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Brittany, Spanish (TakeLessons Live Class)

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I was able to connect my son to a live, interactive Spanish lesson within 24 hours...We're having a blast!

Brittany, Spanish (TakeLessons Live Class)

I can't even explain how great this made me feel. I suddenly felt like I could actually achieve this bucket list dream of mine.

Kyle, Country Guitar (In-Person)

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Croatian Lessons

Bok! Do you want to learn Croatian? This South Slavonic language finds its home in the dramatic landscape of the Dalmatian Coast, featured in the popular series “Game of Thrones.” A wonderful climate, rich history, and beautiful natural wonders make Croatia a popular tourist location.

Closely related to Bosnian, Serbian, and Montenegrin, Croatian has been the official language of Croatia since it replaced Latin in 1847. It is also one of the three official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina and an official language of the EU. In all, over seven million people speak Croatian, and our Croatian teachers can help you join them!

Certified Croatian Teachers

The best way to learn a language is through using it, and our one-on-one Croatian lessons enable you to practice, learn, and master the language at your own pace. Our certified Croatian teachers use a personalized, individual approach to develop your Croatian language skills. This method helps you reach your goals faster since you can work with your instructor to set your curriculum. Teachers’ certifications and student reviews are available on their listing, allowing you to choose a tutor whose teaching style meshes well with you.

Our instructors set their own prices, allowing you the freedom to choose an instructor who fits your budget and interests.

We offer online Croatian lessons, or you can choose to learn in person—at home or in your teacher’s classroom or studio. You can even ask potential teachers questions before making your selection.

Once you have selected your tutor, location, package, and schedule, all you have to do is sign up!

Online Croatian Lessons for All Ages

Language acquisition is a healthy and beneficial task for all ages. Children can improve test scores, increase problem-solving skills, and learn more about their native language as they study a second language. Meanwhile, adults can improve their memory and mental flexibility.

Whether you need Croatian lessons for kids or adults, our instructors tailor their lessons to your maturity and skill level. One-on-one instruction offers tutors the ability to work with you as an individual with interests and goals of your own—you’re never just a face in a large class.

Croatian Lessons for All Levels

Our personalized lesson model means that your Croatian teacher will always work with you as you are, whether you are first coming to the Croatian language or you are already approaching fluency. We offer Croatian lessons for beginners through expert speakers, designed around your needs and goals.

A personal tutor will act as a conversational partner as well as your guide through the grammar and syntax of the language—it’s the best way to learn a new language. Whether you choose online or in-person lessons, our Croatian teachers are readily accessible and eager to work with you.

Croatian Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Croatian Lessons

  • Introduction to the Croatian language
  • The Croatian alphabet—pronunciation and reading
  • Parts of speech
  • The present tense
  • Answering questions

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Croatian Lessons

  • Dative and genitive cases
  • Conditionals
  • Pronouns
  • Subordinate clauses

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Croatian Lessons

  • Cultural study
  • Conversational and reading fluency
  • Advanced grammar topics

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At TakeLessons, we focus on you. Whether you’re looking for the best online Croatian lessons or want to work with a local certified Croatian teacher in person, we have what you are looking for! Also, we’re so confident you will enjoy working with our tutors that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. All you have to do is choose your teacher, package, and schedule, and then sign up!

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How do you say “thank you” in Croatian?


“Hvala” is how you say “thank you” in Croation. To say, “you’re welcome,” you say, “Nema na čemu,” (nothing to thank me for). Of course, these are wonderful phrases to learn for polite interactions. Many times, Croatians value actions over words; in established relationships, responding to one kindness with another is a sure way to make your “thank you'' understood!

When you sign up for our Croatian lessons, you’re sure to learn all the basic pleasantries and greetings of this language.

Is Croatian a good language to learn?


Yes, Croatia is a good language to learn! Croatian is an ear-pleasing language that is fun to speak. By learning Croatian with us, you will open yourself to several other closely related Eastern European languages. The Croatian people are warm and welcoming, and learning their language is a wonderful step toward developing deep, rewarding friendships.

Of course, learning any second language has many wellness benefits, from increased memory to mental agility. It increases creativity, encourages success in school and business, and improves your knowledge of your native language. Croatian is an excellent choice when it comes to learning another langauge!

Is Croatian easy to learn?


Croatian can be difficult for English speakers. The Foreign Service Institute estimates that it will take 11,000 hours to learn Croatian, placing it on about the same level as Hebrew. However, Croatian has several features that do make it easier for English speakers: It uses Gaj’s Latin alphabet (not Cyrillic), there are no silent letters, and each letter only has one sound. With practice, Croatian becomes very easy to read!

As with any language, one-on-one attention from a coach focused on your success is the very best way to learn. Our certified Croatian teachers work with you to determine your goals, focusing on both conversational and reading skills.

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