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Diane C.

Diane C.

French is my second language, but it often feels as it if were the first, as I have been speaking it for so many years on an everyday, educational, and professional basis. I have official native-level proficiency. My grammar is excellent, as I learned the rules in junior high school in the Paris suburbs (grammar is an important part of French schooling). Culture is also a big part of learning a language, and I am well versed in French literature, pop culture, idioms, and more. Recently, one of my first TakeLessons students passed her B2 exam, which allows her to apply to French universities. It's not an easy exam, the culmination of several years of classes and several months of test-prepping. I edited a 240-page scholarly book in French, "De La Case A La Villa" (published 2014), and have spoken on French-language television and at professional conferences. I give both private and group lessons.
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Fabrice K.

Fabrice K.

Bonjour et Enchanté My name is Fabrice and I am excited that you are considering French lessons with me. French is not just a beautiful language, it is a culture and people rich in Liberté, Egalité, and Fraternité. With all of my students, we not only explore the richness of the language but also the expansiveness and depth of the culture, people, and of course the country. I am confident in my ability to help you learn French in easy and fun lessons. I have helped students of all ages, most of whom have little to no experience with the language. Today, many of these, same, students are well versed in conversational French and able to read, write, speak, and explore the language and culture in ways they didn’t imagine. I have also worked with students who have a good understanding of the language and wish to brush-up on their skills or work to perfect the language as a native speaker. I apply numerous strategies that will depend on how you like to learn, however, I always try to help students feel comfortable so that they can talk because talking is the basis of an enjoyable lesson. From there we discover new vocabulary, analyze grammatical structures, practice fluidness, pronunciation, and intonation. I enjoy exploring current and past events by using newspaper articles, extracts from books, videos, and songs. I also encourage you to submit any document you would like to study if you feel that it could be useful. By providing the documents in advance I can prepare an interesting lesson for you. À bientôt !
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She is an absolutely phenomenal instructor. Would highly reccommend.

Joelle (French lessons with Evelyne K.)

So far, my French classes were amazing and my instructor is amazing too. She made it very simple to learn and gave me tricks for fast learning.

Hind (French lessons with Evelyne K.)

Just the sweetest person. So much fun learning

Patrice (French lessons with Evelyne K.)

Very patient, friendly, and helpful. I am enjoying my lessons so far. I expect I will feel even more strongly positive about Evelyne's courses as I go through more of them. She is very sweet and encou

Daphne (French lessons with Evelyne K.)

She is an absolutely phenomenal instructor. Would highly reccommend.

Joelle (French lessons with Evelyne K.)

So far, my French classes were amazing and my instructor is amazing too. She made it very simple to learn and gave me tricks for fast learning.

Hind (French lessons with Evelyne K.)

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French Lessons in Dallas

By Gabrielle A. - Dallas French Teacher

I am Gabrielle, a teacher of French, Italian, and American-English languages and cultures in the Dallas area, and the purpose of my article is to share a few tips for students interested in taking French lessons in Dallas.

Many Texans are not aware of the extent to which the word “Dallas” resonates in the hearts of so many Europeans… the reason for its fame being a show that many Americans have never even watched, but which has captivated generations of Europeans since the 70s until today: the “Dallas, Ewing Oil” series. My students are always amazed to learn that many Europeans (including myself, as a child, growing up in a former-communist country) learned English out of a passion for all-things-American/Texan inspired, among other sources, by the intrigues of this unforgettable series. In fact, on a recent trip I took to Paris, almost all the conversations I had with French people involved their questions about what it was like to live in Texas, whether things were really “like that” (“you mean they really wear guns in the street?!”) and confidences from French ladies that the only place they’d wish to visit in the USA would be Texas...

It follows that, if locals and I were to discuss places that I, personally, would recommend to my students, we might end up voicing very different opinions: while most American teachers might proudly point to the Dallas museums and concerts of the moment to be visited first, I would give priority to what differs from the European landscape and is at the same time “extremely Texan”.

First, choosing the moment to visit Dallas on a language and culture field trip is utterly important, because spending time walking outside just for pleasure – faire des promenades -- constitutes a pleasant activity to many foreigners, and in Texas that is luxury some can enjoy mostly in spring and in autumn and winter outside the melting-point heat of summer months.

The Dallas TV show experience can be felt quite genuinely downtown Dallas around the Main Street and – my favourite area – the Fountains Place, an area of 172 dancing fountains that surround an impressive skyscraper designed as a multi-faceted prism. From there throughout the area of “Uptown” all through Turtle Creek and up to the core of Highland Park a French or Italian student visiting Dallas can walk to the pleasure of their hearts -- as I did when I first moved here: the wildlife in Turtle Creek park is very amusing in spring and I’ve often organized field trips with my American students to teach them environmental vocabulary while trying to open up their point of views from a European direction. Such a field trip can end glamorously-Texas-Style with a rodeo show which is always on the list of my foreign students whom I also teach American folk literature along with English language skills.

Further on, we can practice French at La Madeleine over coffee and croissants, and -- again, weather permitting -- at the Arboretum, as well as inside the art galleries of Dallas: the Old Red Museum of Dallas County History and Culture, Dallas Museum of Art, the Nasher Sculpture Center, the Alliance Française, and of course, Southfork Ranch. Wherever we go on field trips, I encourage my students to practice their cultural knowledge along with their foreign language vocabulary while describing the various attractions we see or enjoy.

This might be the most wonderful place in all of Texas- so take French lessons in Dallas and enjoy the historical fame of the city and its unique contemporary appeal.

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