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Tony S.

Introduction to American Sign Language

Online American Sign Language group class with Tony S.
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  • Have you always wanted to learn sign language? Now is your chance! In this interactive class, you will learn basic signs from an expert instructor that will have you communicating in no time! Along the way, Tony will teach you about deaf culture and best practices when signing. Register today for the opportunity to learn one of the most beautiful languages in the world!

    What you'll cover:

    Tuesday June 6th: Learning the alphabet: Finger spelling and basic signs to get you started.

    Tuesday June 13th: Greetings and getting to know you.

    Tuesday June 20th: Signing about family and friends.

    Tuesday June 27th: Signing about sports and activities.

    About the teacher

    My name is Tony and I can't wait to meet you! I've been teaching formal and private lessons since 1996 and have loved helping my students learn American Sign Language while developing confidence in their skills. I went to Harding University and was trained and tutored by a Master ASL Instructor as well as the Deaf community. I'm a patient and fun person and my teaching style is highly interactive. I look forward to helping you reach your goals!
  • 7 Reviews

    Jaeden Mar. 14, 2017
    Tony is a great teacher.... lessons show he has a true passion to teach ASL. Can not say how impressed I am with what my daughter has learned in such little time.
    A Happy Mama Jan. 12, 2017
    Tony teaches from the heart. Tony has given my child the confidence he needs to succeed while teaching him ASL. He has picked up so quickly and I am constantly amazed at what he has learned. I can't say enough good things about the way Tony interacts with students to make
    them feel like they can accomplish anything they set their mind to. We are grateful to have him in our child's life. We highly recommend him to friends and family.
    Mike Jan. 10, 2017
    Amazing teacher!
    Zach Aug. 17, 2016
    Tony's one of the nicest, patient and excited people I've met. He puts his all into his projects and clients and anyone who works with Tony is going to find their real potential.
    Colin Aug. 16, 2016
    Tony is one of the best teachers I have ever had!
    Carrie W Aug. 16, 2016
    Tony's heart and skill level cannot be matched. I recommend him without reservation!
    Deryk Aug. 15, 2016
    Tony is a patient teacher who loves his subject and his students. He loves to teach, and truly gets excited when he sees his students "getting it". He is a rare teacher because he is so connected personally to the subject and to every student. He is a great encourager and mo
    tivator, and he is extremely skilled in ASL. This is no "side job" for him. He is devoted to the deaf community, and part of that devotion is teaching hearing folks to communicate with the community he loves so much. If you want to learn ASL, you will not be disappointed with Tony.
Class Length
45 Minutes
Max. Class Size
8 Students

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