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I am updating a previous review since I have now been taking lessons from Gali for a couple of years. Gali is really a great teacher: very personable, and willing to tailor how she teaches to what you

Carey (Hebrew lessons with Gali N.)

As always, truly enjoy my lessons with Gali. Excellent teacher.

Pat Bailey (Hebrew lessons with Gali N.)

Excellent lesson. Great teacher.

Heather (Hebrew lessons with Gali N.)

her classes are very dynamic. She is attentive to your needs and supportive.

Michelle (Hebrew lessons with Gali N.)

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Hebrew Lessons

Enter a world of rich, ancient history by learning Hebrew! Hebrew is one of the oldest languages still in modern use. There are written texts dated to 1000 BCE, with some evidence of a spoken language dating back to 5000 BCE! This long history and continued relevance make Hebrew lessons a rewarding, useful investment.

Hebrew is famously the language of religious texts, but it is also a living language spoken by over 9 million people today. We have Hebrew teachers versed in both ancient and modern forms of the language, so regardless of your goals, we can help you.

Certified Hebrew Teachers

Our Hebrew tutors are all certified, experienced instructors who center their lessons on you, your skills, and your interests. Individualized, one-on-one instruction is the best way to learn a foreign language, especially one as rich and varied as Hebrew. Whether you’re just starting out or have been studying for years, our Hebrew teachers meet you where you are to advance your language skills.

Our listings include reviews, certifications, and prices, so you can choose a Hebrew teacher who matches your interests and style of learning. The average cost of Hebrew lessons is $50 for a half-hour, $53 for 45 minutes, and $68 for an hour. However, prices are set by the individual instructors, so you are sure to find a tutor within your budget!

Once you select a teacher and schedule, you can sign up and begin your Hebrew journey.

Online Hebrew Lessons for All Ages

Whatever your age, learning a foreign language is good for you. For children, preparation for religious milestones is a wonderful reason to learn Hebrew. In addition, children who speak multiple languages often score better on standardized tests, exhibit better problem-solving skills, and gain an important understanding of cultures. Adults gain many of the same benefits, as well as increase their memory skills and retain mental flexibility.

We offer Hebrew lessons for kids and adults tailored to your maturity level, skill, and goals. Our tutors work with students of all ages, so it’s always an appropriate time to learn Hebrew!

Hebrew Lessons for All Levels

Our teachers work with you, offering Hebrew lessons for beginners and expert speakers alike. Individualized lesson plans take into account your skill level, interests, and whether you would like to learn ancient or modern Hebrew. Our instructors are qualified to work with all levels of Hebrew learners, so whatever your experience, we can help you hone your Hebrew skills.

In addition, we offer online Hebrew lessons, as well as in-person classes, where you can meet in your home or the teacher’s classroom or studio. Each Hebrew teacher’s listing includes their location and availability, so you can take lessons where you feel comfortable and most ready to learn.

Sample Curriculum Beginning Hebrew Lessons

  • Writing the Hebrew alphabet
  • Basic Hebrew vocabulary and greetings
  • Learn to speak Hebrew with proper pronunciation
  • How to form basic sentences
  • Introduction to Hebrew culture

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Hebrew Lessons

  • Irregular Hebrew grammar rules
  • Listening comprehension skills
  • Conversational skills
  • Reading comprehension

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Hebrew Classes

  • Reading without vowel points
  • Formal and informal writing
  • Sayings and idioms in Hebrew
  • Differentiating between Ancient Hebrew and Modern Hebrew

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Whether you want the best online Hebrew lessons available or in-person instruction, our lessons are designed with you in mind, as they’re affordable, convenient, and customized. We are certain that you will enjoy working with our certified instructors, so we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. It’s time to choose your Hebrew teacher, package, and schedule with us!


Is Hebrew easy to learn?

Many would argue that Hebrew is one of the easier Semitic languages to learn, but it can be fairly challenging for English speakers. It uses a different alphabet than English, and it’s read right to left and does not include vowels. As these features are different, they can challenge some English-speaking students. However, there aren’t many characters to learn (only 22), and there are very few irregularities to master. It is a logical language, making it easier to learn.

Working with a one-on-one tutor can help you master any challenges you experience. The wealth of historical, religious, and modern texts available in Hebrew make it a worthwhile, meaningful language to learn.

What is the best way to learn Hebrew?

As with any language, the best way to learn Hebrew is exposure and immersion. Watching and listening to Israeli media (television, movies, radio) is an excellent way to hear and see modern Hebrew. In addition, speaking with and learning from an individual Hebrew teacher allows you to master elements you may not pick up from the modern spoken language and can help you read and write Hebrew with increasing ease.

Listening to modern speakers will also help ancient Hebrew learners, providing context and cultural immediacy to accompany more academic study. Hebrew has a very long, living history, and making connections between the past and present will help you understand how the language rules, vocabulary, and pronunciation have evolved over time.

How many years does it take to be fluent in Hebrew?

Fluency can mean many different things. The Foreign Service Institute states that Hebrew can be learned in 44 weeks (11,000 hours), but there are many elements that factor into fluency. Natural aptitude and effort, quality of instruction, and the ability to immerse yourself in the language all affect your ability to speak and read Hebrew.

In addition, it will depend on whether you are learning modern or ancient Hebrew. There are many reasons to learn Hebrew, from conversational needs to exclusively academic reading skills, and fluency with these skills will take differing amounts of time. Regardless of the time it takes, learning Hebrew is a rewarding, engaging experience with many benefits.

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