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Diane C.

Diane C.

French is my second language, but it often feels as it if were the first, as I have been speaking it for so many years on an everyday, educational, and professional basis. I have official native-level proficiency. My grammar is excellent, as I learned the rules in junior high school in the Paris suburbs (grammar is an important part of French schooling). Culture is also a big part of learning a language, and I am well versed in French literature, pop culture, idioms, and more. Recently, one of my first TakeLessons students passed her B2 exam, which allows her to apply to French universities. It's not an easy exam, the culmination of several years of classes and several months of test-prepping. I edited a 240-page scholarly book in French, "De La Case A La Villa" (published 2014), and have spoken on French-language television and at professional conferences. I give both private and group lessons.
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She is an absolutely phenomenal instructor. Would highly reccommend.

Joelle (French lessons with Evelyne K.)

So far, my French classes were amazing and my instructor is amazing too. She made it very simple to learn and gave me tricks for fast learning.

Hind (French lessons with Evelyne K.)

Just the sweetest person. So much fun learning

Patrice (French lessons with Evelyne K.)

Very patient, friendly, and helpful. I am enjoying my lessons so far. I expect I will feel even more strongly positive about Evelyne's courses as I go through more of them. She is very sweet and encou

Daphne (French lessons with Evelyne K.)

She is an absolutely phenomenal instructor. Would highly reccommend.

Joelle (French lessons with Evelyne K.)

So far, my French classes were amazing and my instructor is amazing too. She made it very simple to learn and gave me tricks for fast learning.

Hind (French lessons with Evelyne K.)

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French Lessons in Seattle: Your Guide to French Culture in Emerald City

When you’re taking French lessons in Seattle, it’s important to take advantage of all of the opportunities in the city to enhance your learning experience. Learning a language isn’t just about lessons in a classroom, it’s about experiencing the culture and learning about the history and traditions.

From local events to French cafes, here are the places you should explore while taking French lessons in Seattle.

French Food

One of the most fun aspects of learning about a new culture and language is sampling the food! Here are some of the local places where you can get some French food in your city.

Le Pichett

Stop by Le Pichet to sample French cuisine in downtown Seattle. From breakfast and brunch to decadent delicacies, you can soothe your sweet tooth or enjoy a savory French meal.

Café Campagne Another downtown favorite for French fare, Café Campagne serves breakfast and brunch along with an assortment of French pastries. Café Besalu If you’re looking for fresh, made-to-order pain au chocolat and croissants, then you should definitely head over to Café Besalu. Pair your pastries with some delicious coffee, and bring your French books to study while you indulge in some sweet treats.

Check your local listings to find out about French cultural events in Seattle. Here are some organizations that host events that may interest you.

French Organizations & Events

Alliance Francaise de Seattle

The Alliance Francaise de Seattle was founded in 1883 by some famous French men including scientist Louis Pasteur, writer Jules Verne, and diplomat Ferdiand de Lesseps. The Alliance works to promote knowledge of French language and culture.

The Alliance has a great library full of books, CD’s, and DVDs that are ideal for French-language students. There are also a number of local events to promote French language and culture, check the website ( to find out about upcoming events in your area.

French Fest

French Fest is a local event put on by the Seattle Center. The family-friendly event is open to the public and admission is free. Enjoy live music, performances, and delicious French food.

Meetup Groups

Join a group, meet some friends, and let the conversation flow! One of the best ways to learn conversational French is to practice with other French speakers, and a meetup group is a great way to meet other people who speak, or are learning to speak French.

Some French Meetups in the Seattle area include The Seattle French Conversation Meetup, the Eastside French Club, The French Night, and Francophile Fridays.

When you’re taking French lessons in Seattle, you will be exposed to a whole new world of language-learning fun. Find your favorite places and make some new friends. Study hard and have fun. Au revoir!

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