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I was able to connect my son to a live, interactive Spanish lesson within 24 hours...We're having a blast!

Brittany, Spanish (TakeLessons Live Class)

I can't even explain how great this made me feel. I suddenly felt like I could actually achieve this bucket list dream of mine.

Kyle, Country Guitar (In-Person)

I love teaching because I love passing on my knowledge to others who want to learn.

Kathy, TakeLessons Teacher

An hour lesson just flies by and 've learned so much... I'm so excited to return to France and to use all that I've learned!

Malia, French (Online)

I was able to connect my son to a live, interactive Spanish lesson within 24 hours...We're having a blast!

Brittany, Spanish (TakeLessons Live Class)

I can't even explain how great this made me feel. I suddenly felt like I could actually achieve this bucket list dream of mine.

Kyle, Country Guitar (In-Person)

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Thai Lessons

As a language, Thai or Central Thai is a language with many variations and dialects making it a complex linguistic history. There are at least 40 variations of Thai spoken in the area, but those are minor variations of Central Thai, the official language spoken in Thailand.

Thai is a tonal language, making definitions of words dependent on inflection and volume, so it comes across as an emotional language when spoken.

Suppose you’ve ever wondered about learning Thai or want to travel throughout Southeast Asia.

In that case, you’ll find that learning Thai will give you the advantage of enjoying the area's culture, history, and cuisine.

Certified Thai Lessons Teachers

Learning complicated subjects such as Thai or advanced math, a student’s success is dependent on the instruction they receive. Our certified Thai tutors teach the best online Thai lessons you can find and craft their lessons to match each student’s individual needs.

At TakeLessons, we make complicated material easy to learn. But our sign-up process has never been easier. We background check all of our instructors to make sure they are experienced and can meet our high standards of instruction.

To get started, simply browse through our certified Thai teachers, find a price that fits your budget, read the reviews of previous students, and discuss your interests and needs for the class. It’s that simple.

And since all of our classes cost less than $60 per hour and are designed for your specific needs, regardless of whether you’re a native speaker or learning a lesson for the first time, at TakeLessons, we have the class for you.

Thai Online Lessons for All Ages

If you just retired and are looking to travel to Southeast Asia and believe you’re too old to learn Thai, think again. Or perhaps you’re wondering if Thai lessons for kids are worth the money. Yes, it is.

Learning a foreign language sharpens the student's memory, listening skills, and comprehension, so whether you’re 80, 18, or 8-years old, it’s never too late or early to learn Thai.

And the flexible curriculum allows all of our Thai teachers to be flexible in handling the material to encourage every student to love, learn, and grow in the Thai language. Thai Lessons for All Levels Whether you’re looking for Thai lessons for beginners or are a native speaker looking to grow in your mastery, at TakeLessons, we offer online Thai lessons for all levels and interests.

Suppose you’re interested in the culture and history of Thailand and want to be able to speak and read in the native tongue. Or, perhaps are looking to become fluent in the language of your ancestry. In any case, we can provide the courses to help you grow and accomplish your goals. Our individualized curriculum is ideal for students at all levels of their language learning. Whether you’re young or old, new learners or fluent, at TakeLessons, we’re here to help you!

Thai Lessons Curriculum

Every student who comes to TakeLessons comes from a different background with unique interests. Our classes are customized to match your goals to accommodate everyone, so no two curriculums will be the same.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Thai Lessons

If you’ve never learned a foreign language before, beginner-level Thai lessons are suitable for you.

A sample curriculum for beginner Thai lessons may include topics like:

  • Learn all 72 characters of the Thai alphabet
  • Basic vocabulary and pronunciation
  • Simple sentence structure and grammar
  • Introductory greetings and questions

Sample Intermediate for Intermediate Thai Lessons

For students that have an understanding of the basic grammar and Thai language, then getting started at the intermediate-level is ideal.

A sample curriculum for intermediate level Thai lessons may include:

  • Conversation skills
  • Cultural enrichment, history, and art of Thailand
  • Syntax and sentence structure
  • Differentiating intonation and emphasis on speaking Thai
  • Advanced comprehension

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Thai Lessons

For students that already have a firm grasp of the Thai language, our advanced curriculum is designed to accommodate your needs and help you achieve your language mastery goals.

A sample of the types of things you might learn in advanced Thai may include:

  • Slang and idiomatic expressions
  • Understanding accents and dialectal differences in the variations of Thai, from official Thai to informal Thai
  • Advanced conversational, reading, and writing comprehension

Sign up Today

Learning Thai will take patience and practice to write, speak, and read efficiently. At TakeLessons, we craft our courses to help every student regardless of age or ability.

So, if you’re interested, get started with Thai lessons at TakeLessons today. We make signing up easy and straightforward. Just look through our list of certified teachers, find one that fits your budget and needs, schedule your class, and get started. It’s truly that simple.

We are so confident that you’ll enjoy our classes, we offer a 100% guarantee. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund the remaining balance of your account, no questions asked!

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Is Thai difficult to learn?


Like most languages, Thai will take some time to learn and grasp the fundamentals, but your growth will skyrocket once that occurs. To learn Thai efficiently, find a Thai teacher that can guide you and instruct you on the proper pronunciation and grammar to accelerate your learning. The benefit of TakeLessons is that we will customize the course to meet your specific needs in learning and teach you how to master the language in short order.

How fast can I learn Thai?


To learn conversational Thai quickly would ideally include being immersed in the language. Immersion is the process of being surrounded by a language where you have to rely on that language to communicate without the aid of your native language. If that is not a possibility, then finding a native speaker to help you learn the vocabulary, intonation, and characters needed to be functional in the language is your best option to learn Thai fast.

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