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His lessons are very effective.

Shaun (Accent Reduction lessons with Gabriel)

Gabriel’s method is very effective. After 5 classes with him, I have started noticing changes in my way to differentiate sounds and pronounce them. I have taken classes with several accent reduction i

Maria (Accent Reduction lessons with Gabriel)

Gabriel's Accent Reduction teachings have changed my life. My American English has improved dramatically! I'm seeing results at all levels. I highly recommended!!!

Irina (Accent Reduction lessons with Gabriel)

Gabriel is an amazing teacher. He teaches with a lot of professionalism and commitment. If you are looking for a very high qualified accent reduction class, Gabriel Burrafato is one of the best option

Talia (Accent Reduction lessons with Gabriel)

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Accent Reduction Lessons

Many people believe accent reduction involves getting rid of your accent entirely, but it’s actually more focused on learning how to speak more articulately. Having the ability to communicate clearly and precisely is a good skill to have in your personal and professional life.

If you’re looking to address your accent, our certified teachers can help you achieve your goals. When you sign up with us, you’ll find the best online accent reduction lessons and in-person classes available. Our accent reduction teachers welcome students of all ages and backgrounds to join our sessions. Sign up today!

Certified Accent Reduction Teachers

Interested in speaking in a more neutralized fashion? Then you’ve come to the right place. We work with the best accent reduction teachers who have years of experience helping their students work toward their goals.

We require all of our teachers to receive certifications and undergo background checks. To find your ideal match, explore each teacher’s listing for more information regarding their qualifications, location, availability, and rates. While it’s our mission to keep our classes affordable, rates range between $15 and $165 depending on your lesson type, location, and the specific teacher. An hour-long session will cost $52, on average.

For help narrowing down your selection, ask our counselors for assistance or contact the individual teacher to see if they’re a good fit. Once you’ve made your choice, decide when you’d like to meet and then pick your lesson package. After just a few lessons, you’re sure to begin noticing a difference in your accent!

Accent Reduction Online Lessons for All Ages

While all of our students have beautiful accents, no matter where they’re from, we realize that not everyone wants to maintain certain regional twangs or inflections. To help you modify your accent, our tutors offer accent reduction lessons for kids as well as adults.

Because our tutors customize your lessons to your specific needs, they’ll inquire about your goals and preferences and create a tailored lesson plan that best suits your age and maturity level. No matter if you’re seventy-five or fifteen years old, our lessons can help you work toward addressing your accent.

Accent Reduction Lessons for All Levels

Every student has unique goals and ideas about how they’d like to sound. Some students come to us with very thick accents, while others might only have a slight twang they’re looking to overcome.

Our tutors understand that everyone’s journey is different, and that’s why they’re the experts at teaching students of all levels and backgrounds. If you’ve never attended any sort of training before, then our accent reduction lessons for beginners are the ideal place to start. But if you’re looking to further fine-tune the reduction exercises you’ve already learned, you’re better off in one of our more advanced courses.

Sample Curriculum for Accent Reduction Lessons

Personalized accent reduction lessons are available for English learners of all levels, but here are some of the general topics you'll study throughout the process:

  • Vowel articulation
  • Patterns of speech
  • Clarity
  • Rhythm
  • Movement coordination
  • Phonology
  • Different English accents across the US

Sign up Today

If you’re concerned about your accent, turn to our in-person or online accent reduction lessons. We’re so confident that you’ll enjoy the lessons that we let you take advantage of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Getting started is simple: Select your tutor, schedule, and lesson package, and then you’re all set.


Do accent reduction classes work?

Yes, if you undergo proper training with a certified teacher, accent reduction classes can help you lessen your accent. That’s because our teachers have the skills, knowledge, and qualifications to help you neutralize different sounds in your speech. They’ll provide you with the appropriate exercises that can help you achieve your speech goals.

What are accent reduction classes?

Accent reduction classes refer to lessons where you can work on your language skills. Lessons will vary based on the student’s preferences and goals, but they often focus on helping students articulate their thoughts, speak more clearly, and avoid pronunciation errors due to their accents. It’s less about eliminating one’s accent and more about communicating with clarity.

Can you learn to lose your accent?

Yes, there are ways to neutralize your accent so that you avoid being misunderstood. The best way to focus on speaking with clarity is to sign up for our accent reduction lessons, where you can work with a professional instructor and receive the tools you need to speak with confidence. It may take some time and effort, but as long as you follow your teacher’s guidance and practice your exercises, you should begin noticing changes in your accent.

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