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Sama is not only a great teacher, but she also is a nice person. She keeps me motivated to keep learning and improving. Her teaching system is pretty dynamic and helpful. Every dollar I spent to take

andres (English lessons with Sama A.)

Hi, I've been studying with Sama for almost 1 year. At first I started to study with completely basic grammar because I couldn't speak English at all. but now, of course I can have conversation, I can

Hannah (English lessons with Sama A.)

Sama is an excellent teacher, her classes are very dynamic and interesting, different topics are addressed in each of them. I have improved my English a lot thanks to its metology. I have learned from

Leslie (English lessons with Sama A.)

I had my first English lesson with Andrea and it was very useful for me. I think that he pointed on my problem. He's a keen observer.

Marta (English lessons with Andrea V.)

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English Lessons

The leading language of international discourse, English, has been around since the early 5th Century. Due to various influences, the English language has evolved from its origins and assimilated many different languages into its own, making it difficult to master.

For example, the word “run” has over 645 distinct, different meanings.

But English can also be fun and playful. By taking English lessons, you can “bamboozle” people with your “shenanigans,” creating a “brouhaha” at any party.

Whether you’re a native speaker or learning English as a second language, at TakeLessons, we cater our online English lessons to help all of our students achieve their goals.

Certified English Lessons Teachers

Learning English can create a variety of benefits and open doors in your career choices. What’s more, even if you’re traveling overseas, the chances are that English can be a way to communicate if you don’t understand the local language. Students come to us with all different interests and levels of understanding, so we create an individual plan for every student to accomplish their learning goals.

We only offer certified experts as our instructors; each has been carefully screened and thoroughly background checked to provide you with the best online English lessons around.

Ready to get started?

At TakeLessons, we make getting started easy. Simply browse through our catalog of certified English teachers, read over their reviews from past students, and find a price you can agree on with most classes that cost around $57 per hour. Next, meet with your teacher to discuss your learning needs. And finally, schedule your classes and get started!

English Online Lessons for All Ages

Whether you’re a native speaker or learning English as a second language, at TakeLessons, our customizable class is perfect for helping you accomplish your language learning goals.

Learning English language skills as a child builds a foundation for a lifetime of success. Or, if you’re an adult trying to improve your English mastery, learning from an expert will help you learn and sharpen your memory and focus.

So whether you’re looking for English lessons for kids, secondary learners, or adults, at TakeLessons, we’ll design the perfect class for you.

English Lessons for All Levels

Students come to us with all different levels of understanding, so we offer flexible curriculums to accommodate each student’s goals.

If you’re a native speaker looking to master your grammar for a job in industries such as marketing, journalism, law, or even teaching, we offer lessons catered to you.

For someone who needs English lessons for beginners or ESL students, we have professionals with years of experience teaching to your specific needs and abilities. Our customized curriculum has helped thousands of people learn and master English. Ready to get started? Sign up Today!

English Lessons Curriculum

English serves as the official language of international transactions throughout the political and business worlds. Learning to understand and master through our individualized classes are perfect for students of any age and level, designed to help you accomplish your learning goals.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner English Lessons

If you’re just starting to learn English, whether as a second language or a new speaker, our beginner-level classes are the best place to begin.

A sample curriculum for beginner English lessons may include:

  • The English alphabet, vowels, and consonants
  • Basic vocabulary and pronunciation of sounds and words
  • Introductions, greetings, and essential questions
  • Introduction to grammar
  • How to read, write, and speak simple words and sentences

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate English Lessons

If you have a grasp on the fundamentals of the English language and are looking to grow in your knowledge and understanding, then the intermediate level class is best for you.

At the intermediate level, a sample curriculum may include topics such as:

  • Complex verb tenses and agreements
  • Advanced grammar rules
  • Improving listening comprehension and speaking skills
  • Reading and writing complex sentences and paragraphs
  • Introduction to culture and history of English speakers

Sample Curriculum for Advanced English Lessons

For people that have mastered the basics and are looking to expand on their knowledge, whether for personal or professional reasons, then the advanced level classes are designed to meet your specific needs.

An advanced level sample curriculum may include:

  • Mastering grammar and syntax rules
  • Learning to master the prose and poetry
  • Scansion reading and editing for the cohesion of the written word
  • In-depth conversational skills, including idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms
  • Understanding inference in the spoken language
  • Preparing prose for publication

Live English Classes With TakeLessons Live

A great addition to our private lessons offerings is TakeLessons Live, which offers hundreds of online group classes scheduled throughout the day. On the Live platform, you can access the rotating offerings and join classes when you’re available to squeeze a little learning into your already busy schedule.

TakeLessons Live membership is a great way to supplement your typical English Lessons with dynamic group classes. You can also meet new people, share your learning experience, and enrich your life. Even if you’ve hit a wall with your English lessons, you can join a different class, letting your curiosity take you where it may. Whether it’s English lessons or a course in computer programming, we have something for everyone at TakeLessons Live.

Another benefit to a TakeLessons Live membership is the ability to jump in and out of classes as you see fit. This is especially helpful for students with busy schedules who have difficulty committing to set learning times throughout the week. Live offers you the ability to learn at your own pace, supplementing online group classes with in-depth readings, on-demand videos, and helpful lessons along the way.

That’s the advantage of TakeLessons Live. You can fit in a brief group class or lesson when you’re available on a Saturday morning or during a weekday break. Plus, the unlimited videos and live lessons in any subject allow you to follow your natural curiosity and mix things up.

TakeLessons Live is available 24/7 through our website and mobile app, giving you access to any and all classes when your schedule allows.

Upgrade your learning journey and explore TakeLessons Live and its exceptional online group classes today!

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If you are looking to learn and master the English language and are ready to sign up, we make it easy.

Our no-hassle sign-up is backed by a 100% guarantee. Here’s how it works—simply go through our list of instructors, select the type of teacher that fits your interests, set a price, and schedule your classes. It’s that easy.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your lessons, we offer a 100% guarantee to refund the remaining balance on the account. What do you have to lose? Sign up today and get started mastering English!


Is English hard to learn?

Yes, English is considered difficult to understand and challenging to master. Due to the assimilation of various influences and the inconsistency of spelling and grammar, it is challenging for native speakers and learners. With all the nuance, it’s a language best suited for learning from professional instructors rather than yourself.

What are some of the hardest things in English to learn?

English has a variety of unpredictable grammar rules, making it very challenging. For example, vowels are not straightforward. There are five main vowels: a, e, i, o, and u. Sometimes the letter “y” also acts as a vowel, but even the five main vowels may behave differently depending on the word. Sentence structure can be very illogical and challenging as well.

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