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Monica was super friendly and had many materials for me to study both during and after the lesson. I can’t wait for my next class!

Sadie (Swedish lessons with Monica D.)

She's gonna have me speaking like a native in no time!

Celeste (Swedish lessons with Monica D.)

After two years of learning Swedish via Duolingo, I finally decided to take my interest to the next level, and I’m so happy I did. Working with Monica is both fun and challenging. Your weaknesses real

Ginny (Swedish lessons with Monica D.)

Jared is amazing. I am learning Swedish for a specific reason. In general though, I love history and word derivations. Jared liberally sprinkles the lesson with a bit of history to explain why a certa

Scott Sammons (Swedish lessons with Jared G.)

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Swedish Lessons

TakeLessons is your hub for Swedish lessons, a website where you can find the best online and in-person teachers that can take your language skills to the next level!

Swedish is the national language of Sweden and is spoken by about 10 million people as a native tongue. The language is predominantly used in Sweden and Finland. It is the fourth-most spoken Germanic language overall, and has much in common with languages Norwegian and Danish, which all share common roots.

One notable fact about Swedish is the wide variety of pronunciations found in various parts of the country. The vocabulary of the language, though, is highly standardized, which bodes well for learners. To start getting a better grasp of the language, TakeLessons offers expert Swedish lessons for all types of learners.

TakeLessons offers some of the best online Swedish lessons available today. All of our lessons are taught by experienced, certified Swedish teachers who can take your Swedish language skills to the next level. Sign up today for Swedish lessons that will assist you in achieving your goals!

Certified Swedish Teachers

When learning a new language, having a good teacher can mean everything. Oftentimes, there is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding when trying to put together sentences, understand grammar, and communicate with native Swedish speakers. A helpful teacher, though, can take the mystery out of the process, helping you make your hard work count and leveling up your skills.

The Swedish teachers at TakeLessons have many years of experience teaching students looking to learn the language. Our tutors are great at incorporating lesson plans that work for the needs of each student, adjusting the lessons to best suit different learning styles. When a teacher knows the learning process in and out, the student is the one that benefits.

Through the TakeLessons platform, it’s easy to select a Swedish tutor that works for you. On our website, we make it simple to compare teachers, see their rates, and read reviews from past students who have taken Swedish lessons. Although there are varying prices for our Swedish teachers, the average price for a 60-minute lesson is around $56.

Have access to the best online Swedish lessons or in-person tutoring by signing up with TakeLessons today!

Online Swedish lessons for All Ages

Another major factor in learning a new language is age. Children and adults tend to learn differently and have different goals for their lessons. Our Swedish teachers understand that, and mold lesson plans to maximize the learning potential of their students, no matter their age.

Need Swedish lessons for kids? We’ve got a teacher for that. How about for adults who are traveling to Sweden? Our Swedish teachers have you covered. The teachers at TakeLessons are experienced in teaching students of all ages, and have lesson plans that suit every level. Whatever your age or your reasons for learning, our teachers can help!

Sign up today for the best online Swedish lessons for adults, children, and everyone in between. Our private lessons are easy to book, affordable, and effective. The process is so simple that you can book a lesson and start learning as soon as you’re ready!

Swedish Lessons for All Levels

TakeLessons has Swedish lessons for all skill levels. Take our Swedish lessons for beginners, which build the essentials to learning the language, including grammar, vocabulary, and basic sentence structure.

But our Swedish tutors can also help advanced learners. Maybe you’ve spoken Swedish and traveled to Swedish-speaking countries for years, but now you want to take your skills to fluency. TakeLessons’ Swedish teachers can help you with that, providing advanced lesson plans to guide you toward language mastery.

When you sign up for lessons with our Swedish teachers, you’re taking another big step towards your language goals. The team at TakeLessons can’t wait to see you level up. Upgrade your Swedish skills by signing up today!

Swedish Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Swedish Lessons

  • Swedish pronunciation
  • Basic grammar and sentence structure
  • Essential vocabulary
  • How to form a question
  • Verb conjugations, tenses, and moods

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Swedish Lessons

  • Pronunciation
  • Conversation skills
  • Intermediate grammar and vocabulary
  • Swedish numbers
  • Intermediate verb conjugations

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Swedish Lessons

  • Listening and advanced reading comprehension
  • Mastering Swedish dialects and idioms around the world
  • Advanced verb conjugations
  • Swedish culture and history
  • Swedish poetry and meaning

Sign up Today

For the best Swedish lessons for both online and in-person students, TakeLessons is a great place to start. Our learning platform features expert Swedish teachers, as well as lesson plans for learners of all ages and skill levels. Plus, if you’re worried about the commitment, we offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our lessons. Start learning today!


What is the best way to learn Swedish?

The best way to learn Swedish is through Swedish lessons and immersion in the language and its culture. Foundational lessons will include grammar, how to form a sentence, and essential Swedish vocabulary. You’ll also benefit from being able to have conversations with your teacher in Swedish, especially when native speakers can be hard to come by. TakeLessons is a great place to find the best Swedish teachers around and start leveling up your skills.

Is Swedish a hard language to learn?

According to the FSI, Swedish is a Category 1 language, making it actually one of the easier languages to learn, especially for native English speakers. This is due mostly to its similarity to English in many ways. Without lessons and consistent practice, though, it still can be difficult to learn. Any language is easier with a great teacher helping you, which is why signing up with one of the Swedish teachers at TakeLessons is a great way to learn the language.

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