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Lilla was amazing and very patient with me. Lilla helped me understand what the problems were asking me to do in order to solve them. I have not taken Calculus before, and she helped me understand som

Shelly (Hungarian lessons with Lilla H.)

She is a great teacher so far; she is very patient with me and explains concepts so well. I really look forward to more lessons with her.

Faith (Hungarian lessons with Lilla H.)

Very patient instructor. Lilla made sure I understood the topics before we moved on in the lesson.

Melanie (Hungarian lessons with Lilla H.)

Awesome instructor and very patient. Really helps you understand the basics of the language quickly.

Zachary (Hungarian lessons with Lilla H.)

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Hungarian Lessons

The Hungarian language features complex compound words and flexible word order, meaning that there are many possible gradients of meaning. It’s an ancient and unique language, believed to originate with Magyar invasions of what is now Hungary in the ninth century CE.

About 13 million people speak Hungarian. While most live in Hungary, there are groups throughout Eastern Europe who speak it as a native language. There are also significant Hungarian communities in Canada, the United States, Israel, and Australia.

Learning Hungarian opens opportunities to travel and meet new people around the world, so sign up for our Hungarian lessons today!

Certified Hungarian Teachers

A qualified, experienced instructor is crucial to your success in learning a foreign language. Our certified Hungarian teachers will work with you to provide the opportunity to speak, read, and write Hungarian, strengthening your knowledge along the way. Our teachers’ certifications are listed on their profiles, along with student reviews, teaching locations, and rates.

Our Hungarian teachers set their own rates. The average rate is $17 for a half-hour, $24 for forty-five minutes, and $30 for an hour. As individual rates vary, you’re sure to find a great match for your budget and learning style.

Our instructors offer online Hungarian lessons, sessions in your home, or classes in their studio or classroom. Available locations are listed on individual teachers’ profiles. You can even contact an instructor before signing up to ensure they’re a good fit for you and your goals.

All you have to do is select your teacher, package, and schedule to sign up!

Online Hungarian Lessons for All Ages

The benefits of learning a second language, like Hungarian, are clear for all ages. Children can increase their test scores, practice a more natural accent, and gain a better understanding of their native language. As for adults, they can enhance their memory and critical thinking skills and improve overall cognition.

Our Hungarian teachers tailor lessons to your maturity and skill. Whether you need Hungarian lessons for kids or adults, our teachers can adapt to your needs and present information at your preferred pace. Our instructors work with a wide range of ages, so you will be able to find the right teacher for you.

Hungarian Lessons for all Levels

Individualized instruction means that you will always have the guidance you need when you need it. Whether you have never spoken Hungarian or have studied it for years, we have a teacher who can help you meet your goals. We offer Hungarian lessons for beginners, intermediate learners, and expert students. As you progress, your Hungarian teacher will continue to challenge you and help you grow.

Listening, speaking, and writing Hungarian is the very best way to learn. In a one-on-one session, you will have the opportunity to practice the language with the expert guidance of a certified instructor. Our teachers will work with your conversational and written Hungarian skills, allowing you to move toward fluency at your own pace.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Hungarian Lessons

Your beginner lessons will introduce you to:

  • The Hungarian alphabet
  • Pronunciation
  • Formal and informal voice
  • Useful phrases
  • Simple sentence structure
  • Word order

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Hungarian Lessons

Intermediate lessons might cover:

  • Cardinal and ordinal numbers
  • Telling time
  • Asking questions
  • Plurals
  • Conjugating verbs
  • Nouns and adjectives

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Hungarian Lessons

Advanced courses will vary, but you might focus on:

  • Accent
  • Idioms and nuances
  • Culture and customs
  • Composition
  • Reading and listening comprehension

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Our lessons put you in the spotlight. Focused on you, your needs, and your goals, we offer the best online Hungarian lessons and in-person sessions around. We’re so sure of it that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Just choose your Hungarian teacher, package, schedule, and location to sign up!


Is Hungarian easy to learn?

Not exactly. Hungarian is rated as a Level III language by the Foreign Service Institute, meaning it is one of the more difficult languages for an English speaker to learn. It is not an Indo-European language, like most Central and Western European languages, so there are fewer cognates. Grammatical rules are different, as well, which can be challenging.

Despite this, there are elements of Hungarian that are fairly easy. There are no silent letters, and letters are pronounced consistently. There is no grammatical gender, and plurals are relatively simple.

Another way to make learning Hungarian easier is with the guidance of one of our certified Hungarian teachers. Our individualized lessons mean that you will have the support you need to master even the more difficult grammatical challenges.

Why is Hungarian so different?

Hungarian originated in the Ural mountains of Russia and is a member of the Finno-Ugric language family. It is most closely related to Finnish and Estonian. Most European languages are in the Indo-European family, along with many dialects from the Indian subcontinent. This is to say that English has more in common with Hindi than it does with Hungarian!

Because Hungarian comes from a completely different family of languages, there are fewer cognates (those cognates that do exist largely borrow words from European neighbors), and grammatical rules can be quite different from English. These features add to the unique beauty of the Hungarian language.

How long would it take to learn Hungarian?

Hungarian is a Level III language, rated by the Foreign Service Institute, so you can expect to gain competency in about 44 weeks (or 11,000 hours). Of course, there are many mitigating factors, such as quality of instruction, immersion, and natural proclivity. The more you use and hear a language, the better your skills will become.

Our certified Hungarian teachers can help you master the language by providing you the opportunity to speak, read, and listen to the language. By offering personal, immediate feedback, they can help develop your Hungarian skills faster and more accurately.

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