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Popular French Teachers in Austin, TX

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Heart-empty Heart

Jean-Luc B.

Starting at $15
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio

  • Speaks French
  • Teaches students 20 to 65
  • Master’s in Art, Art History and French Literature from ICART (Paris)
Quick view profile
Private French Teacher

My Course for Beginner is designed for students who wish to learn basic grammar, common vocabulary, numbers, the time of day, days of the week and more. The class largely stresses conversation and comprehension with a moderate emphasis on reading and writing. The student will also be exposed to French and Francophone culture.
My Course for Intermediate and Advanced will improve your ability to comprehend, converse and write in French. Increase vocabulary and expand your grammar, conversations.

About Jean-Luc

Dear Learners My name is Jean-Luc, I am from the Loire Valley in France and have broad experience in teaching French at various levels (beginners to AP French, DELF and DALF) for numerous years. Based on the belief that a better world for all can be achieved through better communication, my missi

September 23, 2019
Kerrissa C.
I enjoy our lessons. For me, having a native French speaker is very important. It allows me to hear the language how it is “naturally” spoken. This helps when you visit a Francophone country or come across a native when it comes to listening & comprehension. It allows you to better understand the language when spoken. Also, it helps you to learn the proper pronunciation, how different conversations flow and so much more. I definitely appreciate Jean-Luc! He is very patient and understanding. If I am curious about anything in regards to our lessons or the French culture he is more than willing to stop and explain.
September 16, 2019
Kerrissa C.
August 17, 2019
Justice M.
Heart-empty Heart

Tony M.

Starting at $30
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio

  • Speaks English, French
  • Teaching since 1993
  • Teaches students 3 and up
Quick view profile
Private French Teacher

French is the second most widely learnt foreign language in the world. Spoken in France – consistently ranked the most popular overseas destination for people in Britain – and in many other countries including Canada, Switzerland, it is easy to see why knowledge of French is such an asset.

Whether you want to take French classes to travel or to immerse yourself in its rich culture of fine food and wine, haute couture and great authors, our French courses will equip you with the language you need to get by, have a conversation or become fully proficient

About Tony

If you want to be the best, learn from the best. Talent, skill, confidence- priceless!. Choosing the right voice coach or singing teacher can be a difficult task, as there are so many coaches and teachers out there. My approach is unique in a sense that I do not believe in a "One size fits all"

August 19, 2018
Ivana B.
I would highly recommend Tony Mitri as a voice and music instructor. My son takes lessons with Mr. Mitri and his progress has been astounding! He studies with other teachers previously without much success. My son has said he has learned more from Mr. Mitri than all of his previous instructors. He enjoys the lessons so he works harder at making progress and it shows. He helped him expand his range substantially, and increase his confidence. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in music of any kind. Mr.Mitri is awesome professional, patient and extremely knowledgeable. You won’t be disappointed.
July 31, 2018
Jeri DeVale
you could tell that he not only was a good and patient teacher but that he was interested in well being and was exceptional in his creative approach to teaching! most definitely a 5 star teacher.
Jeri DeVale
May 9, 2018
Jerome B.
He is patient and very knowledgeable going try stick as long as possible !
Heart-empty Heart

Robin M.

Starting at $30
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Home Home
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Home Home

  • Speaks French
  • Musical Theatre from Circle in the Square Theatre School
  • Teaches students 5 and up
Quick view profile
Private French Teacher

Do you have a question that you're afraid to ask your teacher? Want to understand exactly why Duolingo said your answer was wrong? Ask me! I studied French at a college level for two and a half years and have ben speaking ever since- if I don't know the answer, I know where to go to find the answer. I will tailor the lessons to your needs so you truly have a great foundation for your French-learning journey. Allons-y!

About Robin

I’ve studied French on and off since I was 8 years old, continuing throughout high school and completing the major requirements for an associates degree in French, plus an extra semester. I also taught sixth and seventh graders an Intro to French class, where the goal was to make learning a new lan

Meet Online French Teachers Serving Austin, TX

Heart-empty Heart

Marjan Z.

Starting at $25
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio
Home Home
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Studio Studio
Home Home

  • Speaks Farsi, French
  • Teaches students 5 and up
  • Teaching since 2014
Quick view profile
Online French Teacher

I'm teaching French for almost 10 years and I'll be happy to help you learning this lovely language.

