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Zipporah R.

Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Spanish Teacher

I don't really teach by the book. I teach based on the student's circumstances. For instance, what is their motivation, what are their goals. These things help me to tailor a program based on their needs and preferences. And because I use their real life scenarios, this helps students progress quickly because they can then relate what their learning to what's going on in their real life.

About Zipporah

My name is Zipporah Robinson. I am a multi-lingual musician.

I teach voice, violin and piano. I have been a musician for 30+ years and a music educator for 10+ years. Let me help you reach your music education goals!

I speak Spanish, Portuguese and am learning Italian. I would love to show you how you can speak Spanish. Between 2012 and 2019, I was the foreign language representative for the businesses I worked for. Let me help you get to your language goals.


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Zipporah R.


Morgan M.

Sisters, OR 97759


Bgcheck Background Checked

Private Spanish Teacher

I learned to speak Spanish fluently living with a Spanish family and attending a Spanish high school for one year. I hold a minor in Spanish as well as a Bachelor of Arts in French. I hold a Bachelors in French and have been teaching languages for several years. I love working with students to create personal plans to reach their goals, whatever they may be.

About Morgan

Whether your goals are to learn the basics before a vacation or to ace your next test, I can help! With degrees in French, Spanish and Communication, I am experienced in the language learning process and love to help student develop a winning strategy to reach their goals. I've lived and studied abroad in Spain and France, for a total of two years, allowing me to bring valuable cultural context to our lessons.


August 14, 2019
he is so nice and he helped me with french! I think you would get something out of it. trust me you'll really love it.
August 1, 2019
Morgan was great. I'm glad he sets up and works a plan.
July 31, 2019
Morgan was great. I’m learning a lot about how to study more effectively and efficiently even after one lesson. Can’t wait for the next one.

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Morgan M.

Sisters, OR

Private Spanish Teacher

I am a native Spanish speaker who was born and raised in Mexico. I have been teaching Spanish in schools and language centers for the past 5 years.

You will have the full Spanish language immersion experience in my classes. I will use Spanish to explain grammar and vocabulary instead of English or translation. This way, you get more experience interacting in the language and progress at a faster rate. I also use online tools, like images and the materials, in order to facillitate understanding as much as possible.

My classes are conversational and all levels are welcome. Depending on the level and needs of the student, we will follow a curriculum program so that you are learning new vocabulary and grammar each class, and progressing in the language. And as a native speaker, I can provide pronunciation corrections and natural examples of idioms and phrases that are used every day in Spanish-speaking countries.

Students who prefer the challenge of speaking 100% in Spanish or ...

About Carlos

Before we begin classes, I meet with each new student live to discuss goals and materials, answer any questions and explain how online classes work. By identifying a SMART goal, I can create a more effective action plan and choose the best materials to help students reach their goals - all before they have had to pay for a class. Students can see their action plan so they know what we will be working on 1-2 months in advance. This also helps them see progress after each and every class.

My classes are 100% in Spanish to give students the immersion experience. Don´t worry about language barriers - because classes are planned for your level. I use many visuals on the materials to introduce new grammar and vocabulary, as well as corrections and notes throughout the class. Your pronunciation and fluency will improve quicker with my classe

s. In addition, I am a native Mexican Spanish speaker and can provide guidance on sounding more natural, using idioms and other common phrases, and the use of difficult topics like the preterite/imperfect or using the subjunctive.

I have been teaching for over 5 years in language centers and bilingual schools, as well as online with private students. I have a degree from the Universidad Veracruzana in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (Enseñanza de español como lengua extranjera). Currently, my wife and I both teach online and create self-paced courses and Spanish language materials.

To make the online classes as effective as in person ones, we will use Zoom as a videoconferencing software and an online whiteboard to collaborate on the materials together. This allows us to communicate in real time and all of your materials are automatically saved, in order, so they are easily accessible from any computer, smartphone or tablet. You can even take classes on any device if you need to!

Ongoing speaking evaluations are done on a monthly basis and recorded so that students can see their progress over time. Additional assessments are available if requested, as well as DELE exam preparation.

If you have a question or want to meet live to discuss your goals and how I can help, please don´t hesitate to contact me.

October 8, 2019
Bryan J.
Carlos helped me review for my Spanish 2 exam at the last minute. I really appreciated his flexibility to accomodate me over the weekend, and on short notice. I did much better on my test than I expected! I hope to take more lessons with him in the future.
August 23, 2019
George M.
First lesson went very well. This was my first time in an online class so I don´t have anything to compare it to. But I liked it.
August 23, 2019
Christina D.
Teacher Carlos was very helpful and I learned a lot of great expressions for my upcoming trip. He helped me a lot with my pronunciation and understanding how to use idioms in Spanish.

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Carlos M.


