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Grant H.

Introduction to Ukulele: Simple Chords to Play 100's of Songs

Online ukulele group class with Grant H.
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  • What You Get With This Class:

    • Live, expert instruction by a skilled ukulele teacher

    • Fun and effective learning exercises to improve your playing skills

    • Interactive small group setting with other students

    In this ukulele class, your expert instructor will teach you a new set of essential ukulele chords to unlock hundreds of your favorite songs. Every week you will learn a new set of skills and exercises, so be sure to sign up for each class!

    What You'll Cover:

    Saturday July 15th: Introduction to Basic Chords: C Am F G C7: In this course we will explore five of the most important chords to master on the ukulele. These chords are used in almost every genre of music including rock, jazz, blues, reggae, country, pop and even hip-hop! It’s not only important to know how to form the chord on the instrument: it’s important to know how not to form the chord. If we start out early in our musical career paying attention to common misconceptions about forming chords then we can save ourselves a lot of time and grief in the future. Your improvement will increase exponentially! I will also show you some exercise to help with the switching in-between chords while still staying in a musical groove. Once you can move in-between each chord we will learn our first songs on the ukulele tailored specifically to each class’s preference. How exciting!

    Saturday July 22nd: Introduction to Strumming - Learning how to stay consistent with your up and down strokes: In this course we will cover all there is to know about learning our first strumming patterns. While the chords we choose to play in a song determine the emotion of the song, the strum pattern determines the flavor of that emotion. Most songs would sound pretty boring without an interesting strum pattern behind it! We will discuss the mechanics of reading the rhythms on paper, hearing them in songs, and translating them to the feeling in our right hand (or left for our left handed friends out there!). Most people find it difficult at first to make the upstroke, the upward movement of our hand across the strings, and I have some great exercise to help us overcome that difficulty. I will also introduce my concept of the “motor in the right hand” which will bring more fluidity into our strumming. With the motor in place I can show you some of the most popular strumming patterns to our favorite songs and how to break them down so you can learn them on your own in the future.

    Saturday July 29th: "Fingerpicking Basics On The Ukulele: Fingerpicking on a ukulele is one of the most soothing sounds we can make with our two hands. Like chimes in the wind it can bring us to a place of pure joy! At first the practice can seem daunting because of all of the notes flying in every direction but by breaking it down we will see that there is not that much to it. We will discuss how to figure out which finger goes with which string, I call it ‘marrying each finger to each string’, and how that can help simplify the process. To further simplify we start to compartmentalize the hands into separate categories, essentially putting the picking hand on autopilot. There are also a handful of fingerpicking patterns that everyone uses that I will teach you so you can implement them into your playing. From there we can explore and make up some fingerpicking patterns of our own, the possibilities are endless!"

    About the teacher

    My name is Grant and I’ve been helping students grow for almost 10 years now! How time flies! I started playing music at the age of 9 and have been in love with it ever since, staying active in my local music scene as an instructor, performer, manager and booking agent. I have also earned a degree in Creative Writing from Louisiana State University for all of the students wishing improve their writing skills.

    I pride myself in taking a students learning needs and using that as my basis for their specific lesson plan, always on a case-by-case basis, tailored to each individual student. Everyone is at a different waypoint on their path so why would I use a predetermined formula to try and help them, am I right? I am excited to meet and grow with every single one of you, let's learn to love the life we have and let our studies become radiant!
  • 9 Reviews

    Nicole and Chad Feb. 7, 2016
    Grant is a great teacher. He is wonderful with my 9 year old son. We love him!
    leslie Mar. 11, 2016
    Grant continues to be an excellent teacher for this beginner ukulele player. It's been years since I have practices music, and he is so patient as I try to re-learn how to read and play music. I highly recommend him as a teacher, and I look forward to learning more discipl
    ines from him (including meditation and astrology!)
    Trudy Mar. 24, 2016
    Grant was so patient and so encouraging. I am crazy excited and looking forward to our next session!
    alyssa Mar. 29, 2016
    My first lesson was wonderful! Grant was able to aptly identify how to help me progress with my study, and challenged me in the right ways to move forward. I'm looking forward to my next lesson!
    Brandie Sep. 23, 2016
    Grant is an amazing teacher. Veeeeery patient, encouraging and really flexible with scheduling lessons. He lives up to the hype in the reviews. I will definitely be continuing my lessons with Grant.
    Stephanie Nov. 30, 2016
    I feel Grant can be whatever you need! After the first lesson, I was confused with music theory and he made it clear by the second lesson. He is very concise with his words and I really appreciate it as some teachers can talk your whole session away. I also asked to work
    on strumming techniques and he was quick to come up with new ones for me as well as explaining how I can create my own. He's fantastic!
    Jennifer Dec. 27, 2016
    Excellent Instructor, Took his time with me and was very patience. Looking forward to more classes with him.
    Jennifer Jan. 3, 2017
    Great Class today. Grant is so patient with me.
    Marti Feb. 3, 2017
    Grant was able to feel out my interest and musical level surprisingly quickly and get me going toward MY goal. I felt more comfortable than expected and came away encouraged in my goals. Looking forward to more.
Class Length
45 Minutes
Max. Class Size
8 Students

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