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  • Beginner
  • 5 Students
  • 18+
  • 30 mins.

This Class May Cover

  • Greetings and introducing yourself in Spanish

  • Polite phrases for Spanish conversation

  • How to make small talk


A reliable internet connection

A laptop or desktop computer if you’re joining from home - The Google Chrome web browser is recommended for computer users

A tablet or smartphone if you’re on-the-go - The TakeLessons app (for Android or iPhone) is required for smartphone users

A built-in or external webcam


This online class will prepare you for holding a conversation in Spanish. You’ll learn how to discuss physical and personality traits, and how to ask about family or friends. New vocabulary about food, sports, and hobbies will enable you to easily describe your likes and dislikes. You’ll also learn how to describe your hometown using adjectives, adverbs, and different places around town. There’s so much to talk about!


To provide the greatest availability of start dates we have assigned multiple teachers to this class. All teachers will cover the same class material however their teaching styles may vary.
Rosita R.
I hold a Bachelors from Musicians Institute and other accomplished degrees from American Musical Dramatic Academy to conclude my quest for vocal excellence and the ability to sing in multiple languages ( English, Spanish, Japanese and Italian) I have been lucky enough to study with some of the top teachers in the country and now I bring the experience I have gained directly to you!
My passion for multiple languages and love of music is the desire driving me to share the gifts for teaching young children to open the door to their own musical abilities and hidden language gifts.
Luis M.
I am a hard working tutor that will bring the joy of the subject to our sessions of tutoring. I have taught several students in many fields including but not limited to: Spanish, Piano (beginner-intermediate), Vocal Development etc. I am very friendly and personable, but also professional. When students come to me with problems, I will do whatever it takes to bring them to the solution. My motto is, a problem is just another opportunity for you to do your best.
Morgan M.
Whether your goals are to learn the basics before a vacation or to ace your next test, I can help! With degrees in Spanish, French, and Communication, I have the expertise to help you reach your goals, whatever they are. I've lived and studied abroad in both Spain and France, for a year each, which gives you a special edge in becoming confident in your language skills.
Sam H.
Hi! My name is Sam! I love Spanish, and I believe that you can really get the hang of it after a little time and practice. With grammar review, practice, and vocabulary memorization, it becomes really easy to learn this language. I am more than happy to be here to help you learn this exciting language! Proper pacing is crucial to learning a new language.
Sara T.
Hi! My name is Sara. I have taught students from age 3 to senior citizens. I have experience teaching in language centers, bilingual schools and in companies. I have a TEFL diploma, TBE (Teacher of Business English) Certificate, BA in English Language Learner Studies with a minor in History and an MA in Teaching and Learning with Technology with a specialization as an online educator.
Natalie A.
Bonjour! As a language lover, I have enjoyed learning various languages and am thus able to anticipate the language questions that you may have. In my four years of teaching French, I've enjoyed using authentic resources like songs and news articles to help my students interact with the language in real contexts. I obtained my B.A. in French and Chinese and M.A. in French Linguistics from the University of Florida, and am currently a doctoral student in the Second Language Acquisition and Teaching PhD at the University of Arizona, where I also teach French. My passion and research interests are language teaching and language learning, so I enjoy creating materials for lessons, homework, and extra practice in order to help you learn to communicate most effectively in French and connect with French and Francophone cultures!
Azalea L.
Welcome! My name is Azalea, I grew up in Mexico and I am fluent in both English and Spanish. I hold a Master's degree and I have been teaching since 2012. I believe it is important for students to be emerged in the language they are learning. For this reason, I like to encourage my students to practice in and outside our lessons as much as possible by speaking, listening, and reading in Spanish. Every single student is different and they all have very different learning techniques; therefore, I personalize my lesson plans to fit my students' needs, learning style, and interests. The most important part of the learning process is to have fun and to enjoy ourselves every lesson!
Dunia Y.
Hi, I'm Dunia. I am a qualified and charismatic Spanish teacher that has taught hundreds of students Spanish from all over the world. I also happen to have a Bachelors Degree in Liberal Arts (Spanish Literature) from the City University of New York. Currently I am living between China and South America. I love learning languages, dancing, snorkeling and love teaching even more. Hope to hear from you soon!
Ana G.
My name is Ana (Profesora Ana). I am originally from México. I graduated in 2010 with an A.A. in Spanish for Heritage Speakers and an Integrative Studies of Women and Gender Certificate. As a Spanish instructor, one of the most important goals in class is to help students learn the language properly. Furthermore, one of my objectives is to motivate students fulfill their potential and imbued them an interest for the Spanish language as well as the Hispanic culture. It is also of my interest that my students get involved and enjoy non-academic activities where they can have the opportunity to practice the target language as well as the culture.
Cindy F.


