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Cantonese Lessons - Online, Group, and Private Options Available

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Being not of college age anymore, attending my first class (private no less) was nerve wracking but exciting. Alice makes you feel so comfortable right away and was very prepared, organized, and went

Cynthia (Cantonese lessons with Alice Y.)

Just had first lesson and was very happy. Alice was pleasant and prepared. I could tell immediately she was experienced and a good teacher. Can’t wait for the next lesson.

Jeremy (Cantonese lessons with Alice Y.)

Alice is great! She’s smart and well prepared, and her lessons flow very smoothly.

Cameron (Cantonese lessons with Alice Y.)

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Cantonese Lessons

Cantonese Chinese is one of the major dialects of the Chinese language. It is the second-most spoken language in China behind Mandarin Chinese.

The Cantonese dialect first originated in the Southeastern parts of China, mainly from the city of Canton. It is still spoken in many parts of the region and is an integral language in places such as Hong Kong and Macau. It is known for sharing a lot of vocabulary with Mandarin (the most widely spoken language in China), although these languages are not mutually intelligible. Today, Cantonese has about 80 million native speakers.

Learning the subtleties of Cantonese Chinese begins with signing up for the best online Cantonese lessons and in-person coaching at TakeLessons!

Certified Cantonese Teachers

TakeLessons believes that the best language lessons start with experienced Cantonese teachers. That’s why we only employ tutors who have been certified and background-checked by our team.

Through our certification process, the students on TakeLessons get Cantonese teachers experienced in coaching all types of students in learning this Chinese dialect. Plus, picking your perfect teacher is easy. You can search through our teacher profiles and pick one based on their starting rate, customer reviews, and learning options. After that, you can connect with one and set up a schedule for private Cantonese lessons.

We’re confident that the best online Cantonese lessons and in-person coaching sessions at TakeLessons will help you master this language.

Online Cantonese Lessons for All Ages

When it comes to language learning, it’s never too late or too early to expand your or your child’s horizons.

We’ve designed Cantonese lessons for kids that help children master the vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar of Cantonese Chinese. It can be tough to understand the subtleties of this Chinese dialect, especially as a young kid. That’s why our teachers craft exercises to make this process easier for both child and adult learners. For adults, we even offer prep for college exams or training for conducting business in Chinese.

TakeLessons has the best online Cantonese lessons and in-person coaching for every level. Get started today!

Cantonese Lessons for All Levels

Our Cantonese lessons are crafted around the needs of each learner. Our teachers have experience coaching many different levels, pinpointing trouble areas as they maximize your learning possibilities.

The design of our Cantonese lessons for beginners emphasizes the goals of each learner. Whether you want to travel to China or just need to prep for an exam, we can design each lesson around those goals. That way you don’t waste time with generic lessons that aren’t serving your specific learning needs. Instead, you’ll spend time learning language components that are valuable to your life.

It’s true: The best online Cantonese lessons and in-person learning are ready for you to sign up!

Cantonese Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Cantonese Lessons

  • Cantonese vocabulary
  • Intro to grammar
  • Essential phrases
  • Cantonese history
  • Pronunciation

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Cantonese Lessons

  • Mastering intonation
  • Chinese characters -Having a conversation
  • Reading and writing in Cantonese

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Cantonese Lessons

  • Advanced verbs
  • Cantonese literature
  • Exam prep -Advanced grammar

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Let TakeLessons help you learn Cantonese Chinese with Cantonese lessons for every age and level of learner. We offer you learning flexibility with the best online Cantonese lessons and in-person coaching around. We’ve even got teachers that will come to your home. Plus, every lesson package is backed up by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Sign up now and start learning!


Is it easy to learn Cantonese?

Cantonese is not easy to learn. This is especially true for English speakers, who must get used to a new alphabet and set of sounds. Plus, the intonation and pronunciation of Chinese can be tough to learn for those speaking English as a native language. The difficulty of learning Cantonese is a big reason why you should hire an experienced teacher to help you. TakeLessons is a great resource for experienced Chinese tutors, offering the best online Cantonese lessons or in-person sessions with experienced Cantonese teachers.

How do I learn Cantonese?

You can learn Cantonese in a multitude of ways. You can start by taking online courses and watching video lessons on YouTube and other platforms. From there, it helps to immerse yourself in the culture, finding someone who speaks Cantonese to have basic conversations with. Though you can start to learn Cantonese by yourself, the best way is to take private lessons with certified Cantonese teachers. TakeLessons is a great resource for finding lessons with the best teachers, offering you the flexibility of online or in-person learning.

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