About Marjan

Hello everybody, My name is Marjan. I am a qualified French Teacher and Tutor. I have a bachelor's degree in French and a Master's degree in French Literature. I have several years experience teaching and tutoring French to many age groups from children to adults. Whether you are currently

September 23, 2019
Emily C.
Wonderful teacher! She customizes my lessons specifically for me and what I need. Absolutely recommend!
June 29, 2019
Obadias Y.
very nice and helpful
June 29, 2019
Farrah Y.
very patient and respectful of our needs.
Heart-empty Heart

Samir A.

Starting at $35
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Teaching Locations:
Online Online

  • Speaks French, Arabic, English
  • Teaches students 18 to 65
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Quick view profile
Online French Teacher

I have been tutoring students and adults for almost twenty years, and I currently teach and tutor one-on-one or via skype during late afternoons, evenings and weekends. Whether you're looking for immediate French homework help or weekly tutoring, I can help you study everything from pronunciation to grammar.Typically use Bien Dit!: Holt French 1.2.3, students books, "grammar & vocabulary" Books, "Allez,Viens" Level 2,"Points de depart" for college students. I'am familiar with the French Curriculum used by the FCPS World Languages.
Tutoring Levels:

Level 1:

You only know the alphabet, and you can't write or speak a word yet. Not a problem, we can go through the basics to get you comfortable.After the first lesson, you'll already know how to have a simple conversation (introduce yourself, ask for directions or order a dish for instance.

Level 2:

You can speak the few sentences that you remember from school, but not enough to feel at ease across the pond. Key ...

About Samir

My name is Samir, I have been tutoring students for almost twenty years, and I currently teach and tutor one-on-one, and online the Modern Standard Arabic (formal/classical Arabic) , the colloquial Arabic (the conversational Arabic) of Morocco or French. I 'am familiar with the French and A

May 31, 2017
Samir is dedicated, patient, reliable and fun! He provides helpful material between our online sessions, and I feel I'm learning at just the right pace. I highly recommend him.
January 24, 2016
Samir is an excellent language tutor! He can craft lessons to suit any needs whether you are a beginner or advanced! He also provides relevant supplementary materials so that you can practice and apply the theories learned in your lesson. I found that this consistent practice with actual speaking was a big factor to achieving better spoken fluency with my language of study, arabic. I highly recommend Samir as you will not be disappointed.
October 13, 2015
For homework, Samir sent me several videos of Moroccan dialect. We discussed the vocabulary during the lesson; as always, he provided many examples to demonstrate the broader usage of the words. He is a skilled teacher. Highly recommended.
Heart-empty Heart

Enrico C.

Starting at $70
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Home Home
Teaching Locations:
Online Online
Home Home

  • Speaks Italian, English, French
  • Teaching since 1990
  • Teaches students 18 and up
Quick view profile
Online French Teacher

I have a B.A. in Foreign Languages and Literature issued by the University of Verona, Italy.

I have studied French for several years and I tutored it in the past. I will be very good to teach beginner to intermediate level.


I am a native Italian speaker with a several years of experience in teaching Italian and English. I am a very easy-going, open-minded, professional person. I like to teach because it gives me the opportunity to meet new students, share my knowledge as well as my culture and experience. I started

January 24, 2019
Eunice Freitas
Great conversations, I can't wait for the next class
January 12, 2018
Dan O.
Enrico is fantastic!
September 23, 2016
Elvia G.
Enrico is a fantastic professor of the Italian language, he's advanced in his teachings, if you like to cook Italian food Enrico shares that in common.

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"Meriem is a wonderful teacher! She is very good at evaluated what level you are and your specific needs. She's patient and helpful and really uses every minute of the lesson!"
- Sonya
Took French lessons from Meriem B.
"I wanted to learn French for a business trip, but I was dreading it because I struggled with languages so much in high school. After working with Marianne, I was pleasantly surprised with how much easier it was than I expected. She really adapted to me and helped me figure out the best ways to learn. And she's very patient. Highly recommend!"
- Donny
Took French lessons from Marianne B.
"David teaches my 5 year old daughter, and I can tell that he is a father by the patience, humor and playfulness that he displays.

