversation skills!


To provide the greatest availability of start dates we have assigned multiple teachers to this class. All teachers will cover the same class material however their teaching styles may vary.
Rosita R.
I hold a Bachelors from Musicians Institute and other accomplished degrees from American Musical Dramatic Academy to conclude my quest for vocal excellence and the ability to sing in multiple languages ( English, Spanish, Japanese and Italian) I have been lucky enough to study with some of the top teachers in the country and now I bring the experience I have gained directly to you!
My passion for multiple languages and love of music is the desire driving me to share the gifts for teaching young children to open the door to their own musical abilities and hidden language gifts.
Walker P.
I love language: I speak English, French, Japanese, and some Spanish and German. France is where I first started tutoring, when a new friend and I - Akira - taught each other our native languages using French to explain things. That led me to move to Kyoto where I studied and worked on organic farms for a year, and was lucky enough to befriend 3 awesome Frenchies and become even more fluent. In America, at DePaul University, I received a BA in English and French; I worked for the Writing Center and helped my peers edit (and sometimes start over) 1000s of formal essays, held round table discussions with foreign exchange students, and led one-on-one conversations with people looking to improve their English. When I was in France I worked at a day-care/farm combo and took care of young children while we nurtured the animals. So whether you're 5 and need help with your shapes, 17 with lit-analysis essays, or 55 and want to begin learning a language for the first time, I've got your back! Currently I work as a private tutor of Japanese, English, and French. I also lead a number of workshops and social events focusing on shamanism in and around Chicago.


13 Reviews
Amazing! She breaks it down! I never thought I was able to learn a different language, but she proved me wrong! She is so Knowledgeable. Definitely well education!!
Aug 13, 2015
She is so much Fun! I've learned so much from her It's ridiculous! Very organized and you can tell she is passionate about teaching. Definitely Best Private Teacher Ever!!!! I'm looking forward to continue my classes with you!
Aug 18, 2015
Best Japanese Teacher ever!
Aug 25, 2015
She is so funny! I hate school, taking classes the whole 9 yards! But I love her classes! You learn so much!
Jan 3, 2016

She is a total nerd like me! Yes, i'm on of those people that wants to learn Japanese because I love anime and want to movie to Japan! I have so much fun in her classes. I'm actually going to get classes for my daughter! Also she teaches singing lessons and one of her specialties is Anime music and makes it better! If you are a nerd Book a Nerd and Rosita is the Best teacher for us Nerds! Go Nerds!
Feb 5, 2016
I enjoyed her classes! She helped me break it down. She makes it so easy to learn!
Feb 6, 2016
She fantastic with children! I highly recommend her. Better yet just book her!
Feb 14, 2016
Rosita is so much fun! On time! On point! And we learn songs in Japanese! Best sensei Ever!
Apr 23, 2016
BEST TEACHER! I was very hesitant about taking online classes. But it was a wonderful experience! I learned so much. Well organized and the sweetest!
May 17, 2016
I just had a class with Rosita on TakeLessons Classroom online. Rosita is great. she gives clear instructions that are helpful and she's super nice as well. It was a very enjoyable class.
May 28, 2016
She was so helpful and nice to me. Learned so much in just the first day. So glad to have her as my teacher!
Natalia R.
Jun 21, 2016
Fun, Patient and Knowledgable. She is the best teacher so far! Glad we found her when my son needed help!
Aug 17, 2016
I really appreciated Rosita as a teacher. She made me very comfortable and seemed very knowledgeable. Definitely recommend her!
Nov 10, 2016