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Dan H.

77 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $49
  • Speaks German, Russian, Danish, Swedish, English, Norwegian
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Teaches students 6 and up
Teaching Locations:
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Dan H.

77 Reviews
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Private Swedish Teacher

I hold a Swedish Bachelor and Masters degree from Uppsala University (Sweden). I am fluent in Swedish, not just the language, but also the culture, geography, history, politics, etc. I have lived 10+ years in Sweden. I have 25+ years teaching experience. I am the school principal at River Tech Elementary.

I look forward to guiding you on your educational journey! Lessons are offered through live, online private video lessons.

About Dan

Highly sought-after. Some of Dan’s past students have been finalists in televised talent shows and now enjoy professional music careers. For example, Sofia Olsson, (”True Talent" Finalist, Sweden), Feridah Rose ("Denmark's Got Talent" Semi-Finalist), and Rasma Freimane ("Top Overall Vocalist", Tech

Recent Reviews
Dan has a great style of instruction, he is very friendly and easy going and this makes taking the lessons very comfortable. Dan has great patience as I was too busy to do much preparation for the lessons but Dan made it work and I still progressed with the Danish language. I will be back as soon as things slow down for me.
Dave *.
I had a great first lesson! Dan makes it very comfortable.
Sarah K.
Great start; looking forward to more lessons w Dan. He is intuitive, personable, and fun to work with. So far so good.
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Monica D.

13 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $25
  • Speaks Swedish
  • Teaches students 12 and up
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Teaching Locations:
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Monica D.

13 Reviews
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Private Swedish Teacher

Welcome to Sweden! Experienced Swedish teacher of 5 years. Lessons customized and catered to the needs and goals of each student. I am a native of Sweden.
Please join me for a fun filled lessons where YOU do the talking. I will help you build a solid foundation and build up your confidence.
See you in the classroom!

About Monica

Currently I teach Swedish to people living all over Europe. I have been doing Swedish translations and teaching lessons for over 7 years. I make you speak the language in your first lesson, but the lessons are always tailored to you and your goals and needs. I know it may be difficult, maybe emb

Recent Reviews
Hilary N.
Monica is kind patient and encouraging.
Monica was super friendly and had many materials for me to study both during and after the lesson. I can’t wait for my next class!

Lars N.

20 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $30
  • Speaks Swedish, English
  • Teaching since 2010
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
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Lars N.

20 Reviews
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Private Swedish Teacher

To speak Swedish! 😀
I teach conversational Swedish, phrases but no grammar.

About Lars

My name is Lars and I am looking forward to teaching you guitar. I've been teaching guitar for 7 years. I believe that anybody can learn to play well, if they work hard, stick with it and have a passion for it. Because I did. It took a lot of work for me and did not come easy. It's never easy, nor

Recent Reviews
Lars is a wonderful teacher. He is very patient and teaches guitar with great enthusiasm. I really enjoyed playing music with him and was able to learn so many new techniques and songs from him.
I've been learning from Lars for the past 6 years, and it has been a great time. He knows what he is doing, and does anything to make sure that the student gets the best instruction.
Everett M.
Hi i'm Everett and i'm 16, I've been working with Lars for a few years now, He' been helping me write and make my own songs, even taking me to a professional recording studio to have the songs recorded. He's very good at communicating with me and helping me become my own guitar player and having taught me from not knowing a single thing, To being able to play with confidence. I would highly recommend him!

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The average cost of 60-minute Swedish lessons is $65. While the exact cost will vary depending on the teacher, type of lesson, and location, you should expect to spend between $65 and $65 per hour.
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45 min
$52 average
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$65 average

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An Indo-European language, Swedish descended from Old Norse. Many Germanic peoples spoke this language prior to around the 14th century. As Vikings traveled, they spread Old Norse throughout Europe. 

Today, Swedish is the official language of Sweden, and it's one of two official languages in Finland. Just over ten million people speak Swedish. Of those, roughly 90% live in Sweden. Most of the others occupy nearby, Scandinavian countries, but you can find some Swedish speakers in other locations around the world. Pockets of Swedish speakers live in several places including Estonia, Ukraine, the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Belgium. 