He is engaging, thoughtful and effective, my daughter spends time after each lesson practicing what she learned because David makes it fun for her."
- Madison
Took French lessons from David M.
"Zach knows his stuff! Very personable, patient and thorough. A great instructor!"
- Kenny
Took French lessons from Zach M.
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"Isabel is great! She helped me improve my French 100% her methodology of getting you used to the language by dialogue is fun and different."
- Juan
Took French lessons from Isabel L.
"Excellent teacher! He really breaks down the grammar and helps you to understand the components of the language. Highly recommend!"
- Catherine
Took French lessons from Mario D.
"Corinne is organized timely & I think I will advance well with her."
- Judith
Took French lessons from Corinne L.
"Great first class and looking forward to learning more French!"
- Nachal
Took French lessons from Jean-Luc B.
"Fabrice was wonderful to teach me what I needed by reviewing with me what I already knew. The lesson was challenging yet given at a pace that was not overwhelming. Great lesson!"
- Laura
Took French lessons from Fabrice K.
"I had a great first lesson with Jean-Luc. He was very patient with me. I am looking forward to my next lesson, and I am confident with Jean-Luc's guidance I will learn to speak French."
- sean cefalo
Took French lessons from Jean-Luc B.
View Less

French Lessons in Austin, TX

By Amy V. - Austin French Tutor

Hello! I'm Amy, a French Tutor in Austin, Texas. Are you interested in taking French lessons in Austin and need some recommendations for practicing your French skills around town? Here are some suggestions tailored to a variety of tastes!

Did you know Texas has a historic relationship with France? After Texas declared independence from Mexico, France was one of the first countries to recognize it as a sovereign country. To further this relationship, King Louis Philippe of France sent Monsieur Dubois, chargé d'affaires, to Austin. Today, you can visit Dubois' home - the historic French Legation building on San Marcos Street, built in a traditional Creole architectural style in 1841. Mark your calendars for July 14, La Fête nationale (Bastille Day), to see a truly spectacular celebration at the home. This is a great opportunity to understand a bit of French history and to learn about France's former government.

Need another excuse to practice your French? How about sampling French cuisine? For a true French brasserie experience, head to Justine’s in East Austin. Try their steak frites or moules. Or perhaps you fancy tasting some regional French cuisine. If that's the case, dine at laV, a French restaurant in downtown Austin featuring Provençale cuisine. In the mood for fresh bread and pastries? Check out Baguette et Chocolat, a local boulangerie that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Treat yourself, and use the opportunity to practice your ordering and food vocabulary!

Have an affinity for French film? Stay abreast of local French film festivals sponsored by the Austin Film Society. Austin's twin city in France is Angers, and the two cities often partner together to show the latest releases around town. The Westbank Library also hosts a monthly French Film Club event ( You can also find many French and Francophone media events during the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) festival and the French Cultures Festival (with events throughout Texas). Le French Tech Club also hosts cultural events year-round ( Experiencing French music, film, and art is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the culture while having a great time.

Perhaps you enjoy outdoor activities and want to practice your French skills. Why not try the game of pétanque, a game of boules similar to bocce ball. Austin has a Pétanque club that gets together and plays the game. What a great opportunity to practice your conversation skills in an active setting! Or, if you prefer a faster-paced outing, check out the annual Lone Star Le Mans Formula One race in September! A European tradition, Formula One races attract many Francophones. A great chance to learn to cheer and celebrate in French!

Looking for a relaxed, conversational environment to speak French? Consider joining French in Austin, an organization that caters to Francophones and Francophiles. They put together French Fridays, with varying outings around town. Or, if you're a business professional, consider joining the French-American business council ( The FABC promotes international business relationships and is a great opportunity to network and expand your horizons while practicing your language acquisition.

Hopefully these resources will inspire you to continue practicing your French while taking French lessons in Austin, whether you're a beginner or advanced student! Feel free to reach out for more recommendations based on your personal interests. I look forward to working with you soon!

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Here in the states, we celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday in May (psst that's May 10 this year!), but did you know that in France Mother's Day, known as la fête des mères, is celebrated either the last Sunday of May or the first Sunday in June? Despite the difference in timing, the French celebrate Mother's Day in many of the same ways we do, but with a few uniquely French touches. First things first, if you want to celebrate this holiday as the French do, you'll need to know a bi …

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