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Danish Lessons

Danish is spoken by over 6 million people worldwide. It is Denmark and Greenland's official language, the Faroe Islands, and in small communities of northern Germany that border along with Denmark.

Whether you’re young or old, a native speaker, or looking for Danish lessons for beginners, at TakeLessons, our certified teachers are all background screened to provide the best online Danish lessons or in-person private instruction for all of our over 2 million students per month. Best of all, our individualized classes are suited to help you learn Danish on your own schedule.

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Certified Danish Lessons Teachers

Each of our certified Danish lessons teachers are experts in customizing lesson plans for students of all ages and levels. So if you’ve never had a language class before or are a native speaker, we make learning Danish fun and easy to sign up and get started.

Registering for classes is simple at TakeLessons. We make it quick and hassle-free. Simply browse through our catalog of certified Danish teachers and find the teacher for your needs.

We also believe in being completely transparent, offering you the opportunity to review each teacher’s qualifications. Read through previous student reviews, find the perfect match, and schedule your classes today!

What’s more, our classes are flexible and customized to meet your needs, and our pricing is very reasonable, with the average class costing $37 for 30 minutes.

Online Danish Lessons for All Ages

Whether you’re a recent retiree looking to learn a foreign language, planning to travel to the Scandinavian countries, and want to learn the native tongues, or if you’re looking for Danish lessons for kids, at TakeLessons, we have the classes for you.

The power of our programs is that we make each class individualized, meaning that a class for an adult will focus on culture and language immersion, while a class catering to kids may focus on basic vocabulary, grammar, and storytelling.

At TakeLessons, we make it easy for students of all ages to learn and master Danish, so sign up and get started today.

Danish Lessons for All Levels

We know that students will come to us with different backgrounds and experiences with the Danish language. This is why we make all of our class curricula specific to the student’s needs and interests.

At TakeLessons, our private tutors will assess each student’s ability and interest in crafting the ideal lesson plan to help them achieve their objectives.

So whether you’re simply looking to pick up a few words and phrases or studying to master the language, we have a class that will be created to align with your level and goals.

Danish Lessons Curriculum

Danish is a language that has a lot of parallels to other Scandinavian languages, German, and even English making it relatively easy to learn.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Danish Lessons

If you don’t have any knowledge of Danish or have never taken a language course before, then the beginner level is the best place for you to start.

A sample curriculum for beginners may include:

  • The Danish alphabet and counting numbers
  • Introduction to Danish culture and history
  • Basic vocabulary and introduction to sentence structure
  • Conjugation of regular verbs
  • Introductory conversation

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Danish Lessons

If you have some knowledge of Danish and are looking to grow in the language then the intermediate level is the perfect class for you.

A sample of the intermediate curriculum for Danish lessons may include:

  • Proper pronunciation
  • Conjugation of subjective verbs and tense agreement
  • Intermediate reading and writing comprehension
  • Advanced sentence structure and composition

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Danish Lessons

For native speakers or individuals who have mastered the basics of the Danish language, our advanced level classes will be designed to assist you with your goals.

A sample of the curriculum for advanced Danish lessons may look like this:

  • Language immersion
  • Advanced listening, reading and writing comprehension
  • Advanced analysis of Danish culture, history, and the arts

Sign up Today

At TakeLessons, signing up for Danish lessons is easy. Simply find a teacher that matches your interests and needs, agree on a class schedule and price, and get going. It’s that easy and hassle-free.

What’s more, we stand behind the quality of our teachers and our programs; that’s our 100% guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your class, we’ll refund the remaining balance of your account for any reason. It’s that simple and risk-free.

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What is the fastest way to learn Danish?

The fastest way to learn Danish or any language is to become immersed in that language. In other words, living in an area where the language is native, such as Denmark.

If immersion is not an option, then getting private instruction is the best option. A private instructor can help you through the nuances of the language, help with your accent, and make you conversational. Our customized classes will give you the tools and tips to master Danish in no time. Just choose between in-person or the best online Danish lessons around and get started today.

Is Danish challenging to learn?

Yes, Danish can be difficult to learn, especially without guidance from a professional teacher.

The language is built on more vowels than in the English language, and speakers often soften or “swallow” consonants making it phonetically challenging. Danish is also spoken faster than other Scandinavian tongues making it difficult for even other Scandinavians to comprehend what is being said.

The easiest way to learn Danish is to get instruction from native speakers and professional teachers and be prepared to practice, practice, practice.

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