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Learning Spanish in Las Vegas

By Evelin Z. – Las Vegas Spanish Teacher

Taking Spanish lessons in Las Vegas is an exciting experience. Las Vegas isn’t just a great place to live and a fun travel destination; it’s also a fantastic place to learn Spanish. Las Vegas is a city with a large Hispanic population, so you will have lots of opportunities to practice your Spanish-language skills. Here are some of the places you should visit while you’re taking Spanish lessons in Las Vegas.

Broadacres Marketplace & Event Center

Immerse yourself in Spanish culture at Broadacres Marketplace. There are tons of Mexican food options like tacos, enchiladas, and burritos. Also, you can find traditional clothes, Hispanic art, and hand-crafted gifts.

There is live entertainment on the center stage with plenty of seating to enjoy the music. You can watch Salsa, Banda, and Mariachi performances. Broadacres Marketplace is a great location to learn more about Hispanic culture.

Las Vegas Library District

The Las Vegas Library has a Spanish-language section with Spanish textbooks, novels, and picture books. The library offers book clubs and discussion groups, so you can meet other Spanish-language enthusiasts. The Las Vegas Library also hosts lots of Hispanic events like expositions and concerts.

Learn Spanish on The Las Vegas Strip

Yes, even the famous Las Vegas Strip offers various options to help you learn Spanish. While the Strip may be most well-known for luxurious hotels and famous casinos, you can also find Spanish expositions, and you can take Spanish-audio tours. There are also several Mexican and Latin restaurants on the strip, so you can practice your Spanish while you enjoy some delicious food.

Many Hispanic artists perform at various Las Vegas venues, so make sure to check the concert schedules online.

Las Vegas is an amazing place to learn and practice Spanish. Remember, learning proper grammar is essential to able to communicate with native Spanish speakers. TakeLessons teachers can help you learn to read, write, and speak in Spanish. Have fun exploring all of the Spanish resources in your city while you take Spanish lessons in Las Vegas. ¡¡Aprende Español hoy!!

About Martina Z.

Las Vegas, NV
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I have been teaching Spanish for 3 years in British public and private schools. My students develop not only knowledge of the language but also understanding of the countries where it is spoken. With a degree in teaching I have learn to use a variety of learning methods to best suite my students: mnemonic, musical or using movements. Language learning does not need to be boring!

About Martina
I am an Italian living in Las Vegas since 2013. I have started teaching in 2010, first as an outdoor instructor and then as a language teacher in both private and state school in the UK, and as a private tutor in the USA. I am passionate about languages, in particular my mother tongue Italian, and Spanish, because they open new doors and allow for better communication and intercultural understanding. I aim to engage my students with a variety of teaching techniques to keep them interested, challenged and having fun!

I love the outdoors. I am a climber, ski instructor and a professional photographer.
Mark March 14, 2018
· Italian · In studio
Great first lesson. We covered a lot of ground from the beginning. Professional, knowledgeable, and accomodating to my specific learning level of Italian.
Rikki R. February 20, 2018
· Spanish · In home
We have had a few issues with scheduling, my fault completely... however Martina has been extremely patient and I appreciate that. Today was my first lesson, and Martina was great. I felt Very welcome, and I felt Like she really understood what exactly I needed In a lesson. I recommend her absolutely.
Patty M. February 13, 2018
· Italian · Online
Great first lesson!
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Martina Z.

Martina Z.

Las Vegas, NV 89135
starting at
$22 / 30-min

About Daniela G.

Omaha, NE
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Spanish from a native speaker, can be taught in Latin Spanish of Spanish Castilian

About Daniela
Experienced piano teacher, with Masters in Piano Performance and Piano Pedagogy. Music studies in England. Experience as performer, accompanist and teacher.
I teach individual lessons to students of all ages and levels. I also have experience teaching special students.
Adults, teenagers and senior citizens who have always wanted to take piano lessons are more than welcome.
I can teach in English or Spanish.
Sam January 9, 2018
· Piano · In home
The most thoughtful and helpful teacher I could find for both of our children! One has several years experience, and the other was a beginner. Daniela was able to read their personalities perfectly from the first lesson, and adapt her teaching style to match. She is very passionate about teaching, and our kids love taking piano lessons because of her!
Luis January 9, 2018
· Classical Piano · In home
My son improved a lot with her within one year. She made him play lots of things and he was highly motivated. She knows how to deal with kids' interests and is very serious without being harsh
Ileana January 9, 2018
· Classical Piano · In studio
I had lessons with her when she lived in Miami.. We did lots of romantic an popular music and she explains things very well. I was sad when she had to move.
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Daniela G.