Private Spanish Teacher

Experienced teacher of 7 years, teaching at Bilingual schools & Institutes. Specializing in beginner/Intermediate/advanced Spanish and English language classes. All ages are welcome, lessons are customized on students needs/goals. You will be able to speak, understand, read and write before expected! Let's get started!

About Jenniffer

I am an 7 year experienced Teacher, instructing from preschool, Elementary,(both Bilingual schools) English Institute ( Teenager & adults) and worked as an ESL Tutor. Detail- Oriented, specialized in working with students with special needs and challenging learning abilities.
Focused in effective results by applying differentiated learning techniques based on the students needs and goals.
I provide innovative lesson planning, as I give priority to a great interactive teaching/learning experience.

It's my priority to provide effective results even after our very first lesson.


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Jenniffer M.


Private Spanish Teacher

I was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. I have the experience and exposure to adapt to any student. I have traveled to Spain and other South american countries which allows me to teach and understand different dialects and accents. Spanish is currently the second most popular language in the world, as well as being the second most commonly spoken language in the US. I can communicate with kids, and adults of any age and create environments that stimulate the language.


Hola mi nombre es Paula Sanchez y quiero compartir el idioma de espanol con ustedes.
Muchos saludos


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Private Spanish Teacher

I’ve taught many people how to speak Spanish. I find that the easiest way to learn is by simply taking words one by one and teaching it to the student as a slang almost and having them speak normal English but I’ll have them replace words out with Spanish words. This process makes it easy for you to learn Spanish quickly and soon quickly forming sentence. We will go over double meanings and pronunciation, grammar, etc.

About Rosandy

Hi my name is Rosandy. I am 20 years old and I am a social media marketer. I’ve been modeling since I was 11 years old so I’ve been fortunate enough to learn about makeup pretty much my entire life. I know most things beauty related and I love helping people be great. I ALSO am Hispanic and speak both English and Spanish and can help teach Spanish as well. 😄


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Rosandy P.


Private Spanish Teacher

I am a first generation, a daughter of immigrants who has been around Spanish culture their entire life. I speak and read at an advance level. I write Spanish at an intermediate level. While being in high school I took AP Spanish and in college I took advanced Spanish. Growing up I didn’t want to lose sight of my culture & language the reason why I kept taking classes.

About Brenda

Enthusiastic about teaching potential students a fascinating language like Spanish with fun activities along the way.


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Brenda R.


Private Spanish Teacher

I have an experience of 10 years teaching. I give confidence to the student so that he/she does not feel ashamed about his pronunciation or his mistakes. I give him/her confidence all the time reminding him/her that mistakes in my class are welcome because we both learn from them. I teach him/her that thanks to his/her mistake, we have material to work on.

Also, I am an expert teaching online class. I have many tools to help the students to practice and learn in real-time.

About Luis

I have a Bachelor's degree in Spanish and Literature from Hunter College with a GPA of 3.9 and have 10 years of extensive experience tutoring students of all ages. Also, I have an Associated in Network Computer security with a GPA of 3.5 from LaGCC and 1.5 years of studies in Physics and Math in Valle College, Colombia. I truly specialize in exam prep. I believe in providing tutoring sessions in which I can incorporate concepts in a fun and concise manner. I have a broad conceptual understanding of Spanish and Math at an advanced level and strive to convey my love for the language and numbers onto my students. My mission is to help you succeed in your respective endeavors, whether it is by helping you with homework or preparing for your next big test! Currently, I am a Spanish Professor at Brooklyn College.


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Luis B.


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"I have been working with Adan for over 2 years and he is an amazing teacher!! He has taught me Spanish at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. He
has helped me to learn the vocabulary, grammar and content that I need for my job. Adan draws upon a variety of engaging resources (e.g., Ted Talks, television shows, news articles) to expand my knowledge of Spanish and the culture of Spanish-speaking countries. Adan's classes are interesting and challenging and he makes me feel successful and motivated to learn more. I highly recommend him!"
"Very friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him!"
"Gregorio is a fantastic teacher! Being a language teacher myself, I find that he is extremely knowledgable, friendly, and helps motivate his students to l
earn. He knows his subject well, how to teach it and how to help you with your specific goals and needs. I have learned so much just in a few weeks and I feel I get better with every lesson. I'm really loving my lessons with him and I am really lucky to have found him!"
"Amo Julissa!"
"Excellent very patient despite glitches on my end has a good lesson thanks Adan"
"Nick, you have been great! I’ve been struggling to learn Spanish for quite some time now but he was able to find a methodology that was effective for my l
earning style. I now feel like every class I take with him I am learning/understanding so much more, at a much faster rate. Thanks nick!"
Tamara Dawn
"Adan is patient and encouraging. I look forward to learning more with his help."
"I couldnt have asked for a better instructor!!"
"He was very helpful with teaching us and helping understand the basics."

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