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Jihye L.

Annyeonghaseyo! Korean for Beginners

Online Korean group class with Jihye L.
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  • In this class, you will learn how to ask basic questions in Korean and get to practice speaking with your expert instructor, Jihye. By the end of this class, you will be able to say basic phrases in Korean and you'll have an opportunity to work on your pronunciation with other students at your level.

    What You'll Cover:

    Tuesday June 6th: Review of the Korean characters and some additional pronunciation rules: This class will try to help students who need confidence how to pronounce basic sounds of Korean and make understand how to apply extra rules for pronunciation. We will take a look at how Korean words are formed and pronounced. We will work on ending consonants which is different from beginning consonants pronunciation which ones make sound totally different. We will work on extra pronunciation rule which is when it meets with vowels after it.(This rules apply to make pronounce easier and smooth.) We will work on some homophones.( people can simply make misunderstanding by homophones which is sounds exactly same). We will work on some of difficult pronunciations to differentiate for westerners learning Korean which is ㅋ, ㄲ,ㄱ/ㅌ,ㄸ,ㄷ. most people can make simple mistake between basic consonants and their doubles

    Tuesday June 13th: Learn vocabulary of positive and negative feelings: This class will try to help students who really want to engage and make close relationship with other people through express their feelings. We will work on how to ask feelings of other people and learn expressions of their feelings. We will work on many expressions not just yes or no and good or bad.

    Tuesday June 20th: How to make simple sentences with subject and object particles: We will work on structure to understand Korean better.First we will learn how to make simple sentence.(word order). We will discuss when subject and object particles are used. We will work on function of particles and how it used in making simple sentences. We will learn all personal and demonstrative pronouns to practice make simple sentences.

    Tuesday June 27th: How to conjugate regular verb patterns: The purpose of conjugation is to alter the tone of voice, tense,or grammatical function of verbs. Learning Korean conjugation is going to be very important to advancing level of skills. This class makes to understand how and when to use of Korean variable verbs endings and different level of speech style. We will work on infinitives in Korean and examining stems. we will apply to ideas how to conjugate with and,but,or let's expressions.

    About the teacher

    Hello, future students!
    My name is Jihye Lee and I teach Korean language and piano.
    I grew up in Seoul, Korea but am currently living in Arcadia, California. I graduated Kyung Hee University and earned my Master's degree at the California Institute of the Arts.
    I have been teaching piano over 20 years and began to teach Korean at Korean language schools since 2000 and take lessons in 2014.
    In the past, I have met many K pop and K drama lovers so I decided to share my culture and language with them.
    So far I have met many of passionate and enthusiastic students whom I feel very lucky to work with.
    I offer personalized curriculum's to each of my Korean and piano students.Also provide a variety of levels of exams for those who would like to take them. I sometimes use clips of songs and dramas to help students who learns Korean.
    Are you ready to learn?? Let's begin taking lessons!!
  • 13 Reviews

    Isabel Sep. 3, 2016
    Jihye is very patient with my 6 yr old daughter and she has learned so much in just a few lessons.
    Sharon Sep. 2, 2016
    Ms Lee is very patience and nice. I like her class very well.
    Michael Aug. 31, 2016
    Very helpful. Looking forward to the next one!!
    Stephanie Aug. 18, 2016
    I have been learning from her for almost five months now and I really enjoy our lessons. She is very kind and very fun. I'm going to visit Korea soon and she has helped me learn a lot of Korean, so I feel very ready.
    Natalie Jul. 16, 2016
    Jihye is always there ready to answer any question I may have. She is fun and current in dramas and music and very encouraging to new students.
    Phoebe Jul. 13, 2016
    Jihye is friendly and polite. She got me started on the right track. Always look forward for my lession every week.
    Qiao Jun. 28, 2016
    Well organized classes and very nice teacher.
    Sewon Jun. 23, 2016
    I've only had one lesson with her but so far she has been great. Very friendly and helpful.
    Ariel May. 24, 2016
    Jihye is a teacher with great skills and patience. She makes learning Korean become interesting, but you can still feel the progress. Strongly recommend!
    NI HAN May. 24, 2016
    i am really enjoy learning korean with Jihye선생님. she makes the class well-organized and funny. I could learn both skills and culture from her.
    Katelyn Mar. 22, 2016
    Extremely patient and motivating!
    Tatiana Mar. 8, 2016
    I am having a wonderful time. Jihye is really helpful in learning the Korean language! She is patient and encouraging. I can't wait for next week's class.
    Yuanita Jan. 26, 2016
    Love taking class with Ms.Lee. She's very patient and explain everything clearly.
Class Length
45 Minutes
Max. Class Size
8 Students

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