Daniela G.

starting at
$15 / 30-min

About Ronald Chaz B.

Los Angeles, CA

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A graduate with a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Education with majors in Spanish (Native Speakers' fluency) and German
( Native Speakers' fluency) in Language, Literature, and History, and Piano/Vocal Performance (Music); and minors in French Studies (Language and Culture), Italian, Linguistics, and Interpreting/Translation.

He has spoken German and Spanish since the age of 11 due to his German upbringing with a German step-father as well as his Hispanic background from his real father. He also studied at
Die Hochschule der Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Wien, Osterreich (Vienna, Austria) and has been active in the Latino communities in the USA. He speaks Spanish at home and Italian with his Italian friends.

He has a B.A. and M.Ed. (majors in Spanish, German, Music (Vocal/ Piano Performance); minors in French, Italian, and Interpreting/Translations ). He is fluent-native speaker fluency to teach all the above languages in addition to Tagalog and Cebuano (Visaya). He

About Ronald Chaz
As a music and foreign language education specialist Ronald structures and restructures educational programs for leisure, college matriculation, and as degree course components administered by the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Testing-USA), ACT (American College Testing), HSC (Higher School Certificate-Australia), Trinity College London (external studies dept for Music, Speech, Drama, and English as a foreign language), the Certificate of Merit program (MTAC), and other music examinations boards such the R.S.M. and R.C.M. His subjects of expertise are: Music Theory, Composition, Piano and Vocal Performance - taken up in either English or as a Music program immersed in language programs in either Spanish, Italian, or German; and language courses from Beginner's to Advanced Conversational / Literature in English, Spanish, Italian, and German;
as well as French from Beginner's through Advanced levels.

He is a graduate with a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in EDUCATION in the fields of Music, Spanish and German Literature, with a minor in Linguistics, French, and Italian Studies from UNSW (University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia).

He is fluent (native speaker fluency) to teach Music in language immersion programs in these languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Tagalog, Cebuano (Visaya).

He also has advanced students with an Associate Degree (A Mus TCL) and B Mus candidates teaching at much lesser rates.
Maria J. February 17, 2017
· Piano · In studio
Excellent! knowledgeable, friendly, easy to follow. Great introduction for a total beginner.
Angelika April 1, 2016
· Vocal Training · In studio
I have taken lessons with Ronald since I was 6, I am now 23. In my 17 years of taking lessons I have learned to play piano, sing and am proficient in music theory. In the more recent years I have even had the opportunity to teach music through Ronald. Throughout the years, I have experienced and witnessed the patience and kindness Ronald consistently shows his students. He encourages his students to become better and shares in their enthusiasm due to their accomplishments. Ronald genuinely cares about his students and is dedicated to making sure his students improve. I fully recommend Ronald for students who have parents who want to be involved in the learning process and especially for young children who are just starting out. Ronald works well with families, includes parents every step of the way and is very patient with young students helping them learn in an open and encouraging environment.
Sarah March 8, 2016
· Singing · In studio
Mr.Chaz is really dedicated to his profession. He started to teach my seven year old son over one year ago and he has motivated him to sing his best and he started piano with him last year which has been a phenomenal experience for my son. Chaz really focuses on the detail, theory and groundwork necessary to excel in music. If you are lucky enough to get your child started with him you will never regret the experience. He is simply the best! My son sings all the time now and loves to play piano. I am so happy for my son to have found someone to expand on his talents!
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Ronald Chaz B.

Ronald Chaz B.

starting at
$45 / 30-min

About Christelle L.

Bloomingdale, IL
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Spanish and Art teacher born in Argentina and raised in Spain. I can help you improve your current level of Spanish, help your children with Spanish at school, or teach you Spanish from scratch! Du Page area.

About Christelle
Bienvenido/a a mi perfil. Me llamo Christelle y soy profesora. ¡Encantada!

I was born in Argentina and spent the first half of my life there and then moved to Spain, where I lived until 2016 when I moved to Chicago area.

