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About Elena T.

Omaha, NE
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Basic french, beginner students will have a handle of survival French by the end of their lesson, which will provide them with enough French to communicate at least at a basic level during short trips to the country, but those who require more would benefit greatly from these sessions.
If you want online class you must install Skype or Ovoo I don't have face time.

About Elena
I have experience tutoring. Call Takelessons for more information.
I have tutored basic and intermediate Spanish to children, using Spanish songs and fun games for children.
I have experience tutoring adults. I gave Spanish conversational classes, Spanish for Educators, Spanish for travelers and for people that works in the medical field. I have been giving conversational Spanish classes at park and recreation, I'm a certified interpreter translator.I used to work for global LT tutoring program and head start.You must have skype or Ovoo for the online classes. I want to be a tutor so I can share my passions with people who want support
Rekha December 28, 2017
· Belly Dancing · Online
Loved it
Daniel June 22, 2017
· Ballroom Dance · Online
Elena was able to teach someone 500 miles away the basics to a slew of different Latin ballroom dances (salsa, marengue, bachata, cumbia step, etc.) In just a few lessons I was able to feel comfortable enough with the steps and timing to be able to dance in public with others! She was very amazing and was willing to accommodate to my needs as a student. She gave plenty of reference material as well as songs so that I'd be able to practice when not taking lessons. I would highly recommend her as a teacher to anyone who is wanting to learn Latin Ballroom dance, but doesn't know where to start!
Larry January 21, 2017
· French · Online
Great teacher
enjoyed lessons
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Elena T.

starting at
$35 / 60-min

About Marjan Z.

Panorama City, CA
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I'm teaching French for almost 10 years and I'll be happy to help you learning this lovely language.

About Marjan
Hello everybody,
My name is Marjan. I am a qualified French Teacher and Tutor. I have a bachelor's degree in French and a Master's degree in French Literature.
I have several years experience teaching and tutoring French to many age groups from children to adults.
Whether you are currently studying French in school and need help with your studies or plan on going to France or Quebec for an extended stay and need help with basic French or more, I can help.

My policy:
Please inform me of any cancellation 24 hours prior to the beginning of the class, if not I'm afraid I might charge you for your late notice! that I hope it doesn't happen. Thank you very much!
Alanoud R. February 17, 2019
· Farsi · Online
It was a really good class. Looking forward for the next classes.
Richard February 17, 2019
· Farsi · Online
Marjan is doing a superb job with my kids. I want to thank her for her patient and he teaching style. I would definitely recommend her.
Layla M. September 27, 2018
· Farsi · Online
Marjan is an excellent teacher - she is very pleasant and knowledgeable. I feel like I am getting excellent instruction and learning to speak read and write Farsi. I highly recommend her as a teacher - you will not be sorry!
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Marjan Z.

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$25 / 30-min

About Natalie A.

Tucson, AZ

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I have a BA and and an MA in French and have studied abroad in both France and Québec. This is my fourth year teaching French to elementary, middle, and high school students as well as college students and adults. Within the first few lessons you'll feel yourself increasing in proficiency with an immersion French method. With my individualized lesson plans, you will feel prepared for your oral presentation, next trip to a Francophone country, or your new job.
As a PhD student in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching and current University of Arizona instructor, I bring my expertise to the field to make learning hands on and interactive for all ages, both in person and online.

About Natalie
Hello, bonjour, hola! I'm Natalie and I've been tutoring for eight years and formally teaching for five years. I've loved helping students meet their goals in French, English, and Spanish, and I look forward to helping you.

I hold a B.A. in French and Chinese and an M.A. in French Linguistics, both from University of Florida. Currently, I am a second year PhD student in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching. As such, I am truly centered on helping you achieve your language goals, whether that means traveling abroad, passing a language test, or communicating in your work or school environment. My flexibility and enthusiasm coupled with individualized lesson plans will help increase your confidence in communicating in other language(s).

I'm dedicated to help you becoming bilingual or proficient for travel needs in another language
. Bilingualism not only makes you smarter, as you have to learn to switch in between languages and inhibit one while using the other, it also makes you less likely to get Alzheimer's or dementia (New York Times, 2012). So what are you waiting for? Let's get you on your language learning journey today! Bon voyage! Buen viaje!

My most popular available services on Take Lessons include (but are not limited to):

Tutoring for junior high, high school, and college students; private lessons (French for travel, French for business, French grammar and vocabulary, and/or French for fluency)

**English Accent Reduction**
Focus on pronunciation of sounds in English, intonation, stress, and common English reductions. Achieve your goals by practicing English in business and/or academic contexts (interviewing for a job, making small talk, giving presentations at work, etc). You'll learn common idioms as well. After 10-15 classes, all of my Accent Reduction students see a strong improvement in their accent and feel confident in their English interactions (even on the phone!).

Tutoring for junior high, high school, and college students; private lessons (Spanish for travel, Spanish grammar and vocabulary, and/or Spanish for fluency)
Patricia B. March 14, 2019
· French · Online
Excellent teacher, very happy.
Veronika March 7, 2019
· English · Online
I am looking forward to our next lesson Natalie!!! Thank you so much for today!!!
Carolina February 28, 2019
· English · Online
Thank you!
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Natalie A.

starting at
$20.50 / 30-min

About Robin M.

Brooklyn, NY

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Do you have a question that you're afraid to ask your teacher? Want to understand exactly why Duolingo said your answer was wrong? Ask me! I studied French at a college level for two and a half years and have ben speaking ever since- if I don't know the answer, I know where to go to find the answer. I will tailor the lessons to your needs so you truly have a great foundation for your French-learning journey. Allons-y!