Although a fairly small number of people speak Swedish, it's worthwhile to learn Swedish. Sweden


is famous for many things: pickled herring, Pippi Longstocking, meatballs, pancakes, a breathtaking view of the northern lights, and its iconic Ice Hotel. It's also home to some of the most prominent and dearly loved design trends in interior design (IKEA, natural textures, and minimalism), fashion (H&M and Eytys), and architecture (The Mirrorcube, Gustav Wickman’s Kiruna Kyrka, and Malmö’s Turning Torso). 

Why Learn to Speak Swedish?

Swedish is one of the simplest languages for English speakers to learn. In fact, the U.S. Foreign Service Institute (FSI) rates it as a Category I language, meaning it's considered easy to learn because it's strikingly similar to English. An average native English speaker can learn Swedish with about 24 to 30 weeks of study or 600 to 750 class hours. 

Swedish isn't just a fast language to learn; it's also very similar to the languages of neighboring countries, Denmark and Norway. Depending on the dialect, most Swedish speakers can also understand Danish and Norwegian with ease. So, even though a relatively small number of people speak Swedish, it'll open up travel, business, and cultural opportunities to speakers throughout the region.

If you learn to speak Swedish, you'll be able to do business in the country, cook Swedish foods like the country's scrumptious meatballs using authentic recipes, and even get closer to the country's revered eye for architecture, design, and fashion. You can enjoy "Pippi Långstrump" in its original Swedish text or film. Plus, you'll be able to shop at IKEA and actually understand the names of all the furniture and decor items. 

The Best Way to Learn Swedish and What You'll Study

An online search will direct you to loads of options for free Swedish lessons. Although Swedish is a simple language for English speakers to learn, the best way to study is with a private Swedish tutor. With a private teacher, you'll overcome challenges quickly and receive immediate feedback. You'll also benefit from private lessons, as your Swedish tutor will customize course content and teaching materials to your unique learning needs, abilities, and interests. For example, Swedish classes for adults differ greatly from Swedish lessons for children. 

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Swedish Classes

If you have little or no previous experience with the Swedish language, then beginner lessons will be perfect for you. Beginner classes introduce students to the basics of the Swedish language. As you become acquainted with the language, you'll build a strong foundation of simple skills. Your Swedish teacher might choose to cover some of the following topics:

  • Alphabet and pronunciation
  • Cognates
  • Conjugating regular verbs
  • The common gender
  • Essential terms and basic conversation

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Swedish Lessons

Intermediate lessons build upon everything you learn in beginner lessons. These students should have a basic understanding of the Swedish language. In intermediate lessons, you'll begin forming more complex ideas and discussions in Swedish, while expanding your vocabulary and grammatical skills. Your Swedish tutor might cover some of the following topics:

  • Complex syntax
  • Verb tenses and moods
  • Forming questions
  • Plurals and declensions
  • Irregular verbs

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Swedish Classes

Advanced lessons are appropriate for students who are almost fluent Swedish speakers. Although course content depends greatly on the student's individual interests and goals, advanced classes help students speak more like native Swedish speakers. Advanced Swedish lessons might include some of the following topics:

  • Accent reduction
  • Understanding nuance and inference
  • Composition
  • Discuss and articulate complex ideas
  • Colloquialisms, customs, and culture

How to Find a Private Swedish Teacher

If you're ready to say ja (yes) to learning Swedish, then you'll need to find a Swedish teacher. A quick search on TakeLessons will direct you to a variety of tutors who offer Swedish lessons near you and online. Each tutor on TakeLessons has a variety of teaching experience, education, and accolades. With both native and non-native speakers teaching Swedish, you can choose the teacher who'll best motivate you, while speaking to your interests.

The cost of Swedish classes varies, but most teachers charge a rate based on the length and frequency of lessons. We recommend reading through several teacher profiles and reviews left by other students before you decide. Whichever teacher you choose, you'll be well on your way to speaking Swedish like a native!