While I was still getting my Bachelor's Degree in English Philology in Barcelona, I started working in language schools teaching English to all ages.
I worked as an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher for almost 7 years. I have experience with children as young as 1 y/o, one-to-one lessons, small and large groups.

I am currently working as a Spanish and Art teacher in a private school in Oak Brook, Fusion Academy. I work with high schoolers who struggle learning in conventional learning environments.
I also have a Spanish Teacher certification from International House Barcelona and I am an official DELE
(Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) examiner certified by Instituto Cervantes.

Look for me in LinkedIn for more information about me and check my art portfolio Red Summers Tea at Carbonmade dot com.


I can help you improve your current level of Spanish, help your children with Spanish at school, or teach you Spanish from scratch!

I live in Bloomingdale and work in the DuPage county area. I meet most of my students in local coffee shops like Starbucks or Panera, but at-home lessons are possible as well.


It would depend on your goals. School tutoring usually requires less time because Spanish at school is extremely basic and it’s doesn’t really lead to fluency in the language. Anything else needs a greater degree of commitment! I meet my students for one hour once or twice per week AT LEAST.

For school tutoring I try to adapt to your school’s method. For other types of lessons, I prefer avoiding translation and memorization and make use of effective Spanish textbooks, technology, games and free conversation.

I mostly teach Monday-Friday afternoons and weekends in the morning.

I understand flexibility is convenient and appreciated, so I allow rescheduling and cancellations in case of emergency or with enough advance notice. I recommend students to stick to their agreed schedule if they want to achieve their goals, even if that means to meet at another time during that same week. If I am already on my way to your lesson and you need to cancel, I will charge for the lesson. If you’re going to be late, please let me know, and I can’t guarantee that I can stay later than our scheduled time.

During our first lesson we will take time to go over any important information, set our goals and answer questions regarding nature of our lessons. We can talk about fees and teaching materials during this lesson as well.

For any more details or any questions, please don’t hesitate contacting me!
Alicia November 1, 2017
· Spanish · Online
My son had a great first class and is looking forward to more classes!
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Christelle L.

Christelle L.

starting at
$45 / 60-min

About Alex S.

Philadelphia, PA
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My name is Alex and I have always had a passion for learning the wonderful language of Espanol. Whether you are a new student or simply hoping to brush up on your phrases and conversation, I would be more than happy to help!

About Alex
A bit about me; I am from the Philadelphia area and went to college in Pittsburgh at Duquesne University graduating with a double major in Logistics & International Business plus a minor in Spanish. I have spent a summer in both Peru and Argentina to better my understanding of the language. Learning a language can be a full time job, and any chance I can get, I seize the opportunity to practice with natives.
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Alex S.

Alex S.

starting at
$34 / 45-min
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About Garret M.

Henderson, NV
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¡Bienvenidos! I'm Garret, a passionate and patient instructor who emphasizes recognition and repitition. I communicate frequently and honestly and ALWAYS personalize my teaching methods to match my client's learning style. I track progress start to finish and hold clients accountable for meeting the milestones we set together. I have been speaking Spanish since 2008 and love to travel and learn about different Latin American cultures. Currnetly, my favorite place to be is in Sucre, Bolvia.

About Garret
I am a software developer, lacrosse coach, and plant-based chef. I have a passion for helping people exceed their own expectations through disciplined learning. I am very respectful and friendly and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. I have been given private lessons for many years in a variety of subjects like math, science, computers, nutrition, and Spanish. I have flexible scheduling and ALWAYS personalize my teaching style to optimize the retention of knowledge and satisfaction for my clients!
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Garret M.

Garret M.

Henderson, NV 89012
starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Hania L.

Forest Hills, NY
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Spanish is the second language spoken in NY.

About Hania
Tutoring French , Spanish and Arabic as a College Assistant at La Guardia Community College.
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Hania L.

Hania L.

starting at
$59 / 60-min

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The average cost of 60-minute Spanish lessons in Las Vegas is $54. While the exact cost will vary depending on the teacher, type of lesson, and your location, you should expect to spend anywhere between $44 and $64 per hour.

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$30 average
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$33 average
60-min $44
$54 average

For the best experience, we typically recommend 60-minute Spanish lessons. However, students looking for a more affordable option may want to consider a shorter lesson length of 45 or 30 minutes. On average, 45-minute Spanish lessons are 39% less expensive at $33, and 30-minute lessons cost 45% less at $30.

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