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Norwegian Lessons - Online, Group, and Private Options Available

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Great job, thank you very much! I'm looking forward to our next lesson.

Jennifer (Norwegian lessons with Jared G.)

Jared is very accommodating and teaches to fit my schedule and my style of learning. He is super knowledgable on language, history and culture. I am taking Norwegian with him and after three lessons I

Hannah Marie (Norwegian lessons with Jared G.)

We just need to get a little better audio going---maybe we will add a speaker on our end

Eden (Norwegian lessons with Jared G.)

Very positive and encouraging - I look forward to more lessons with Jared!

Iris Arnold (Norwegian lessons with Jared G.)

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Norwegian Lessons

If you’ve ever been curious about learning Norwegian, whether out of curiosity, family ancestry, or even looking to relocate to Norway, learning it can be challenging on your own.

Norwegian takes its history from the evolution of the North Germanic language, similar to Swedish and other Scandinavian languages. Even though there are similar words and etymologies, learning Norwegian from English isn’t entirely straightforward.

That’s why TakeLessons created Norwegian lessons for students of all ages, interests, and abilities to learn the beautiful language of Norwegian at a pace of your own choosing.

Certified Norwegian Teachers

Learning a new language requires help from an expert who is fluent in the language to help you with grammar and syntax, and practice speaking it conversationally. At TakeLessons, our certified Norwegian teachers are all background screened, fluent in Norwegian, highly-rated by previous students, and are experts in helping students learn to become fluent in the language.

Whether in-person or online, finding a Norwegian tutor is simple at TakeLessons. Browse through our catalog of instructors, find one that matches your interests at a price you can afford, meet with them, and schedule your classes.

The average price for learning Norwegian is $33 for half an hour of instruction.

Once you are ready to start, our teachers will create a personalized lesson for you that will help you learn and master the language in no time!

Norwegian Online Lessons for All Ages

The benefit of learning through our program at TakeLessons is that you can find a teacher that matches your age and interest. Whether you’re looking for Norwegian lessons for kids, adults, or teenagers, at TakeLessons, we have the perfect teacher to suit your learning style and needs.

In other words, our Norwegian lessons for kids are catered to keep their attention and teach the building blocks of language to be conversant and learn literacy. Adult classes may focus on complex syntax and grammar to help adults succeed at using the language in everyday society, whether for work or play.

Norwegian Lessons for All Levels

We understand that students will come to our classes with varying backgrounds in knowledge and experience. Our customizable class style allows students to find the right teacher for Norwegian lessons for beginners and experts to learn at their own pace and practice with fluent-speaking persons to master Norwegian.

As a student, you can choose to study in-person or from the best online Norwegian lessons available, all designed and catered around your interests and goals. So regardless of your experience, knowledge, and interest, we will craft a course program to help you achieve your dream of learning Norwegian.

Norwegian Lessons Curriculum

Every Norwegian class is individually designed for you so that you have the best opportunity to learn and master all the aspects of the language.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Norwegian Lessons

If you have a basic understanding of Norwegian or have never even heard a word before, then the beginner Norwegian lessons are the place for you to start.

A sample curriculum of beginner Norwegian lessons will be designed for you to learn the foundations for future success and may include:

  • The Norwegian alphabet and pronunciation
  • Essential vocabulary and simple sentences
  • Basic grammar and sentence structure
  • An introduction to Norwegian culture and heritage

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Norwegian Lessons

Meanwhile, if you have some basic knowledge of the language and grammar, and are looking to become more adept and fluent, then the intermediate level courses are best for you.

Depending on your needs, a sample curriculum for intermediate Norwegian lessons may focus on:

  • Ability to conjugate irregular and subjective verbs
  • Understanding the umlaut and accents as part of the Norwegian language
  • Learning dialectal differences
  • Knowing proper use of slang and idiomatic expressions used in everyday conversation

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Norwegian Lessons

If you’re ready to be fluent in the language and need additional guidance and practice, then our advanced - Norwegian lessons are the best place for you. We will cater to your classes to match your needs, whether oral or written, to better develop accent, dialect, and comprehension.

Sample curriculum of advanced courses may include:

  • Ability to write and read complex grammar and composition
  • Advanced understanding of vocabulary and slang
  • Immersion in Norwegian culture and language for better proficiency

Sign up Today

TakeLessons makes signing up for Norwegian to be easy and hassle-free. Simply select your teacher, find a budget that matches yours, set a schedule, and get started on Norwegian lessons from the comfort of your own home!

With over 4 million lessons already taught, we have complete confidence in our ability to meet your needs and guide you. Our 100% guarantee is where we put our money where our mouth is. If for any reason you’re unsatisfied with your classes, we will refund any remaining balance to you. Ready to get started? Sign up today and learn the beautiful language that is Norwegian!


Is it hard to learn Norwegian?

Actually, Norwegian is a more accessible language than most for native English speakers to understand. Like most Scandinavian languages, English and Norwegian have shared roots, making it easier to grasp grammar and syntax than in other languages.

Is Norwegian and Swedish the same language?

Yes and no. Swedish and Norwegian share similar roots in the North Germanic languages.

Similarly, English and German share similar roots making it easier to cross over from one language to another. There are dialectical differences between various regions of the Scandinavian countries that make the languages similar but not the same.

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