About Robin
I’ve studied French on and off since I was 8 years old, continuing throughout high school and completing the major requirements for an associates degree in French, plus an extra semester. I also taught sixth and seventh graders an Intro to French class, where the goal was to make learning a new language fun. I am prepared to meet you at your level, and help you reach your goals. The lessons will be mostly in French, so you can get as much immersion as possible. Cultural experiences will also be a part of the lesson, including food, music, and history. I want to know what your objective is, so I can create a lesson plan tailored to your needs.

My musical career began when I was nine years old playing the flute and violin. I started singing in choir at 11 and started theatre at 13. I studied acting at the Actor Training Program, a subset
of Solano Community College. I’ve also performed in professional shows around the Bay Area, with companies such as Contra Costa Civic Theatre, Missouri Street Theatre, and Lamplighters Music Theatre. I recently graduated from Circle in the Square Theatre School with a diploma in Musical Theatre. I’m now based in Brooklyn, ready to work with anyone within the five boroughs!

I started cooking when I was nine years old. My mother was in the hospital for nine days, and I was left to my father’s care. He’s a great father, but an absent-minded man who only ate once a day, so I lived off of what I could make for myself-cereal and soy sauce top ramen. I vowed to never be dependent on someone else to cook for me, and I want to give that same independence to you! I’ll teach you how to make simple flavorful dishes on a budget, so that you can be in control of what you eat (and hopefully we wont make too big a mess in the process).
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Robin M.

starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Kokou S.

Westerly, RI
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I've been studying French for 17 years before moving to US and would love to be there to help you get started on your adventure with the French Language.
I always personalize my sessions to your needs, expectations, and hobbies. I am here to help you to reach your goals, to pass your homework and exams or to solidify your knowledge for a personal or professional goal.
I teach the most important tasks such grammar, vocabulary and how to make correct and perfect sentences.
I like teaching with a lot of fun , interactive and gestures.

About Kokou
I was a French teacher since 2008 in Togo, west Africa. I graduated from from University of Lome in 2007 with a sociology bachelors degree.
My country Togo is a French speaking place and I started my primary’s school academy, I realized that French is a very easy to learn if you pay attention to your teacher . But very difficult when it comes to vocabulary, grammar and verbs .
So , in 2004 , I started organizing vacation classes in my village to help fresh students to have an idea about how to learn and speak French . After 2 years of vaacation classes, students parents started thank me for the improvement I did for their kids . And since then , I started getting motivation of teaching French as a part time job.
I love teaching!!!
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Kokou S.

Westerly, RI 02891
starting at
$50 / 30-min
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About Fernando M.

Oklahoma City, OK
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French is my native language. French lessons is unique with me because I teach the basic words of the language, and I also give the opportunity to the students to communicate with me.It is okay to make mistakes, we learn from them.

About Fernando
hello, my name is Moreas Sapi. I am originally from Cameroon and I love to teach french lessons. I am ready to help you understand and speak french fluently.
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Fernando M.

starting at
$30 / 60-min

About Tatiana D.


Levels taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Are you looking for a teacher who is experienced, passionate, creative, hardworking, supportive and caring? Who can connect with students, build and maintain personal relationships?

Are you looking for a certified professional educator who knows how to work with you in order to meet your specific needs, to make you feel motivated and to master your language skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing?

Whatever your goals are, I will help you reach them by providing you with a personalized learning plan and interactive, engaging and effective lessons.

I am an experienced language teacher and have been teaching professionally for more then 25 years. I teach all levels of French and Russian and during my career I have taught students of different ages and various nationalities.
In my teaching
• I design each lesson based on your immediate and practical needs, your individual learning style, as well as your interests

About Tatiana
About me
I am a native Russian speaker born and raised in Moscow. Currently I live in in the USA in the state of Oregon. I have been interested in languages since I was a child. I have discovered the beauty of French language and since then never stop loving it! My personal interests are in Russian and French culture, literature, music, songs, films and art. A knowledge of Russian, French and English give me a full access to all these areas of interest in the original language. I would love to share my expertise with you!

- Bachelor degree in French from Moscow State Pedagogical
- Masters of French and Russian language and literature from
Portland Start University
- Oregon Secondary Teaching Certification

- In my professional life I have worked with Russian Opera

singers in preparation for performance in French operas
- Have worked as a French-Russian translator for the European
- Taught French at the Moscow State Conservatory
- Tutored US diplomats in Russian
- Was a French and Russian instructor at Portland State
For the past 25 years I have worked as a French teacher in international schools in Pakistan, Kuwait, Egypt, Germany and Belgium. I taught all levels of French (including AP and IB French) as well as tutoring an IB Russian. In my 8 +years of teaching IB French and Russian, I have never had a student score below a five, with the vast majority earning an exam grade of six or seven.

Languages Russian - native speaker
French - fluent
English - fluent
Spanish - conversational

I have studied and learned several languages so I know what it’s like to learn a language, what difficulties, challenges and obstacles you encounter and, how to overcame them. I can teach you some tricks to learning languages that can shorten your journey to fluency, and help you feel a sense of achievement as you reach your potential.

Whether your goal is to learn important phrases for an upcoming trip, prepare for an important school exam, or to develop language proficiency join me for an exciting journey of learning languages and cultures in a challenging but welcoming, warm and non-stressful environment.

Добро пожаловать! Bienvenue!
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Tatiana D.

starting at
$30 / 30-min

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