19 Reviews
First class and she was great!!! Looking forward to take more classes with Sara!
Lorraine V.
Nov 18, 2015
Very knowledgeable and professional. Great start.
Dec 22, 2015
Sara is great! She's tutoring all three of my boys (9,11,13) in Spanish. The two older boys also have Spanish in school so I'd imagine it is a challenge to both combine and separate their levels along with their age ranges but Sara manages it beautifully.

Because they all work with Sara she is able to have them learning the same generalized work (like numbers and colors for lesson 1) but each at their specific level. This gives each kid the opportunity to learn at their own level and pace while still giving them a common subject to practice on each other.
Chris F.
Jan 9, 2016
Sarah is doing a great job with my 12 year old son! She uses technology well and is upbeat and encouraging.
Trenton D.
Jan 19, 2016
Sara is great, very organized and helpful
Feb 25, 2016
I took an online group Spanish class with Sara, and she was great! I already knew some of the basics, but wanted a refresher and some practice speaking Spanish with others (which I had always struggled with). The course was well-organized and Sara was super friendly and helpful!
Mar 1, 2016
I took Sara's online group class: "Spanish for Healthcare." Sara was very patient with beginners in the class, while also engaging intermediate students with more specific vocabulary. I'd recommend this class for healthcare workers looking to polish their Spanish skills.
Kathryn R.
Mar 4, 2016
I took an online introductory Spanish class with Sara using the online classroom. She makes learning a language fun. She gives the student materials in the form of screen sharing and notes and does all she can to make them feel comfortable. Highly recommend!
Mar 18, 2016
I had a Spanish for Travelers online lesson with Sara and she made it fun and easy. I'll be traveling to Panama so she tailored the lesson to what I wanted to learn. She's super sweet and knowledgeable. I learned a lot in just one lesson. I highly recommend Sara!
Mar 25, 2016
My first lesson went great. Sara was very patient. I'm a beginner so I've got a lot to learn. I would highly recommend Sara for all levels
Apr 2, 2016
Sara T. Was amazing she was so informative, helpful and gave me great in information. I can't wait to continue my learning with her!
Apr 21, 2016
Sara is educated, professional, and understands the teaching process. I appreciate her patience while she constantly challenges me. I highly recommend her for anyone wanting to learn and enjoy learning Spanish. Buena Suerte!
Apr 28, 2016
Sara is so patient. She makes learning so fun that you look forward to your next class.
Kelly D.
Apr 28, 2016
Sara is practical and teaches real life Spanish for the traveler or for those who may just want to hone their skills. She provides positive feedback and is relaxed yet has realistic expectations for learning.
May 18, 2016
I had a great experience with her. going to take more classes with her. The way she teaches is really fun and great way to learn. I was so comfortable with her.
May 24, 2016
Sara is excellent teacher. My daughter loves the lessons and is always excited to have a Spanish lesson with Sara. Thanks so much!
Nini K.
May 24, 2016
Working with Sara has been wonderful!! She is really patient when it comes to learning a second language. The materials that she provides for the course are also comprehensive and easy to understand. Since working with Sara, I have become more confident in reading and speaking Spanish!!
May 25, 2016
I can't believe how much I learned in just my first lesson. Can hardly wait for my next class.
Tami St John
Jul 7, 2016
Sara makes the lesson very comfortable and works at a pace that is easy for me. She also provides reference materials and suggests certain book to read so that I can study on my own before our next lesson. I love how she uses visuals on her whiteboard that allows me to retain and understand the information. Sara es un profesor excelente!!
Jul 15, 2016